‘Storm Clouds Gathering’ Launches Nonsensical War on Andrew Anglin of Total Fascism

Yesterday, a YouTube channel called “Storm Clouds Gathering” posted an attack video on me and my website entitled Economic Collapse & The Rise of Fascist & Racist Elements.  The highly produced video mimics the methods of the mainstream Jewish media as it goes through parts of my manifesto, and, without citing any form of data, or even formulating an argument of any type to counter my positions and analysis regarding how to establish a new society, attempts to claim that everything I am saying is wrong, and that I and those that think like me should be shunned.

A quick perusal of the other videos on this YouTube channel will show that this person is a libertarian conspiracy-mongering truther, in the vein of Alex Jones.  The video view counts indicate he is quite popular.

Popular Uploads - StormCloudsGathering YouTube

The typical distractions and distortions.

Immediately after posting the video, the comments section exploded, and the uploader was forced to engage in heavy censorship – which is funny, considering one of his main points of attack was that in my manifesto, I expressly state that I do not believe in total free speech.

Eventually, he became tired of censoring, and closed the comments.

First this message was posted...

First this message was posted…

...then this one...

…then this one…

...and finally, this one, which appears on the video at time of writing.

…and finally, this one, which appears on the video at time of writing.

Note that this backlash was not from ‘my people,’ but from his own fan base, who viewed his attack on me as more of the typical Marxist garbage we are constantly fed by the mainstream media.  This confirms what I have said before: most average White people (Americans particularly), when directly confronted with claims, such as those made in the video, that we do not have a right to live peacefully among our own kind, will respond negatively, regardless if they have anything to do with White Nationalism or ‘fascism.’

These are presently the top two comments on the video.

These are presently the top two comments on the video.

The video maker censored my name and the name of this website in the video, claiming that he did not want to send me traffic (though one is left to wonder, if my ideas are so obviously wrong that one does not even need an argument to dismiss them, why should my site be hidden from the people?); however, many of his fans are finding me, and some are sending me emails and posting comments.  I imagine more will be swinging through, to see exactly what it is I am saying.  Because of this, I will go through and respond, on a very basic level, to all of the attacks in the video, so as my position is clear to those who may be new-comers to this type of information.

Throwing Down the Gauntlet

I want to state clearly, right now, that I wish to debate the maker of this video at the soonest possible opportunity.  He had the time to sit and make a highly-produced video attacking me, surely he has the time to do a 90 minute Skype chat, moderated by a neutral party, where we can both state our ideas and let the people decide.

If the man has any trace of honor, surely he cannot refuse to debate me after launching a propaganda offensive against me.

If the man has any trace of honor, surely he cannot refuse to debate me after launching a propaganda offensive against me.

I have absolutely nothing to hide – when I disagree with the ideas of an individual on this site, I state the individual’s name, and invite people to go read their material and draw their own conclusions about it.

Surely, as the libertarian video producer is advocating ‘total freedom’ – including the freedom to produce and distribute drugs, and to push homosexuality on children, to openly lie and deceive for the purpose of drawing profit from gullible and confused people – he should be able to respect my right to respond to these attacks.  If he has confidence in his own ideas, I am quite certain he should have nothing to fear from open debate – though both the refusal to name me in the first place, as well as the intense censorship of comments, seems to indicate he does not have much faith in his own ideas.

I do not honestly believe that there will be a debate.  On the Jewish issue alone, there is simply no possible response in a debate – everything in our society is controlled by Jews, and yet he would have you believe that this is some sort of delusion.  It would be very simple for me to name these people off, in a debate setting, as this is not part of any theory, it is actual fact.

Jewish control is simply not something that is open for debate or speculation.  These are people with names.  The only possible response is “oh my god, antisemite, he wants to gas six million!” – and that is a response he could never get away with in a moderated debate.

As I believe he is also a confirmer of the Holocaust, he would have difficulty on that point as well.  I would simply ask him is aware of any physical evidence that a single Jew was ever gassed in a chamber in Hitler’s Reich, and after forcing him to admit no such evidence exists, he would then state that it didn’t matter, because of eye-witness testimony.  I would then ask if any other Western court in modern history has ever convicted anyone of a crime based solely on eyewitness testimony, and he would be forced to admit that no, the modern system of justice, developed out of ancient Greece and one of the basic foundations of our society, does not convict a person, let alone an entire nation, solely on eyewitness testimony.  His followers would then watch some YouTube documentaries about the truth of this alleged Holocaust, and see him for the fraud he is.

The issues he brings up from my manifesto, and the idealized social order I envision, are, of course, much more subject to interpretation, and thus open to discussion and debate (which, unlike the video maker, I welcome).  However, the actual facts upon which my worldview is based exist, and if he were to agree to a debate, right off the bat he would be shown to be a liar, purposefully covering up facts to the ends of pushing a Jewish, multiculturalist, anti-White agenda.

This having been stated, we may now move on to the refutation of the content of the video itself.

Point-by-Point Refutation

The introduction of the video repeats the same nonsense we were taught in elementary school about the reasoning behind the alleged Holocaust.

During periods of severe economic hardship, war, and social instability people have the tendency to look for someone to blame. Historically, the groups that are singled out as scapegoats are not chosen based on facts and evidence, they are chosen according to the prejudices and hatreds of that era. Race, religion, ethnic background and immigrant status are obvious and convenient starting points, but as these sentiments gather political power the list of enemies expands to include anyone and everyone who disagrees on any topic of significance, and the punishment for being different rapidly moves from insults to violence. Genocides and ethnic cleansings are expressions of this dark current.

This is merely convenient gibberish.  The idea that people hate other people for no reason is idiotic and baseless, with no historical precedent to back it up.  The truth, which happens to make much more sense, and is indeed confirmed by history, is that variant racial groups tend to have varying interests, which often conflict with one another, and this causes struggle – in times of crisis or upheaval, this struggle can become open conflict.

In Germany before the rise of Hitler, for example, the Jews controlled the vast majority of the economy, nearly the entire media, the rampant prostitution and pornography, the theater and emerging film industry, and were in the process of turning Germany into a communist nation.  The “prejudices and hatreds” of the era were based on the objective fact that Jews were running the nation into the ground for the benefit of their racial group.

Never did the list of enemies expand beyond those who were denounced as enemies before the party ever took power – that is simply another lie.

The homosexual Jew Magnus Hirschfeld was at the forefront of the systemic promotion of sexual deviancy in Germany in the 1920s.  With the stated mission of abolishing Christian morality, he is often cited as the first advocate of homosexual and transgender rights.

The homosexual Jew Magnus Hirschfeld was at the forefront of the systemic promotion of sexual deviancy in Germany in the 1920s. With the stated mission of abolishing Christian morality, he is often cited as the world’s first advocate of homosexual and transgender rights.

In the post-war West, we see basically the exact same scenario, only slightly more extreme.

The immigrants and blacks in America also have their own racial interests, and these involve feeding off of what the Whites of this country have produced.  This is not a theory, it is an objective, observable reality.  We ‘racists’ can list off the crimes that these people commit against us every day, but for some reason the maker of the video and liberals like him are incapable of naming a single benefit that our society receives from the nonwhite populations living among us; instead of presenting a positive argument for why they should be here, they rely purely on White Guilt, telling us that if we don’t want them here, we are evil racists.

The video goes on to warn that due to the present state of economic collapse in America, people will once again start blaming groups who, for no reason, they do not like, and that we all need to be on guard for such people, as they are attempting to infiltrate “libertarian, conservative, and conspiracy oriented circles.”  He laments the fact that YouTube comments sections about the banking system and government corruption point out the fact that the overwhelming majority of the people running these scams are Jews.

He then tells us about the vague dangers of ‘racism,’ before beginning to address my site directly.

I use the term ‘address’ very loosely.  What he does is go through and list off points from my manifesto which he finds shocking and horrible, and apparently expects that his viewers will find equally shocking and horrible, without explaining why they are shocking or horrible.  All of the points are things I have gone into my own reasoning for in detail on this site, but I will give some brief explanation of the quoted passages from my site here, for the record.

Ejection of Nonwhites from White Nations

Are we really so evil for believing that we have a right to not be conquered and dominated by foreign peoples?

Are we really so evil for believing that we have a right to not be conquered and dominated by invading foreign peoples?

First he mentions my desire to peacefully remove all nonwhites from White homelands.  The most obvious reasons for removing nonwhites from White society are that they commit so many crimes and are a massive drain on the economy.  In the larger scheme of things, the importation of such high numbers of nonwhites into America and Europe amounts to an end to our ancient traditions, and ultimately the genocide of our race, as we are out-bred by the massive invading populations, our women encouraged to mingle with them sexually.  It is a very simple math equation – it doesn’t take a genius to see where this is going to lead.  I personally believe that the White race is something worth preserving; I believe we are special, and I believe there is purpose in making sure that my race continues on after my death.

We have a natural right to exist, and the flood of immigrants into our country is a violation of this basic right.  In supporting the flood of immigration, the maker of the video is showing that he is not ‘anti-racist,’ but anti-White.

The video does not explain why we would want to have all of these people in our country, or why the White race should be destroyed.

Taking Guns Away from Blacks

He then notes that I have called for firearms to be removed from the black community.

Do I need to explain why I have called for that?  Is the amount of violence committed by blacks not public knowledge?

Please, raise your hand if you have a question.

Please, raise your hand if you have a question.

The video does not explain why it is a good idea to allow blacks to own guns.

Shipping Jews to an Internationally Regulated Colony

Next, he points out my position that all the Jews need to shipped out of the United States and put into an isolated area that they will not be allowed to leave, once again implying that I am a hateful bigot, who simply wants to blame someone for my problems – even while he is also blaming people, just people without any names or faces, who live in the shadows plotting a secret plan.

But there are real people, with real names, who are actually responsible for all of the problems we are experiencing in the western world, and they tend to be Jewish.

Real people, with real names, created both communism and libertarian capitalism, created feminism and black liberation, pushed gun control, immigration and homosexuality – they are Jews.  Real people with real names presently control the news and entertainment media, the banking system, the war industry, the insurance industry, the diamond industry, pornography, psychiatry, the global sex slave industry, and so on.  They are also Jews. One only has to glace over the Jew lists provided by Wikipedia to see that the entire core of modern society is fundamentally Jewish in nature; as I am against modern society, I am also against the Jews.

Claiming that Jewish control of the media is a 'theory' is like claiming that the sky being blue is a theory.  Jewish media control is an objective fact.

Claiming that Jewish control of the media is a ‘theory’ is like claiming that the sky being blue is a ‘theory.’ Jewish media control is an objective fact.

If you think the Jews have done the Western world a service by replacing Mozart with Miley Cyrus, traditional gender roles with feminism, marriage with promiscuity and homosexuality, White racial homogeneity with an invasion of third world immigrants, spirituality with materialism, and abundance with poverty, that is your choice.  If you do not like these changes, then you too are against the Jews, whether you know it or not.

Because Jews have repeatedly been kicked out of our White nations, and repeatedly found their way back in, I believe it is necessary to make certain they are not able to do this again by creating a homeland for them, where they can live together and not run their tricks on the rest of the world, while under guard of a military force; this could be located in Israel, or somewhere else, but the important thing is that they remain there, and that a system is in place to make sure they cannot escape.

The video does not explain why you would want to have Jews in your society, destroying its very fabric while forcing you into poverty, nor does it explain why we should blame a secret group of shadow people, while we can see with our own eyes that virtually everyone controlling anything is Jewish, and that those who are not are following an agenda laid out by Jews.

State Control of Media

He then points out my goal of regulating the media.

Right now, we have a situation where “free press” means that individuals, corporations, political bodies and special interest groups can use scientific methods of marketing to psychologically manipulate people into buying what they want them to buy, thinking the way they want them to think, behaving how they want them to behave.  They can literally reprogram a person’s soul using this now perfected technique.

Is this freedom?  Do people not have a right to be free of oppressive manipulation of their subconscious minds for the selfish ends of those with the money to employ these technique?  I believe that people have such a right, and believe that the only way that this right can be defended is through regulation of the media.

The entertainment media is responsible for promoting violence, drug abuse and sexual degeneracy to the youth of this country for a profit.  How can anyone imagine that this is something which should be allowed in any society?  It is not obviously wrong?  Would any just man not want this to end?  How can we seriously continue to defend this situation with empty rhetoric about ‘free speech,’ while our children are being systematically victimized?

How can anyone imagine that marketing this to children is okay?

How can anyone imagine that marketing this to children is okay?

The electronic media and the development of subconscious marketing techniques, along with the end of religion and the embrace of material decadence, have created a situation that the founders of this country could not possibly have foreseen when they created provisions for free speech in the Bill of Rights.  The corrosive media we are absorbed in is not “free,” it is in fact the greatest form of oppression human beings have ever encountered.

The video does not explain why marketers should be able to subconsciously manipulate the subconscious minds of the people, nor does it explain why it is a good thing to allow Jewish media figures to control the thoughts of the masses and destroy basic morality, and thus the foundations of our society, with depraved entertainment.

Reestablishing Religion

Next, issue is apparently taken with my desire to use the state to empower religion, to the end of reestablishing traditional religious values.

The state should not regulate religion, it should merely make certain that religious figures do not take advantage of good-meaning people for personal gain or political ends.  Clearly, this is what is happening now.  In order to protect the people, there must be community organizations designed to make certain this stops happening.  “Freedom” does not mean being psychologically or spiritually manipulated into giving people money or accepting a value system you would otherwise reject – that is the opposite of freedom.

The video does not explain why fake religious leaders should be allowed to abuse the people.

Seriously Dealing with Drug Use

He then claims that I want to execute people for selling pot, which I have never said, but which I perhaps should have been more clear about and will be the next time I edit the manifesto.  I generally feel marijuana can be used responsibly, in various situations, though I of course believe it should be regulated by the state.

When I refer to executing drug dealers, I am speaking of those who are dealing in hard, addictive drugs such as heroin, crack and crystal meth.  These drugs are causing massive suffering in our country, and yet nothing is done.  A clear plan of action would be needed to deal with the problem swiftly, if our nation was to be put on the road to recovery, and this would most certainly involve the round-up and execution of dealers.

Drug Abuse rates continue to skyrocket, destroying millions of lives, while libertarians claim the best solution is to do nothing to deal with the problem.

Drug Abuse rates continue to skyrocket, destroying millions of lives, while libertarians claim the best solution is to do nothing to deal with the problem.

I am against the concept of prison, as I view work camps to be much more moral, and also a true form of rehabilitation.  The modern prison system is not even intended to provide rehabilitation, and people come out to become worse criminals than they were before.  Work camps provide individuals with purpose, and teach them the meaning of being a contributing member of society.  Most drug addicts are victims, rather than genuine criminals, but must be dealt with with ‘tough love.’  As such, I will send users to camps, after they finish a medical treatment program, rather than to prison. In order to provide maximum assurance that the individual does not slip back into addiction, a minimum of one year should be spent in a camp.

The video does not explain why would should not deal with the drug problem.

Outlawing Homosexuality

The video also draws attention to my plan to criminalize homosexuality.

I do not accept the Libertarian doctrine which claims that as long as you are not physically harming another person, you should be able to do what you want.  Individual behaviors can directly harm the larger whole of society, and homosexuality is one of these behaviors.  It drives down the character of the nation, and its public display violates the innocence of children.  I see no logical reason why society should tolerate this, and thus I take the traditional view – which only went out of vogue with the relatively recent Jewish-driven homosexual liberation movement – that it should be looked at as either a criminal matter, or a psychotic disorder, and dealt with on these terms.

In Jewish-controlled America, scence such as this take place in front of children on a nigh-daily basis.  Libertarians feel there is nothing wrong with this, as they are not actually commiting physical violence against an individual person.

In Jewish-controlled America, scenes such as this take place in front of children on a nigh-daily basis. Libertarians feel there is nothing wrong with this, as they are not actually committing physical violence against an individual person.

And, for the record, homosexuals do harm people physically – an incredibly high number of them are pedophiles, engaged in systematic victimization of children.  Allowing them to run free in society and behave as they wish vastly increases their numbers, as they are very active in recruitment, and as such vastly increases the amount of physical abuse they inflict on children.

The video does not explain how homosexuality is beneficial to society, or why the video-maker believes we should neglect our sacred duty to protect the innocence of children.

Video’s Conclusion

The video concludes with the narrator falsely claiming to understand group psychology, using this misconception as a basis for how he believes I, and those who share my worldview, should be silenced.

[Silencing these ideas is] going to require an understanding of group psychology. A common mistake that many people make when facing destructive social trends like racism is to use a gentle approach, attempting to reason with them and win them over. This doesn’t work when dealing with crowds. Crowd psychology is fundamentally different than individual psychology. The only way to stop this kind of ignorance from spreading within a group is to aggressively call these types out, to shame them publicly and to exclude them from your circle. Give them no quarter, make no compromises, show no tolerance, and be absolute and ruthless in your condemnation of them. Sound extreme? Yes it’s extreme, but that’s what works.

There is no citation given for what he is talking about, or how attacking people based on their individual belief system even relates to group psychology, but it is clear that his plan to silence us through ridicule and attacks is idiotic.  In fact, history has shown that attempts to silence an idea by attacking the representatives of it only causes it to grow.  The only way to actually destroy an idea is to engage it directly and demonstrate that it is false or harmful, which is what I do when I address libertarianism and the larger whole of liberalism.

Ideas cannot be silenced.

Ideas cannot be silenced forever.  The time has come for the people to hear the truth, to know it as truth, and to be set free by it.

What the video is encouraging as a solution to rising “fascist and racist elements” is a sure path to failure, but failure is their only option, given that engaging the ideas I present is impossible for them, as they are purposefully hiding documented facts from their followers, leading them around in circles for monetary gain or political ends.

I am extremely happy that the video maker decided to attack me, as it shows the level of panic that the old “no solutions, but buy our products and support our advertisers” truther crowd is suffering from.  They can see us rising, with our comprehensive plans to deal with real problems on real terms, and they have no idea how their lies and empty rhetoric are going to compete with our truth and decisive plan of action.

In closing, the video tells viewers that if those following the ideas presented on this website assume power, they will kill the viewers; these truthers cannot sell their nonsense without a heavy dose of shameless fear-mongering.  To demonstrate how evil my plan is, the video points to my article calling out shills within the supposed truth movement, and calling for them to be tried and possibly executed.

The video again purposefully distorts my message by telling the viewers that “these people would literally kill you or throw you in a concentration camp for saying something they don’t like.”  Never would I do such a thing.  I believe wholly in the individual right to think and speak freely, based on one’s conscience.  What I do not believe in is the right of scam-artists to lie and manipulate masses of people for personal or political gain.

I state that these ‘truth movement’ celebrities should be put on trial and judged by a fair and just court. If the court determines that they were themselves misled, and did not understand that they were providing the people will false, misleading and highly damaging perceptions, they should not be punished.  However, if it is proven that they purposefully misled large numbers of people for diabolical or otherwise immoral reasons, surely they should be punished – why on earth would we accept that individuals have a right to manipulate the minds of others to deviant and selfish ends?  The video does not explain how this behavior is justifiable.

An Admission of Failure

The video ends with the following words:

We don’t need to accommodate racists. We don’t need the ignorant fringe. We can afford to push them away and in fact we must, because if we don’t then we will be lumped together with them, and that is a recipe for disaster.

This is one place where we agree.  I also have zero desire to be lumped together with anyone who shares the liberal, multicultural, Jewish ideology contained in this video.  I view them as in fact greater enemies than the Jews, as they are presenting themselves as a resistance movement and thus drawing well-meaning people into a system of thought which refuses to address core problems and so offers zero solutions as to how to repair our broken society.

I also fully endorse the attempts by the mainstream of the lying truth movement engage in silly demonization campaigns against me and those who think like me, as it does nothing but push people towards us, as they instinctively see the fear of loss of control that these ‘truthers’ demonstrate when they attempt to silence their opposition by distorting their message and stifling open discussion.

The problem that the Alex Jones types have is that every day people wake up to the fact that their talk of a secret ‘Illuminati Globalist New World Order’ is really a means of covering for the Jews, no one goes from understanding the Jewish problem to chasing the ghosts of invisible satan-worshipers.  After understanding the Jewish problem, the racial issues become obvious, and thus the Alex Jones crowd, with their multicultural liberalism, become utterly appalling.

This attack video amounts to an admission of failure.  For a time, the truthers thought they could simply ignore the rising White racial consciousness, but as they see they are each day losing more ground to our type of truly objective analysis and solutions-based thinking, they are sloppily organizing a campaign of suppression.

We are seeing this everywhere now.  It is difficult to find a truther site that is not talking about the threat of ‘Neo-Nazi White Supremacist Fascism.’  Alex Jones now cannot speak ten minutes without mentioning Hitler.  David Icke has declared that he will stand forever against Nazism, regardless of the growing acceptance of historical revisionism within truther circles.

They have already lost.  We are taking over the narrative.

Our radical traditionalist agenda is the future.

Only bullets can stop us, and we will rise from our graves.

Hail Victory.

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122 Responses to ‘Storm Clouds Gathering’ Launches Nonsensical War on Andrew Anglin of Total Fascism

  1. Clitmint says:

    Hi there,

    I watched the video by StormCloudsGathering, whom i was a subscriber of for a while, however, I unsubscribed today because I as a white Man now know where i stand with him now, he isn’t as i first thought, a ‘truther’ helping to get the word out about what is going on that the media won’t cover. He clearly has another layer under that veneer of being a ‘truther’.
    I being white, according to him, are not even supposed to highlight or complain about what is happening to my brothers and sisters around the world at the hands of the non-white hordes and the shabbot goy who are facilitating them. I’m just supposed to do as the rest of the unaware white masses are doing, dealing with it and keeping my mouth shut about it and turning up at that dead end job to make my tax contributions available to the non-white hordes, otherwise, I must be racist and bigoted etc etc.

    Being outraged by the crap he was coming away with in his video, I left two lengthy replies, but knowing now what he really is now, i made sure to not fall into his hands by being nasty toward him or otherwise saying something that would only benefit his position and something to solidify his point to his viewers.
    Given what he said and implied in his video, he had to of course leave out the context and reason why such things occur, so I can’t wait to get a reply from him on either of my responses.
    Let’s see if he will fly in the face of facts and reason!

    I as a European (Scotsman) see quite a lot of English land in the form of entire streets and whole parts of cities being overtaken by the hordes of non-white locusts, mostly muslims, and I’am both shocked at how quickly that has taken place and also quite worried about my English brethren because we all know that ‘extremist’ muslims don’t care about walking into crowded places and blowing themselves up, and ‘non-extremist’ muslims stay mostly silent about that in order to create the picture that there is good and bad mulsims for their host populations.

    I also see this occurring in places like Sweden, Norway and Germany and many other European nations are going the same way, so i take serious offense when it is even so much as implied to me that I’m a ‘racist’ antisemitic, islamophobic fascist simply for speaking out against this happening to my peoples, but also for wanting to Do something to help protect them.

    That clown will get his comeuppance when he robbed and shot by one of these non-whites he so dearly defends, perhaps only then will he realize the true extent of our collective problem. Probably not.

    By the way, good site you got here, and i guess thanks to StormCloudsGathering, you have another ‘follower’.

  2. Jack Ryan says:

    Excellent article.

    I strongly agree with your thesis that American mainstream libertarianism is hostile to the legitimate rights of White Indo European people. This Libertarian cult traps so many high IQ young whites. It’s basically a lie as it pretends to offer Whites freedom, just in reality not the basic freedom that Orwell laid out in 1984

    “Freedom begins with the ability to say 2 + 2 = 4″ (that’s how I remember it)

    But mainstream American libertarianism does not give Whites this basic freedom, to discuss obvious differences in crime rates, illegitimacy rates, IQ rates between the races, or name the dominance of the Jews in US media. Or even to object to Black and Jewish calls to murder Whites.

    I am Jack Ryan the #2 writer for http://www.occidentaldissent.org

    Our blog is a Southern Nationalist oriented page, we do real world activism with groups like The League of the South.

    I’ve been a leading force in the Alternative Right, “Movement” exposing the dead end Libertarian cult, in particular the wasted time of Ron Paul and now Rand Paul for President. I am proud to have suggested that American Renaissance make Rand Paul White traitor of the year. They did:


    Let ‘s converse.

  3. Steven says:

    LOL at his top two trolling comment’s they are the typical “Anti-white = racism stupidity from stormfront” posted about 10 minutes apart.
    If you believe this site you are a moron.
    1st this guy wants to take people’s rights away, violate our constitution, attack people based on race in what he deems “Non Violent” but what if they refuse what if they fight back? Then it will be violent.
    This is their country too, if they are born here, if they are American’s but don’t agree with your fascist state of mind you will force violence upon them.
    “take away guns from blacks”
    Ridiculous, your stats are ludicrious.
    It is known that the white population is much greater than the black population, and the major cities that the blacks live in contrast significantly to the whites, where law is the order of the day.
    More whites are arrested but less of them actually serve time, hence trayvon martin case where blacks are outraged simply due to the fact that they feel and have experienced a 2 tier justice system.
    This can be seen as well, when you compare bankers who break the law, and should be facing 20 years in jail, walking around scott free.
    Your statistics of course don’t take any of this into account.
    Jews, yes they control everything, yes they have monopolistic power, but not every single jew wants to harm you. Not every single one is ruled by Zionism, if anything many jews are just as American as you. And how will you go about finding jews that aren’t actively practicing it, or have no ties to the Media, hollywood, our political system, or our corruption with the banks and corporations?
    I’m sure asians, and indians, mexicans, and others will be targeted as well.
    One of the reason’s why this will not work is that you are simply dividing the people with your beliefs.
    Recall that the Zionist run media that you hate so much divides us in 4 major ways:
    1. Racism
    2. Police/military vs non military non combatants
    3. Class warfare (that you so often ignore)
    4. Political left vs political right ideology.
    When you realize that we won’t change anything without standing together in a united front then you will realize the error of your ways.
    Division, and infringement on other’s liberties in the interest of fascism and forced ideology is only tyranny, and I know our military will stop at nothing to make sure you do not come to power.

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  5. I love how he ends the video with the comment of how to censor Racists and Fascists. What a boneheaded hypocrite.

    • Steven says:

      Only if you believe this guy’s lies. I have just commented and have always commented on SCG’s videos. there was no censorship, the only time he censors people is if they are race baiting and trolling.

  6. willi says:

    Stefan Molyneux debated Storm Clouds Gathering once, within the last year. SCG was quite disorganized, kept changing topics, was getting the stuffing kicked out of him by Stefan, and he ended up calling Stefan a liar, at which point Stefan hung up the phone on him. If you intend to debate SCG, you might want to first review that debate. As the aphorism states: never wrestle with a pig. you just get dirty and the pig loves it. SCG, from what I tell, is black.

    • Steven says:

      SCG is not black, you obviously don’t know what the hell you are talking about. And given that Stefan can talk, for hours upon end, and he is a good talker, and has a lot of good POVs I certainly wouldn’t want to debate him. Not that his POVs are right, but that he would talk me in circles.

  7. stevieb says:

    Superbly argued…fighting against 42 years of constant indoctrination by Jewish criminals makes it difficult to commit to a fascist government. But I don’t see any other option. Our enemies have completely exposed their agenda-only cowards and those completely ignorant of politics and affairs of the state will not be aware of our problem.
    They’ve declared war on us -that’s only too obvious – so we have no choice, really.

    I can’t imagine Andrew’s detractors have any serious plans to stop the rot, save for Communism( Jewish hegemony). That’s why they will NEVER debate him…

  8. Calibrate says:

    Falla, thank you for your comment. It did move me greatly. I agree with you that every people deserves preservation, including our own, and I share the urgency and primality of that feeling which no abstract consideration should deny…

    Even if there are inherent flaws or susceptibilities to parasitism, that doesn’t detract from the beauty, or that it is our families, brothers and sisters, and our form wrought from aeons that is at stake. Defeatism is not an option.

    My analysis was perhaps was more defeatist than I would usually allow myself. My more presiding position is that things are fine-grained, and that many of us are not so different, and that the state is not safe, neither is any ideological control structure. It never has been, and things were never good. That they were, that European society was not always a prison with lies for bars, is simply an ideological lie pushed by people who want power (or believed those who wanted it), even if they were good people in many respects. As long as that is how Europeans live, they will be vulnerable. This is ever more true with the increase in state power. Things can go wrong fast, and probably will at some point. Having white men at the reins of the central structure is no safeguard, as the history I discussed shows.

    Alternative means must be sought and preserved, even if only as a backup plan, to guard against genocide; and alternative systems must be sought for other equally pressing reasons. Those means might not really present themselves until space exploration and the opportunity to establish a dispersed kind of society where pure communities can flourish, out of the easy reach of tyrannies and subversion, comes about. So in the meanwhile state-based solutions, the development of relevant technologies to speed that change, and tactics to reduce the power of parasites and central structures are the best strategies. I do urge you all though to look outside of ideology, to basic practicality. Any technology which disperses power, prevents global hegemony, and allows for the colonisation of space will create the long term infrastructure that can guard our form against eradication. 3d printing. Terraforming. Water-based cities (not that far off). Anything viable.

    Firebellinthenight, my position is formed from a personal analysis of history, not from cookie-cutter ideology. Your post seems to deal mostly in that. Sure, the Satanic accusations were probably overwrought, as I stated in my post. That doesn’t change anything else I wrote about, or the simple fact that I’m right about the history. Speak to me as a man analysing the world, not as a character in your drama of credibility and propaganda.

  9. Eyesonly says:

    Why I do agree with your stance that white culture deserves to exist, I cannot agrree with your means. You claim to have “real” solutions for problems but you seem not to care how many people you will kill or mistakenly kill in the process. In fact it seems like you and this movement could care less as long as this ideology is what rules over the masses. And this makes “fascism” better than your claims of a Jew controlled world? You point out that truthers and Alex Jones are selling lies and manipulation then go about doing the same thing? But this way is better, right? Because its all for saving whites and hurting the other races in the process no matter what the cost. And you speak of history? Well it has shown this ideology does not work. It works in controlling people with fear. You claim the Jew media is controlling people now. And you want to use the same methods to “retake” control and have people think and believe the way you want them too. That’s not freedom. No one has the right to force control of that nature on people. Look at China, North Korea, and countless other countries under this kind of control. I’m not saying america is perfect but damn man, this is not the way. The white race isn’t under the threat you have come to believe it is. To me you put yourself on the same level as truthers, libertarians, and others you so boldly claim too be mind controlled, thoughtless people who believe anything that is told to them or twist things to fit an agenda.

    Also, I have read through your sight. Not a fascism fan. You do have some interesting ideas (religion, stopping the drug trade) that would be helpful for the whole country and everyone, but the killing and mass “work-camps, and killings with no “fair trail” (which you say will be, but I have a strong feeling it will be like a kangaroo court were your guilty till proven guilty), I cannot agree with or support.

  10. cornelius the centurion says:

    i find no difference between whites and jews, you both think your chosen and the smartest and you both always call the cops on me when i punch your lights out or scare the life out of you, but my best move is chocking you into submission. that is fun, i hate whites, no mater what bloodline.

    • DICARLO says:

      Tut-tut Leroy — attacking 80 year old White women is nothing to brag about. What’s really amusing, in fact, laughable, is when a mental midget jungle bunny decides to take on intelligent, experienced, logical, people, even if he has a point to make. But as all White know, stupid niggers never do.

    • Johnny Bravo says:

      Do you have any particulars to substantiate your ruffian claims to ignominy tough guy? So let me get this straight, after committing various alleged assaults and batteries, your fantasy victims summon the constabularies, thus attesting to your skedaddling masculinity? Flex a bicep, twitch a pectoral muscle, and rip a Chinese phone-book in two with your bare hands Bruiser. Provide proof for your vainglorious escapade’s, or be ‘chocked into submission’ by your own words, as the pugnacious pipsqueak poser you are. The yahoo’s own impersonate a jigaboo’s ballyhoo bugaboo, proves he is a buffoonish poltroon. Your ‘best move’ is assuming the position to a brusque rendition of Miranda rights. That crusher gasconade-Fu style is no match for the Buddha palm. A sporting round of fisticuffs with you is like beating a rug with a stick.


    • Nothing to see here folks…Cornelius the Centurion is a rabid Kike who probably fantasizes about…Hell…I don’t know, whatever these kikes do. Maybe he is imagining what to do with a family member, or maybe he is just getting loaded while his dad makes millions off of some scheme that has enriched the family for a generation or two.

      One thing I know, and this took five seconds…So yeah you didn’t wast my time, Is that your a Kike. You know you are. I don’t like kikes, and neither do you, but you are one, and thats what you have to live with.

      By the way…Netanyahu is a faggot. Ahmadinejad would -uck him up in a fight…And I wouldn’t care who loses, because I was rooting for the White Guy. Hey Cornelius, Jews suck…-ick…and you know it.

    • stevieb says:

      Cornhole the Crapturian ….you’re a little boy who hasn’t punched out anybody -except in that little mind of yours…besides…we know you’re Jewish…

  11. Steven Rowlandson says:

    We have a natural right to exist, and the flood of immigrants into our country is a violation of this basic right. In supporting the flood of immigration, the maker of the video is showing that he is not ‘anti-racist,’ but anti-White.

    Andrew although I tend to agree with your basic position I must point out that the anti whites and the alleged legal governments of the northern hemisphere do not and at the moment they rule. The real question is how do we change that so that pro whites rule? If you want to have white nations that are not going to be blended out or genocided pro whites have to rule as the government and then changes can be made from the top down to lock out future anti white governments and re engineer society and government to serve the interests of white people. Frankly it is going to take more than polite debate on the internet to do it. The anti white establishment and governments have got to go, then the mess they made can be cleaned up.

  12. Osiris says:

    Here’s the guy who made that video:


    In this 2011 video, I actually agree with most of what he said. He’s an ex-Christian who sees the Jewish racial hatred expressed in the Old Testament, and doesn’t like it. He still believes in the mythical Jewish god-man (Jesus), but other than that, he seems like a pretty good guy. He’s probably just deluded and brainwashed by his early Zio-Christian training, and is probably clueless about the real history of World War II. I don’t think he’s a homo, because I saw earlier videos of him where he’s carrying a baby on his back through the woods, so he’s apparently married. If he could be gently brought to see the light about racial issues, he could be a powerful ally for White people. It would be difficult, though, given the obvious depth of his Zio-brainwashing, as shown in his more recent video.

    • stevieb says:

      Christians don’t(shouldn’t) concern themselves with the Torah( Jewish ‘Bible’). The New Testament began a new covenant whereby Jews would basically no longer exist – the OT was supposed to be disregarded. Jews ignored it -they preferred to listen to their Rabbis who spoke about the Torah( called Mishna-the oral form of the Talmud)and Jewish ‘choseness’, and rejected JC because he called them out on their denial of God and their general wickedness. If you go for that sort of thing. But the point is that Jews have been subverting and lying about Christianity any chance they get…so closing the door on an important element of white culture and heritage is a mistake IMO…

  13. J.L. says:

    I’m listening to your interview with John Friend right now, and I paused it to go and look up the video from “Storm Clouds Gathering”…

    I’ve got to say, it’s pretty hard to explain Nationalism and the role of the Jews and how people who understand these concepts don’t, in fact, want to oppress or enslave anybody when there’s a manifesto on this site detailing how the “oppression” might be carried out. The very fact that it exists, however hypothetical it may be, just gives ammunition to the people who promote the misconception that “we”* want to enslave the world.

    I don’t mean this as a personal attack, I like your work, but this kind of manifesto business is entirely unnecessary and shouldn’t even exist because it undermines everything else. Whatever defense or academic explanation there is for having a manifesto like that you must be aware that it’s going to be taken up and propagandized by people like the guy who made that video. No matter what justification there is for a manifesto like that to exist the only purpose it objectively serves is to be used to undermine everything else. That’s just how it is.

    *by “we” I mean intellectually honest people who’ve grown up in the same world as everybody else and who’ve been able to look into the holocaust, the role of jews in EVERYTHING historically, and what the “evil people” like Hitler and William Pierce and all of the “dead white males” (who are also “evil”) actually had to say about it… and “we” who finally realized that in a chaotic and confused international system that that basic Nationalism, older than ideology, is the only real way to correct the system.

    Because this alone is enough to have oneself designated as a genocidal (and let’s not forget “ignorant”) racist by the vast numbers of people who just don’t know any better, as I found.

    I mean.. weren’t we all liberals at one point in time who believed what the TV and kindly jews told us until we grew up and examined the world? How do you expect intellectually honest people to look into these subjects when there’s something like this manifesto that may as well confirm the “crazy hitler” straw-man stereotype that the media has thrown over people who oppose mass-immigration, for example? If I’d have seen this 3 years ago I really doubt whether I’d be here at all today. I mean, do we want to conquer the world and stick blacks in camps? Does anybody, really?

    Hitler himself didn’t advocate that.

    The predication of this entire drama and the 98,000 people now exposed to it on that channel is so unbelievably and unnecessarily trivial in its origin that it’s just an absurd event that shouldn’t have even happened.

    What’s done is done, but for gods sake don’t just hand idiots, like the video maker, weapons like this. That’s what I’m trying to get across here.

    • J.L. says:

      (just to clarify my own perspective on this…)

      The fact is that we don’t need to go to war on anybody else other than the jews behind the system; black nationalists and muslims (and writing from Europe I think I can safely say this without being accused of being “soft on islam”) are, in fact, on board with this and whatever differences we have with these groups can be sorted out later on down the line, because we damn sure can’t sort out anything at all while all of us are getting played and pitted against each other by jews!

      We have Common Enemies. It’s tactically stupid to ignore this.

      This isn’t something new, btw, it’s been said by Pierce and Rockwell and the SS itself was living proof of it.

      • I agree. In the most recent interview (today) Andrew, like the reasonable, decent person he is, said that we should treat homosexuality like PUTIN does in Russia. We neither promote it or Accept it. Saying you are going to execute them is stupid. Putin needs to be studied for sure. He is not governing that state like he wants to, he is doing it how it has to be done. But Andrew has to edit that line, even though he may be right, lets play politics, we are not in power, and we don’t want to kill people, lets just not promote garbage, and not allow it and leave it at that. Squashed? I think so. Edit it. Other than that. TotalFascism!

        • Just to be clear. Homosexuality is Insane. It does not have to be any more clear than that. If your male dog was humping another male dog, what would you say? And as anyone would say, what does this produce for society? What are the fruits of this behavior? Nothing? Yeah. Nothing. It’s weird, uncomfortable, and abnormal. Ever been hit on by a man? It’s so fucking weird. You have to look them in the eye (because they don’t understand they are are dealing with a real man) and say NO. Like a chick has to turn down a man, it’s really weird, and I understand women in that situation. However, I would point to the Love/Monogomous/Relationship article on DailyStormer.com for the good stuff. Great Piece on Monogomy.

          • Steven says:

            yes homosexuality is wierd to straight people, but for homsexuals it is normal. So let them have it, it’s not like they will reproduce.
            Personally if someone wants to have sexual relations with another person I don’t feel that it’s any of my business what they do behind closed doors.

      • Falla says:

        Well, I agree with you J.L.

        It’s not difficult to see this site is far too extreme for those not yet awakened to the Jewish problem. It’s literally scary for them and they will go away. They will only through their dancing ignorance and cultural prejudice reject this as the worst possible thing to say. But mind you, there’s reason why it’s like that. This is the truth. And the truth can be difficult. And we should be happy we have the truth to save our people from complete annihilation. But again, your criticism is 100% correct. And it will only serve Jews if we pose as scary. Because National Socialism is the exact opposite of scary. It’s full of compassion and love and it’s incredibly good natured and caring. If we fail to get this point across, then we’ve already lost, for our greatest strength is our love.

        Furthermore Mr. Andrew is one individual, and you can’t place the whole burden on him alone. And in his defense additionally, his solution is in the veins of Malcolm X, and Hitler, and you shouldn’t say those horrible things about his plan about blacks. I haven’t read all, but from what I see, his vision is protection and understanding for blacks. Not encampment like you said. Imprisonment is already a huge problem for them. Personally, I feel great sympathy for the maladjusted blacks rotting in prison, millions of them. Ask yourselves: whose the biggest victim of multiculturalism? Them or us? He’s a separatist, of course, but he’s a compassionate and caring separatist.

        • Julian says:

          Even some of Andrew’s supporters criticized parts of his manifesto, but I for one liked it because 1) it takes guts to publish it with your real name attached to it, and 2) since when is free speech by itself a crime? It’s a manifesto, the only tragedy is it might not be realized, but why should we cave in to these willy nilly nay sayers just because they get easily offended? Sure, it can be used by our enemies, so what’s the solution, hide in our homes or all march in some gay pride parade? On an intellectual level I could argue with racism as it is a generalization, etc, you know the typical leftist mantra, but the bottom line is, a soft core ideology won’t get you anywhere, you can talk about universal love and compassion for all but in the end it won’t amount to much. Andrew left the relative stability of America and went right into the heart of madness in Greece, and for that I am not just proud but down right jealous. I think it’s high time he returns to the states to start his movement but I’ll let him do that on his time. I was a Ron Paul guy but that got nowhere, so what’s the solution? I’m pissed off and angry, and a bunch of kumbaya let’s all get together won’t work. We know what kind of enemy we’re really up against, and this constant worrying about stepping on toes is not working. I think it’s good publicity to talk about this video, but ultimately this stormclouds punk is a nobody who doesn’t matter, so the quicker we move on, the better, but as I said, it is what it is and bringing attention to it is great for raising awareness. At this point National Socialism is more of a marketing tool than a rigid ideology. I’m saddened by so many groups not embracing the swastika. Stormfront won’t use it because “the jews use” I’m sick of this “oh we can’t do something because our enemies might use it against us,” well why don’t we just curl up in the fetal position because if they can call Ron Paul and Helen Thomas and Paula Dean “racists” then it doesn’t matter what you say or do, they’ll use whatever they can against you and if not they’ll just make up stuff. You’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t, so why not just do and who cares if people get it or not? I along with others swamped through the mess of politics, I at one time thought Hitler was a Zionist, so if I can figure it out, others can, so why should I care if someone needs to have their hand held? If they can’t handle it they can turn on NPR or go join the democratic party, someone like that is not going to be helpful in the long run so screw them.

          • Falla says:

            Yes, but remember it’s like learning how to eat sushi. We can’t pour a bottle of soya down their throat and expect them to digest it! They’ve been eating different kinds of food all their life and it’s impossible not to be overwhelmed by the strong taste! Everyone here, gradually became aware of the Jewish problem by adjusting to the strong taste of the truth.

            Maybe it’s Mr. Andrew’s courage that will make his lucky star shine. And maybe I am wrong to be somewhat apologetic while my country is dying.
            But we live in an age where it’s not about storming the battlefield like Mel Gibson in Braveheart. If we’re not smart the Jew will win. Believe me, I would march from Sweden to Italy if it would benefit our cause!

            We should NEVER sell our soul and be proud of our Hitlerism. We all know the truth! But listen, why are we fighting? To save our people. This is our love. We are willing to sacrifice everything to save our people! This undying and undeniable love must shine through every word we speak.

            This site just make me so happy I can’t describe it! :) Everyone’s so great and they don’t even know it! Over the skies of Europa our passionate hearts are burning as hopeful stars for a better future for all! This site, deemed evil by so many, is in fact a fountain of light just screaming for justice!

            Perhaps what we need is both love and courage. Yes! We all need to show the same courage as Mr. Andrew and we need to love, so deeply and sincere, that the pure passion pouring out of our hearts will never again become poisoned by the cunning Jew.

            This is Golden Dawn’s victory. Not only are they courageous and strong. But they also love their people and care for them!

            I see so many white guilt-ridden Swedes it’s so ridiculous it makes me want to cry. They’re blaming themselves for slavery. They’re saying the African American skin colors are more light skinned due to the white man’s rape. This is hell. I promise you.

            We need to be courageous naming the Jew and forming movements, act righteous like God’s judgment and love our Folk even if it’s unrequited. Because if we fight long enough we will win. The left’s propaganda and lies won’t suffice once the storm comes and that’s when our courage and love will save them all!

            • J.L. says:

              I’m saddened by so many groups not embracing the swastika. Stormfront won’t use it because “the jews use” I’m sick of this “oh we can’t do something because our enemies might use it against us,” well why don’t we just curl up in the fetal position

              I’m inclined to go with Ernst Zundels position on the swastika; that, in the past, motorbike gangs who used the symbol were “hollywoods children”, growing up on the propaganda, who didn’t even understand it and just degraded it by associating themselves with it.

              “oh we can’t do something because our enemies might use it against us,”

              Right. If you want to pretend that that isn’t the case then lots of luck to you. I wouldn’t be adverse to using the swastika but only when its meaning is clearly explained and when it’s explained that it’s not a christmas tree decoration for a mulatto biker gang.

              Now, those of us who understand these subjects won’t have a problem with them but remember that your average kid, I’m thinking of myself aged 12, isn’t going to understand it and will be turned off by it therefore I have to question to effectiveness of even using quote “nazi material” in the first place.

              I’m speaking metaphorically there;

              The swastika image and concentration camps are the two biggest propaganda topics that exist.

              By saying that criminals should ideally be segregated away in “camps” then you may as well confirm as true every blatantly stupid horror story that every jew has ever told, because you’ve brought it into the consciousness of the reader by simply mentioning the word “camp”.

              And what do internment camps have to do with German Nationalism or National Socialism anyway?

              Here’s a novel idea for dealing with violent criminals and jewish terrorists, instead of locking them away in a holiday resort, when you’re building the city you do not let them in and let them go elsewhere or starve. Economically deny them jobs, for example, and they’ll eventually leave of their own accord; it’s a much gentler solution to ridding the cities.

              The internment camps in Europe only existed in a state of war where it was impossible to get the unwanted urban populous out of Germany. Do we predict that we’ll be at war with the world and we should expect a scenario like that to happen? War with who exactly?

              The scenario is unlikely and therefore internment is not going to happen, so it doesn’t even need to be brought up, and bring it up only gives ammunition to enemies who can point and say “see, told you so!” and we have nothing to say in response to it; the argument gets lost and all because of some hypothetical trivia and an unbreakable association with Germany and Camps in the minds of… well, in the minds of everybody, apparently!

              • Andrew Anglin says:

                The idea that we are going to formulate an effective White message by making sure to never be offensive is unfathomable to me.

                • J.L. says:

                  I’m not saying that at all, but there’s a difference between holding up a swastika and telling the truth about what it represented, and then holding up a swastika and saying “by the way, we want to establish internment camps”.

                  This isn’t a critique about being offensive, it’s a critique about internment camps, for all the reasons I went into before.

              • Andrew Anglin says:

                The idea that we are going to formulate an effective White message by making sure to never be offensive is unfathomable to me.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      The majority of his followers defended me. He had to close the comments section.

      There is nothing wrong with the manifesto. Playing political games is completely ineffective. We must be brutal and extreme. People are drawn to this. They are not drawn to limp-wristed beating around the bush. That is repellent.

      • Falla says:

        They defend you because of the anti-white genocide. They defend you because the media is drowning them in an ocean of irrelevance.

        Please don’t forget National Socialism is good natured, kindhearted and pure like lover’s hearts.

        Hitler loved and cared so deeply about his people it was impossible not to see it. His passion is unmatched. If we fail to display and feel the same..

        Of course we need strength and courage to get power. But we can only be successful strong extremists if we do it for the love of our people.

      • The most fun I have ever have is when I look somebody in the eye, tell them what they don’t want to hear, after they tell me I am not allowed to say something or hold a certain view.

        I do this because it is right. And always, I do this because I am right. Isn’t the look on the LIARS face worth it? It is, lets go practice for fun!

    • Steven says:

      Well said, hitler himself didn’t advocate the non-sense this site has shown.
      The video maker is actually quite intelligent, if you’ve actually seen his videos.
      And yes everyone knows there is a zionist control problem, but blaming all jews and trying to take away people’s rights is not the solution.
      It divides the people, it shows racism and like you said proves to people that the hitler strawman argument exists.

  14. Steven Rowlandson says:


    The anti whites are at it again! As if white europeans are the same species as the semites! Perhaps Mark Glen is ill at ease with being closely related to Jews and sees Jews and Europeans as being the same species when they are not. White Europeans need their own racial and national homelands to ensure the continuance of the white human species with out getting genocided or blended out. Europe and North America are ours for ever. Those that don’t like that are free to leave.

    • If your going to link to it I might as well alert this board to it, here it is…
      ZCF: Hey Mark,
      The white nationalists attack you, like many others, for not having a sympathetic ear to their delinquent diatribes. It is indeed a demented phenomena, but not the least bit surprising to me having spent an inordinate amount of time around such people for the good part of the previous year. They criticize you for allegedly having an “Arab racial agenda.” Even if you had such an agenda, they also have a racial agenda of the vanilla variety do they not? Hypocrites.
      They have hurled every possible depraved racial slur and racist insult at you and your family, yet have the delusional gall to demand that you should still, after subjecting you to an endless tidal wave of abuse, listen to their concerns, their petty grievances, and that you should put their predicament at the center of your activism. The arrogance of these insolent scoundrels sickens me to no end.
      Yes, I used to be part of that camp. I don’t know how or why I got involved, but I somehow found myself in the middle of it. Fortunately, I saw the light.
      My expertise has never been race issues, and that bothered these creeps even when I was fellow-traveling with them. The white-worship must always come first and foremost, everyday, all day, year round. They are more obsessed with race, genes, ethnicity, etc, than Jews who are ensconced in their “Six Million” myth. It will drive any sane person off the wall.
      In stark contrast to the trashy, redneck brand of WN that is so common in the U.S., European nationalists are much more reasoned and intelligent. And European nationalists have a legitimate cause, as whites are the indigenous people of that continent.
      On the other hand, North America, Australia and New Zealand can’t be said to belong to any one race or ethnic group. White nationalism in these parts of the world is no more legitimate than Zionism is in occupied Palestine. If you are to argue the legitimacy of the former than you must necessarily be arguing the legitimacy of the latter because there is no difference. It is a morally bankrupt, logically inept cause based upon a false sense of entitlement simply for having white skin (or in the case of Israel: being Jewish).
      How can one actually argue that a recent white European immigrant to the U.S. has more of a right to be in the country than a Black person whose ancestors have inhabited the U.S. for hundreds of years, or an Amerindian whose ancestors have lived on this continent for thousands of years, or even a second generation Asian-American? That’s hypocrisy of the highest order, no different than a European or American Jew stipulating that he/she is more entitled to occupied Palestine than the exiled Arabs whose ancestors have lived there for hundreds of years. White nationalism in America (Australia, Canada, etc) is in essence White Zionism with the same nasty, supremacist underpinnings as its Jewish counterpart.
      These people have been infected with the same inhuman mindset as the racist Zionist Jews who have collectively bludgeoned the entire Arab/Muslim world, using the West to do much of the dirty work.
      There really is no point in engaging these people — they are hopelessly enslaved to delusions of grandeur and self-importance, to much the same degree as Zionist Jews who adhere to the “Chosenite” mythology. A waste of time.
      Thanks for what you do Mark.

      This was a response from a commenter TMMK:

      Well that was certainly insightful by ZCF but I think it was well off the mark.
      I really dont think that There is No Chosenite mentality among white nationalists, this is nonsense imo.

      We are just simpyl sick and tired of having our nations flooded with underachieving, criminal minded 3rd world immigrants, that have no place in Ireland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Finland, Germany, Italy et al..nations that had nothing to do with and wars or occupations, but whose taxpayers and victims of crime must deal with.

      Americans are subsidizing the same in an entire criminal class of blacks for 3 generations now from cradle to grave and now are dealing with masses of Mexicans and Guatemalans into our nation, while going through a depression. It is not right nor just.
      America was great 100 years ago, predominately because it was white, thats a fact, same with every other Western Nation, whether Canada, Europe or Australia.

      Have you ever thought to think as to why Multi cultural South America is so less advanced, progressed and civilized than North America? Many claim it is because North America is so European white, and South so black and mestizo populated. There is alot of obvious truth to this.
      You may not like our politics and neither do we. We have been and are on the front lines denouncing the wars, the fiat money, the porn and degeneracy.

      Whites were not responsible for slavery, we ourselves were enslaved-the word slave comes from SLAV for petes sake. 300,000 Irish Catholics enslaved in North America from 1600-1700 more than Blacks from Africa, but where is our ROOTs novel and Movie?

      What of the Penal Colony aka Australia set up for Irish and English debtors? Their crime was falling behind in Shylocked debt from Jews in England. No mention from you TUT on the slavery trade being owned and controlled lock stock n barrel by Jews in the South, or in Europe, with Muslims their trading partners either. Thats a shame, maybe youll visit some history and this post will cause you to do so, I do hope it does.

      The issue with TUT I have is that it is disingeuous to lump whites together as unstable, Neo Nazis or war mongers. Furthermore, I think that it is our Govt, you should be targeting, not whites in general who only wish to live around other whites, same as our Great Grand parents did when America was truly a great country.

      I really think it is YOU (TUT) that are causing enmity between muslims and whites on this very board, by defending and legitimizing their crimes, especially rape and child sex gangs in Euro nations that had nothing to do with war..
      You unintentionally support the effect, laying blame on the cause of war, when most white nations have nothing to do with them, but take the full brunt of it,
      I truthfully appreciate your anti war efforts, but unless your views are examined and soften just a wee tad, I dont think Ill be a regular visitor.

      ed note by Mark Glenn–LOL. Listening to this nonsense that there is no eliteist mentality amongst WNs is like listening to Alan Dershowitz deny that there is a racist, eliteist strain amongst Jews. I have heard it, seen it and smelled it too many times on a REAL PERSONAL BASIS to entertain any pollyannic notions to the contrary. You are simply detached from reality.

      Next, and for the last freaking time, because it is getting old–these immigrants aare coming to white lands because whites have wrecked their lands through war and economic exploitation. The fact that some of the countries have not directly participated means nothing. People are going to go where they are safe, plain and simple, and if that means going to Ireland instead of America when Ireland had nothing to do with the destruction of their countries is immaterial. Are you really this effing stupid that it needs to be explained to you this many times in a such an elementary level that even a child can understand?

      Next, there is no legitimizing Islamic crime, you effing idiot. EVERY DAY there are stories dealing with crimes of Muslims. Get your head out of your Goddamned asshole.

      And finally, your threat to go elsewhere–



      My take: David Mathew Mansfield

      I thought TMMK was dead on. No rabbid dog here. Perfect explanation. The editorial note? MG basically equates powerless unviolent WN movement with the BEHEMOTH Jew controlled MONSTER occupying our government, which is responsible for those bombs falling on those muslim lands. MG says whites are. The whites in this country believe that muslims did 9/11 because of JEWS MEDIA. Why should they be held responsible for being lied to every day, every minute, in all of their information, including where they get their internet news. This is why we have to focus on right wing whites.

      Because muslim crimes are reported, he basically says thats good enough. Too bad your countries are controlled by WHITES(Jews) he says. Jews are our white brethren apparently to MG. Amazing.

      Personally, ZCF got me initially aware of Hitler and WW II truth. I stopped by his new site to see what he was up to, and I dropped my video in his comment section. I did not follow the ZCF/Delaney fallout, heard about that only recently. My outsiders take is that people don’t have to be conjoined twins. Everyone has their own agenda. We should pursue ours, they theirs.

      I departed TUT muslim making factory over a year ago when they totally botched the Sandy Hook thing. Michael Collins Piper was saying Israeli assassins did it or something. They weren’t worried about the whole, no bodies, no evidence, abandoned school ghost town aspect of it.

      I honestly felt they were making me way too sympathetic towards Islam as well. I really liked Ahmadenijad, I am against whats happening to their countries, but they are not my primary concern, nor should it be. We just need to be seperate. And of course we should have peaceful relations.

      • Actually, I don’t think it matters (what ZCF says). He did a great thing, exposing Alex Jones’ Hitler bashing. I thank him for that and move on. He was uncomfortable with WN, which seriously, is like cryptonite (from the JEW propaganda) before you understand whats happening,

        Mark Glenn. His agenda is for Arab countries. That’s not our primary agenda. Our agenda is to wake up European Americans. So it is just not important. We want seperation, lets practice it.

        • DICARLO says:

          The basic problem that both MG and ZCF have with White Nationalists is that neither of them are White and they seek supremacy for their own kind. As Andrew points out:

          The racial soul of the White European Man is defined by compassion. We care deeply about other people, about animals and the natural world. It is through this emotion of empathy that we rose above all the other peoples of the planet to build the greatest civilizations the earth has ever seen. Being capable of understanding – and feeling – the plight of others, we worked together for the greater good,

          These qualities Whites possess are not, and will never be reciprocated by these takers. We have been kind, compassionate, and giving to other races to the point of our destruction, all while non-Whites are not and will never be toward Whites. They are only concerned with the promotion of their own particular racial group, to our detriment, in our own lands, and will take whatever assisstance they can from their satanic benefactors, the jews.

          Our enemies, those non-White races, directed and empowered by the supremacist jews in media and government, are not interested in ending what they call racism. The concept of racism in which according to them, only Whites are guilty of, is a ploy. They are interested in ending Whitism. They are actively seeking to end the White race. And they have the nerve to call our giving race, supremacists?

          We need to wake up those Whites who do not understand that we, as Whites, are in a war for our very existence. In fact, we White racialists need to understand that, in no uncertain terms that the White Race has been reduced to a mere 10% of the world’s population. We, the White Race, are being deliberately genocided due to deliberate aggression by non-White tribes. This war against Whites has been going on for quite some time and it’s been orchestrated by a centuries old, extremely manipulative and ethnocentric tribe, the jews. We, the White Race must take back our lands by any means necessary!

          Whites have never worked together as a racial tribe. If Whites are to survive, we must come together, tribally, in order to defend ourselves against this genocidal assault and once again assert ourselves as the primary people in the White countries we have created. As individuals, we cannot win, but as a tribe, we can take our lands back, with a vengeance.

          • Wow. Well said. Thank You.

            • DICARLO says:

              Thankyou as I am a fan of your responses. ;)

              A jew is a jew is a jew, just like a non-White is a non-White is a non White namely MG, the middle easterner and ZCF, the hispanic. While many, many, White Nationalists regularly respond to and expose the plight of the Palestinians at the hands of the Schitzraelis, we’ll hear no such support of oppressed Whites from the likes of non-Whites such as MG and ZCF. They only see the problems of the “poor” niggers, the “poor” illegal immigrants and the “poor” middle eastern immigrants who left countries of their own to invade the infinitely better and infinitely more civilized and wealthy countries, the countries that Whites created.

        • DC says:

          The way I see it, the problem with Glenn is not that his agenda is pro-Arabs or pro-Arab countries or whatever, but that he is vehemently anti-White. Glenn has made no effort whatsoever to bridge the gap between his own Islamic interests and those of Whites Nationalism. In fact, if anything he has made every effort to widen the divide. Like the Jews, Glenn and other anti-Whites seem TERRIFIED that Whites may one day regain their power and act in their own interest. Anti-whites are clearly not interest in anything that involves breaking the shackles of White oppression whether they claim to be fighting the Jew or not.

  15. Reconquista aut Requiem says:

    It comes from the fear mongering lies in “truth” movement, no white geNOcide, anti-white crowds.


    I receive occassional emails from friends who try to tell me that there is NO anti-white genocide and neither is there any “looming” anti-white genocide in SA today (2013), even after I have given the following stats to them, plus way more. – Yet, if I had to say it’s non-whites who are being murdered, then I assure you there would be ZERO denial followed by a MASSIVE outcry by these self same friends:

    Tourists visiting South Africa, must wear shirts to say that they are not a South African Boer in order to avoid becoming a murder statistic in SA post 1994 – What does that say to an intelligent person? – It says nothing about “Save the innocent Boer”, but it also says “Hey guys, I think the Boers might be having a “slight extermination (genocide) crisis here”. I think these printed shirts speak VOLUMES about the anti-white black hate in SA today (2013):


    Genocide in simple terms – If you have five people and kill two of them that amounts to genocide:


    That is precisely the case we have here. We are on stage 5 and 6 (it hovers) on the genocide scale, which means there is no genocide here YET, only stage 7 is FULL genocide, and when it reaches stage 8, that is the stage of “denial”, which we are actually seeing ALREADY!


    These days all around the world, not only in SA (we see it daily), it has become taboo to be whitey and proud of it, promote whitey, defend whitey, etc – but considered the norm to do all of the above for blacks – at all costs. In fact diversity and multiculturalism is almost required of whites, that is why mass immigration and diversity is encouraged.

    Every single black South African owns a cell phone and also access to the internet and they allow themselves to be influenced by US anti-white hate groups and that further fuels their hate for white South Africans:




    Over 80 000 South Africans and over 4000 farmers have been murdered – and these are extremely conservative figures – and many thousands have emigrated. In 2011 there were only 8.9% of whites. Now I guestimate there are only about 6% or so left, and of those just under one third are living in “concentration” camps because unskilled, under-qualified blacks are given jobs that belonged to these whites.

    Perfect statistics are not easy to come by, because death certificates are fraudulent http://www.news24.com/Rapport/Nuus/0…396862,00.html, and recent laws prohibit the SAPS from racial profiling when submitting their reports of murders: http://www.censorbugbear.org/rural-murders/,and also because it has been discovered that many crimes go unreported. http://www.sairr.org.za/media/media-releases/Over%20half%20of%20crimes%20go%20unreported..pdf/view. That is why we have started our own databases http://www.censorbugbear.org/contact-us/, and http://sunettebridges.co.za/wall-of-remembrance/ and http://www.censorbugbear.org/farmitracker/, but it is still unreliable because it depends on families reporting murders directly to us.

    Genocide of White South Africa with Deirdre Fields and KAS (1- 4)



    Page 68 to page 71 South Africa






    • DICARLO says:

      Thankyou for this information. What has happened and is happening in South Africa is exactly what will happen to Whites in their own countries globally if we relinquish our power to non-white tribes. In return for our compassion and giving, we can expect extreme violence against Whites and our families, of course, from the black savages, but certainly mullatos, latinos, arabs, and all non-whites will be driven to the same level of violence and hatred towards us by our arch enemy, the jews.

      Again, MG & ZCF pretend they seek peace for their own, but in reality, they are just another segment of the jew generated, White genocide crowd.

  16. ewkeane says:

    Not to change the subject, but http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egnsDDJdKuk Michael Scheuer calls congress on their “BULLSH*T!” this is good news

  17. walmartian says:

    Has this jackass responded yet?

  18. NSLE says:

    Allow me to start this comment by saying that I agree with you in terms of: Homosexuality, the Holocaust, Jewish control, and Cultural Marxism. However, in terms of the manifesto that you wrote, I’m not sure your method of dealing with the Jews is the right plan. Ejecting them from your home country is a great idea, but forcibly policing them in a foreign land is bad economically and it takes away their sovereignty (which isn’t fair regardless of what they’ve done). Instead, why not just introduce strong anti immigration laws? There’s no need to be the ones policing a foreign land.
    Also, why is it that you say being “non-Religious/Spiritual” is bad/materialistic? I’m agnostic but understand the altruism and sacrifice of the Volk.
    Lastly, thanks for listening and good luck versus those Degenerates.

  19. Julian says:

    Next maybe ADL will say something. Although they go after soft targets like football team names or Helen Thomas. If someone actually calls out the Jews the ADL usually ignores it and instead talks about “Conspiracy king” alex jones.

    Stormclouds is a total coward for blurring out the website name. Maybe he could create an opposition website called totalcowardice.com or maybe totalfaggism.com

  20. CSR says:

    StormsCloudsGathering is a classic Jew “flattering” sycophant:

    The word sycophant has its origin in the legal system of Classical Athens. Having no police force and a limited number of officially appointed public prosecutors, most legal cases were brought by private litigants. By the 5th Century, BC, however, this practice had given rise to abuse by litigants who brought unjustified prosecutions. Such a litigant was called a “sycophant”.[1] The word retains this meaning in Modern Greek and in French, of an informer, but in modern English, the meaning of the word has shifted to mean an insincere flatterer.

  21. CSR says:

    The Fed is Jewish. These charts are Jewish since they represent a collective MASSIVE JEW SCAM. Perhaps this Jew-Sychophant “StormCloudsGathering” is a true believer in inter-generational Jew Scams (like the 1/2 Nigger Obama). He obviously knows nothing of importance about the current and on-going SCAMS:



    • HdP says:

      No you’re incorrect. This “brave” whistleblowing Jew is telling us “it’s the Jesuits” who control it on that fountain of truth – Russia Today.


      • walmartian says:

        LOL I love it when the clowns in the rainbow circus deflects the crimes of international jewry unto the vatican or christian splinter factions.

        However I believe the jesuits are indeed a disgusting jew worshipping cult. marxist subversion force. I mean just look at what the anti pope Francis has been up to since his election. He has been kissing major jew ass, covering up for the judaic abortion industry, and even going so far as to venerate homosexuals. This Tikkun Olam crap has gone too far.

    • Steven says:

      Yes the Fed has been run by Jews since the 1970, but prove that SCG loves jews.

  22. Samuel Rosenbalm says:

    Don’t worry, Andrew. He will get his soon enough. Glorious Fascism is on the rise, and he will meet his due end.

    God bless you for standing for righteousness.

  23. Just in case anybody wanders in here now that the comments have slowed down. TheGreatestStoryNeverTold.tv YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS. These aren’t a bunch of stories, these were real people, who lived and breathed and were invaded and murdered. WWII is the exact opposite of what jews say.

    The opposite meaning, they weren’t getting killed, they were responsible for the killing, the ones who fought on their side as well. For what? So that America would not be America anymore, Europe would not be Europe anymore, and…Whatever comes next. It was 9/11 multiplied by what? I can’t even figure it but it’s got to be huge.

    Who in here thinks STG guy, has ever looked into the HoloHoax? Anybody? He is one of these guys who believes, our history is all BS, EXCEPT FOR WHAT THEY SAY ABOUT WWII and THOSE JEWS…

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  25. Wotan says:

    October 20, 2013 at 6:03 am

    “Dummheit macht sicher” and it seems you are so sure about what you are
    saying about the Reichstagsfire! Let me therefore inform you: After the war
    interested parties went to Court in Jew Germany to try through three instances to have it put on
    court record that the National Socialist Government was responsible for that
    criminal act. They failed! In all three instances the courts, which had the watertight original trial files at their disposal, came to the conclusion that Lubbe was the main culprit. And that in Jew Germany where two and two is five nowadays! There is no question that this issue
    has been settled among serious minded historians like the lampshade and the soap issues, but it seems their are always enough
    losers, who continue to peddle this kind of garbage! If you were able to read contemporary German newspapers from the time when the Jew didn`t have the
    say in Germany it would dawn on you that such thing can only emanate from crank
    Jewish brains – and so I guess you would also believe that 9/11 was not directed by the Jews, but
    by 19 Arabs with carpet knives? 7 of those Arabs named and published by the American Jew authorities are still alive and well living in their mid-east countries
    with all 7 of them having had their passports stolen in the two years running up to
    9/11. Who might have stolen those passports? Must have been the Nazis!

  26. vitaly says:

    I find myself in agreement with each and every one of your points. I look forward to someday together liberating our peoples from the yoke of Modernism.

  27. John Friend says:

    I messaged this guy on YouTube asking him to debate Andre on my radio program, and this was the message he replied with.

    “To:John Friend

    When I’m throwing out the trash I don’t debate with the cockroaches in the bag.”

    Anyone surprised?

    • Falla says:

      How can he call another person a cockroach? That’s just horrible.
      I mean, where is the respect? Even when you don’t agree with people, you treat them with respect. I seriously can’t understand this mentality.

      I bet he’s a good person. That’s why it’s so sad to see him use that word.
      The most important in our lives should be to come together. If we don’t, it will only lead to unnecessary conflict. That’s why it’s so important to respect each other and all opinions.

    • Chris says:

      Sounds just like the Jew who won’t debate the holohoax because it will “legitimise the deniers”.

    • Osiris says:

      That IS a horrible and cowardly response from “Storm Clouds Rising,” and I withdraw my earlier, as yet unposted comment here, in which I went easy on that turd. Please don’t post my earlier comment. I tried to see the potential good in “Storm Clouds Rising,” and wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt of just being Zio-brainwashed and clueless, but it’s clear from his comment that he’s a dedicated anti-White racist and Jew tool. In that video I included earlier of him, he mentions that he was Christian and that his mother is Christian, but doesn’t say anything about his father. I’m guessing that his father is probably Jewish, which would explain his typically Jewish speed-talking verbal facility. Now that I think about it, he also looks rather Jewish, so he’s probably a part-Jew like Alex Jones, who has a Jewish father. What “Storm Clouds Rising” really needs is to be severely beaten up by a pack of blacks – maybe that will knock some sense into him.

  28. Steven Rowlandson says:

    The guy that did the youtube video represents a world view that I dispise to the marrow of my bones. He is the type who is not only anti white and anti straight ,he is the sort that would promote, practice and protect evil and evil doers in the name of political correctness. He and his ilk have got to go!

    • Steven says:

      Yes because you are not a racist, are not a hypocrite and are not using Ad Hominem attacks to prove a non-existing point.
      Not only has he not said anything bout being against whites, nor has he advocated white racism, or said anything against people being straight, he has not shown “Political correctness” at all.

  29. Dave in ozz says:

    Read this over on the British Resistance site , it is really exploding by the day , a couple of years back we thought the exposure of 9/11 and the holohoax would wake people up but it is now going way past that with the realization of who was responsible for the 2 European civil wars of the last century [ well one really , just had a bit of an intermission ] wiping out millions of fine white Christian Aryans , knowing the truth really is quite sickening and realizing that certain groups of people get of on it , and the money made by the usury banking system so heavily invested in it all , Britain paid off its WW11 debt in 2006 … keep at folks were making waves for them

  30. Krsnik says:

    A funny post I found on the holohoax that makes the whole orthodox story sound even more ridiculous:



    “So here we have,

    in the middle of World War II,
    the Jewish community,
    with the Gestapo,
    for the sale of their synagogue,
    which happens to be down the road from Hitler’s HQ”

  31. Calibrate says:

    Hi Andrew,

    So, clearly Jones is a fraud (probably an intelligence agent), and the StormCloudsGathering creator is at the very best misled and incapable of grasping the issues at hand. Clearly there is massive Jewish control of and influence over Western societies, to an extent far beyond what is publicly acceptable to admit. Clearly the racial traits and identity of Europeans are a suppressed topic of discussion, and this serves the interests of cohesive and racially aware minorities. Western politicians are terrified of getting on the wrong side of Jewish lobbies and finance, and complete records of our and their online activities are dumped directly to Mossad.

    That much is a matter of intelligence and honesty. You grasp it or you are dishonest or you are not acting intelligently.

    But I think that you go too far in lumping in anybody who is concerned with other players than Jewish interests with the truther crowd. The fact is that financial parasitism, the use in war and propogandisation of the public for elite interests, and much that is central to the picture now has been going on for long before Jews formed a significant part of the Western population. This is also a matter of historical fact, and the historical fact doesn’t to me seem to support the thesis that things would be ok without these particular parasites. It suggests that a large faction of the European peoples share a long-standing affinity with them which was always vulnerable to the present kind of exploitation, and which, though less extreme, was socially very powerful long before Jewish immigration.

    It’s hard to understate the importance of the Templars had to European society. They set up its financial infrastructure, collaborated with some of the first European Jews, and became essentially a very powerful international state without borders in Europe. They as a matter of historical fact had a secret society infrastructure complete with initiations, hermetic cabbalism, and oaths of secrecy-or-death. Upon their disbandment by the Church and the French monarchy, many of them clearly fled to Switzerland and Scotland, from which, over the centuries, they regrouped and continued their activities. The highest degrees of Freemasonry (which started out in Scotland and England) today are– as a matter of fact– called ‘Templar’ degrees, the emblem of the city of London (financial capital of the world) is– as a matter of fact– Templar imagery. As a matter of fact, the movers and shakers of the past centuries have tended to be Masonic, including monarchs, corporate heads, and specific lodges which recruit from elite sectors like the military-industrial complex.

    Whilst extracted under torture and therefore probably exaggerated, the confessions of Templars before the disbandment to ‘Satanic’ Cabalistic practice were at least convincing in showing consistent Cabalistic and hermetic themes, which continue through the writings and rituals of Masonry. Albert Pike talked about ‘Lucifer’ being the true God of Masonry. I’m not scared of that. It’s kind of whatever. But lots of people powerful in Masonry are also those powerful in traditional religious institutions which were used to so effectively control the populous– including the British Monarchy, whose head is the head of the Anglican Church. If you do a search for the old Templar colors and symbols, you will be able to find many prominent members of British (white) aristocracy and society wearing them in ceremonial situations. And if you go to the major Masonic lodges in London (real buildings, not theories) there are plates (real plates, made from stone) proclaiming the membership of this or that prince or duke as a ‘Grand Master’ in the lodge. The lodge is teaching cabalism, the lodge is swimming in inner hermetic symbolism meant for a seeing, knowing elite. The lodge is for a type of insider who has been with us for a long time, at the top of political structures, profiting where others lose out, making war, and opening the gates to all of the influences you see around us today.

    There is no need to postulate some spooky illuminati conspiracy, or to chase shadows. Masonry and Templarism right there, in the history, all around us. Our infrastructure, since the start of what Spengler would have called the process of Western civilisation (around the year 1100) has been subject to very dominant elements which do all the things you say Jews do. Secret Societies, which hold and teach doctrines entirely opposed to those presented to the masses, are a part of European civilisation and the white psyche and have been for almost a millennium, at least. There was always the finance, always the internationalism, always the parasitism, always the secret doctrine for the aristocratic elect, always the same affinities.

    Which is more powerful? I don’t know. The Templar doctrines seem to have come form their time in the Middle East, with their center at Temple Mount. Masonry uses Judaic/Cabalistic doctrine. As does all of the elite and wannabe hermeticism/occultism of the West. None of what I’ve said changes that Jewish interests function as they do in our society, or that they are a huge force. It doesn’t make them ‘tools of the illuminati’. It just suggests a more complex picture than you’ve been presenting, and one in which it was white Europeans who opened the gate. Just as they continue to do now. The same white Europeans who were in power hundreds of years ago, attending the same lodges, with the same affinities. The only people who lose out have been– the people. And both kinds of parasites have a lot to connect on in their mutual use of them.

    But I don’t think the people, the victims, are that strong or different. Or that opposed to all of this. There’s a lot of support for all of these doctrines and changes. White peoples have always been weak, manipulable, very vulnerable to this kind of thing. We have a lot of beauty and creativity in us, but will it really all be ok once one parasite or another is kicked out? I’m not so sure. I think it will always be very unstable, very vulnerable, and that most of us are and will be natural hosts ripe for the picking by natural parasites and aristocrats. I don’t think it’s ‘The Jews’ that are the problem. I think it’s us, and it always was. We were always slaves and victims at the same time as being creators. I don’t think there are enough of us like you for what you want to happen to win. And I’m not sure you’re addressing the root of the problem yourself, so even if what you want happens, the vulnerability will still be present.

    Also, on the homosexuality statistics you use, what’s your stance on poetry? Have you looked at the co-incidence of poetic talent and mental illness/suicide? Is poetry to be outlawed in your new society, and deemed harmful to the youth? If not, isn’t that a bit hypocritical? And didn’t the foundation of much of our intellectual tradition come from societies– Greece, Rome– which openly accepted homosexuality? How do you parse that? Also, if Socrates was gay, would you have made him drink hemlock?

    • Falla says:

      Interesting post Calibrate. It’s obvious you come from the heart in your comment. Your answer paints a picture from a historical context literally from a thousand year back and to the now. “The fact is that financial parasitism, the use in war and propogandisation of the public for elite interests, and much that is central to the picture now has been going on for long before Jews formed a significant part of the Western population.”

      Let’s drop the academic pedantry, and tackle the issues at hand! Please, for the love of God! Because I can’t take watching intellectual and gifted men of finer feelings to be so gifted in vision and yet to stunningly blind! We all know throughout the ages, countless Europeans have been bad not only to others, but also to ourselves. But why is this so surprising to you? We’re all humans and we all make mistakes! You can’t, and I really mean this, be so very defeated in attitude. Because only a good person would look so deeply in himself and others like him, and feel he needs to be punished for atrocities so long ago! We just can’t blame ourselves and accept the faith at hand: Extinction.
      Please forgive Mr. Andrew his bluntness in words. I can assure you, they come from a place of passion and love.

      Essentially: We need a clear picture of what’s good and we need a clear picture of what’s bad. Everything else, like your comment, serves only those who wish to eradicate the white race.

      And the reason is simple: Unity. Yes, ther are incredibly many Europeans who aren’t any better than Jews. And many who are far worse. But they are small percentages in the context of the people. Therefore it’s extremely important that we must focuse on the good and come together as a people! This is the passion of Mr. Andrew. To unite ourselves, we can’t dwell on the bad. We must understand we have a fantastic people that we need to save. “We can’t say oh there’s Templar logos in the British parliament. We all deserve to die”.

      You feel in your heart the urge to save the people. Why? Because it’s our people. No matter what, we must feel in our hearts that we are family, love each other and forgive our mistakes! Can’t you look in the palm of your hand and see the faces of your ancestors? Doesn’t it make you proud and doesn’t it inspire a sense of urgency to save the next generations? I beg you, we need to come together for better and worse! We can’t feel defeated because some of us are bad. NO! We must come together and help each other again and again! We must realize the incredible and eternal beauty within ourselves and everyone around us, never judge anyone and realize we’re entwined in faith! We’re bound to one another as brothers and therefore deny ourselves the pessimistic and eye the optimistic ! You described yourself, the endless beauty of the general population. Why is it that you so insistently want to focus on the bad parts of history and those few bad? When you so clearly understand not also the good history, but the pulsating beauty and creativity that stands at stake to be forever lost??

      Please, for the love of God, the Western European countries are being overrun. The time is now to be united in the good and not separated in the bad! I really, really would take incredible joy to see you united in the struggle to save our people. Because if you do that, then the whole Western world will have a greater chance to survive the crisis at hand. It’s literally a responsibility that you must bear on your shoulders. For you are one of those special ones, one of the good, who have a profound potential do something of value. It’s obvious when I see your writing, intellect, your altruistic feelings.

      I would really be extremely grateful if you understood the most important thing in our lives. And that, my friend, is to come together as brothers and fight to the bitter end against the murder of my country and yours.

      • Kevin Sommers says:

        It is true though that our own weakness is the root of the problem. I don’t know about the Templars and all that, but I would suspect that the Jewish influence went back much further than that. Even Babylon supposedly fell due to multiculturalism. In fact from what I’ve heard Babylon was very much like modern day America, obsessed with ‘liberty’ and ‘freedom for all’, I can’t help but conclude that there was a Semitic influence at work.

        Still, we need to move one step at a time. We need to eradicate the infection, isolate the wound from the outside world, and begin the process of healing. In other words, kick the jew out and begin programs designed at addressing our weakness.

        It’s either that, or separating ourselves from the other races permanently. Perhaps it’s time for Washington and his isolationism to make a return. Funny, just looking up the term isolationist on wikipedia there is a section on how the ‘apathetic Americans let Al Queda into Afganistan after the Soviet troops left.’ When they’re pushing white guilt on a topic that generally means it’s worth looking into.

        • Falla says:

          “It is true though that our own weakness is the root of the problem.”

          But why do you call it weakness? Why does this sentence make my blood boil?

          Weakness. I find the word wrong to use in this context! Why? Because it’s not a weakness for anyone to be kind!

          Actually it is the greatest strength in the world to care deeply about others! It’s a primary example of the man who can’t say no. Even if he’s tired and exhausted he will answer yes when you ask him. Imagine if all the world’s men were like this. We would never again face adversity! This man is strong. He is not weak.

          The man who is weak is he who abuse a kind heart. For he will not only destroy the kind man’s heart, but he will also awaken anger. The man who is weak will let down the whole world. For he fails to see this world needs kindness, righteousness and love.

          It’s frustrating for me to read this sentence. Because it fails to see the monumental truth that we all need to understand! We’re all connected to each other and we’re all facing the threat of extinction. To me, this means we must never question ourselves. Be proud. Everyone who read this comment. Be extremely proud of who you are! For you represent the most beautiful person that has ever lived! I just care so extremely deeply about everyone and I can’t bear my people being extinct!!!!!! I swear to God, if you fail to see that you are perfect and that you are special, you fail everyone! It’s a crime against humanity and it’s a crime against your parents to question how fantastic YOU are. That’s why it’s so very misguided to talk about your weakness! When you’re lost in the desert you don’t focus on your weakness. When you’re sinking in the quagmire you don’t focus on your weakness. You whisper to the wind “I am strong” and let him set your sail.

          We are going to save our people!!:)

          And for anyone who reads this comment, who in the fashion of our time question my sincerity, and who is used to not being sincere about nothing. Maybe I should be ironic and sarcastic?

          I just feel bad for you… For you take part in this just as much as me! Yet you so miserably fail to understand the very fact that your people is becoming extinct. And yet you fail to understand how precious you are.
          If your answer to this is “it’s pathetic to identify oneself with your race!” Your preciousness need to be preserved forever. Not just the preciousness of the Africans. Not just the preciousness of the Asians. Please, I’m literally teary eyed writing this, your preciousness must also be respected and preserved!

          If you can’t be sincere about that. Then I guess we all just deserve to go extinct. I will just hold faith, hope and love in my heart. Just makes me sad to think. “This seems satirical. This is truly horrifying”. Why is it horrifying to care about your people going extinct forever? Sometimes I just get so hopeless. Because people are so incredibly judgmental and foul-mouthed! Think before you speak! And especially,feel before you think! For you’ve been programmed to think “no” when reading this blog.
          If you felt with your kind heart, you would feel an angel who tries to the best he can for you. I seriously get depressed thinking about there are people who can think badly of Mr. Andrew here. He may not be perfect. But he tries. For you!

          How can you not care about whites going extinct? What the hell is more important than to prevent this? Resist the indoctrination!! That’s why it’s scary to think about! This is the truth!

          Seriously!! Look at Sweden. 2000 immigrants every week. Almost 1 million immigrants already. 8 million Swedes. And the Swedes aren’t having children because they think like YOU! The immigrants are!

          Why is it so difficult to understand? Why are you not screaming in anger? Why do you not care? Are you really that insincere that you want this for the whole western civilization? Why can’t you understand how crucial it is that you must understand. Why? I seriously cannot take it anymore! What’s the matter?

          For the love of God, please, I beg you from my knees, please please please care about your race going extinct! We must save our people and everyone must help!

          I JUST WANT TO SCREAM AND LET IT OUT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…… phew. I am truly desperate. My whole country is being destroyed and therefore my whole life is being destroyed! My only hope is that you will listen and understand we must save our people!

    • Firebellinthenight says:

      Calibrate. Your post was utter nonsense. You have just said that “clearly Jones is a fraud”, but then you swallow his crap about Freemasons and the Knight’s Templar. These groups have been written about extensively, and as for the knight’s Templar engaged in so called ‘satanic rituals’ – read your history and you will find what nonsense that is considering their struggle against the King of France. You say, “There is no need to postulate some spooky illuminati conspiracy, or to chase shadows” – but you just have. Thank you for your insight into history!
      When you say “The fact is that financial parasitism, the use in war and propogandisation of the public for elite interests, and much that is central to the picture now has been going on for long before Jews..”, this certainly was not the case for our ancestors rich and poor alike who left homes and estates, and sold all they had to fight against the brown Muslim infidels who had been invited into Europe by the Jews, and many other wars also. Grow some balls and stop making excuses – wars became parasitic when the Jews came into our clean lands. We’ve been oppressed in our own lands by gentile elites since the so called Divine Right of Kings, but the early factory system should have finished this off, and it began to – instead the Jews stopped a real people movement dead in its tracts and planted the false ideology of liberalism to protect them and make things much worse.
      You say that “I don’t think it’s ‘The Jews’ that are the problem. I think it’s us, and it always was” – get your head straight. The sleaze-bag politicians who pay homage to the Jews would not stand a chance without the Jew media and Jew financial system. They would end up in jail if it was not for the protection of the Jews – just look at Clinton and all the dead bodies following him everywhere.
      You say “Also, on the homosexuality statistics you use, what’s your stance on poetry?” As if this matters. Why would we outlaw poetry because a few gays do write some good poems?
      You finish off: “Also, if Socrates was gay, would you have made him drink hemlock?” I don’t know any poems by Socrates – do you?
      Bottom line is that the place is stinking, and it is because of the Jews – like termites eating the roof of the house they are trying to bring down on us. Alex Jones is a fraud, and don’t buy any of his tripe about ‘ancient secret orders’. There has been much written on them – you just won’t find it on Jew controlled Amazon!

  32. XV says:

    The root of the problem is cultural and neo-liberal globalisation. And the only countries not totally controlled by New World Order are Putin’s Russia, Venezuela, Bolivia, Syria, Iran, North Korea, Cuba etc. That’s why there are plans by the zionists of NWO to attack Syria and Iran. That’s why they overthrew the socialist regimes of Ghadaffi in Libya and Sadam in Iraq….

    In order to save our heritage and way of life, we need to overthrow the current system and to disconnect from neo-liberal globalisation.

  33. jewsarEvil says:

    america is the new atlantis and it should be destroyed you can’t do anything about that because it’s gods plan to destroy this wicked nation

  34. James says:


  35. a person says:

    Wow. At first glance, this website seems satirical. It’s truly horrifying that this is sincere.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      Would you like to elaborate?

    • Falla says:

      I agree. This site is truly horrifying to you.
      Listen! There’s no denying that allot of white people have a reason to be worried about immigration.

      Yes, this site is extremist. But you have to understand if the immigration continues it will mean the extinction of the white race. I know this is weird/hard to hear. But please show some respect and don’t valse in here being arrogant!

      After all. We’re all God’s children and we all deserve
      the same grace :) I love you “a person”…. Please don’t judge these people, they would never do that to you.. Actually! We should never allow ourselves to judge anyone! We all need to respect each other as human beings and help each other!
      It’s so unfair to be so harsh in criticism when actually everyone here comes from a place of altruism in their hearts :) Peace and respect, a person!

    • Steven says:

      Seriously I thought it was a joke, then to see so many intelligent individuals who are closet racists foaming at the mouth it is truly horrifying.
      To see people who glorfiy hitler for his massacres and deny the holocaust it really is just pathetic.
      Hey I know there is a zionist problem that they control the media, banks and a good portion of the government and are involved in economic collapses and thievery, but to say let’s just blame all the jews for the actions of a few is ridiculous. Because there are also Christians who are involved with those jews are you going to round up all the christians as well?
      To go against the constitution, to take people’s rights away, to go against civil rights, to go against freedom and librty and promote racism and call people “anti-white” instead of racists is hypocritical.

  36. Chris White says:

    The idea that sponsoring churches and religious organisations with progressive policies by using state based financial incentives, constitutes a “Theocracy” is ridiculous, insane and laughable.

    • Steven Rowlandson says:

      The above picture clearly indicates how white people especially pro white people are expected to be. Bound and gagged unable to say or do anything.

  37. Joseph says:

    “As such, I will send users to camps, after they finish a medical treatment program, rather than to prison.”

    Are you planning on running for President?

  38. Chris White says:

    “And after forcing him to admit no such evidence exists, he would then state that it didn’t matter, because of eye-witness testimony. ”

    Don’t you mean: “And after forcing him to admit no such evidence exists, he would then state that it didn’t matter, because of Jewish eye-witness testimony and the confessions of SS guards extracted under torture and threats to family members?”

    FACT IS that VASTLY more Germans died at the hands of Jews in World War 2 than Jews at the hands of Germans. Just think about the 13.5 million ethnic Germans ethnically cleansed from lands which were historically German for more than 3,000 years in 1945 alone, one third of whom were murdered by the Red Army, never mind the hundreds-of-thousands of German women and children incinerated alive by Jewish financed Allied bombing runs on scores of major European cities.

    I don’t believe that drugs should be outlawed, in the sense that I believe that I have the right to medicate myself and to take my own risks in doing so. If others wish to abuse that right and die as a consequence why are we complaining? Most of these people are aware the consequences of taking drugs in the first place, so if they die then this means simply reducing the number of feebleminded people present in society.

    I as a free man should be able to walk into any pharmacy or shop I like and buy properly marked medical drugs for whatever lawful purpose I may have in mind.

    On the other hand, I think that during the initial phase of our Revolution and although we should be aiming for a society in which Libertarian principles are able to safely thrive, we should be attempting to remove the culture of drug abuse which as been both explicitly and implicitly pushed and fermented by the Jew-controlled media and the Jew-controlled education system for decades.

    I myself had to go through “personal & social education” classes involving so called “lessons” about “drug safety” and “sex education” when I was in high school, where I and my peers were unnecessarily shown how to abuse drugs, their different street names and prices etcetera, as well as different sex techniques and contraceptive devices. Thank God when I left high school at the end of the 90′s the leaving age was 16. Now it’s 18 and in some European countries like Italy for example it’s actually 20, thereby keeping the young adult population in a permanent state of infantilism.

    The only solution to the Drug Problem is a revolution which cleanses The Occident of this other cancerous time bomb bequeathed to us by 68′ers, by exterminating all drug abuse fuellers with proscriptive execution and removing all drug abusers from society, ideally by placing them in concentration camps for the purposes of rehabilitation.

    Once the culture of drug abuse has been vanquished and the revolutionary phase is over, we can go back to a system, where individuals are free to medicate themselves according to their own judgement, with those who fall into addiction being isolated from society through the civil law and having planned incentives to rehabilitate themselves.

  39. Christopher James says:

    Well done Andre! I would love to see this crypto jew crushed in an open debate! Though I’m sure he isn’t going to be up to it.

    • Jamie says:

      No way can he be right these or win any debate as their is massive Genocide taking place against Whites, and WN is about survival against an illegal GENOCIDE of the greatest people to ever live. The TRUTH is out their and we hear nothing worth knowing in Schools, Hollywood, or the schools or any of the Jewish controlled MSM. We have went from over 33% of the worlds population to 8% in 113 years witch is Genocide and illegal under international law. He could not debate without people learning the facts and pushing WN faster than it would otherwise. 20 years from now if things continue even at this pace well being blocked the majority of White people will be White Nationalist.

  40. Bob in DC says:

    Andre ~ This critter is a fear-monger, as the titles of his videos make clear: http://www.youtube.com/user/StormCloudsGathering/videos

    There is probably nothing new in any of them, and I can tell you, as an experienced chartist, that the “Collapse” will not soon occur if kikejews don’t want it to — unless we surprise everybody, including ourselves!

    RESIST !!!

    • Steven says:

      OH NO the whites are being killed, GENOCIDE, white people UNITE, oh freaking no the Jews are taking over! They are taking over and lying about the holocaust! Holy freaking crap!
      We need to UNITE Spam anti-white=anti-racism!
      Lmao that isn’t fear mongering I don’t know what is.

  41. John Smith says:

    Andre, well done my friend. I have been waiting for a response from you for awhile but I understand you are a busy man. These people do not understand that strong NATION STATES are built on BLOOD RELIGION AND CULTURE. If you have all three say 98-99% homogenity you will not collapse. Now if you have racial mixing and diversity as in Latin America you can still have a semi-stable society if your RELIGION AND CULTURE is Unified. For instance Colombia and Venezuela are racially mixed but Roman Catholicism dominates those nations to the tune of 80-90% and you must Speak Spanish to live there. Although these nations have problems as compared to the United States they are stable. These Alex Jones idiots think that a Nation can be founded upon Ideas but every nation who tried DIED. The Romans ie Italy tried to force Western Europe the Middle East and the coastal region of North Africa and Egypt to wear togas and speak Latin and that would make them a Roman. They went so far as to carve out niches for everyones religious faith. Rome began collapsing and then once it declared CHRISTIANITY the State Religion in 380 Rome lived until 1453 in Constantinople. Although it fell in the west, its Christo-Roman culture made Europe. Culture Matters, Ethnicity Matters, Religion matters. TRUTH

  42. Julian says:

    Congratulations, Andre.

  43. TheJamesrocket says:

    ‘A quick perusal of the other videos on this YouTube channel will show that this person is a libertarian conspiracy-mongering truther, in the vein of Alex Jones.’
    Comrade anglin, you do realise that you yourself qualify as a conspiracy theorist, given that you take issue with so many facets of public myth? The holocaust, 911, federal reserve, etc. Try to avoid shooting yourself in the foot next time.

    ‘This is merely convenient gibberish. The idea that people hate other people for no reason is idiotic and baseless, with no historical precedent to back it up.’
    You need to look up the definition of scapegoat. Evidence of the third partys guilt is secondary to how well they appeal to ones own prejudice. Be very careful when playing the race card: It stirs the utmost savagery in mens hearts.

    ‘In Germany before the rise of Hitler, for example, the Jews controlled the vast majority of the economy, nearly the entire media, the rampant prostitution and pornography, the theater and emerging film industry, and were in the process of turning Germany into a communist nation.’
    No one denys that hitler did alot of good during his first years: The problem is, he always went too far in his policys. Hitler and his regime perpetrated disgusting false flag attacks, replaced jewish censorship with nazi censorship, and gave zionist propaganda plenty of ammunition with his unnecessary pogroms. He provacateured so much hatred amongst the germans that it could not be contained inside their own borders, and this is one major reason why they failed on the world stage.

    ‘The immigrants and blacks in America also have their own racial interests, and these involve feeding off of what the Whites of this country have produced. This is not a theory, it is an objective, observable reality.’
    There are large subcultures that do just this, but again, you are tarring whole populations with this brush. Some of them are honest, hard working, average people who integrate well into western society. Launching some kind of mass exodus of non-whites is an inappropriate response.

    ‘He then notes that I have called for firearms to be removed from the black community. Do I need to explain why I have called for that? Is the amount of violence committed by blacks not public knowledge?’
    It doesn’t matter how much crime the black community may or may not be responsible for: Gun ownership is protected under the second ammendment, no matter what your heritage. You can’t touch the bill of rights, its tantamount to suicide.

    ‘Right now, we have a situation where “free press” means that individuals, corporations, political bodies and special interest groups can use scientific methods of marketing to psychologically manipulate people into buying what they want them to buy, thinking the way they want them to think, behaving how they want them to behave.’
    No one ever said the free market of ideas is fair. But the fact is, it is a constantly evolving organism which constantly spreads into new territory, expanding the wisdom of mankind. No one man has the ability to comprehend more than a tiny fraction of this realm, which makes value judgements on its content and direction impossible. The free press must not be subject to regulation from some jumped up little dictator.

    ‘The entertainment media is responsible for promoting violence, drug abuse and sexual degeneracy to the youth of this country for a profit. How can anyone imagine that this is something which should be allowed in any society?’
    If alternative media were alloted a budget equal to that of ABCNNBCBS (the alphabet soup news groups), the ideas which currently reign supreme today would crumble. You can take that too the bank. Though the truth is not invincible, it invariably holds an edge over the lie. Contrary to what you believe, it DOES NOT need the protection of some josef goebbels wannabe.

    ‘Individual behaviors can directly harm the larger whole of society, and homosexuality is one of these behaviors. It drives down the character of the nation, and its public display violates the innocence of children.’
    Agreed. Indiscrete sexual practises (including homosexuality) were one of the major reasons why the roman empire collapsed. Millions of people have now been afflicated with gender identity disorder through television, which has led to highly dysfunctional sex practises in the west. For all its other flaws, christianity at least had the foresight to provide some bulwark against homosexuality.

    ‘What the video is encouraging as a solution to rising “fascist and racist elements” is a sure path to failure, but failure is their only option, given that engaging the ideas I present is impossible for them, as they are purposefully hiding documented facts from their followers, leading them around in circles for monetary gain or political ends.’
    Explain that, please.

    • 1. Conspiracy mongering would best be explained as…’the super secret conspirators that nobody has ever seen’. The spooky sounding groups like Illuminati/Freemason/New World Order/Fascist German Death Cult as opposed to, Jews acting like Jews. Dishonest Fraudsters who use covert tactics against their enemies.
      2. Scapegoat…evidence of the third party’s guilt. Yup, there is evidence of the Jews guilt. Yup, lots of it.
      3. Hitler did false flags? Name them. Reichstag? Bullshit. Commies bomb things and commies assassinate people.
      4. Nazi censorship? I would equate their ‘censorship’ with how we make it a law everybody has to wear clothes out in public.
      5. ‘Some of them’ integrate well into western society. That ‘some’ shows you acknowledge the vast majority don’t. The one’s that do, integrate well into ‘Jewish led western society’ and not ‘western society’.
      6. ‘The free market free press’ must not be regulated by some dictator? Why not? If the people are fed up with Jewish ownership of all media, why can’t the people’s leader regulate their media to promote and advance healthier traditions and values? Especially if the people support the leader. Putin’s doing it in russia, seems to be working fine there.
      7. ‘Leading them around in circles’ ‘Explain that please’. Kind of like what you just wrote above. I am not the best writer after a night of drinking, but what you wrote up here is incoherent babble. Maybe I am wrong, but when I read Andrew’s articles and essays, they make perfect sense and are very easy to absorb. What you just wrote hurt my brain trying to make any sense of it. Maybe some one else can take a crack at it. You sound like a Libertarian rabble rouser to me.

      • TheJamesrocket says:

        1. Yes, the terms need to be defined better. Thats a critical element in philosophy. NWO is a blanket term which fingers all elements of the ruling class. The free masons, builderburgers, bohemians, and satanists are all seperate groups who play different roles in this scheme. Illumati, however, is a nonsense word used by children. That sect was stamped out hundreds of years ago.
        2. Sure there is. But the fact remains that they were aided and abetted by members of many other ethnic groups. Will you simply claim that they were brainwashed by the jews, or that they chose to participate on their own free will (thus weakening your belief that all the worlds problems stem from zionism)?
        3. You bet your ass they did. The recishstag fire and operation himmler, although not having a high body -as jewish false flags are prone to- were both planned and carried out on the orders of the OKW. That makes them criminals, even within the lawless fantasy worlds they themselves created. Use of a false flag attack shows a massive disrespect towards your own population base, thus nullifying the claims that hitler and his lot were uber patriots.
        4. I would be fine with some minimalist guidelines dictating civil conduct (I.E, no false advertising, no obscene content, etc), but what the nazis did was totally overboard. Just look at the news releases and films that circulated at that time period, they treated audiences like they were intellectually stunted children!
        5. You may have a point there. I simply meant that when these people are raised outside of the influence of gang-run neighborhoods, they turn out to be average and productive citizens.
        6. There is a massive body of research hinting that the healthiest state for a societys information culture is one which is essentially free and unregulated, capitalist in its essence. While we may worry about the influence of propaganda and disinformation, again, this system is self regulating, and is quite effective at purging these ills from its system.
        7. I am not a libertarian, nor an anarchist, though I sympathise with them on many grounds. All of these ideologys carry some fundamental flaw that will sentence them to mediocrity on the world stage. Humans are not intelligent enough to implement a system that allows all the worlds people to live in mutual harmony, thus, we are fated either to be surpassed by some higher form of life, or condemned to an eternal cycle of pointless violence and unrest. Andrew and other proponents of fascism provide a lowest common denominator that appeals to large numbers of confused people such as yourself. This will doom us to a repetition history.

        • whats up dude, is this you?
          is this your site? http://kesler12jamesrocket.blogspot.com/
          Well taking a look around your sites, its clear you are an Alex Jones(town) supporter. That’s okay, eventually you will have enough and leave the plantation. But right now it’s clear your still under his spell. If those are your sites.

          1. Lets define it then, INTERNATIONAL JEWRY.
          2. Brainwashed by Jews? Nope. PAID by Jews. And some, like FDR and others, were Jews.
          3. Four weeks after Hitler’s appointment as Chancellor, angry Reds set the Reichstag on fire. Local police catch a Dutch Communist named Marinus Van der Lubbe on the premises. He had just arrived in Germany a few weeks earlier. The fire was to have been the start of the Red-instigated civil war, aimed at toppling the crumbling Weimar state before Hitler and NSDAP can establish themselves.

          Hindenburg and Hitler act fast. Emergency decrees are issued and Communist leaders are rounded up. The Red Revolution backfires.

          Modern historians promote the theory that Hitler staged the fire himself and then blamed the Reds for it. There is no evidence at all to support this theory, a baseless claim that ignores both the violent history, as well as the standard destabilization tactics that the Communists are well known for. (from TomatoBubble.com)
          4. They went overboard? Ha, they turned the country around almost overnight historically speaking. An economic and cultural revival the world has never seen before or since.
          News releases for American audiences by the U.S. Gov’t would suggest the same type of talking down to children. More so in my opinion.
          6. Massive body of research? Capitalist…Self Regulating…blah blah blah. No. Wrong. We have to outlaw Jewish influence in virtually all fields of power and influence, to do that you have to have regulation by us, not them. It’s kind of like being the head of a household and not letting your kids watch horror movies and sexual filth.
          7. Appeal to the lowest common denominator? Really? I would say the truth, even if it is probably the most controversial in today’s world (Race, White Nationalism, National Socialism, Fascism), is far from throwing red meat to bloodthirsty dogs. I would say it’s a very hard sell, appealing to the highest form of self actualization and honor for your country and people.

          Yes. We do intend on repeating history. The history circa 1920 to 1939 in Germany. Andrew and others are trying to build a mass movement. Alex Jones has a clubhouse.

          • thejamesrocket…

            Just to be clear, If that is you in the video, you seem like a decent fellow with good intentions. I don’t want to come across as a jerk who wants to make you look bad.

            I can attest myself to writing regrettable comments. Often I have few beers and I do not espouse my points as well as I would had I not been throwing a few back. What I want to point out is that your points are absurd ad infinitum. Often going on and on with no real direction.

            What’s the problem? Who’s in power? How did this system get put in place? Why is it the way it is? When did these systems get taken over? Where do these Jews come from? who what when where why? how?

            Hitler said nobody should enter public political life until they reached 30 years old, i think he’s right. I am glad I didn’t post comments on websites until now, some may say I am racist, a nazi, whatever, I could care less, this is who I am, a white, seeker of truth, the truth how ever uncomfortable it may be. I can’t accept falsehood or Political Correctness. So my bed is made.

            You seem to be in the early stages of awakening. You may come back here ashamed of what you used to believe. Maybe not. But I am not misled. I weighed all the positions, NWO, White Supremacy, Zionist not Judaism, good jews bad jews, Libertarianism, Anarchism. It’s all BS. Jews are the problem. Jesus said so, Hitler said so, We say so. Join or get lost. We don’t want PC police or Truthers who won’t recognize the inordinate influence jews have on our society that they did not build.

            I hope one day you will see the light, but that takes time. Anyway, Alex Jones is a fucking idiot who makes a fool of himself on CNN, and the ‘message getting out’ is worthless when you act the fool and scream and shout like the fat idiot he is. I met him once, he’s a fat idiot who leads a bunch of dumb ‘club members’ nowhere. Escape from them dude. Peace.

          • TheJamesrocket says:

            Yes, that is me. I do happen to support alex jones. even though he gives israel a get-out-of-jail-free card (which is difficult to accept at times). Recently however, his radio show has dropped in quality, and I tend to favour rys2sense over infowars. Actually, I see this happening with many of the big alt-media websites, including drudge report. I think the founders are getting scared at the collapse that is about to come. Can you imagine what is going to be like when the federal government loses its funding, and all those intelligence agencys like the CIA, FBI, NSA finally die? It will be like the opening of pandoras box, and I’m certain that unflattering details about our movements figureheads will surface.

            1. I personally see the root of the problem lying in the predatory capitalist and socially darwinian ideologys that were peddled about by thomas malthus and francis galton. This callous school of thought was adopted not just by the international jewish bankers, but by the nazis themselves. That may be difficult for you to confront, but both movements are anti-human at their core.

            2. Maybe. But the fact that they can be coerced into such grotesque actions at all indicates that there is more to this global plague than a jewish ancestry, despite what comrade anglin believes. Maybe it has something to do with, I don’t know, their own personality? The factors influencing whether a person becomes a murderer or rapist are far more complex than just their genes!

            3. The reichstag fire apparently was being planned by herman goering and josef goebbels, and there is eyewitness testimony placing SA officials inside the building at the night of the fire. While the incident isn’t a confirmed false flag, operation himmler IS.

            4. This was due mainly to the implementation of gottfried feders ingenious (and debt-free!) monetary system, not economic stimulus from the nazis. Historical lightweights never catch onto that one: Hitler took all the glory for investing money into the military-industrial complex (which was merely a temporary bubble), and poor feder never got more than a footnote in most history texts.

            6. Even with a truly humanitarian leader in power who has the best of intentions for his people, the sheer volume of data in circulation is far too high for any one man to make impartial value judgements on. This is where all that stuff about ‘inarticulate knowledge’ comes into play. The information culture is a creation BY the people, FOR the people.

            7. Okay, listen. Even IF you guys are right on all your major points (and thats a big if), the policys recomended here are too hardcore to be tolerated by most people. Like it or not, these things are going to have to be watered to be palatable amongst the masses. Western societys have lost their stomach for massive internal upheaval, even if it does promise to solve many of their problems. They don’t want to rock the boat, and that is going to present major obstacles for any factions which come into power after the collapse of the US (and hopefully israel, which I despise).

        • Johnny Bravo says:

          1.) Why name all the arms of the octopus when Jew be thy name of the beast. Favoring the nebulous over the succinct is a squirt of octopus ink.

          2.) Ancillaries aiding and abetting imputes the Jewish Kingpin, thus many, if not most of the world’s problems do indeed extend from it, and are exasperated by it.

          3.) Facts not in evidence. Jews have a well-documented history of terrorism, false flags, and fabricating history.

          4.) They gave it to them strait, no chaser. They respected them as adults. The modi operandi was contemporary with the period. Today’s intellectually challenged accept pseudo-intellectual skullduggery to skirt its time tested essential truth.

          5.) The exception proves the rule. It is not just neighborhoods, it is entire countries.

          6.) There is massive body of empirical experience that proves otherwise. In the U.S., by practice Jews own over 95% the mainstream media, while in Israel; only Jews are permitted ownership by law. The ‘worry’ was understood to be quite real one hundred years ago. Self-regulation only theoretically works in homogenous societies.

          7.) The confusion is all yours. You are not intelligent enough to know harmony is derived from freedom-of-association, and that freedom-of-association is also the freedom not to associate. Patronizing people for banding together to make a better world for themselves demonstrates a deep insecurity concerning the vitality of the present system you defend with incessant transpositions.

      • Jamie says:

        I was thinking the same thing, We have a great example from 1933 witch can be used with a few moderations for are time. I agree with almost all of what Andrew says, and the other things I just probably need more knowledge. In the end he asked Andrew to explain how they, lead people around in circles 1 they charge interests and get rich 2, mixing little TRUTH with loads of lies. I’m sure Andrew can come up with loads of other exacples as if I had the time and thought I could also. Main 1 is saying illuminate, Nazis, Free Masons ect. I could easly win a debate against things this Goof is saying if I had the time to gather all the TRUTH to show almost everything we are brainwashed to belive is lies. TRUTH stands on it’s own and is what these Jews and Slaves Gentils are scared to death of because their house of cards would collapes fast. Just getting rid of the laws that make speech a crime would do large to help us.

      • Steven says:

        I wonder how you guys feel about Israel getting tens of billions every year and then paying students to counter your arguments online, on youtube ect?
        Or that Facebook Google ect is owned by jews and are censoring your comments, pushign them down so no one sees them.
        Or that NSA and other government run agencies know all about your tactics ect?
        They own the FED and they are keeping you enslaved to debt based currency?
        Or have American women prostitute themselves for the dollar, and american men die for the dollar so that the banksters can get rich?

        Because you do understand..that SCG is against these sorts of government behaviors.
        But rather than just blaming the jews, he is blaming the associations that the government uses, and the tools that they use.
        Rather than preaching hypocrisy and racism, and internment camps to funnel anger at the system, he preaches using to tools to wake people up and uniting together, blacks, whites, whatever against those who would oppress us whether they be black white christian, jews.

  44. endzog says:

    Jewish power through government and media control is the most imminent danger for the whole world as you see in this piece:

    Qaedola Virus Strikes: One Million Dead. World Government Summit. or, how we all got willingly microchipped:


    Photo: Jew Demonstrates For Mercy For Migrants:

  45. Kevin Sommers says:

    The points SCG brings up don’t hold any water at all, just a few really poor ones I noticed:

    “During periods of severe economic hardship, war, and social instability people have the tendency to look for someone to blame. ”
    Seems like a good argument for a single-party state. The people know who to blame for either their good fortune or bad. And more importantly, they know who to complain to. I thought having the voices of the people being heard was a cornerstone of democracy? People are really getting sick of the finger pointing between the two like-minded parties we have today, and when people point their fingers at those financing both parties can anyone really be surprised?

    And claiming that you want a Theocracy? That’s a bit hard to do when you haven’t advocated a singular state religion. Obviously he has just barely skimmed your website, or else he’d see your promoting of the positives in multiple white religions.

    And why are none of these libertarians for the ‘separation of media and state’? The media these days really is the religion of the masses. I’ve commented before how this whole idea of celebrities preys on an ancient part of our culture, rather than a pantheon of gods; now we have a pantheon of scum. Rather than a god of justice, a god of senseless violence(Quentin Tarantino), rather than a goddess of marriage and family, now you have a goddess of addiction and thievery(Lindsay Lohan).

    Libertarians care about having the freedom to do anything, ‘dog eat dog world’ and all that rubbish. Fascists care about being free FROM exploitation, free FROM degeneracy, freedom to live a quiet and happy life.

    You can easily turn them against themselves as well. Which ideology would bring back a slave trade for example? Hint, it’s not us. We believe in every peoples’ right to live in their ancestral lands free from the abuse of others. The left doesn’t even have a clear idea of what they want. But then again, they are driven by emotions. Stuck on a path to their death like a cow being zapped with a cattle prod anytime it even thinks of going anywhere but into the slaughterhouse. The farmers want the cow’s meat; the cow just wants an end to his pain(and in the case of anti-whites) their guilt.

    • Amalek says:

      It’s not that he barely skimmed the website. He is simply lying and using rhetorical techniques in an attempt to play the emotions of his viewers. He wants to paint a false picture of Andre’s political stances instead of addressing them head on, since he has no counter for them. It is exactly like the predatory marketing that Andre mentions in this article.

      • Johnny Bravo says:

        Andrew Anglin’s manifesto is condemned because he identifies the malefactors, and proposes a solution. His detractor is predominantly concerned with protecting the Jews from any potential retribution, should the population at large become cognizant of the Jewish agenda, as he fears it will. In addition, he venomously assaults reason with a chutzpa reversal of historical cause and effect.

        The hallmark of the psycho’s psych, is the ineffectual kosher opposition leader twirling a holy-hoax parade baton, while preaching bullying from the bully pulpit. The gist of the speed demon’s sermon is to accept psychological manipulation as an appropriate psychosomatic debilitation, else the harassing hounds of Jewish hegemony hell be a plague upon thee.

        This frenzied voice of perturbed Ritalin cadences deference to establishment mantras doubles down with dumbed down emoting buzzwords, to whip up a beehive of stupid, as a barb for the despotic sting of the hive mind. The hypocritical synthetic larynx hurls exhausted words of intimidation, in a blunderbuss of boisterous critical theory bluster. He only looms large as a dark shadow to the light, and as gasbag of gaslighting upon the zeitgeist. Quelling the light, and cultivating fear from his fears, he is an unrepentant heterosexualphobe, homogeneousphobe, and a hyphenated-privilegephile.

        Xenophobic, homophobic, anti-Semitic, racist, and fascist, all sound as if they are dreadful maladies only cured by shock therapy, and a potent cocktail of SSRIs and fluoride. Phobic means fear. No one is xenophobic, unless stranded in an enriched no-go zone, and no one is homophobic, unless confined as prisoner. The Hate Tribe that concocted a nonsensical word to bully naive people into being pro-Jewish is anti-Human. Duplicitous, selective application of ‘racism theory’ is racism incarnate. When Jews first deployed this verbal weapon of mass destruction, over twenty million Russian Christians perished, and this is but one of the numerous genocides Jews conducted in the twentieth century. Mussolini’s fascism was one of the responses to these atrocities. It was a threadbare calumnious word of thought suppression back in Eric Blair’s day. Were it on a map, it would be delineated as; there be Dragons. As long as those dimes with the fasces on the back of them keep flowing his way, he will be perfectly content to be a reed bound to the Jew’s axe. Shills always have an axe to grind.

        Repressive pillory words are illiberally bandied about to thwart a personal preference, all people, everywhere, naturally have for their respective associations of choice. The loxistic bifurcated tongue is struggling to bamboozle, and bully people from his fictitious position of moral supremacy. Freedom-of-association allows for divergence. Aside from the crisscross double-cross of the double-standard standard, he allows for none. His totalitarian manifesto necessitates that everyone be forced by hook or by crook to share his self-serving egalitarian delivery system of government-mandated inequality.

        Self-determination allows people to govern themselves as they see fit, free from the Jewish collective’s interference. His solution for a common problem all races and nations face the world over, is perpetual subservience to the Jewish establishment’s status quo. An erroneous prestissimo orated production is just a way of pulling a fast one.

        • Krsnik says:

          (Amalek here, just changing my name)

          I agree. This guy seems to think that if we point to the real culprit and the populace becomes Jew aware that they will immediately start “firing up the ovens.” He does not give people enough credit.

      • Steven says:

        LOL anyone who were to come across this website would be like “Hitler wanna be”.
        then read the comments on Holocaust deniers ect. and think Anti-Semetic.
        It doesn’t take a genius to point out the insanity on this site.
        Johnny Bravo has way too much time on his hands pushing poetic commentating to the limits.

        There is no false picture everything that SCG has pointed out is PLAIN here on the website, and Andre himself is trying to defend it. I’ve sent an email to Andre who has never gotten back to me. Of course he claims that he will be willing to debate anything avoids my email.

        His “troll accounts” as the top comments, to his “bogus censorship” claim are just two of the ways he tries to spin it.
        Let alone the hitler esque camps, and fascist ideology.

    • Good comment Kevin. Very well said.

    • Chris says:

      Here’s a perfect example of what your saying presented by David Irving

      David Irving – Smear Campaigns to Stifle Truth in History

    • Steven says:

      1. We live in a Republic, and fascism that you nut jobs are promoting is not even close to a democracy. Hitler’s government nazi germany = democracy? LOL

      2. “People are really getting sick of the finger pointing between the two like-minded parties we have today, and when people point their fingers at those financing both parties can anyone really be surprised?” Agreed. but so many people deny it, and fear Anarchy.

      3. Facism: Hostile to liberal democracy, socialism, and communism, fascist movements shared certain common features, including the veneration of the state, a devotion to a strong leader, and an emphasis on ultranationalism and militarism. Fascism views political violence, war, and imperialism as a means to achieve national rejuvenation[5][8][9][10] and asserts that stronger nations have the right to expand their territory by displacing weaker nations. Wiki

      4. “my desire to use the state to empower religion, to the end of reestablishing traditional religious values.”
      Theocracy : my desire to use the state to empower religion, to the end of reestablishing traditional religious values.
      Israel has something like a theocracy. Becareful you might turn into a jewish state.

      5. Not a dog eat dog world of capitalism, there is no dog, and they don’t eat other dogs, this doesn’t happen in nature it doesn’t happen in capitalism.
      Now I don’t completely agree with Free market capitalism I’m not going to digress, but in a free market win-win situation the companies compete to please the customer, there is not eating of one another.
      The only eating would be say…if a company made bad choices, hit a couple roadblocks ie Chrysller and went bankrupt, are you going to blame your competition for your companies failure?

      Fascist want what we have right now, which is corporatism. We are currently in a fascist government corporation relationship, how do you like that QE corporate welfare to the banks and all the bailouts and legislation to favor corporations?

      The rest of your post is a load of bull, with the thrown in anti-white nonsense, guilt, and slavery.

  46. Remi says:

    Over the last few weeks I watched several videos of StormCloudsGathering on the financial and economic situation worldwide which seemed to be interesting. But when I came across this one I was so disgusted that I stopped watching it after a few minutes.

    The man is a fraud.

    Keep up the excellent work, Mr. Anglin!

    • Steven says:

      Because you are a fraud, and believe in hypocrisy and racism.
      Rather than provide evidence that illustrates how he is a fraud, you attack his character.
      This site is extremist racist propaganda that is akin to Hitler, promotes the removal of liberty, goes against our constitution, and will divide the people, and keep the jews and their fellow elites in power.

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