Filthy Scumbag Jeff Rense Aligns Himself with Criminal Jew Disinformation Agent Gordon Duff Against the White Race and the Entire Human Species

Filthy race traitor Jeff Rense, with his latest attack on the real truth movement, has proved that his allegiance lies with our Jew Overlords.

Creepy weirdo and filthy race traitor Jeff Rense, with his latest attack on the real truth movement, has proved that his allegiance lies with our Jew Overlords.  When justice comes to America, he will be tried and sentenced as the traitor he is.

Jeff Rense has proven, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that he would rather align himself with the enemy occupiers than the White European race in the interview he did this morning with Jew Gordon Duff, editor-in-chief of Veterans Today.

Duff, with his creepy homosexual-sounding voice, appeared on the Rense show to discuss his disinformation article claiming that Rat Faced Jews and Jewish Problem are “Nazi” websites, run by the ADL and used for “money laundering.”  Both these domains are in actuality administered by Mike Delaney, antisemitic warrior and maker of the film Missing Links, which exposes the 9/11 attacks as an event manufactured by terrorist Jews.

Failing to even name Mike as the operator of these sites, Duff – who openly says that 40% of what he writes is purposeful disinformation – launches into an insane tirade, claiming that through “forensic computer science” – he never explains what that is – he has “discovered” that the Anti-Defamation League runs these two websites.  The dispicable race traitor Jeff Rense then backs the filthy Jew up, calling Mike’s sites “a terrorist organization.”

As I explained in my earlier article on the Gordon Duff attacks, Rat Faced Jews was a site set up by Mike to save extra copies of articles from all of the various anti-Jewish websites in one place, partly as a means of providing a physical back-up of articles that could be lost in a hack attack, and partly because it serves as a good resource for people to be able to view articles from many different sites in a single location.  Software is in place that automatically scans a list of sites and reposts their new articles.  As Veterans Today is ostensibly an anti-Jewish website, RFJ was picking up articles from that site and creating mirrors of them.

Duff claims that the reposting of VT articles – something which is done all across the internet and has been ruled to be legal as long as the site is not making a profit off of the material – was not fair use, but a copyright infringement and “piracy.”  He also lies and says that the site does not provide a link-back to the original article, even though anyone can go there and see that every article on the site has a link back to its site of origin.  He then goes on to claim that reposting other people’s articles is a form of identity theft.

The Hearst Mansion is valued at 190 million dollars - 60 million dollars less than Gordon Duff claims to have lost to Rat Faced Jews.  And Jew-lover Rense just let's it slide.

Putting this in perspective: the Hearst Castle is valued at 190 million dollars – 60 million dollars less than Gordon Duff claims to have lost to the Rat Faced Jews website. And Jew-lover Rense just let’s this lunacy slide without anything but a “wow.”

Oh, but it gets worse: Duff then claims that every article he writes has a value of $20,000, and that Rat Faced Jews was responsible for stealing $250,000,000 worth of material from him.  Seriously, he says that.  And this slimy Jew-lover Jeff Rense just nods his head in agreement with this abject insanity.

After all of this dribbling madness, Duff goes on to say “I work with Jews – I don’t have any problem with Jews.”   He then says that Adolf Hitler was insane to round up enemy Jews and put them in camps for the protection of the German people in war time.  He also adds that America is starting to look like “Nazi” Germany.  Everything that comes out of this man’s mouth is a lie or a partial truth so distorted as to be worse than a simple lie.  The spineless race traitor Jeff Rense supports him fully, agreeing with everything he says and repeatedly saying that “the problem is Zionism, not Jews.”

What is Happening Here?

Though their agenda is clear, why these sickening disinformation agents would choose to attack the real truth tellers in such an idiotic fashion is less so.  Right now, Jeff Rense is linking to Veterans Today, who is linking to Rat Faced Jews, where at the top of the page it is explained that the site is owned and operated by Mike Delaney.  Why they would be so sloppy in their attempt to push their anti-Hitler Jewish agenda is confusing to me, but it is ultimately a very good thing.  The Jew Gordon Duff has become even more of a joke than he already was, and the traitor Jeff Rense has unmasked his true loyalties, and will never be able to recover from this.

For the record: Jeff Rense posted this Jew disinformation at the top of his site.

For the record: Jeff Rense posted this Jew disinformation at the top of his site.

What likely happened is that Duff found Rat Faced Jews, didn’t bother to investigate who ran it, and decided that he could make the claim that it was run by the ADL as part of his admitted “40% of what I say is purposeful disinformation” rule.  He likely did not imagine that it was run by someone as well known as Mike Delaney, as if it would have been merely some random blogger, there would not be any backlash.  It is lucky indeed that Mike is the administer of these sites, as we now have the Jew Gordon Duff caught in a blatant lie that there is no way to back out of – he simply made up in his mind that Rat Faced Jews and Jewish Problem were owned by the ADL, and then went on to claim he had done what he refers to as “forensic computer research” to back it up.

Though it is expected that Duff would lie, as this is his genetic prerogative, we are even more lucky to catch the race traitor Jeff Rense in this deranged mess of insane disinformation.  Rense has proven that he is a traitor to his supposed cause, and will, like his former BFF Alex Jones, go to whatever lengths necessary to defend and protect enemy Jews.

Learning the Hardest Lesson

The most difficult understanding a person can come to is to fully grasp the reality that the Jew is a genetic enemy, and that we can never trust a single one of them, no matter how they present themselves.

Whitewraith, who posted Duff’s lies on her site, Pragmatic Witness, before being informed that he had simply made this story up, posted this in the comments section of my previous article on Duff’s lies:

I knew that Duff was telling half-truths or non-truths regarding the information being released on VT, but I never thought he would tell a blatant lie about something so innocuous. But, maybe that was just the point. And it’s a lesson I needed to learn to fully comprehend that no Jew, even an alleged “good” one, can be trusted.

Adolf Hitler himself, in Mein Kampf, said the following about his realizations about the nature of the Jew:

My opinions on antisemitism also slowly changed with the passing of time, and this was the most difficult change I ever went through.  It was the most difficult of all my spiritual struggles.  Only after battling for months between understanding and feelings did the voice of reason finally win.  Two years later, feelings followed understanding, and from then on, understanding was the most faithful watchman and guardian I could have had with me.

We cannot blame Gordon Duff for telling insane lies any more than we can blame a tiger for eating our babies, or a snake for biting our heels.  Lying is simply the biological drive of the Jew.  He is a born subversive and criminal, and he cannot change his own nature.

The person who we can blame is the race traitor Jeff Rense.  From this point forward, not only Rense himself, but anyone who supports him or links to his site, I will consider an enemy.  We cannot tolerate our message being weakened by the likes of this spineless rat.  When the time comes, he will face justice right along with the criminal Jews themselves for the atrocities he is committing against our people by supporting the Jewish ruling elite and attacking those who dare stand against it as “terrorists.”

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33 Responses to Filthy Scumbag Jeff Rense Aligns Himself with Criminal Jew Disinformation Agent Gordon Duff Against the White Race and the Entire Human Species

  1. Afshin Nejat says:

    There may be something to this. It is good whenever lies or falsehood are exposed. Too bad they have to be exposed by such biased sources as racist morons, sometimes. But these days, I get Truth wherever I can find it, even from guys like you, and Jeff Rense, and Gordon Duff, choosing to weed out and throw in the trash whatever seems to be a red herring.

  2. There can be no doubt about it: naming the Jew and not associating with any Jew ever is the dividing line between who is a genuine White Nationalist and who isn’t. You cannot be friends with an enemy whose main purpose in life is to kill off the white race. Repeat after me, everybody, “There is no such thing as a good Jew!”

  3. Carolyn says:

    Good article, I thank you for it. I think you’re right that Gordy had no idea who owned those sites and thought he could just use them. He is a lazy sob. So now, we must keep this story alive, not let it die out. All your followers need to keep pushing it wherever they can. We never take enough advantage of the vulnerabilities of the other side.

    Some good comments too. I think Sven is wrong in the last comment. Duff would be his real name – his father’s side was Scottish, and something else. His mother’s side was Polish and Viennese (as I said, just Jews who lived in those places). Lots of Jews in Vienna, unfortunately, who seem to imagine they are real Austrians.

    • Andre says:

      Thanks Carolyn.

      I sent you an email. Would like to talk to you sometime off air. You really have a lot of wisdom about this stuff, and I basically agree with everything you said on the show with Mike.

  4. Sven says:

    Gordon Duff claims to only be part-jew (he knows he couldn’t get away with saying he’s not jewish at all) but he looks and sounds like a full heeb to me. I’d be willing to bet Duff isn’t his real last name. Claiming his articles are worth $20,000 each sounds like typical money-hungry Jew talk to me.

  5. Bailey says:

    Check out this gem,

    If enough people WTFU the jew rats will be tripping over themselves trying to get the hell out of here.

    Juden Raus :)

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  7. ewkeane says:

    I dare say that most of us have drunk from the cup that these moonshine spinners have offered up. Rense has been on for years, back in the shortwave days, and the mid night to dawn talk shows.
    If you want to get close to the truth, read what great men said, and what they thought about things. Start with Goethe, and to understand how the western mind works, see the works of Carl Jung.
    The government of the united States is weak, all the governments are weak. They do acts of diplomatic outrage, and form policy that is repugnant, lothesome and hazardous to the health and prosperity of the masses. Those who pretend to govern make policy that gives licences to those who have no business on our land, and who are law breakers in fact by their very presents! Some american citizens cant even get a licence without paying fees that they cant afford.
    The Republican and the Democrat party: the conspiracy of internationalists, conservatives and pink liberals who have wrecked this great nation with foolish folly, those are the gangs that must be broken up, starting with the Republicans.
    Like I say to my Libertarian and Anarchist friends,
    “you guys will never stop the NWO unless you adopt nationalism as your philosophic underpinnings, nativism as a creed, and military conduct as your code when you go out to secure 51% of the votes needed to take over the legislative and executive functions of the state and national assemblys.”
    Once the power of legislative discovery is in the hands of Nationalists, then all of the prior acts of the preceeding regime can be revealed…I have no doubt you, dear reader, understands what that implies. There is the real truth!
    Rense is a sensationalist, and is no help.
    There is no need to tease the beast, or give it more bad names. Just outlaw the beast money system and it will have to go away.

  8. GTRman says:

    Wherever there is child sex abuse , there are jews all over it :

    ( JEW)Edwina Currie: I have nothing to hide over Jimmy Savile
    Edwina Currie has claimed she has ‘nothing to hide’ after it emerged she appointed Jimmy Savile as head of a taskforce at Broadmoor high security psychiatric hospital where victims say they were abused.

    (JEW) Esther Rantzen criticises Savile Yewtree investigation
    Esther Rantzen, the founder of Childline, has criticised the police investigation into Jimmy Savile, claiming it is no longer focused on child abuse.

    see also JEW Margaret Hodge ( Oppenheimer ) , Queer JEW and alleged Pederast Peter Mandelson , etc etc – all held positions pertinent to ‘Childrens Welfare’ in UK government / charities .

  9. Ken says:

    Gordon Duff from Veterans Today interview with Clay the Shill Douglas


    Minute 38 Gordon Duff says there is not a German American family that does not have Jewish Blood.

    Minute 57:30 Gordon Duff says he has on his staff a Russian Colonel, Russian Security Services, 5 or 6 former IDF Mossad people, couple of Brits and Pakistan Army.

    Minute 59:50. Gordon Duff says the people most abused by Zionists, Israel and the ADL are the Jews in the United States. No group is misused as much as Jews. Making the Jews of the US real victims is their goal. They (Zionists, Israel, ADL) are doing everything possible to make people hate Jews in the US. There are no Jewish-Americans, there are no White-Americans. Racism is evil.

    Minute 61. Gordon says he is not pro-religion and dislikes all Religions equally but 10 seconds earlier he said Islam is the best and least racist.

    Minute 66. Gordon Duff says the people who want to attack Iran and be Totalitarians are the real Nazi’s.

    Minute 67:45. Gordon Duff Says Clay Douglas is one of the more sensible people he has known (anyone who has listened to Clay Douglas knows he is a nutcase, just listen to his show on 13 Jan 2011)

    • Andre says:

      Haha. It does not surprise me.

      I can’t find a link to that Clay Douglas January 13, 2011 show you mention. I am now interested, if you have it.

  10. Ken says:

    In Gordon Duff’s interview found at he makes the interesting comment at 36:38.

    Duff says, “I am not an opponent of the US Government, not by any means, closer to an employee.”

  11. Bailey says:

    What’s really frightening is that people believe Alex Jones.

    Jones has a knack for turning potential citizens against people like us who know and who are not afraid to name the jew.

    It’s the jew, damn it, It’s always the jew.

    Be sure that when some one calls you a Nazi or an antisemite you smile and thank them kindly.

    And, Would someone please tell Abe Foxman to STFU ?

    • GTRman says:

      ‘ infected by anti-semitism ‘ Bailey ? Lets hope its contagious and they wont bring out yet another vaccine to try and stop it .

  12. They have a common theme though, and they make it obvious. According to them it is absolutely “NEVER the Jews”. And even when they are forced to admit the obvious, they tell their audience that “Jews are always innocent and trustworthy” and that there are just a few rotten apples (“Zionists”) in the otherwise “perfect” Jew bunch. Of course anyone who is committing unthinkable crimes against someone else would love to reduce it to a “bad apples in every bunch” argument, to make it appear as though they are no worse than the innocent people they are victimizing. So by admitting that “some Jews” are involved (“Zionists”) is to not tell the sheeple anything they couldn’t figure out on their own in a matter of minutes. And of course anyone who dares to point out the Jewish fingerprints on EVERYTHING, who dares to call them out on their never ending lies, who dares to question their twisted version of “history”, and who dares to call them that in which they call themselves while doing so (J-E-W-S), must be a “Nazi”.

    Their message is CLEAR: “it’s anyone other than the Jews”, “who are generally good people”, “who have been victimized/scapegoated all throughout history”, and “who we must protect from those evil Nazis”. “And remember, Nazis are the epitome of evil, so no mind should be paid and no mercy should be shown to anyone we label as being one”.

    This tactic is applied across the board, by Jews and their Shabbot Goy alike. So we just have to point it out to everyone and it will lose its effect. They will be forced to come up with something new (an impossibility, since they rely entirely on name calling, false motives, strawman arguments, and other attacks on the messengers) or risk proving us right each time they fall back on their usual tactics. Really, they ALL sound the same, with their “Nazi” nonsense, their “Zionist” crap, and the flip-flopping they do between the two.

  13. I can only assume these scumbags have call-ins to their shows? So why not call in and challenge them to a debate on the actual facts presented on Mike’s website(s)? It’s a win-win for us, as they are more than likely going to decline, which would demonstrate to their audience(s) just how empty their accusations are OR if they were foolish enough to take us up on our offer, we would expose them on a level that would make it impossible for them to recover the (blind) trust their listeners currently have in them. Of course we don’t give a damn about what they think (we know their purpose), but we could slip in and “save” their audience in this way. Nudging them that much closer to the one and only (“antisemitic”) truth.

    In any case, as you pointed out, this is to be expected from Jews and their Shabbot Goy alike. “Nazi” this and “antisemite” that, as they run in circles desperately trying to convince everyone that it’s “just the Zionists” (when they are not blaming the “Nazis”, of course). They speak their partial “truths” only as a means to protect Jews from a mass Gentile awakening, and they make this agenda obvious.

    “Good” Jews? Here’s my list: Bobby Fischer, and he’s dead. I’d sooner trust a snake, a tick, or a tiger not to bite than for a Jew to simply tell the truth (again, partial “truths” are even worse than flat out lies).

    • GTRman says:

      But Scott -wasnt Bobby Fischer insane ?
      Like Ezra Pound ?
      The jews told me so !

    • Andre says:

      Rense doesn’t allow calls. Hasn’t in like ten years or something. He can’t allow disagreement, given the kind of bullshit he spews. Most of the other shows do take calls, but I doubt Duff is going to press this. I think he meant to attack all of us through a site that he thought was unlikely to defend itself, and it turned out it was owned by Mike.

      The reality of the Jew is that even if he himself thinks he is doing good, he is still carrying out his genetic program to destroy. They simply have no control over this behavior of theirs. The real enemy are the race traitors, as without them, there is no way these Jews could get away with what they get away with.

  14. Bailey says:

    Just look at that freak with his Phil Spector, creepy jew hairdo.
    Do people really take Rense seriously?

    • Andre says:

      It is frightening to imagine that they do. With all his talk about Bigfoot and such. But apparently, a lot of people consider him to be a valid source of information.

      It is a Phil Spector hairdo, haha. I didn’t think of that. But Spector’s was real, I think Rense wears a wig. Anyway, it is difficult to imagine an excuse for looking like that. I always thought it was just a joke picture, until I saw another one where he really does look like that.

      • GTRman says:

        There’s a great pic of late 70′s George Harrison next to Rense , over at Mamis Shit . I think it’s taking the piss out of the ludicrous ‘theories’ of the lunatic dis-info merchant Ed Chiarini
        ( Dallas Goldbug)

        By accident or by design , Goldbug makes any talk of “fake news events ” or ” actors ” (or , what I think more likely , videos of drills being portrayed as ‘real ‘) look completely kooky so the entire topic can be dismissed .

        Rather like David Icke -who has done fantastic work – but any talk of conspiracy ( how I hate what that word has come to mean ) can be ridiculed with the standard ” 12 foot tall reptiles in Buckingham Palace ” retort.

  15. AmalekTV says:

    Unless VT and Jeff Rense have an actual discussion with Mike Delaney. These people are Never to be Trusted.

  16. John Sholtes says:

    You still should go to VT because there is so much bullshit especially about National Socialism that you have to correct them.

    • Andre says:

      They delete all comments which question their agenda though. So there isn’t really any purpose in hanging out there.

      On this disinfo article about RFJ, comments telling the truth don’t even show up.

  17. Half-blood Polack says:

    When my laptop was stolen I was working on a school report, so am I entitled to $25,000 plus the value of the $300 laptop?

  18. serious says:

    For years I have told people that they were fools to trust Gordon Duff, and when some continued to even after all they had found out, I realized that even those particular gentiles who claim to be savvy, STILL harbor good feelings toward Jews.
    NOT ME.

  19. Whitewraithe says:

    John Alan Martinson produced a video several years ago entitled, THE MYTH OF THE GOOD JEW. Surprisingly, it can still be found on the internet, and is a must watch. This patriot knows what he’s talking about.

    In the long run, I am beginning to believe that GD and VT have done an enormous favor for those in the “real” truth movement. Being outed for his lies, GD will never again enjoy the prestige he once claimed as a truthteller, nor will VT. And the one thing that a Jew can never do – admit when they are wrong. They are incapable of apologizing for anything and will continue to perpetrate the lie no matter how big, or how small.

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