The Last Holocaust Survivors are Dying, But the Laughter Never Will

Critics are hailing the new Holocaust book "The Irreversable" as the funniest example of Jewish comedy since Nuremberg.

Critics are hailing the new Holocaust book “The Irreversible” as “the funniest original collection of Jewish comedy since the Nuremberg transcripts.”

Since the Jews first introduced their zany Holocaust comedy routine at the Nuremberg trials nearly 70 years ago, the world has not stopped laughing.  Holocaust movies, such as Schindler’s List, have entertained millions, and as it was decided that all children of the world had a right to partake in the joys of the Holocaust, a Jewish “survivor” has attended nearly every elementary school in the world over the last decades to tell jokes about lampshades made of human skin, people being tickled to death and Jews being forced to climb trees while the Nazis chopped them down.

However, with the last of the survivors kicking the bucket, the world has been left wondering: will the joyous laughter brought to the world by the stories of the Jewish Holocaust die with them?

Slate Magazine, which is edited by the Jew David Plotz (who took over from the Jew Jacob Weisberg), and owned by the Washington Post Company, which is run by the Jew Donald E. Graham, recently published an article, The Last Holocuast Survivors, by the Jew David Rosenberg regarding a new photography book by the Jew Maciek Nabrdalik entitled The Irreversible, which features portraits of some of the last living survivors, accompanied by a transcript of a comedy routine, featuring new material from these nigh-dead entertainers, much of which was made up on the spot.

Based on this short review, it is clear the book is pure comedy gold, and I think we can take it as a confirmation that although the last survivors are dying, the world will continue to laugh about the Holocaust for centuries to come.

Sickening Jew David Plotz, editor of Slate Magazine.

Jew David Plotz, editor of Slate Magazine.  Plotz is married to Christ-hating Israeli kike journalist Hanna Rosin, who gave a TED talk called “The End of Men” calling for men to be removed from the workplace, wrote an article attacking women for breastfeeding their children, and has promoted transgenederism and circumcision.

In 2009, Nabrdalik, being concerned about the fact that the last of the millions upon millions of Jewish Holocaust survivors were going to pass away in the near future, went around and took weird pictures of these Jews.  He also pressured them to produce new comedy material, which is transcribed in the book.

The Slate article featured several one-liners from the survivors, but you’ll have to pay $60 (+$15 for s&h) for this Jew’s book to read the entire bits.

The pictures in the book apparently all look like this.  Is it pretentiously ironic or ironically pretentious?  Either way, it is hilarious.

The pictures in the book apparently all look like this.

Here’s a sampling.

Jew ash making plants grow taller and prettier:

“One day I noticed a plant you could eat growing close to the barrack. I picked it up and I ate it, and later I found out that this plant grew so tall and pretty because in this very spot the ashes of burnt Jews had been scattered.” -Jerzy Ulatowski, KL Auschwitz-Birkenau survivor

Making funny faces and pretending to be handicapped to avoid rape:

“Ukrainian troops picked the prettiest girls out of the crowd and raped them. My mother had told me to make the ugliest face, frown, and pretend I was handicapped. It worked for me, but my friend didn’t receive such smart advice.” -Irena Ekert, KL Ravensbruck survivor

Patented Nazi hair removal cream cruelly administered:

“After he smeared something all over my head, only bare skin was left and all my hair fell out.  I started crying because I thought that it wouldn’t grow again.” -Danuta Bogdaniuk, KL Auschwitz – Birkenau and KL Ravensbruck survivor

Eating the boiled ass of a human corpse:

“Boys were boiling a piece of meat. I didn’t like it, but I did swallow a piece. They told me later where they had found it. It was a piece of a dead body. They cut out a piece from the buttocks.” -Tadeusz Sobolewicz, KL Auschwitz-Birkenau, KL Buchenwald, KL Flossenburg and KL Regensburg survivor

Murdered with farm tool for refusing to get wet:

“We worked by the fish ponds. When my friend refused to get into the water, our supervisor pushed her to the ground, put the spade on her neck, stepped on it, and strangled her.” -Sabina Nawara, KL Auschwitz, KL Ravensbruck and KL Buchenwald survivor

These are true entertainers, through and through.  Even at the end of their lives, the only thing they care about is bringing the joys of comedy to the world.  With their keen sense of humor, we can be certain that these Holocaust survivors are going to die laughing.

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41 Responses to The Last Holocaust Survivors are Dying, But the Laughter Never Will

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  4. What. says:

    There is something seriously wrong with the lot of you, You need to take your head out of your asses and stop being horrible people, You are all scum who deserve to be locked up for life, All of you fascist bastards should rot in jail, Disgusting people.

    • Aidhan says:

      Everybody ignores you because your a jew or unintellegent.

      • Andrew Anglin says:

        I approve all the comments from haters. It really demonstrates what the other side is working with:

        We should all be put in prison for our political opinions. Because we are bad people.

  5. European says:

    To add to a collection.

  6. Lighthorse16 says:

    Time to rub your eyes in disbelief.. This should’ve been included in holocaust folklore and made to stick in order to show to the World the utter absurdity to their claims..

    And i was led to believe the Germans took pride in the construction of roads..

  7. Nationalist says:

    The best results I have ever obtained in opening eyes is pointing out the impossible math of the holohoax. After that, the filthy juden are seen for what they are- Lying parasites.

  8. Bjorn says:

    Ha ha, you made my day! I love those stories. :)

    For anybody who haven’t already, check also Carlos W. Porter’s wonderful collection of HoloCrap insanity:

    • Mike says:

      What happened man! You used to be cool… being a total fascist here and whatnot. So what are you up to these days?

      • Bjorn says:

        Hi Mike

        Oh, I got angry at Andre. (Probably the Jews’ fault. And it’s all over now, anyway.)

        I don’t really have time for writing stuff in English, however, as I have my important Norwegian gas-blog to run. But the good news is me & Andre are buddies again.

        In Norway … we’re struggling with the same problem you are: How to unite and make a fascist front. Beginning with an effective media. Main problem is getting people to unite in 1 place. Instead of just running their own show, like everybody likes to.

        Meeting people face-to-face is also important. Everything becomes different then.

        Basically I think 9 out of 10 blogs/websites should just close down. And people should gather around a few big and good and productive ones. Same recipe the Jews use. We need to make the Nazi version of “Jew York Times” and “Jewsweek.” forget individualism – embrace Fascism.


  9. Soldier of Creativity says:

    Oy Vey! I can hardly contain my excitement for the upcoming sequel “The Holly-©o$t Part II, Non-Fiction-No Survivors”.

  10. no schnazis says:

    If anyone had salvaged or saved photos from I would like to see another post…regarding hitler allowing gardens for people to sustain and in apartments allow a community garden as well…the autobahn was the first freeway in germany…too bad that Eisenhower stole it and claimed it as the interstate act…

  11. Julian says:

    First they tell you that 6 million Jews were gassed, when this is proven false, they say that Jews were persecuted and that if just one Jew died, that’s a tragedy. If you say the Jews deserved it in any way, they call you an antisemite/neonazi. If you refuse to backdown, they then ignore you and pretend like you don’t matter. Then they make another holocaust documentary/come up with a new holocaust claim. They totally know what they are doing, but I don’t even care anymore, Jews will be Jews, what really bothers me is how some people still buy into this hoax. It’s nearly impossible to discuss this on any site because it results in immediate censorship. For a minority, they sure have a lot of minions. I’m done even talking about it unless it’s in person. Sometimes I wonder if the internet is hindering us rather than helping us. Oh well don’t mind me, just in a contemplative mood.

    • Jarl says:

      I’ve been spreading antisemitism on conspiracy site godlikeproductions recently and have not been banned yet, surprisingly. It seems to be catching on there, and there has definitely been a marked rise in antisemitic posts and less and less Jew love.

      I also saw some antisemitic comments on a yahoo news article of the Zimmerman trial. Something along the lines of “what do you expect from a lying Jew” in regards to the prosecuting attorney I believe.

  12. Cjmarxhatred says:

    Holohoax Survivors who Tell the Truth (bands, theaters, brothels, own money to spend, sounds better than jail today! Lol!)

    The Gulag victims did not get any of the above, plus starvation, torture etc. The vile Enemy Jews took their own evil crimes from the soviet block(against White Christian Slavs etc) and projected it on the Germans instead, scumbags!

  13. goldmanmoishesteinberg says:

    ALways had a hard time buying that 6 million died in a w Car, Garage sized, Vented room, by use of bug spray in 18 months…

    Simple math refutes the Holohoax.
    It takes 3 hrs to fully cremate a body using a modern crematorium as we use today. So lets Do the math.

    24 hr day, 7 days a week, with no cleaning or maintenance that = 8 bodies per day.
    8 per day = 240 bodies per month.
    240 per month = 3000 bodies per year.
    3000 per year X 20 Crematorium chambers = 60,000 bodies.
    X 18 months = 90,000 MAX and of course that is with NO cleaning or maintenance!

  14. X says:

    At some point the Talmud will be tweaked to allow for reincarnation; every single one of the ‘victims’ will be reborn and will be eligible for compensation from the German government. This will occur over and over, forever and ever.

  15. T Bone says:

    Heres a variation for ya:

    The Last Holocaust Survivors are Dying, WHILE NEW ONES ARE BEING BORN!

  16. No schnazis says:

    The holocaust as they claim were in fact more of a resort camp. No gas chambers no lampshades. It was proven those were debunked and the six million was also debunked. It is impossible to kill and cremate the body within a very small months. While the a bomb had killed millions

    • Millions? You should get your facts straight

      • no schnazis says:

        What I am saying is the 6 million is debunked…and the camps were more of resort towns opera houses good dentistry…there was a site called before it was shut down…all of the evidence shown the holohoax have no gas chambers no lampshades and its impossible to cremate 6 million in a short amount of time…

    • T Bone says:

      6 million?

      My numbers indicate roughly 70K.

      And it was mainly from Typhus, etc…not from gassing.

      Look at any world census. The jew pop between 1925-1950 is roughly 16 mil. each year. It might fluctuate by a few thousand, but thats it.

      Here are some numbers:

      - at the beginning of WWII there were less than 16 million Jews in the world. They were found in the following areas:

      - United States of America: …………………………………… 5,0 million (4,8)

      - USSR (including Baltic states) ……………………………… 5,3 million (3,2)

      - Palestine ………………………………………………………… 0,4 million (0,4)

      - European countries occupied by Germany during WWII: 2,9 million (6,1)

      - rest of the world: ………………………………………………. 2,4 million (2,2)

      Total …………………………………………………………….. 15,9 million (16,6)

      - at the outbreak of the war the largest part of the Jews were moved to Siberia.
      Less then 15% of the Jews living in the Soviet Union fell into German hands.
      - one million Jews died while fighting in the Red Army or in Siberia. (even though their brethren ran the gulags. If interested I can give you names of some of the Jews who ran the gulags in the USSR.)

      After WWII there were 14,7 million Jews in the world. They were spread as follows:

      - United State of America ……………………………………….. 5,2 million (5,0)

      - USSR (including Baltic states) ……………………………….. 4,3 million (2,0)

      - Palestine ………………………………………………………….. 0,6 million (0,6)

      - European countries occupied by Germany during WWII: 2,4 million (1,1)

      - rest of the world: ………………………………………………. 2,2 million (2,3

      Total ……………………………………………………………… 14,7 million (11,0)

      These numbers come from the book “The Dissolution of the Eastern European Jewry” by Walter N. Sanning, 2nd Edition Torrance/California 1985 We must trust Sanning in his specification of the number of Jews. His book has been praised by Jews around the world.

      More numbers:

      According to the World Jewish Population Survey of 2002. “The size of world Jewry at the beginning of 2002 is assessed at 13,296,100. One in about 457 people in the world is Jewish. According to the revised figures, between 2001 and 2002 the Jewish population grew by an estimated 44,000 people, or about 0.3 percent.”

      • no schnazis says:

        It is evident and I have known that it was less than a million. Typhus fever yes they were killed by that and the allies in the Jewnited Snakes of Zion bombed these resorts

        • Cjmarxhatred says:

          The released Soviet papers put it around 64-74.000 at Auschwitz-Birkenau i think, so a massive drop in what they are trying to say, let alone all the daft stories about soap, lampshades and shrunken heads! Lol!

          • no schnazis says:

            If you do the math how long does a body burn? how long does it take to burn 6 million place them into an oven and bringing the body to the oven?

            • Cjmarxhatred says:

              It is imposable. A body takes a few hours to burn, and there was only 13 ovens in there. They would still be burning them now if we went by the Jews narrative.

  17. This is an excellent piece of reporting. Intelligent and gives us new information, as I had not heard of this latest Jewish project with it’s hideous photographs. Thanks for your good work and commitment, Andre.

  18. Steven Rowlandson says:

    Who cares about the suffering of a bunch of neo neanderthals that would rob and kill us all and to top it off proclaim themselves the master race.

    “Our race is the Master Race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered as human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.”
    - Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin in a speech to the Knesset.

    For mankind the great tragedy of the holocaust is not that it happened but that it failed and was incomplete. Otherwise we would be living in a better world than we have today.

  19. Julian says:

    Watch out miracle grow, make way for Shlomo Grow.

  20. BDL1983 says:

    Just reblogged this write up. That’s some funny stuff Andre!! Good work man! 1488

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  22. Molly says:

    The sad part; most people will believe them and won’t believe us…

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