Jew-Lover Alex Jones Refuses to Engage Antisemites, Is Assisted in His Hoaxing by Texe Marrs

"Jewish Libertarianism is the answer - this matter is not open to debate." -Alex "Fat Man" Jones

“Jewish Libertarianism is the answer – this matter is not open to debate.” -Alex Jones

Unsurprisingly, after myself and others called for a flooding of Alex Jones’ YouTube page with antisemitism, the incessant screecher of “free speech” brought down the hammer upon these dissenting voices, once again proving himself incapable of engaging his detractors in open debate.

He is now defaming the name of the Eternal Avatar of Truth and Justice, Adolf Hitler, approximately every eight to twelve minutes on his daily disinformation broadcasts.  He has at least ten articles per week on his site claiming that six million poor little innocent Christ-killers were gassed in chambers.

He is not going to back down, which means we are going to have no problem taking him down.

Texe Marrs Participates in Damage Control Stunt

Recently, he brought out Texe Marrs to try and distance himself from Jewish extremism:

Texe appears to have been bribed, possibly with doughnuts.

Note that he is pushing the Jewish-developed “Ashkenazim are Khazars” theory, and that Alex Jones, in this planned PR stunt, goes along with this certified kosher propaganda, before spinning it off into gibberish about the Antichrist.  He then says “it would be wrong of us to hate these people,” without qualifying the statement.

Jones says “it is really chic to hate Israel” – whom is this “chic” amongst, Mr. Jones?

Jones goes on to suggest that the Saudis are controlling the world (?), before deciding that the fake Albert Pike letter about “three world wars” is real and that this somehow means the Arabs are the Illuminati and Israel is good.

Alex then implies that all “racist groups” are the same, with Israel compared to the idiot Mexican group La Raza.  The difference there, Mr. Jones, is that Mexicans don’t control our entire media, government, entertainment industry, academia and everything else, and could be rounded up and sent home to their crappy country in a matter of hours if we were capable of breaking the Jewish stranglehold on our military.

Under Pressure

We need to keep the pressure on.  Alex Jones is losing ground by the day.

Continue to comment wherever you can, attacking Jones.  It only takes a second to make a new YouTube account, and you can still comment on Infowars using proxies.  You can also follow these instructions and submit comments on the sites that repost his articles.

Once we defeat Jones, we will establish that the real resistance is Antisemitic White Nationalism and our movement will explode. This is not hard to do, the facts are on our side, we just need to keep on pushing it.

This is important, men.  Fight, fight, fight!

Hail Victory.

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24 Responses to Jew-Lover Alex Jones Refuses to Engage Antisemites, Is Assisted in His Hoaxing by Texe Marrs

  1. Truth Martian says:

    You can sense the hostility in shill Jones voice during the Marrs interview. You can tell he was shitting his pants the entire time worrying about his sponsors.

  2. Dennis Bekeros says:

    Andrew. What’s Texe Marrs all about?

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      I don’t really know. He sometimes seems pretty honest – I don’t necessarily agree with him about every point, but his presentation doesn’t seem slimey – and then he goes and shills for AJ. I was hoping that after he denied the Holocaust, he was going to oppose Jones and come out in support of Hitler as a defender of White Christian society. But that didn’t happen, unfortunately.

  3. Duane says:

    Alex Jones show has some useful info (vaccines etc…) but he is a total tabloid style liar who is just attempting to build a mass universal audience…
    Last year I heard him interview a semi retarded, rap (crap) mumbling he-boon for 40 minutes and address the he-boon deferrentially like he was of a superior intellect…
    He regularly interviews vile jew supremists…One in particular from a jew gun nut organization stating the “chosen people” and “god gave us this land” line of shit…
    About 70 percent of this show is outlandish bullshit…
    Oh, BTW…He is purportedly financed by the jews that own the Seagrams company (and run the ADL in NY). His attorney is a Seagrams family jewess….

  4. JP says:

    Alex Jones respectfully invited a Black Nationalist to his show, yet he constantly spews hatred at White Nationalists. By the way, my comment on the video saying exactly that was deleted.

  5. Jew Police says:

    alex jones wife is not a jew, her grandfather is jewish, but your mother has to be a jew for you to be certified jewish. I thought you would have known this. Obamas ‘white’ side comes from his jewish mother however, so maybe you want to look into that.

  6. oogenhand says:

    Khazars were an Udmurt-Chechen alliance. They chose Judaism as religion and Turkish as language. The Sephardim are likely North-African converts, Imazighen(Berbers).

  7. Julian says:

    Seems like a couple of people left the aj crew. Nothing seems to be too controversial, fairly vague, but it may be a sign. One of them was Aaron dykes who seemed to be one of their top back up announcers.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      Yeah, that’s funny. This is just the same thing happened with Kevin Smith, eight years ago. I hope Aaron comes out and attacks him, that would be super good drama. I think he is a Jew though.

  8. Julian says:

    In that interview, it was like Alex looking into the future! They didn’t even talk about the holocaust, just debated about the ashkenazi thing, which I’m sorry for those who may be smarter than me regarding this, and I may come off as sounding like an unscientific moron, but just because someone throws the word “DNA” around doesn’t mean it’s true. Oh great, some Jew at some University says something about DNA, so it must all be true. Amazing that when we point out how blacks are 50% likely to commit a felony, that’s “racist” but when someone says 90% of Jews are ashkenazi, that’s just 100% true! I’ve yet to hear anyone go into detail about the specifics of how this DNA test was done. It doesn’t even matter though, as “Tex” says, the Jews constantly change their names, maybe they decided to change their nationality to Khazarian so they could fly under the radar. They didn’t bother to think about that. The illuminati can change their name and act like a different religion, but not the jews! He mentions the Rothschilds being satanists, but the Old Testament is pretty satanic to begin with, what with all the genocide and what not, and although the Talmud is worse, it is based off the Torah, so I just don’t get why people see a difference between these two “holy” books. Really the only important aspect of the Old Testament is that it proves the Jews are liars even according to their own book. I don’t put much faith into what the OT says but at the very least we can use it as a way of exposing the Jews. Martin Luther goes into detail about this. That’s the main problem with Alex Jones, you can tell he is not into books. Just think of all the books you miss out while you are chasing after the illuminati: the protocols, perhaps one of the most controversial piece of literature ever written. Mein Kampf, perhaps one of the best autobiographies ever written. The Talmud, not that anyone actually reads all of it, but it’s at least important to understand the sick things in it. And of course Martin Luther “on the jews and their lies.” There’s probably hundreds more books that are relevant and important to read, and what does Alex Jones promote? The only book he ever promotes is Mark Dice’s books. I’ve never really even heard him speak about a book at all. It’s all about “the documents” which he fails to name.

  9. Stuart says:

    The assertion that “we must tell the whole truth”; discuss the Holocaust fraud; or 9/11; or “cover all aspects” forgets that this is not a university lecture hall and that white middle class is looking for PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS to threatening economic and political situations. One can go in depth about these things either with an inquiring mind or as a secondary, supplemental background or justification for such practical solutions. My only criticism of the speaker is his illusions in the electoral process: it is mostly totally corrupt, especially with the computerized voting machines and, more importantly, his failure to speak about organizing local militia for defense. (As the powers that be try to confiscate guns, significant resistance is growing–with WNs on the sidelines, unfortunately. I suggest people listen to libertytreeradio for more info at 5,6, 8pm. Here’s a taste of what’s brewing,

    A response to some comments:

    “no class division, but we should only appeal to the ‘working class’ and accuse the upper class for allowing the ‘admirable’ jew to takeover” wtf?

    ” I did listen to that John Friend interview and the chairman was saying things like 9/11 and the holocaust are not important. Anyone that want’s freedom the best way to get it is for the TRUTH to be told.”

    –This is something Rockwell, himself, recognized: he found the best fighters, the (only?) people most likely to join his party were usually middle-class or lower types. The well-to-do were too comfortable, they were not aristocracy in the best sense of the term. 2)Nietzsche made the valuable point that he had to admit that “the mass of men do not have an intellectual consciousness”. 3)Surely you’ve explained the truth of history or recent events to someone who would not listen, would not understand, or was downright hostile. How could this be? Because Reason/logic is not enough to win people over. There are psychological, emotional, cultural factors at work. “Telling the whole truth” is something to be done in pieces to the masses and people approaching your views; for the rest it can only be secondary, as a justification for PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS facing White people today. (And the ANP chairman said the same thing.)

    “the Chairman of the Nazi Party is out of touch and nothing he has done is working”

    –This is like the pot calling the kettle black. I see no one here doing anything to intervene with PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS facing White people. The attitude seems to be, “Shine the light of Truth and all will flock to you, all problems will be solved”. As someone once said, “In the beginning was not the word, but the Act.”

    • Quex says:

      “Shine the light of Truth and all will flock to you, all problems will be solved”

      It has worked for many who where multicultiralists before, like Andrew. And usually they are people with wider understandings or the world and not just worried about how to get bread on the table.

      We need both, blue collar types and also intellectuals. We should get AS MUCH WHITE PEOPLE TO OUR MOVEMENT AS POSSIBLE, despite their background and intelligence levels.

  10. James says:

    Andrew you should go to BIN and post comments there –
    They don’t seem to censor comments or delete them and is really high up there in the alexa rankings!

  11. Quex says:

    Texa Marrs is a traitor and i lost all respect i’ve had about him before. He is cunning and slick as some TV preacher. He and Alex probably share same love for jewish shekels, those fat pieces of shit.

  12. Stuart says:

    Where you go wrong is that at least AJ is trying to mobilize and make people aware of the threats, political and health-wise. This at least gives us “freedom of movement” if not, of course, the ultimate solution. You on other hand, are not engaged in the politcal issues of the day, but are just a scribbler behind a computer. I suggest you listen carefully to the recent interview done by John Friend with the chairman of the American National Socialist Party. Aside from that, do you have the guts to allow this in the comments section or will you pull an Alex Jones and, thus, be a hypocrite?

    • Mike says:

      They officially call themselves the American ‘NAZI’ party and they are a pro-gay limp wristed joke of an ‘organization’ and probably an FBI front.

      I knew that inteview was gonna be rubbish! I mean, America NAZI party? is he even serious? Three hours of the same talking points from this ‘nazi’! What a joke!

      He wants you to ‘admire’ the Jew and feel ‘guilty’ for allowing the ‘cunning and admirable’ jew taking over our society. LOL This ‘nazi’ dopey is an idiot! He wants to be taken seriously with a name like “American NAZI party”.

      This NAZI Chairman calls himself ‘revolutionary’, and what is his great master plan? Getting ELECTED to anything even to a ‘dog catcher’ spot! Watch out! We are gonna play with the electoral system! WOW what a ‘revolutionary’!! HAHAHAHA

      In that interview they talk about: ‘Private rallies’!” (HOW BRAVE!) “don’t debate the HOLOHOAX”, “no class division, but we should only appeal to the ‘working class’ and accuse the upper class for allowing the ‘admirable’ jew to takeover” wtf? These guys as nothing but LIMP WRISTED “john birch society-like pseudo-’revolutionary’ PRO-GAY reactionaries with a swastika slapped on! “America is a Fascist empire” “we have a policy of DON’T ASK DON’T TELL” These people are a JOKE! Mr. “I’ve-been-on-this-a-looong-time’ Nazi & perpetual LOSERS! begging none-whites for some shekles! LOL

      Rocky NAZI Chairman says ‘quality over quantity’ and then accepts faggots and ‘average’ pro-holohoaxers! GAWD! I’ve never heard a bunch of ‘nazi’ COWARDS before! Marxist and Anarchist are open anti-statist true revolutionaries of the left, while ‘Nazis’ like these idiots are cowards! afraid to even speak against this Jew laden treasonous evil monstrocity we call America! Or the HOLOHOAX!

      • windswept says:

        Agree 100%, imagine my ‘non-surpise’ when the Truth Militia crew endorsed the interview as ‘Must Hear’. Typical of the trooth crew.
        Seems they listened to something else entirely while worshipping their jew/canaanite god ‘ashteroth’, who they claim is a pagan European god, while quoting from a wikipedia article that contradicts this (dana, their article on easter).

        Then if you say -anything- about Christ, they say they don’t ‘give a fuck’ while ignorantly pushing their jewish ‘paganism’.

        They will also defend their slow-wit donators who call-in and drivel-on constantly, right or wrong.

        • Quex says:

          When i got interested about national socialism in internet years ago, American Nazi Party site was one of the first, who popped up. What a surprize!

          What was strange that they almost lacked any political propaganda what so ever. This group is as mysterious as some freemasonic homosexual brotherhood.

          No wonder nobody has heard of them.

      • Socio-politico says:

        GLR was the real deal who risked life and limb for our race, you, on the other hand, have trouble with the English language!

    • Jamie says:

      I’ve never had a comment not show here Stuart so you talking about something I’ve never seen done here at total Fascism not once. I did listen to that John Friend interview and the chairman was saying things like 9/11 and the holocaust are not important. Anyone that want’s freedom the best way to get it is for the TRUTH to be told. That is are enemy’s worst enemy the TRUTH and that’s is the real reason we will win in the end. If the world was all woke up to the TRUTH we would have a civil war in most the world. The American military would realize they are being used as muders for criminals that could care less if they die. Scribbler most don’t have the money Alex Jones has with his Jew brethren helping him. He tells many TRUTH’S, but lies about the most important things like Norm C has with JFK and 9/11. Stay on info wars if you thing Andrew is just a scribbler your probably a Jew anyway. Or are you a Gentile that like AJ works for them selling out possibly your own people. This interview you talk about was commented on by me and someone else in other comment’s and you can see the Chairman of the Nazi Party is out of touch and nothing he has done is working as he says himself. We need to like Andrew and others not allow people that don’t share are views at least on the most important subjects. Black’s Whites and others as long as they have the same views and want the TRUTH about thing like the Jewish controlled African TA Slave Trade and also what to get rid of the Jews and their control of are country’s. Then we can fix other problems without the race war Jews really really want and separate peacefully and we can all preserve are culters. Possible for people that want muliculteraism can have it in a part of America and even my country Canada and see how thing’s work out. Without separation it will 100% lead to a race war and sooner than most realize as Whites are waking up to the fact all the immigrants are ment to commite Genocide against the White race. Go to TruTube and watch the videos by Bob Whitaker, if you take the time watch them all.

    • Luca says:

      The threat of Chinese-Arab-Germanic Satanic death cults who want to depopulate the world?

      • Half-blood Prussian says:

        Yes. Also on one of his shows he mentioned short green creatures from another “plane of existence” who were really controlling the “elite”, telling them to build a hydron collider. lol.

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