This is White Genocide

1362532844534One of the most popular conspiracy theories pushed by the likes of Alex Jones is that this secret group of Satan-worshiping pedophiles he is so often talking about – collectively referred to as either “the Illuminati” or “the globalists” – have a secret plan to “depopulate” the planet, for unclear reasons that somehow relate to satanism.  I have written about the problems with this ridiculous alleged “theory” before.  Today I would like to talk about what is actually happening: the Jews are committing a genocide against the White race, using the black and brown races as a proxy army.

The reason the Jews are intent on crushing the White race is that we are the only people who have proven ourselves capable of standing up against them, as they learned during the reign of the Great and Mighty Adolf Hitler.  The other races, for better or worse, lack the intelligence and critical thinking capacities to identify and eject the Jew.  The Jews wish to rule the world, unchallenged, and as long as the White man exists, they will be incapable of doing this.

Race War

The emerging global race war is between the black and brown races of the planet, led by the Jews, and the White Aryan man.  Presently, in most White countries, the Jews are waging war through soft kill methods, but a hot war has already been launched in South Africa, where 70 thousand Whites have been murdered by blacks since the end of apartheid.

This soft kill procedure involves various methods, but the key to it is the flooding of White countries with non-White immigrants. The numbers have been escalated to an insane level, and the invasion shows no signs of letting up.  These people are driving down every aspect of our society, making White cohesiveness impossible.  They are feeding on us as parasites, looting everything that our ancestors built, and instead of being appreciative, they despise us for our weakness – which, I must say, is fair enough.

Because we subconsciously understand that we are under attack, our birthrates have dropped.  Subversive Jewish media aimed at the psychology of Whites also contributes to the decline of the Great White Race.  Women have been turned against men in a sickening and bizarre fashion, and men have been convinced by the Jewish culture that a “real man” does not mate, but instead behaves as a deranged sexual deviant, having sex with as many whorish women as possible to fill the void left in his self-image by a society that does not permit men to be men.

The rates of both male and female homosexuality among Whites continue to rise as it is pushed with greater and greater force in the media.  They are pushing race-mixing heavily – after decades of utterly nonsensical “anti-racist” propaganda, it is finally considered socially acceptable for Whites to engage in interracial sexual relationships, an act which amounts to nothing more than bestiality, and destroys the genetic heritage of our ancestors.

This is your daughter, White man.  Ready to get up off your knees yet?

This is your daughter, White man. Ready to get up off your knees yet?

We are soon to be a minority in our own countries, and violence against our people by the savage hordes of invaders and African-Americans is escalating daily.  The Jewish media hides the nature of this street violence – almost all of which is committed by nonwhites – they refuse to report a majority of the crimes by nonwhites and when they do report them, refuse to report the race of the criminals.  They also blow out of proportion any crimes committed by Whites, giving the average television viewer a very skewed image of what is happening on the ground.  The majority of Whites will not know there is a race war happening until the savages are in their homes, raping and murdering their families.

We Have Seen the Enemy, and It is Everyone but Us

We have been brainwashed by the Jews to believe that “we’re all the same” and we simply are not, and we cannot get along.  The situation all throughout history has been that when humans of radically different genetic natures attempt to share land, race war ensues.

We are genetically superior to these people.  We are smarter, more creative and our women are better looking.  They are jealous and have a deep-rooted genetic desire to destroy us, which is being exploited by the Jew.  These browns and blacks are much more genetically similar to one another than they are to us – the Muslims, Africans, Indians and Latinos will have no trouble getting together to crush us.  The only other civilized race is the Asians, and they are surely not fighting folk.

It is time to quit messing around with nonsense, White man.  Any individual who is not decidedly pro-White needs to be rejected and ostracized.  This includes not only the old “patriot” crowd following Jew-libertarianism and multicultural egalitarianism, but also those within the “Jew wise” wing of the movement who refuse to embrace extreme racism against all nonwhites in the sacred name of our Ancestors, those fought these hordes for thousands of years in order to keep their blood pure.

This is us against them, and there is no middle ground.

Hail Victory.

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43 Responses to This is White Genocide

  1. FUCK WHITES says:

    All white people need to die if we are ever going to get over what they did to all of our ancestors. They enslaved, raped, tortured, and lynched African-Americans, the Native Americans, among other ethnic groups. They abused our ancestors. They took their hopes and dreams and crushed them for financial gain for the whites. Fuck white people. I hope all of their decendents get what they deserve. White folks think thet can treat others like total shit and act like nothing happened just because it is 2013. We all remember, we all know what you crackers did to our families and we are waiting for the chance to rise up against you and exterminate the white race once and for all. Death to the white devils!

    • dave says:

      that will never happen. we’re superior in every way.

    • Nordic says:

      You bought the lies too. The first slaves were 3 million irish men, women and children brought to the new america. Jews owned the ships which got slaves for their new kingdom, they sold and owned most of the slaves. It was a jewish market. We are all victims of the jewish agenda, blacks, whites, yellows. Until we all see this, we are dancing to the tuns of the jewish pipe. Sorry to crash your party, but this is the truth. The racewars are created by manipulating the history on both sides, their plans span over long periods of time to be able to affect generations.

  2. Phil says:

    Hitler knew what the Jews where doing, remember Jews really killed more White people than Hitler did, infact The BOLSHEVIKS, a Jewish ran Communist group, killed an estimated amount of more than 12 million White Russian Christians for being White and talented, they often targeted people with high talent, iq’s, looks, because it proved that equality is false.

  3. Zion says:

    Sorry no amount of brainwashing should make a beautiful white girl want to sleep with an African, you can blame the Jews all you want but the truth is White women are mentally ill. If all you can do is blame the Jew for all your problems then nothing will be accomplished. In Israel there are very few Jewish girls who make the mistake of dating an Arab but these girls would gladly date a Jew if given the chance, the Arabs pretend to be Jews speak fluent Hebrew and by the time the Jewish girl realizes that she has been fooled its too late. On the other hand there are many pretty white girls who only date Blacks and not Whites, this is a mental disorder in the white genes. If you would raise your kids properly there would be no race mixing.

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  5. Anon says:

    Racial mixing in large numbers is disastrous to cultural/racial purity and to actively engage in such behaviour is to condemn your own kind, to contribute to ones own demise takes a special kind of person.

    I regard the wish to crush a nation’s nationalistic spirit and the identity of an entire people as extremist. I regard encouraging immigration and integration of foreign people so that one day a land’s native people may become a minority as racist. Nationalism was at the core of the mindset of every successful nation in history, why wish to destroy it unless you wish that nation to fail and it’s people to become extinct? Multiculturalism is slowly killing us.

    -”Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White countries for EVERYBODY?”
    -“White countries are being flooded with third world non-whites, and Whites are required by law to integrate with them so as to ‘assimilate,’ i.e. intermarry and be blended out of existence.”

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  7. Eisenblatt says:

    very well written Mr Anglin.
    In Germany it´s completle forbidden to talk about such things. I guess everyone knows why.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      Yes. Germany is the worst case scenario, having probably the lowest White birthrate of any formerly White nation. They are openly declaring that the White population will disappear and so must be replaced with Muslims and Blacks. What a horrible, maddening concept. I wish that the German youth will awake the nation from its slumber. But of course we cannot count on this.

      • anon says:

        Apparently the Zionists propagated the holocaust myth so that they could create Israel. Now Germans are sitting with this false guilt and over eagerness to be politically correct…..and it is illegal to even question the holocaust. Several holocaust revisionists have been imprisoned in so-called ‘democratic’ countries.

  8. john thames says:

    I could not agree more.

  9. Kickass0009 says:

    Haha oh shit all these dumb ass sound like hitler lovers haha white power???? Smell my dick hahahahahahah!!!

  10. Timothy says:

    Them niggas is out to kill us.

    • The same way as the White Christian Europeans committed genocide on Native Americans, coming over uninvited, destroying their culture, the naute, all in the name of profit, while exploiting African labor because the white Christian (the WASPs & the Spaniards) are freeloading leeches who cannot lift a real tool but a gun & a bullwhip?

      Paranoia, cowardess & raving lunacy is apparantly a widely spread disease among the mentally syfillitic, inbred morons who apparantly are impotent, and blame everyone else for their lack of masculinity, or are just too plain ugly to get laid.

      • Andrew Anglin says:

        Yeah, white people really are a bunch of lazy freeloaders. It is really disgusting the way so many people from America and Europe are going to Africa and demanding a free mud hut, free yams and rat meat and free exorcisms from the witch doctors. They really are looting the great societies these Africans worked so hard to build.

        Thank you for convincing me of this truth so eloquently. Really great points all around. It is especially insightful when you point out that anyone with a desire to keep Whites from being genocided is probably inbred, and at the least so ugly that no one wants to have sex with them. It really does make perfect logical sense when you state it so clearly in these terms.

      • Rebekah says:

        You have not one clue as to factual world and american history DO YOU.
        The white Europeans lived in peace with the Natives to North and South America…..there is much written proofs of this going back to 2000 BC……right here in the AMERICA’S.
        But because the same jewish industrialists who continue to destroy america’s TRUE Heritage today, owned many a publishing house then, and still today….one has to ACTUALLY STUDY to connect the many dots of the US industrialist/railroad barons, most all of whom were jews, ALL others assisted by Jews who’s plan was cheap black and asian labor, and the robbery of ALL peoples of land and of sovereignty.
        MOST WHITE Europeans were TRUE CHRISTIANS who came to these shores and they, had ONLY indentured servants, paying off debts, leaving at the JUBILEE with land and provisions to live and to thrive.
        These same jews had control of the US Federal Govt then……working out their plan of domination and still today.

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  13. Wilson Mount says:

    Reposted on my blog!

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  15. Jarl Hyperborea says:

    I would like to say that there is a global pedophile ring. That much is true, but the perpetrators are Israeli Jews and their shills in the US and Europe, not Satanists. Just as with drugs, at the highest levels human trafficking is dominated by Mossad and CIA groups. They are also big on organ trafficking, and every once in a while you will see some Jew in Israel being tried for selling organs harvested from Palestinian kids to rabbis.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      Yes, there is a global pedophile ring, and many of the people in the government are almost certainly involved in it.

      But the way Jones presents this is… cartoonish.

  16. Mr. Abbey says:

    Here in Western Australia, the diversity is most defiantly coming in a way so similar to that picture you have at the top of this post. Here in my small country town the illegal boat arrivals are trickling down through the once purely European communities thanks to the government granting them bridging visa’s.
    Whole car loads of them can be observed, all male afghan’s, many of them army deserters. There unpleasant meandering through the streets with all the time in the world, trolleys full of produce from the supermarket bought with money from our taxes, induces rage and sickness. There appearance is so strikingly awful, some plain mongoloid looking, the face of somebody not phased with raping and murdering. This quote by Jordanes a Goth writing in Italy describing Huns in 551 is eerily apt in describing the boat loads arriving here :

    “They made their foes flee in horror because their swarthy aspect was fearful, and they had, if I may call it so, a sort of shapeless lump, not a head, with pin-holes rather than eyes. Their hardihood is evident in their wild appearance, and they are beings who are cruel to their children on the very day they are born. For they cut the cheeks of the males with a sword, so that before they receive the nourishment of milk they must learn to endure wounds. Though they live in the form of men, they have the cruelty of wild beasts”

    I pray that the younger generations can see them in the light that we can, as beasts belonging not to our civilized world, that the girls and women to be see them as so ghastly and different that they are never considered fit for integration into our gene pool. The television networks SBS and ABC constantly groom them with documentaries about the third world and ethnic culture in which niggers are put into the up most positive light, brown faces are constantly shoved down there throat so as when they walk down the street there is no recognition or disgust at the black and brown plague.
    It is painful to see this happening and i hope that the people that instigate this slow genocide feel the pain when it comes crashing down upon them, as the stature of the overman defiles there sacred tolerance!

  17. Laura says:

    My white granddaughters ages 7 and 8 were given a black American girl doll by my daughter in law’s liberal parents. The girls had a sleep over with their girlfriends and my DIL said that none of the girls wanted to play with the black doll. I told her it was because the girls knew to play with dolls of their own tribe, without outside forces they would naturally want to play with their own kind. No one told the girls not to play with the black doll nor did anyone make any negative remarks about it. I just thought I would comment on this an wonder if anyone else had this experience.

  18. Julian says:

    On yahoo answers, an annoying link pops up whenever you answer a question, asking you to sign in to RatFacebook, I try to point out on every question that asks about it that Zuckerberg is Jewish, and so this does prove that Jews have a huge control over social media. Most people are annoyed by it, so hopefully they put the two together. It’s just sick, I’m so sick of Ratfacebook and all the annoying sign ins, Zuckerberg called his facebook users morons for giving him their personal information, and you know it’s just a giant pedophilia stalking device to look up drunk girls and see who their friends are. It’s just so sick that people actually go along with this nonsense.

  19. Joe says:

    I agree, Hitler is the most amazing man to step foot on this earth. The blacks and jews are out to kill us. We need to stay protected.

  20. Sparxz says:

    I read our article and agreed with it, ‘until’ you started praising zionist-banker puppet “Adolf Hitler”. The zionist bankers created so-called national socialism(oxymoron), and Nazism(Ashken-nazism), as false leaders of nationalism to discredit legitimize positive nationalism. Well famously the Germans willingly and foolishly offered themselves up to the task, and are under ‘multi’-foreign occupation ever since.

  21. Franklin Ryckaert says:

    Yes there is a race war going on against the white race, which practically means against civilization itself, since civilization on this planet is mostly the creation of the white man.
    The colored races are the weapon in this war, the Jews are its instigators, but there is yet another group we have to worry about : white traitors. These are the facilitators of this war, without whom it could not be waged. They form what prof. Kevin MacDonald calls the “hostile elite” who work for their Jewish masters. They are either bribed or blackmailed to work for the destruction of their own people.

    Then there is yet the class of duped Whites who have interiorized the Jewish propaganda of “anti-racism”. Many of them can still be saved, if approached wisely.
    It is our task to awaken as many Whites as possible, create our own alternative elite and then dislodge the white “hostile elite”, after which the Jews and the colored masses can be removed. Still a lot of work to do, but an awakening is taking place.

  22. OneOldFart says:

    Recently I was describing the plot behind an old Hitchcock movie, “The Rope”, in which two smart-alec jewish college boys murdered a third unsuspecting jewish boy and would have gotten away with it but for their own arrogance in which they spilled the beans themselves. I explained that there had indeed been an incident like this in the 1920′s, and, although Hitchcock took liberties with details, it was loosely based on that case.

    I was asked how anyone could have gotten away with such a brutal murder, and, I replied without thinking that it was easy for non-whites to get away with crimes back then because our constitution and our laws were designed and written for white men – NOT for anyone else.

    The US constitution and laws, and the various laws of the states work well under the assumption that the citizens subject to that law are white, and thereby born with an innate sense of guilt when telling lies, cheating, or, violating another’s fundamental rights. It is not easy for a white man to lie, cheat, steal, murder, commit fraud, or, pursue any anti-social practice – there are plenty of cases where white men have indeed been scoundrels, but, it is not the norm and those that do have to overcome their inborn sense of duty to honor and righteousness in order to live with themselves.

    But jews suffer from no such innate constraints. Nor to darkies of any flavor. Flood a white nation with non-whites, and you’ll see lots of crime being committed and gotten away with. The only response by the authorities will be to take away the fundamental notion of “innocent until proven guilty”, because that concept, when applied to non-whites, allows most crimes to go unpunished. Only when a nation is peopled with proud whites can the authorities be held to constraints – this works because when whites do slip up and commit a crime, they are not able to successfully lie about it or evade discovery (except in the rare case of the psychopath, of which all races suffer, but whites the least).

    It was true that most folks left their doors unlocked at night when I was a child (in the 40′s). That had been the case for generations. Anyone traveling who spotted someone having trouble along the way would stop and offer assistance – whether they knew them or not. Hitch-hiking was a common practice and you rarely heard of anything malevolent resulting from it. As a college student, I hitch-hiked a lot and got to meet a bunch of new folks – it was always a new adventure to hitch-hike my way home or to my grandparents house.

    When I got a car (in college, where only a handful of us had cars), I naturally became chauffeur for any of my buddies that needed a ride, and, if I were too busy, I’d just toss the keys to them and not worry one bit about it – they would always restore the gas tank to its level before returning the keys.

    The world I grew up in IS GONE, BABY, GONE! It will NEVER return, until we find a way to acquire territory upon which whites can live exclusive of all others, especially jews.

    I was a flaming liberal for most of my life – it wasn’t until after I retired and read “Which Way Western Man”, by Gaylord Simpson, that I “woke up”. I had to read it twice because the pain involved in becoming “aware” was so great that I had to suffer a 2nd reading to finally rid myself of my early indoctrination from my youth.

    As an aging white man, I can only wish you young squirts good luck – I won’t be around for the commotion nor the outcome. I can only hope you find a click of very intelligent and steel-hardened leaders to guide you to victory. Failure means the end of the white race and all the goodness of life that goes with it.

    • Jamie says:

      If the White Man just new the TRUTH about history and why we are being invaded by all brown races we would stop it fast. Sadly people have been so brainwashed in every way most will not even take the time to see these facts even if given to them. They say we are 8% of the worlds population, but with the strongest country’s by far China being the only country that could even give a little fight. A war is not needed if people of all races learned the TRUTH and no a full scale race war would kill more people than all wars in history because it would end with only 1 race left. Who could win a war against, America, Russia, Europe, Canada, the country’s with the strongest military’s? No one we would easily win not that we want to kill anyone, but sadly if things don’t change and they don’t seem to be changing this is inevitable. We need to separate peacefully to avoid this, and I really think this would happen if we got ride of all the lies and people realized that their are 2 outcomes full scale nuclear war or White country’s carpet bombing the rest of the world witch could easily be done. We Whites are not Savages unless forced to survive. Any Jews or person of any race that thinks Whites will not wake up to the reality of what’s happening before we don’t have the power to quickly take back are country’s and fight a war like never seen of biblical proportions is stupid. Jews control are country’s but that can change in 1 day if the Whites in power realize it’s die our take our country’s back. Their money will mean nothing if it get’s that point. We take back all the MSM and have the TRUTH told 24 hour’s a day on every channel and give are potential enemy’s the chance to live freely or die. Survival instinct is natural among all people and you can not change that thing’s will get much worse and all Whites survival instinct will kick in full and this has happened for the few that realize what’s happening. When the masses all know this it will be because of evils being done like are being done today just many still don’t see the big picture and when they do we will in 1 day again run are country’s that are by far the worlds most powerful. Just Europe including Russia and America would be impossible to defeat. Hopefully people realize this soon and stop doing the Jews work before the world wakes up. It’s race war or get the Jews out of are country’s and Palestine and peacefully separate. This is coming from me and I have many friend’s of other races, not sure if I’ve ever meant a Jew but like my friends I will side with my people just like they will. All you have to do is look at the jails in America, you have to be with your own race if not they will kill you as fast as the others will. We took the wrong side in WW2 Hitler is not the man most people think he was not racist he did his job like all leaders should do and that’s what’s best for the country they lead. Whites have 2 thing’s to feel guilty about and that’s fighting on the wrong side in WW2 and allowing others to flood are country’s and get power in our government’s. Aside from that we have done no evil every other race has done just as bad our worse. The Africans sold each other to the Jews, the Arabs owned much more African Slaves than ever in the Americas were less than 5% of Whites even owned slaves. Whites were even enslaved during that time the Irish and Blacks were enslaved together and had many mixed children due to this. White Slaves were enslaved much longer than Africans and were treated much worse. All races and times through out history have been enslaved. Today we are all enslaved by the criminals that run are country’s and the debt interest from the banks. I wish they made this all mandatory for all people to know. Are history needs to be told without the lies and their would be much less racism in the world, but the Zionist Jews and their slaves don’t want a world were people get along and realize all people have had history’s of slavery and no race can say they have sufferd more than the others. Jews make the world think they hold the top spot on suffering but, they have done more harm then all races combined and they if anyone should pay reparation’s to Germany.

  23. Belfascist says:

    I was a jew duped all my adult life since graduating from an Oregon University in Sociology (cultural marxism). Finally my awakenment came when I realized that 9/11 was a jew job. Since then I connected the dots quickly with help from others including James Laffrey over at Whites Will Win. The truth about Adolf Hitler and NSDAP was my final hurdle to overcome. If I can overcome years of intensive, calculated, orchestrated, omnipresent, omnipotent jewish thought control, so can most others.
    Anyone still stuck on the crazy notion of environmental causality of behavior, (nature vs nurture) please see this infamous piece of research by the late Professor J. Philippe Rushton: RACE, EVOLUTION, AND BEHAVIOR: A Life History Perspective

    It is short, easy to digest, and undebunkable. After years of culturalist marxist brainwashing, it was a truly liberating experience for me to finally grasp the truths about racial reality.

    Keep up the good work Andrew. You are executing a vital role. We simply must overthrow the yoke of jew rule, the future of our race, indeed all humanity, depends upon it. There is no other path to take except total resistance, total war, total fascism.

  24. windswept says:

    One of your most powerful essays to date Andre, I talk this stuff where-ever I go now, and share it with everybody (my family are the only ones who won’t listen,”A prophet is not without honor, but in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house.”Mk 6:4)

    I especially like how you correctly identified ‘interracial’ marriage as beastiality.

    That the Asian race are more civilised than the beast races, but they have also stolen many of Our creations, weapons and technology.

    Lastly, how you identified the indians, browns and blacks as animals of a similar character. Maybe they will understand through some means that they can choose a World authored by the jews or by us. In the past they have only understood an iron fist, unfortunately …even a dog has more sense, loyalty and sentience!

    • Half-blood Prussian says:

      The Asians created the first rockets and firearms, we just revised them, plus they have created many things that we use today. And the mud races (blacks) who are “aware” claim they are the “real Jews”, and go with the east European Jew Khazar bs, there is no hope in turning them.

      • Andrew Anglin says:

        The best thing for the lower races – really the only option in my opinion – is to put them on nature preserves, and merely let them do what they do. It was the Jew who wanted all of the resources in these peoples lands, it wasn’t fair to them and it wasn’t fair to us. I don’t hate these people. It is simply clear that they are incapable of existing in a modern setting. The Arabs are something in between the level of Whites/Asians in civilized development, and could possibly be allies in some sense if they were in their own lands. The Persians I have known are intelligent and empathetic in a manner very similar to Whites.

        I don’t believe Asians are in anyway better than us, it is simply a fact that they have proven themselves capable of running advanced countries, and behaving in a civilized manner. It seems to me they are our natural allies; even though they are not particularly creative, they have something to offer, and are anyway capable of existing on their own. The Latinos, Blacks, East Indians and most Muslims simply act as parasites and/or predators in our society, even if they remain in their own countries. They are not capable of existing on their own in the modern world.

        • windswept says:

          “The best thing for the lower races – really the only option in my opinion – is to put them on nature preserves…”

          The aboriginal people of Australia were forced to integrate and call themselves ‘Australian’, this destroyed their culture and way of life.
          When I call this forced-integration hateful and racist*, when talking to average unthinking people, the ‘anti-racist’ among them will just call you names without any sensible reply.
          I usually go-on to explain that aboriginals would be able to preserve themselves if they were given some land on which they could live and be respected for their culture …of-course, this is also apparently racist*. We have to pretend that aboriginals, who look and behave like cavemen, are capable of living in an advanced White society …which they are not. To think that they are is to disrespect what they are, to disrespect and hate their people (racist*)

          *By racist, I am using their own definition of the term against them. Obviously I have no problem being a racist, as we define the term: a natural Love for my people.

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