Gordon Duff of Veterans Today Caught Openly Manufacturing Fake News, Libeling Mike Delaney

Jewish disinformation monger Gordon Duff makes the baseless claim that a site owned and operated by Mike Delaney is run by the ADL.

Jewish disinformation monger Gordon Duff makes the baseless claim that a site owned and operated by Mike Delaney is run by the ADL.

Yesterday, Gordon Duff, the Jewish senior editor of Veterans Today, made the insane claim that Mike Delaney’s site, Rat Faced Jews, is run by the Anti-Defamation League and is somehow used in money-laundering (it is unclear what he means by this second accusation, as using a website for money-laundering is not something anyone would usually think of).  He claims that he discovered this through the use of forensic science, which is a statement so bizarre that I am unable to even comment on it.  This sort of blatant lying is ridiculous to such an extreme as to entirely discredit Duff’s entire operation forever.  There is simply no way that any self-respecting individual can ever again take this man or his organization seriously.

Duff represents a new trend in the alleged truth movement: as the truthers begin to wake up to the reality that the Jews are the real cause of our problems, it is both strategic and profitable to co-opt the energy of this emerging anti-Jewish movement.  VT is a site which claims to call out the Jew, but does so in feeble terms, claiming that they are an ideological enemy, rather than a racial one.  Duff himself being a racial Jew, it is unsurprising that he is willing to go to such disgusting lengths to defame those working in the real anti-Jew movement.

It must be noted that both John Hardon and Pragmatic Witness reposted this information without questioning it.  Though I do not think either of them did this with malicious intent, this demonstrates a lack of critical thought and a gullibility which must be admonished.  The “truth movement” has largely deserved its reputation as rumor-mongers and true believers due to this type of blind ignorance and disregard for objective reality.

Rat Faced Jews

Though I probably wouldn’t have chosen the domain name Mike chose for the site, it is indeed a great resource.  Mike has it set up to automatically repost articles from all of the sites he hosts, as well as several other anti-Jew sites, including my own.

In quick response to Duff’s allegations, Mike posted a response on RFJ, explaining that Duff simply made this up.  Mike also contacted Duff and informed him that he was in fact the owner of the site.  And yet, at the time of writing, the piece Duff wrote on VT is still up on his site.

“The Jews want us to attack them” nonsense

One of the lies told by the alleged truthers attempting to co-opt the anti-Jewish movement is that “antisemitism is the Jew’s biggest asset.”  Usually, the basis for this is the writings of Theodore Herzl, the originator of political Zionism, who wrote something to the effect that “antisemites are our greatest allies.”  When this is noted, the context is never acknowledged.  Herzl, at the time, represented a fringe movement within Judaism.  He wanted the Jews of Europe to agree to move to a Jewish nation, and most of them didn’t like the idea, given that they were doing very well as parasites in their host nations.  Thus, he viewed European antisemitism as something which would push the Jews in Europe towards accepting his proposition of a Jewish state.

The other thing often cited as proof that the Jews want us to hate them is their support for wild and violent groups such as Frank Cohen’s Neo-Nazi organization.  In these instances, they intentionally try to present those opposing the Jews are irrational and militant crazies.  The main purpose of this is to silence the real opposition to the Jewish agenda by yelling over it, confusing and distorting the agenda of the real antisemitic movement.

Gordon Duff Openly Admits to Being a Jewish Disinformation Agent

Duff has openly admitted to writing 40% false information on his website.  He is also a Jew who hates White people and thinks George Soros is a good person.  Listen to his own words:

I for one tell 100% of the truth, 100% of the time, and fear no man’s wrath, and I believe the same can be said for all of those I associate with, including Mike Delaney.

Gordon Duff, and the shill movement he represents, have shown their true colors.  Let us never forget it.  Not only Duff and his website must be ostracized, but all of those who support him.  We simply cannot allow this sort of lying Jew scumbag to bring down our movement.

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61 Responses to Gordon Duff of Veterans Today Caught Openly Manufacturing Fake News, Libeling Mike Delaney

  1. Adolf says:

    Precisely! I’m starting to wonder about all these comments….. It’s starting to appear as if all of you are Jews working the negative propaganda to promote this entire charade. Don’t you all see? Jews run everything, they know all, hear all, and ultimately CONTROL all. Fear, fear,fear! Don’t trust a jew…. Those slimmy criders!
    This stuff is so entertaining. This is what Justifies the Zionist movement.

  2. paul maleski says:

    The jew who pays the monkey calls the tune!
    The Golden era of ‘on the stump’ American Democracy is long gone. The USA does not have elections but rigged auctions. The jewish Auctioneer controls the proceedings, the job is simple, to parade a couple of, ‘don’t rock the boat, do as we tell you candidates’. This gives the electorate an illusion of choice. The disinformation web sites.’ role is to muddy the waters; that is, to give the disenchanted voters, the impression that they are living in a pluralist Democracy because of the existence of so-called anti-mainstream media alternatives. In this baffling category; you will find: ‘frighten you into submission’ Alex Jones, wacky Rabbi Kapner; decent, plausible, ‘in the know’ Gordon Duff, and ET David Icke etc. All Holocaust and 9/11 Truth Evaders! At the end of the day, it is the jews who do all the successful bidding. And after they murdered JFK, they have always ensured they ‘bought’ their man.

  3. Andre, about anti-semitism:
    The Protocols openly declare they own ‘anti-semitism’, because they need it to control their ‘lesser brethren’. If you search the Protocols in a PDF for ‘lesser brethren’ you’ll quickly find the quote.

  4. Lonnie says:

    Has anyone had the thought of the possibility of Delaney being a willing participant in this latest alternative media drama bomb?

    Starting to wonder…

  5. Wotan says:

    Insofar as I am German I have never had a problem to see, politically speaking, who is
    true or who is false, who has a straight agenda or who has camouflaged aims to manipulate
    people in certain directions. I say this from a true and original National Socialist`s perspective.
    There are sometimes video`s presented, which purport to show Germany in the thirties and
    the way in which quite regularly too many stretched arms are shown, sometimes in repetition
    modus, makes doctoring, reel cutting and aims clear from the start. Sometimes there are
    collections of Hitler photos and when you go through them you see very pleasant
    photos. But once in a while you see among these photos pictures so unphotogenic or
    even ugly that the object of it cannot escape you. Both in the case of the tapes and/or photos
    you know that a well-meaning presenter would take care what he selcts. Only the Jew
    or the false flagger, with his deep-reaching psychological agenda will act like this as is done in virtually
    all Hollywood material. And then there are those, who believe that they have bought the truth for themselves
    alone, that they are the truth incarnated. For them, alternatively, ZCF is an ADL psy-op, Bro
    Nat is a faggot or a clown, MCP is on the other side, Chris Bollyn is an Israelis agent,
    David Duke is a slimey stinker, incogman is doubtful and on and on it goes. When
    you consider the Latin aphorism “divide et impera” (divide and rule) there can be no
    doubt left, from which rathole some of these people may have escaped whereby one
    should add that some of them may just be brain-damaged or even brain-amputated,
    which would not be surprising after decades of Jewish brain-processing. There is another
    saying, which goes like this “united we stand, divided we fall”. When I read through
    the comments on this page I fear we may all rather be falling into the pits of hell, which the
    Jew has reserved for us for we seem to have lost the ability to differentiate who is on our side and
    who is against us!

  6. nooralhaqiqa says:

    Some of us have been murmuring and speaking about Duff for awhile now. It is good to see the word getting out to more and more people. I stopped using him as a source about 5 years ago… something just smelled wrong.

    • Lonnie says:

      I never used him as a source. Most seem to need to take a real course in how the jews operated. This movement is damn slow to learn. We’re so damn desperate we jump on anyone they provide in front of us.

      And when we sniff them out we do it again with the next one.

  7. Lonnie says:

    Yes Andre, you do have something to pin on Kapner…. He’s JEWISH.

  8. Obadiah 1:18 says:

    I didn’t know Duff was a J-word.

    If the ADL doesn’t sue Duff for libel, there’s your proof that he’s in cahoots with them.

  9. rockclimber says:

    Yep, and this is the jew being a a jew. Can’t trust them as far as you can throw them. Heck Duff even admitted his 40% statement and dumbfucks still follow him. They’re no better than the gullible Alex Jones lemmings.

  10. Dave says:

    Copy of a message I posted at VT Today. Waiting moderation and reply from Gordon Duff:
    Just to clarify Gordon, when you state that the ADL “own’s” http://www.ratfaced.jew.com and these other websites are you stating that http://www.ratfacedjew.com is owned, operated and content managed by the ADL or are you stating that the domain hosting company called “WhoisGuard” who Hosts http://www.ratfacedjews.com is owned by the ADL? This makes a VERY BIG DIFFERENCE Gord.

    Registrant Name:WhoisGuard Protected
    Registrant Organization:WhoisGuard
    Registrant Street1:11400 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 200
    Registrant Street2:
    Registrant Street3:
    Registrant City:Los Angeles
    Registrant State/Province:CA
    Registrant Postal Code:90064
    Registrant Country:US
    Registrant Phone:+1.6613102107

    The company know as “WhoisGuard” 11400 W. Olympic Blvd. Suite 200, Los Angeles C.A. is “known” to host “spammer” websites, sites that commit frauds upon people, copyright infringements, etc. and when complaints are filed against these offending websites to their host “WhoisGuard”, “WhoisGuard” never takes any action against the offending websites they are hosting (as they should).

    Non technical individuals will not understand the separation between a “Domain Hosting” company and the websites like http://www.ratfacedjews.com. The difference is like the JDL owning an office building and renting out offices to Neo-nazi’s, pimps, con artists, identity thieves, etc. knowing full well the types of business they run and doing nothing to stop them despite complaints by victims and despite legal obligations to do so OR the ADL owning an office building and they themselves owning, operating, funding, managing each of the individual criminal business enterprises; Neo-nazi’s, pimps, con artists, identity thieves etc. themselves. Kind of like: Criminal facilitation v.s. Committing the actual crimes themselves.

    Please clarify for us. Much appreciated. Is “WhoisGuard” owned by the ADL or do they own and run all of, or some of the Websites hosted by “WhoisGuard”?

    This really does make a big difference.

    Ottawa, Canada

  11. Stephen says:

    This has been a real wake-up call for me, as a novice pro-Nazi, anti-Semite. It seems I learn something new (actually several things new) every day. What keeps throwing me off is my basic open-mindedness and willingness to give people (all people, even Jews) the benefit of the doubt, until of course they have proven to me that they are liars, as Gordon Duff has clearly done now. I never visited his site much anyway, so this is certainly no big loss. I was suspicious of the way he corrected people for using the J-word instead of the much more PC Z-word. I only later found out that he was himself Jewish. Now everything seems to fit. But it still never ceases to amaze me how deceptive and underhanded the Jews are.

    • Andre says:

      Glad you found the site.

      I think we can prove that all these people are lying. Not because they are working for the government, but because of ego and money. You get a lot of shit for telling the truth.

    • Anonymous says:

      Don’t trust any source.

      There’s a lot of Counter Intelligence agents — typically working for the CIA or Mossad — who mix facts with fiction while presenting themselves as “neonazis”, “9/11 truthers” or other types of dissident.

      Alex Jones may or may not be a Counter Intelligence agent.
      Gordon Duff may or may not be a Counter Intelligence agent.
      Eric Hufschmid may or may not be a Counter Intelligence agent.
      Mike Delaney may or may not be a Counter Intelligence agent.
      David Icke may or may not be a Counter Intelligence agent.
      Jeff Rense may or may not be a Counter Intelligence agent.
      Edward Snowden may or may not be a Counter Intelligence agent.
      Julian Assange may or may not be a Counter Intelligence agent.
      Even Andrew Anglin – the owner of this site – may or may not be a Counter Intelligence agent.

      And even if they aren’t disinformation agents, they may just be feeding you lies for profit, fame or any other motive. In the end, you can only trust your own research and your own judgement. As soon as you rely on one source or a collective of sources, you risk being brainwashed no less than the lemmings who watch FOX or CNN all day.

      • Carmen says:

        “In the end, you can only trust your own research and your own judgement.” Well said and right your are!

  12. SazzyLilSmartAzz says:

    So many shills are crawling out of the cupboard. I honestly didn’t even know Duff was Jewish until lately. Nice site you have here and thank you for exposing the shills!

  13. serious says:

    Once a liar, always a liar. Only a man from a Jewish parent, that quits the Jews and does not denounce white people/national socialism, and denounces that garbage religion of Judaism, and Israel and Zionism, can be trusted.

    • Andre says:

      There aren’t really any Jews who have done this, save I guess Bobby Fischer and Brother Kapner. Kapner creeps me out though. I don’t know if there is really anything he’s said that I would disagree with, save some goofy things like his support for Putin, but I still don’t trust him.

      • Whitewraithe says:

        I also do not completely trust Kapner, and when he appeared on the truth scene, I wrote him to let him know that we would be watching.

        What I find disturbing is that he smiles when speaking about the evil deeds of his kindred. Anyone ever notice that?

        • Andre says:

          I don’t really have anything to pin on Kapner. But like you, I will be watching him.

          I know what you mean about his creepy Jew smile.

          • Aservant says:

            I posted about Knapner in detail about 2 months ago at Mel Gibstein. I was on the fence about him. He announced almost a year ago he was coming to my part of the country for street evangelism. I offered my place to stay. We corresponded briefly, spoke on the phone a couple of times. One week out he canceled due to bad health.

            Didn’t hear from him again, I finally decided to touch base in November. Sent him an email. He responded back that by coincidence he would be out my way in a couple of weeks. I went and met him about one hour away. Sat and talked for about an hour with “a bunch of supporters” as he claimed (5 people). Weak minded fools. Slobs with no intellect or discipline. Kapner in person impressed upon me as being a super Jew. I wanted to talk about issues, programs. All the rest of the fools, including him, wanted to have general “nice talk”, like “my trip to Russia”…”we gotta donate to Kapner”. I asked him what was his plan. “Take America back!” I said it was a waste of time. “You have to be positive!” he said. I said I was. Country has to break up, saving it is stupidity and a waste of time. The masses are gone, Jewed. The only hope is getting nationalistic, small groups together. “No!” he said. “The kids love it when I hold up my cross and put my fist in the air!” I couldn’t even fuckin respond. What do you think this is Kapner, Jewtube? Dumbed down, Jewed up kids that love to see you act the clown in the street is going to change things? Fuckin please. “No”, he said, “We have Jesus on our side! We can’t lose!”

            Kikes like him are the reason people hate bible believers like me and I don’t blame them.

            He then went on to say that he needs to raise 100,000 dollars to be able to pay lawyers so he can sue for the right to put up a nativity scene across from the White House. This will bring the country back to God, he said. I told him giving your money to a lawyer is the same as giving it to a Jew. Take that money and use it to develop trades programs or credit unions for gentiles that are oppressed under Jew debt slavery and usury. I said that idiots with their souls robbed won’t come to their senses by seeing a nativity scene, that was just plain stupidity. Pretended that he couldn’t hear me, as did the rest of the fools there. He then went on to say that he pays some idiot $150 an hour to make those videos and they take 8 hours, so he needs major donations. I couldn’t believe that this cat with no real job couldn’t learn how to produce those videos himself. I told him to contact Mike Delaney to make videos for him at decent price or to teach him how to do it. “Who is that?”, he says.

            He didn’t want to hear shit. “The kids watch our videos all the way to the end”, he says,”We can monitor this electronically. It is because of all the fancy graphics we put in there to keep their attention”. Holy shit was this guy gone. I mean a really stupid motherfucker. He makes 4-5 minute videos and thinks there is hope for the masses because shit eating kids can sit through 5 minutes to watch him clown around. Yeah, they are practical geniuses. You can easily get a degree or learn a trade in 5 minutes….what the hell was I thinking?

            Or maybe he is just a Jew……..

            Yup, that’s it….

            This guy is so Jewish he makes Abe Foxman look like the poster boy for Nazis.

            What did I just spell out here? Lawyer worship….Jew. Money worship….Jew. Soliciting money…..Jew. Media worship, promotion….Jew. Phoney, unsincere talk, ignoring the issue….Jew.

            I said, “Nice to meet you!”, with a smile and left. Went home, deleted his site off my favorites, and flushed him down with the rest of the Jews.

            He and Duke are friends, BTW. They are both professional activists, soliciting donations. Frauds.

            If you waste your time with either you get what you deserve.

            • Andre says:

              Yes. Thank you for your excellent comments.

              The impression that I have gotten is just this: whatever his espoused views are – he probably does believe them, or at least believes he believes them – he is a total Jew. That doesn’t mean he is necessarily “bad,” it simply means he is useless. It could also be that his genetics are taking control, and he is somehow there to make us all look goofy. Watching his videos, he comes across like a cartoon character. Regardless of the fact that everything he is saying seems to be true, I don’t think this approach can ever be helpful. His costume and cross – it is just silly, a gimmick designed to make him more appealing, as the whole thing seems more “fun.” Not serious.

              I don’t have any reason to attack him, but I certainly will not support him.

              One of the issues that I had with the guy I started this site with was his desire to link to “Brother Nathanial” and cite him as a source. We have enough good White people – as well as some Blacks and Arabs – in this movement that we don’t need a Jew.

              I am going to write an article denouncing Duke, and may include his friendship with Kapner as a part of that. Duke comes across like such a slimeball politician. Even though I don’t really have any issues with his information, the whole thing just seems so contrived and dishonest. Plus he supports Ron Paul and this whole “bring back the American republic” nonsense, which is unforgivably stupid, in my opinion.

              • Aservant says:

                Agreed completely Andre.

                I don’t think that Kapner is some kind of Jew plant with nefarious motivation, just like you said. He is probably believes that he believes and is doing a good thing. As I said, he is just completely lost and useless. Just like you said, we have a ton of whites that can do the same work and are saying the same things that he is.

                I too would have a problem with linking to Kapner in your shoes. Just because he doesn’t have bad intention doesn’t mean he can’t do damage. Fools can do a ton a damage if not kept in check. Especially considering that soon if we are to progess, we will have to move from the informing stage to the action stage. I already told you what Kapner thinks is action, which is some kind of childish symbolic activism. It is the same kind of activism taught to our society by the Jews a la 1960s….and where has it gotten us? In a shithole, that is where.

                As we move into this stage of action, it will become more and more obvious as to who really is of action with integrity and who isn’t. At a stage as such, it would become very obvious as to who Kapner really is and what he is about. He won’t be able to hide behing a computer screen anymore. As such, he will be descredited, and so will those that have been endorsing him. Best to see that situation coming and avoid it. You can very much tell the character of someone by the company that they keep. Character will be very important in the very near future.

    • Phil says:

      serious says:

      “Once a liar, always a liar. Only a man from a Jewish parent, that quits the Jews and does not denounce white people/national socialism, and denounces that garbage religion of Judaism, and Israel and Zionism, can be trusted.”

      You left out one: the Jewish holocaust myth, i.e., the “extermination” of exactly, precisely, not one more or less than “six million” Jews in delousing chambers, er, I mean, “gas chambers” in “Nazi” work…er, I mean, “death camps.”


  14. Pingback: My hard-learned lesson: JEWS CANNOT BE TRUSTED, PERIOD! | Pragmatic Witness

  15. Lonnie says:

    No, it’s not terribly complicated Andre.

    It’s just people’s desire to find a peaceful solution to this mess and their fear/cowardice to face the reality of where this is really going.. It’s naive as hell, but it really does come from the fact we WANT this to be peaceful. It’s well intended, even desperate, but certainly naive.

    Anyone who believes it will be is fooling themselves however.

  16. Lonnie says:

    Okay, so once and for all can we FINALLY end this good jew-bad jew, big jew-little jew,
    Zionist jew-regular jew, convert jew-real jew, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, whole jew, truthful teller jew garbage??

    END it NOW.

    No, I repeat NO jew can be trusted……EVER.

    Man, don’t you people get it yet???

  17. Whitewraithe says:

    I’m to blame for opening this can of worms after receiving a comment on my own blog that indicated Mike Delaney owned the site RFJ. I then contacted Mike to ask him if he did indeed own this website. I also contacted VT to obtain an explanation as to why Duff would do such a thing – what was the purpose? All I got was a vile, foul-mouthed response from Duff’s jew lackey, which I forwarded to Mike hoping he would challenge Duff and VT for these libelous accusations.

    I knew that Duff was telling half-truths or non-truths regarding the information being released on VT, but I never thought he would tell a blatant lie about something so innocuous. But, maybe that was just the point. And it’s a lesson I needed to learn to fully comprehend that no Jew, even an alleged “good” one, cannot be trusted.

    That leaves me with a lot of house-cleaning to do at Pragmatic Witness since maybe a quarter of the nearly 1500 posts are from, what I thought, were decent Jewish academics, and other professionals in this fight to help us save America from utter destruction. Due to this incident, I can no longer take that assumption for granted.

    I am deeply apologetic for trusting GD and Veterans Today, and hope in time I can repair the damage and regain the trust of my readers.

    The only other option is to gracefully bow-out of the truth movement. Not being able to focus on this endeavor full-time, has obviously left me at a disadvantage, and now possibly destroyed what honest reputation this minor blog, hopefully, had achieved. I didn’t go into this arena to make a name or to make money, I just wanted to help awaken this apathetic country before time ran out.

    • Andre says:

      Don’t be too hard on yourself. I’m sorry if I was too hard on you. I really hope you don’t give up. We all have things to learn, and the fact that no genetic Jew can ever be trusted may be the hardest lesson of all. Hitler himself said that coming to a real understanding of what the Jew is was the very most difficult of his spiritual struggles.

      • Whitewraithe says:

        Thank you, Andre, for really opening my eyes. It was a hard-learned lesson and one that I will not soon forget. As we speak, I’m writing an entry at PW regarding the whole ugly incident, including my unfortunate role, which I’m linking to your essay. This is the other side of truthfulness; having the humility to admit when you are wrong.

  18. Timothy says:

    I sent this to them

    Below it says,”The views expressed herein are the views of the author exclusively and not necessarily the views of VT or any other VT authors, affiliates, advertisers, sponsors or partners.” Is this a lone article without group attentiveness? Is Mr. Duff using Machiavellian tactics? If a member of the VT editorial is being deceitful then this will impact their integrity. If this man is being up falsehoods, who or what other topics could they or he be lying about? Can we trust them anymore? If Mr. Duff is lying, then this is known as bearing false witness. VT has built itself on adherence for the truth, providing the public on honest information, on very controversial topics. So I, as a reader demand they uphold their integrity, that is, if they want me to continue taking their news as truthful.

  19. BTW – Nice site! Good job sir!

  20. Quex says:

    Of course this article is a blatant attempt to discredit rising nationalist movement and label all NS sites as ADL fronts, exactly like Alex Jones likes to do.
    HARDON blog is just reposting all kind of news (many times has been posting info from jewish newspapers or blogs) clips without any comment, this is just his style. Although this tactic may be questionable, especially if someone reads it uncritically.

    Latest one was from some jew called Rappoport, who claims that Sandy Hook shootings where real but TV interviews seemed fake, because ordinary people somehow acted “robotic” or “unemotional” because they’ve just subconciously imitated how TV ancors supposed to talk or some nonsense like that.

    This is utter nonsense, because people in real shock situations rarely think how they supposed to look to TV viewers, even such TV nation as americans. And also more true emotions would serve government agenda for banning guns just perfectly. Luckily americans are not buying into this poorly made hollywood style “TV drama”, as it is showing in number of youtube videos, exposing this failed PSY OP.


    • Andre says:

      I think Hardon’s “style” is absolutely one which should be subject to criticism. I cannot imagine simply posting random bits of information you may or may not support being a defensible tactic for running a website. The owner of a website has a duty to present a comprehensive message. Otherwise, he is no better than traitor Jeff Rense.

  21. “Nazi” website?
    “Scare” those (“poor little, always innocent”) Jews?

    Yeah, they sure do like to throw that word “Nazi” around a lot, don’t they?

    The 1st line (“Nazi website used to scare Jews”) should tip everyone off as to Duff’s agenda .

  22. Lonnie says:

    One thing Mr.Duff and Mr. Jones might want to keep in mind is when this starts gettin’
    real ugly they are going to be far easier to get at than Mr. Rothschild.

  23. John Sholtes says:

    Gordon Duff has jewish handlers and whenever he gets in to discussing inside CIA information he always says he has to stop. Because if he tells you they would have to kill both of us. So he just marches to their orders like the Marines who know about Juba the sniper still march to the orders of their jewish commanders . Gordon is a coward. Fetzer played a stupid song which ended with “Another Reichstag fire” PARROTING THE JEWISH LIES. Just look at all of the hook nosed jews who write for VT.

  24. Lonnie says:

    It’s the same thing as Alex Jones. I still hear pretty awake hosts and guests questioning whether AJ is actually a shill or not.

    Are you freakin’ kidding me? It’s just a matter of time until someone digs up he’s one of em too.

    STOP this garbage.

    I don’t care if your 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 or full jew…. You are 100% my enemy.

    I also don’t care if your just a street level jew who supports Judaism and is say 10% involved in this or a much higher level rat faced jew 100% involved like say Bill Gates.

    Percentage of participation does not matter. YOU have declared war on us. You are 100% my enemy and we will CRUSH you.

  25. Half-blood Polack says:

    I don’t buy it.

  26. Lonnie says:

    Gordon Duff I a piece of shit.

    Can’t believe people still debate whether this guy is legit or not.

    • Andre says:

      It really is amazing that after he says openly that he purposefully writes 40% false information that anyone could possibly even think of taking him seriously.

      Nevermind the simple fact that a genetic Jew can never be trusted.

  27. Andre says:

    Another gullible goy reposting this nonsense:


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