Memorial Held for Fallen Soldiers of the Golden Dawn

Rest in peace, brothers.  Europa shall not forget you.

Rest in peace, brothers. Europa shall not forget you.

Thousands of Greeks attended a memorial on Saturday, paying homage to George Fountouli and Manos Kapeloni, the two heroic men shot at point-blank range in a terrorist attack on the Golden Dawn.

The ceremony was held at the offices where the two young men were murdered. Lawmakers and party supporters, as well as Greeks who identified not as supporters, but simply outraged citizens, held candles and laid flowers for the fallen.

An Orthodox priest gave spiritual guidance and joined the mourners in the singing of the national anthem.

The Golden Dawn’s official website reports that the Greek police, serving the criminal Jewish-run government, refused to allow the media in to record the sight of true Greeks peacefully honoring these fallen heroes.

The blood of martyrs has been spilled on the streets of Athens and the city holds its breath, as whispers of war grow ever louder.

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49 Responses to Memorial Held for Fallen Soldiers of the Golden Dawn

  1. Reconquista aut Requiem says:

    May they Rest in Peace!
    Am Ende steht der Sieg!!!

  2. XV says:

    Golden Dawn is the first party with 26% according to a poll by published the most reliable polls before the previous elections.

  3. XV says:

    There are some reports that Alexander Dugin is in contact with Golden Dawn’s imprisoned leader Nikos Michaloliakos.
    Golden Dawn’s policy is for Greece to form a military and strategic alliance with Russia.

  4. Julian says:

    Just a random thought: According to liberals, Unions make the sun shine and if it weren’t for Unions everyone would have died in a meat packing factory by now. One has to ask, if the corporation was so evil and the union so good, why doesn’t the Union just make and sell the products dirt cheap while also paying all their employees millions of dollars? Because that would be impossible and Unions are just parasites.

    Another random thought, my Hitlertruth blog got shutdown, but

  5. Cjmarxhatred says:

    By the way, has anyone seen Mark Glenn’s latest hit piece? This will make you laugh! He says how the Jews are NOW cosying up with the Muslims(Like they had not done that in the beginning Mark!) saying how he warned this would happen years ago (Pointing the fingers at members of the “White Nationalist” community) like it is their fault (No mention of the countless numbers of Muslim gang rapes or sex enslavement of White women/girls though!)

    To say the least, is Glenn that f**king stupid, or does he just think we whites are?

    Let me put it simple for you Mark if it is the former!

  6. Cjmarxhatred says:

    Hail these Two young martyrs George & Manos R.I.P , they will be avenged. Hail Golden Dawn!

  7. Galloglach says:

    I can’t find the post where you posted one picture of your bruised face . Who attacked you? thieves? or antifas?

  8. spaniard says:

    Hey did the d s get hacked again? Mine only shows the main banner but nothing else. I just wanted to mention we found out the new university of Wyoming president, Bob Sternberg, is also Jewish. I can’t believe this its almost like a game or something.

  9. Ülfhednar says:

    Achtung Andrew ! I think perhaps Daily Stormer has been hacked again ?

  10. Condolences to the family and friends of the fallen. I pray an event like this will only strengthen the numbers for Golden Dawn. I pray their death will not be in vain.

  11. John Smith @ says:

    This is sad. Two poor men killed all because they want a Greece for Greek People. What is the racial/ethnic cultural mixing agenda really about? Very simple it is about creating a society where there are no loyalties to any culture or tradition there are merely human beings on a piece of ground. These people are easily controlled in the view of the Jew World Order, because without family, culture and tradition, they have no Nationalism and without Nationalism no independence. That was the REAL REASON GERMANY WAS ATTACKED, they dared to view the world through a GERMAN CENTRIC LENS. Blacks, Mulattoes, and other mixed peoples are viewed by the Jews as Cattle they can control and kill at will because all they care about is sex drugs and stupidity. THAT IS WHAT THE JEW THINKS OF THEM.

    The only BLACK MAN who ever truly told Blacks what the JEW thinks of them was Elijah Muhammad, even Farrakhan has softened his views because of media pressure.

    In the end the goal of the JEWISH WORLD ORDER is massive human extinction, their Georgia Guidestones proves this. A planet inhabited solely by Jews.

    • Jane Doe says:

      What do you mean “their” Georgia Guidestones. I didn’t know anyone
      even knew who placed the stones in Georgia. So it really was some jew.
      Any info would be appreciated.

  12. Anonymous says:

    Say what you say about Europe, but America doesn’t deserve white nationalist revival. Concidering what they have done to the Europe and World in general. Rednecks supported FDR and Kike Eisenhower and american bankers set bosheviks to power and white farmer boys fought against Imperial Germany in ww1. Let them eat their own soup.

    I hope infitrators take down all american so called white nationalist groups, sooner then better. Nobody wan’ts their retarded jew levi jeans & hamburger culture back again dominating the world.

  13. Joseph Heinrich Von Stumpenhausen says:

    Zeig Heil comrades!

  14. DC says:

    This might not sit well with hard-core white nationalists, but “The Saker” has posted about some pretty interesting developments going on in France right now, a quasi movement involving both the local French people and immigrants that is unsettling the Jewish elite.

    It might not be ideal, but if it works I’m all for it. Hopefully the race problem will sort itself out once the Jewish elite have been removed from power.

    Is a new revolution quietly brewing in France?

    • Dave M says:

      I like Alain Soral but here I think he is wrong headed. If the immigrants keep coming in, white identity can only suffer. There can be no real alliance of whites + the Muslim immigrants united against the Jew. The only proper stance for us is to resist the invasion at all levels.

  15. endzog says:


    • Jamie says:

      They looked very professional to me, it almost looked like the movies. This was almost 100% a mossad hit, because it was not an angry immigrant they would have been much more sloppy. They better pray this don’t wake everyone up to the criminal control of Greece by Jews. If I was to die I would want to die protcting my people “White people” from the genocide that has been going on for well over 100 years. Both WW’s helped this genocide we Are countrys fought on the wrong side of both wars expecially WW2. I don’t blame them but the people today have information easly available and are criminals for fighting these illegal wars for Israel.

    • Polynikes says:

      The cctv footage shows two amatuers. They may be paid (soon to be dead patsies) but they were not professional in the strict sense. No pro announces their approach, has the getaway driver follow on foot (only to run one city block back to the abandoned vehicle), shoots one handed (while walking), and gets that close to more than one target.

      Just my opinion.

      • endzog says:

        Wrong. A pro does exactly what he thinks will work in a given situation taking into consideration what archair commentators like you don’t see on the ground. It was a 100% successful hit.

      • Radolf says:

        I agree with Polynikes. Don’t know if they will be killed though.
        The shooter movements looked nervous, like a first-timer.

  16. ewkeane says:

    This isnt the first hardline reform movement that has been suppressed, it calls to mind another nationalist movement.
    Watch the ranks of the Golden Dawn swell, and in time, the degenerate rats scamper out of Greek lands.
    Hail the fallen comrades!

  17. John Smith says:

    I want my friends here to understand something. The whole system the ZOG the control matrix if you will runs on ELECTRICITY. Imagine what would happen if an EMP hit tomorrow. Immediately most of the criminal records and those type of things would be wiped clean, police departments and those type of things would not have orders to enforce laws, governments would cease to function it would be pandemonium. Right now in Europe, I think the Muslims and all of them could be beaten back in one foul swoop but what would have to happen first is for the whole system to literally go offline. No government to give orders, no judges to try you, no cops to arrest you. THINK ABOUT IT. What would happen if Greece was hit with an EMP tomorrow? I think Golden Dawn could win. Nobody could arrest anyone.

  18. Brandon Edward says:

    Condolences to the family of the fallen, the comrades of the fallen in Golden Dawn, and all true Greek patriots and honest, truthful and worthy citizens of Greece. This is also a loss for nationalist parties all over the world of every race and nationality as it shows that the Jewish influence and control runs deep all over the world. Any country that wishes to free itself from the Zionist stranglehold could be next to lose their most honest and hard working respectable men to such disgusting senseless violence. These paid hit men on behalf of Jewish interests will be protected at all levels by the corrupt anti Greek police and government. Justice must be served by those that truly represent the country and Greeks, as well as nationalist parties everywhere. I hope that justice is swift and final.

    This blood will not be the last of Golden Dawns spilled. The corrupt alien powers will not let GD rest until either side is defeated totally. These men did not fall in vain. Their names will be inscribed on a great monument to those fallen during the struggle, of whom there are certainly more to come unfortunately due to the nature of the blood thirsty alien enemy, and will be remembered for generations once the Golden Dawn take control for the Greek people and return true Greeks to power and the Greek people are truly served and represented by their comrades and kin.

    Hail the Golden Dawn and may your party and beliefs be the way and light of Europe!

    • Jamie says:

      Exactly like Brandon said “this will not be the last of Golden Dawns blood spilled” also ” These paid hitmen on behalf of Jewish interest will be protectyed at all levels bt the corrupt anti- Greek police and government”. As for justice what should be done and what will are 2 different things as GD has to watch their step or be made to look like criminals by the Jewish run media. Justice would be great in the form of the huge majority of Greeks becoming people that support the Golden Dawn and never vote for any other party. I can see the Jews next steps, setting up another party that will promise things that they have 0 intenstion of ever doing, sounds like B Obama and him making America the transparent government to date LOL. He has done more hiding and lieing than even Bush, most people would have thought that impossible.

  19. Matt says:

    Rest in peace heroes of Golden Dawn. Your deaths were not in vain but the most honorable death a man can meet–dying to defend his country and people. You will never be forgotten, I carry the memory of your sacrifice in my heart and only wish I too have what it takes to give what you’ve given.

    Death is necessary for growth and he who gives it most willingly for his people is the most honorable of them.

    Rest in peace comrades and brothers.

    Sieg Heil!

  20. Wittmann says:

    Watch out, the “lisboa treaty” of the EUSSR ZOG regime re-introduced the death penalty within all EU member states! The ZOG media didn’t mention this at any point in time of course!

    Wouldn’t surprise me if EUROGENDFOR or some similiar globalist rogue force would be deployed to Greece quite soon! This is WAR people! It’s the awakened gentiles versus the zionists longing for world dominance!

  21. Johnny Bravo says:

    George Fountouli and Manos Kapeloni died on their feet, standing up for their people’s well-being and their country’s integrity. These noble sons of Greece are a credit to their respective families, and their country. In the face of an internationally entrenched criminal pact, that seemingly has all the corners covered, George Fountouli and Manos Kapeloni stood their ground. In stark comparison, those on bended knee kowtowed, genuflected, wiggled, squirmed, and slithered on rapacious belly in Jewish appeasement. The illegitimate Jewish junta’s message is clear; whoever cannot be character assassinated is assassinated, or locked away in the keep. May the mettle exemplified by George Fountouli, and Manos Kapeloni inspire the best of man to overcome the worst. Condolences from the U.S.

  22. Steven Rowlandson says:

    Shutting down the Golden Dawn really would be a serious error for the government and its jewish masters. Martyrdom plus persecution will cause the Golden Dawn to gain converts more than would have occurred if they were simply treated a regular political party. Every patriotic greek will see that if Golden Dawn can be persecuted , executed and jailed then so can the average greek. At that point the obvious solution is regime change.

  23. Krsnik says:

    Rest in peace, defenders of Europe.

  24. Maria says:

    May they rest in peace, condolences from Portugal.

  25. SophiaH says:

    May the Heroes of Golden Dawn rest in peace
    May all Greeks awake to the Nationalist ideal

  26. Stoneycool says:

    They will no doubt be expecting retaliation from Golden Dawn, this is what they want them to do, and then shut it down for good. I hope cool heads prevail.

  27. Chris White says:

    Nigger-loving Anarchist spewing filth and spreading an ideology of national suicide gets shanked when he attacks some Nationalists in a brawl his gang starts:



    Compare this reaction with the official reaction to the cold blooded murder of these two Greek patriots for no other reason than that they were attempting to rescue the Greek Nation from a genocide at the hands of a Zionist occupied Jewish government…

    The Zionist occupied Greek government itself is responsible for this killing by deliberately and unlawfully depriving Golden Dawn of its constitutional rights, yet there are no riots or threats of violence from Golden Dawn or its membership and yet the political persecution and full scale demonization of decent Greek Nationalists continues, while the Western Jewish controlled media simply sits back and refuses to merit this incident with the same level of condemnation they merited the defensive killing of the foul, violent Anarchist rapper, ‘Killa P’…

    When Margret Thatcher’s son Mark Thatcher attempted to instigate a military coup by hiring and equipping mercenaries to topple the government of Equatorial Guinea, did the Conservative Party of Great Britain have all ITS leadership rounded up in NKVD-style dawn raids by masked, plain clothed secret police wearing terrorist balaclavas?

    Was the Conservative Party branded a “criminal organization” just because one of its members happened to be attempting to effectuate a full scale rebellion in an African country for his own personal business interests?

    Was the leader of the Conservative Party at the time (The Jew John Howard real name Michael Hecht), arrested, held without trial and demonized in the mass media as a “dangerous criminal” without any evidence? Were any of his fellow MP’s?

    Was the British Conservative Party ever shut down and denied its constitutional rights?

    NO! NO! NO! And NO!! To all four!

    We are ruled by a regime of hypocrisy of the highest order. There is no point in attempting to use what little democratic process there might have been in the past, their “democracy” is a farcical masquerade which is now murdering its own duly elected parties, simply because it disagrees with their stated policies!

    The time has come for action! The time has come for civil war…

    • Steven Rowlandson says:

      We are ruled by a regime of hypocrisy of the highest order.

      I absolutely concurr. The only honest law these days is the law of tooth and claw! Everything else is a hypocritical attempt to justify and protect politically correct crime and those who operate above the laws or legal fantasies they enact.

  28. Hugo Miguel says:

    I m writing from portugal , leaving here my condolences to This 2 soldiers of the Nationalist cause across europe , YouR death Will always remebered by camarades , and the fight is now begining for all of us and must stay strong for those Who die for us!
    Greating from portugal Nationalist PNR .

  29. Will C says:

    Really sad, but very beautiful to see Greeks come in those numbers to mour their fallen comrades.

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