Fascist Sunday Wrap-Up

Roll on.

Roll on.

I had this mostly done Friday.  But then the electricity went out, then something else happened, then a second and third thing happened.

Welcome to the wrap-up.


Nazi Pigs***

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On with John Friend

I was on this week with John Friend.  I think the show went pretty great.

You can listen or download it here.

We talked about the recent attack video aimed at me, and deconstructed the idiotic arguments of the attacker, Aaron Hawkins of Storm Clouds Gathering – who, by the way, has refused to debate me because he believes I am a ‘cockroach.’




Nazi Spacde***

Arabian Terror Lord Mark Glenn Teams-up with Anonymous Anti-White Zionist Criminal to Push End of White Race

The ugly truth about Mark Glenn.

The ugly truth about Mark Glenn.

Mark Glenn cannot help but attack White people every chance he gets.  If he does not get a chance, he will create a chance.  This time, former pro-White blogger, who it turns out wasn’t actually even White, ‘ZCF,’ gave him such a chance.

The Zionist Criminal wrote an ‘open letter‘ to Mr. Glenn mentioning my attacks on him, and congratulating him for pushing an agenda to annihilate the White race.

After apologizing for having ever associated with the WN community, he writes:

How can one actually argue that a recent white European immigrant to the U.S. has more of a right to be in the country than a Black person whose ancestors have inhabited the U.S. for hundreds of years, or an Amerindian whose ancestors have lived on this continent for thousands of years, or even a second generation Asian-American? That’s hypocrisy of the highest order, no different than a European or American Jew stipulating that he/she is more entitled to occupied Palestine than the exiled Arabs whose ancestors have lived there for hundreds of years. White nationalism in America (Australia, Canada, etc) is in essence White Zionism with the same nasty, supremacist underpinnings as its Jewish counterpart.

This is the same idiotic moralizing we see, constantly, from the mainstream Jewish anti-White establishment. “America is a nation of immigrants, this land was stolen from Indians.” They can come up with nothing better to justify an invasion and conquest of our lands, and thus continually resort to this confusing gibberish.

How does the fact that Whites have not lived here for thousands of years somehow justify the Jews bringing in millions of immigrants to rape and rob us? Because of some abstract notion about moral rights, we need to allow the ruling Jewish elite to flood us and destroy everything our ancestors built?

Oh, but then he compares it to Jewish Zionism – and we don’t want to be like the Jews, do we? So we must allow the hordes to overrun us, live on welfare, rape women and sell drugs – if we complain about it, we are no better than the Jews.

But in order for this to make sense, we have to accept the falsified, liberal post-war history, which makes the ridiculous claim that Whites “genocided” the Indians. In actual fact, as any history text published before the 1940s can attest, the Indians were not inhabiting the entirety of this continent, and freely sold the land that they were inhabiting. They were a violent race who had been engaged in endless tribal warfare for tens of thousands of years, and when the Europeans came, the various Indian factions allied themselves with the various European factions on the continent, for the purpose of trying to destroy their tribal enemies. Beyond this, their tribal warfare was enhanced by European weaponry and horses, which led them to slaughter one another at an exponentially more efficient rate. They also could not handle alcohol, and were highly susceptible to disease.

Whites did not kill these Indians, unless it was in self-defense.

We might also note that even if our ancestors had killed all the Indians because they were just that evil, this would in no way make it logical for us to now hand over not simply our land, but the entirety of our wealth, our wives and daughters, and our childrens’ futures, to completely different groups of non-Whites. There is no logic here. It is purely an argument based on exploiting White altruism though the process of White Guilt, convincing us that we deserve to be destroyed.

We can also make note of an argument that states there are no ‘rights’ beyond what a person is capable of achieving. The hordes which Mark Glenn and ‘ZCF’ want to see overrun and destroy the White race are not doing this of their own power, they are being brought here by Jews, who were the sole force lobbying for the Immigration Act of 1965, and are presently on the forefront of ‘Immigration Reform’ right now, in every White country.

So, let’s just make that totally clear – immigration into White nations is a Jewish program. No one can argue it isn’t, it is a documented, objective fact. These anti-Whites are supporting this Jewish program, while also vaguely claiming to be against the Jews, and then telling us we are like the Jews for opposing this Jewish program.

Things got even more bizarre in the comments section of the article, where Mark Glenn responded to anyone who disagreed with his Jewish invasion agenda with hatred and profanity.

Let’s take a look

For the last freaking time, because it is getting old–these immigrants aare coming to white lands because whites have wrecked their lands through war and economic exploitation. The fact that some of the countries have not directly participated means nothing. People are going to go where they are safe, plain and simple, and if that means going to Ireland instead of America when Ireland had nothing to do with the destruction of their countries is immaterial. Are you really this effing stupid that it needs to be explained to you this many times in a such an elementary level that even a child can understand?

Next, there is no legitimizing Islamic crime, you effing idiot. EVERY DAY there are stories dealing with crimes of Muslims. Get your head out of your Goddamned asshole.

Hm.  Yes, I’ve responded to this already, at length – you can see that here (I advise anyone who hasn’t already to read it – it is a complete refutation, which Glenn has simply refused to acknowledge).

But just to state it briefly: suggesting that even if there were no wars, Muslims would rather live in third world filth-holes, where they are bordering on starvation, is insane.  Then we have the issue that most of these immigrants are not even from nations that have been invaded by the US or NATO (Turkey, Algeria, Morocco, Sub-Saharan Africa, etc.), which makes the argument stop being an argument at all.

Mark then goes on to claim that the mass-rape of Swedish women by his filthy, savage kin is some time of Jewish conspiracy.

A commenter wrote:

Mark, what’s your opinion on how because of Muslim immigrants Sweden has the 2nd highest rate rape in the world and 1/3 of those are under 15 years old?

And Glenn responded:

well, at first glance, it sounds a lot like 6 million in the holocaust, 72 virgins and 19 AY-rab hijackers on 911–in other words, Jewish numerology meant to seduce Gentiles into adopting a political situation that benefits the Jews. Where’d you get the info, from Pamela Geller’s website?

Yes, because being opposed to the absolutely Jewish-invented concept of multiculturalism benefits the Jews.  Makes perfect sense.  Even as Jews are putting people in prison for speaking out against multiculturalism.  And just imagine how much the Jews would suffer if a bunch of African criminals in Sweden were denied their tens of thousands a year in welfare, and sent back home to Africa – this would stop any resistance to the Jewish agenda dead in its tracks.

Oh, and I guess the Jewish media covers up the mass-rape epidemic in Sweden as some type of an elaborate double-fake-out.

In another recent post, he had this to say about White Nationalism:

The one thing that is impossible to escape noticing about the entire WN position is that it is one of ‘ME, ME, ME’ and ‘US, US, US’ rather than viewing the entirety of humanity that stands the very real chance of being wiped out by our common enemy, and there is only ONE entity that benefits from the exclusive, isolated position that WNs have adopted, and you know who it is.

Mark Glenn is a staunch advocate of the right of foreign peoples to enter White lands and live off the the wealth we have created, and would have us believe that opposition to this is selfish.  But this invasion he promotes exclusively benefits the invaders, while robbing us, making our neighborhoods unsafe, and transforming the shape of our nations.  Which is more selfish – wanting to be left alone in peace, or invading a nation and robbing and raping it?

There is no one more “ME, ME, ME” than the welfare hordes of Muslims invading White nations and demanding free everything, and getting it, then rioting any time they feel their feelings have been hurt (or maybe just because they felt like rioting).

Mark Glenn has clearly been broken down now, and does not seem capable of holding himself together.  He has made it entirely clear that his core goal is to assist the Jews in the flooding of White nations with nonwhite immigrants.

Mark Glenn is pushing the racial agenda of the nonwhite horde to which he belongs, and his neurotic narcissism prevents him from being able to hide this fact.

Thankfully, his readership is disappearing, as he continues collapse psychologically, right out in public.

The Ugly Truth Failure

At least 60% of these hits are from White people going there to catch the drama.



Jewish ‘Pick-Up Artist’ Game

The most popular article on Daily Stormer this week was one about the Jews of the ‘pick-up artist’ industry. I was considering writing an article about this phenomenon – one which I was not hitherto aware of – and may indeed to that in the future, but it should be enough to say a bit here for now.

I was somewhat shocked to see people in the comments section defending these Jews. And then I found out that there is an entire internet subculture which identifies as pro-White, while also pushing this Jewish crap.

Firstly, I do not believe that the system which all of these Jews appear to promote is even effective, outside of any moral concerns. Being an asshole to women can only attract damaged girls, as no one else would respond positively to that. What they are teaching is a shoddy method of presenting fake self-confidence, which would only work with the lowest quality of women, that is, self-hating sluts. Even sluts with a good self-image (if there is such a thing – I believe there might be) would respond negatively to this type of behavior.

Of course, women do respond positively to confidence. That is in no way a secret, and there is no mystery about it. If a man has low-confidence, he needs to work on this core problem, at which point he should have no trouble attracting a suitable mate – which should absolutely be the goal of any real man, rather than surrounding himself with easy sluts – this is subhuman behavior, which any true White man should view as below him.

Next, there are very real problems with this sort of thing morally – and remember that the purpose of morality is to uphold and persevere the folk, it is not an abstraction. To put sex as the highest achievement in life is to behave like a nigger, and this type of thinking should be looked upon with the utmost disdain, as it necessarily leads to a break down of the social order, ultimately leading to a society which functions as African society does.

This behavior is described as “alpha” by these Jews, who happen to all be ugly, weak dweebs. The true qualities of an “alpha” male are not his ability to psychologically manipulate whorish women into pleasuring him sexually – this is the typical ability of an old fashioned degenerate scumbag, nothing more – a real man who exhibits powerful characteristics is focused on higher, masculine ideals, rather than the lowly material pleasures of sexual extravagance. A true ‘alpha male’ would be spending his energy leading his people by standing up and fighting for ideals.

A people whose men care only for the material pleasures of the world is a broken and weak people, merely waiting around to be destroyed by those who adhere to a stronger ideal (and yes, Islam is stronger than materialism – much stronger). By engaging in obsessive-neurotic sexual fixationism, a White man is not only betraying his own soul, but his race, and the future of his people. There is nothing lower than a creature which exists purely for physical stimulation – it is something lower than the animals, who know better, and plan for the well-being of their offspring.

In order to have a properly functioning society, we need families. In order to have families, we need to control the sex urges, and practice a degree of restraint – restraint is strength, and it was through sexual restraint that the White man was capable of creating the greatest civilizations which ever existed, as this sexual restraint (what Freud referred to as ‘sexual repression’ and sought to ‘free us’ from) gave stability to the social order, allowing for men to focus on things beyond physical stimulation.

I also believe that sexual promiscuity leads directly to homosexuality, as it is basically the same thing.

Of course, sexuality is a fundamental aspect of who we are as human beings, and we do need to satisfy this need.  We simply must recognize that the proper way to fulfill this need is through committed, monogamous relationships.  Repeated promiscuous sexual encounters do not actually even meet the sexual needs, as they lead merely to an endless desire for further such encounters – the opposite of fulfillment.

It is necessary that we rise above.



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Okay, that’s it for today.  I am going to try and get some posts up later this week, but if not, I am always over at the Daily Stormer.


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101 Responses to Fascist Sunday Wrap-Up

  1. DC says:

    This came up on Mark Glenn’s Ugly Truth site where this is not portrayed as a good thing there, but it seems like Magyar Hajnal are anti-Roma, anti-Jew and anti-European Union nationalists.
    Magyar Hajnal views the up and coming Jobbik party as ‘too soft’. Perhaps they’re worth paying attention to?


  2. Herr Wolf says:

    Since the mid-20th century, the world has only ever heard one side of an incredible story. The story of a boy from an ordinary family whose ambition it was to become an artist, but who instead became a drifter.

    His destiny however was not to drift into the awaiting oblivion, but to rise to the greatest heights of power, eventually to become one of the most influential men who ever lived.

    Now for the first time, here is a documented account of a story many believe to be…

    Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story NEVER Told!

    Learn the untold story about the most reviled man in history. Adolf Hitler, The Greatest Story Never Told is a 6-hour Documentary by TruthWillOut Films.

    This ground-breaking documentary chronicles the rise of Germany from defeat in World War I, to communist attempts to take over Germany; hyperinflation during the Weimar Republic, widespread unemployment and misery, and Adolf Hitler’s rise to power.

    It also reveals a personal side of Adolf Hitler: who he was, his family background, his artwork and struggles in Vienna and what motivated him to come to power.

    There’s so much hidden history to recount; FDR Pearl Harbor conspiracy, Soviet brutality, betrayal and treachery on all sides. Do we really know the true cost of war? Do we really possess all the facts?

    Watch this series and uncover the real root causes of World War II. Do your own research and decide what you choose to believe. Think different.

    • Joseph Heinrich Von Stumpenhausen says:

      Some rather interesting comments taken from this video,

      “Genuine fucking wing nut. There’s so much hypocrisy in the first 4 minutes of this interview it’s seriously fucking mind boggling that this guy thinks he is tricking anyone. Control the way you think, cause you’ve surely lost it. What a lunatic.”

      “Anglin. These guys (Anglin & Friend)both seem to agree with each other though – that would make them both wing nuts, so I guess it’s irrelevant.”

      “From what I can tell Anglin is hugely unpopular within the ” movement”, lots of people say they have a bad feeling about the guy.”

      ” Anglin has addressed past topics on his website as “Gas the Queers”, and addresses perceived social issues within this country as “faggotry”. Real leaders don’t conduct like that. He is a little child who poorly attempts to act like a man with a delusional ideology that he firmly believes is a sound social format. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone he claims, yet publishes articles on his website titled “Gas the Queers”. This guy can been seen through from miles away.”

  3. Today, we, Catholics, celebrate the Day of All the Saints, when we remember our lived ones who passed away.

    Today, besides of some relatives, I’ll have to remember the two comrades of the Golden Dawn murdered in Greece:


    Rest In Peace forever and ever

    By the way, it is curious that this happens the same day that, according to some not confirmated polls, Golden Dawn may have become the first political force in Greece:


  4. endzog says:

    ~Jews Kill Two Golden Dawn Members In Drive-By~



  5. I was concerned when I saw that the DS and TF were not working. Good thing all is well. I would like to take this time to say…That the past two posts I did (that I didn’t remember) are total shit.

    I have gone to bed before, woke up, and thought that I made regretful comments. So far I have not felt I said anything untrue or dumb. The last two I did were. I drink folks that is what I am saying.

    Those two posts have to go. I don’t feel comfortable saying the word kike on the internet when the MORE offensive term to use is JEW. It was very un-National Socialist of me and I owe you all an apology. If AA would be so nice and remove them, I would be very appreciative………………………………………………..Jews…………………..

  6. Chris says:

    What’s up with the DS?

    Front page keeps redirecting to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zionist

    Looks like the kikes been up to their trickery again.

  7. Polynikes says:


  8. Saxon says:

    Let me get this, TUT and Marxist Glenn

    Marxist Glenn is supposedly a Lebanese catholic, but he supports Islamic migration into white European nations ,USA ,Australia ,Canada and New Zealand. He worships Vladimir Putin like he is the second coming of Lenin. He has a radio show for years and has rarely brought up the holohoax and never the multicultural agenda of the Jews.

    Jonathon Azaziah a Marxist Bolshevik Jew , who has a Showa on TUT called the mask of zion ( Yonnie Azaziah wears that mask quite well) Yonnie screams and cries about how the Israeli are a bunch of facist and how there being mean to those innocent Moslems.

    The rest of the line up is eather half twoofers our staight up dis info agents.

    I read this and thought I would share it.

    Bolsheviks appeal to the masses when they sense revolution is in the air, they are not revolutionaries, just pretenders, it is obvious, the Jew should know, the tide is turning, the rot has set in and the end is near, Bolsheviks appear when the end is coming, desperately hoping to turn the masses towards a new direction, false opposition is a jewish speciality, and often difficult to spot. They only speak of transplanting one jewish class for another, the Zionist system stays always for them, they do not seek to change it or challenge it, only to strengthen it, and this is often done by criticism of the Zionist system itself but as you will find out Bolsheviks intend to merely switch the leading faces around, to replace them with fresh ones, and it does not matter to them how many lies they tell to do this.

  9. Reconquista aut Requiem says:

    Great post as usual Andrew, as well as all the positive contributions.

    I’ll repeat what I said on the previous post:
    MG thinks he is the “man” sitting on RT News talking crap with the rest of his socialist buddies, as for ZCF he is sucking up to the worst side, he should be ashamed of himself, but he is not, its in his blood. As for MG, he maligns Adolf Hitler, the Germans and Germany at every opportunity he can get. Why does he not address the Moors invasion and why the Reconquista took place or the Gates of Vienna in the first place? Or about the Ottoman Empire or where the name Slaves come from? In the 16th – 18th century, African Muslims enslaved 1.5 million White Europeans in the Barbary Slave Trade. African Muslims raided up the coastlines of Europe, particularly the British Isles but even as far as Iceland, kidnapping and enslaving White European Christians. The men were galley slaves, and the women were sex slaves. This was more brutal than working on a plantation or as a domestic servant. When the Trans-Atlantic slaveships (owned by Jews) docked at African slave-markets to buy slaves, they bought slaves who were already slaves. It was Arab Muslims and Black Africans themselves who captured members of rival tribes and took them to the coastal slave-markets to sell to the Jews. White people didn’t go into Africa and kidnap free black people. Most of the American slaveships and American slave-markets were run by Jews. But no one blames modern Jews or Muslims. Because if anyone today says anything was “run by Jews or Muslims”, they’re immediately dismissed as a crazy anti-Semite / anti-Muslim, regardless of whether or not it’s true. Native Americans and Jews owned Black (and White) slaves too, but no one seems to assign a collective guilt to modern Native Americans and Jews for their slavery. In fact, Jews were the biggest slave-owners in America per capita. Whites were the first people to stop slavery in modern times, whereas slavery still continues in Africa to this day. In Mauritania slavery was only made a punishable offence in 2007!

    IsraHell surrounded by millions of Muslims, but no attacks on Israhell itself, its because their own leaders are Jews and part of the Zionists.

    Jewish Roots of the Saudi Ruling Family
    Jewish Roots in Turkey
    The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Part I)
    The Dönmeh: The Middle East’s Most Whispered Secret (Part II)

    MG should concentrate on these issues and come to terms with the fact, he is just another non-white. Apart from the fact that he is ripe for a lunatic asylum.

  10. Van says:

    Mr. Anglin,

    I am 1/4 Ashkenazi Jew. What would you do with me? The rest of me is Germanic, Anglo, and Nordic. I am blond and blue eyed.

    Van A.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      It is a difficult question, but I basically agree with Hitler that if an individual with some portion of Jewish genetics identifies with the nation in which he lives, he could qualify for Aryanization. This would have to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis, obviously.

      There were many partial Jews Aryanized by Hitler, and there is no evidence that they were ever disloyal to the Reich.

      • IF such exceptions were to be made, I believe the only options given to partial Jews (I cringe at the thought of a 1/4 Jew being allowed to stay) would be to either leave OR to voluntarily submit to being sterilized (assuming they had some use to society in the 1st place). Individualism means nothing in an Aryan society. If someone is of no use to the collective, then they can hit the road.

        Then again, if it were up to me, I wouldn’t consider allowing a person to stay if they were anymore than 1/16th Jewish (and even then the sterilization rule would apply).

        The line has to be drawn somewhere, I guess, but there can be no place for Jewish DNA in a eugenics program which is meant to undo all of the damage the Jews have done to our race (killing off the very best of our people for centuries and tainting our gene-pool with their destructive DNA).

        • Half_blood Prussian says:

          “Marriages between half Jews and Germans or quarter Jews require the permission of the Reich Minister of
          the Interior. The law also provides that marriages between people of German blood with offspring of the miscegenated French from the period of the Rhineland occupation as well as with gypsies is prevented.” -SS race theory and Mate Selection Guidelines

          • Andrew Anglin says:

            Yes, a half Jew was treated differently than a half black and a gypsies. There were no exceptions for those who wished to breed with a half black or a gypsy.

            I have never known a good Jew, but I have known some quarter Jews who were pretty normal people.

            Of course, all of this would need to be worked out by committees and such. I am merely giving a basic opinion that I do not believe a person with a minor amount of Jewish blood need necessarily be ejected or sterilized.

        • Van says:

          I think I would leave before submitting to sterilization. My family is full of superior intellects. I would go somewhere far away, China or India, before getting trapped in an all-Jew colony. That would be horrible.

          • J.L. says:

            Leaving would be encouraged. :)

            I’m inclined to go with the old Roman model of citizenship, personally. If you’re a “barbarian” who wishes to be part of the nation (i.e. the people) then you’d be allowed to do business and live in peace but you wouldn’t have voting power or social welfare, ever. If, then, you married into the nation (i.e. marry a white woman) then your kids would be full citizens with all the perks.

            Essentially, this is how it should be anyway. The kind of pathetic “civic” nationalism we have in parts of Europe without this generational process just allows for exploitation of the welfare system in the first place.

            Of course, if that’s too horrible for non-citizens, then I’m sure there are plenty of third world societies that’ll let you in.. without our food aid they’ll need all the meat they can get, kosher or otherwise.

            Lol.. i’m kidding..

            • J.L. says:

              actually the Roman model was harsher than that at one point; it took three generations before full citizenship was earned. Two generations was, to the best of my recollection, the norm for a longer period around the end of the republic.

            • Andrew Anglin says:

              You think white women should be legally allowed to marry nonwhites?

              • J.L. says:

                I see all this as more of an educational matter than outrightly banning marriage.

                But if someone’s essentially 3/4th european and of good character, and they find an educated white woman sleazy enough to marry them, then sure. Or they can marry somebody not of the nation and their children simply won’t be citizens with any of the perks or voting power.

                Really, the main emphasis is that native citizens should be first class citizens in their own land; the Nation comes first. Having non-citizens or “guests” around in parts of the state isn’t much of a problem if they’re forced to live off of their own wealth… without welfare and government policy giving them advantage over citizens there’s no incentive for the vast majority of “guest workers” to even be there, or here.

                • James says:

                  “But if someone’s essentially 3/4th european and of good character, and they find an educated white woman sleazy enough to marry them, then sure.”

                  This is BS, your just as bad as the Libtards condoning Any form of Race-Mixing, Theres only two choices in life, We can’t be Lukewarm, we either stick 100 percent By our Principals and morals, or WE DONT and act like Compromising HYPOCRITES!

                  But I do Agree that only the INDIGENOUS citizens should the First and Ruling class of any nation. Similar to what hitler had with Only Germans Being Citizens and the Rest just being mere tourist.

                  • J.L. says:

                    I’m on the side of William Pierce here; the vast majority of people are just hapless bystanders who don’t really understand the world that they’re in. While we, ourselves, have higher integrity and wouldn’t sink to their levels it’s simply unreasonable that we force them to adhere to the standards we set for ourselves… it only results in metaphorically hitting the poor dumb bastards with sticks for reasons that are just beyond their comprehension, and until they can comprehend it then we only make enemies of them by behaving that way. It has to be an educational process rather than making laws designed to force them to do something that they don’t understand and then think that laws by themselves mean anything.

          • Falla says:

            Of course your family is full of superior intellects. They’re so superior they live a parasitical lifestyle and refrain from honest work. You’re a full-blooded Jew in your arrogance and you should go to Israel. We’re headed for a collective greatness, we value the Cartesian confidence in every human being, and your individual pretentiousness will only harm us. I have nothing but respect, love and forgiveness for Jews, but I wouldn’t risk in a million years to let any more suffering slip into the innocent victim’s hearts!

            Our goal should be to clean the gene-pool free of any Jewishness completely. Anything else will sooner or later lead to catastrophe. If we are to believe the exploitation and manipulation they’ve done, then we should seek the most effective way to do it. And accepting 1/4 is not effective, in fact it’s life-threatening and dangerous. 1/34? Maybe too paranoid, but again, if everything I’ve learned about Jews is true, then it’s completely justifiable.

            I’m sorry to sound rude btw. I think you should love yourself and your Jewish ancestry. Embrace it. If I was a Jew I’d be proud. As fellow human beings we should secure a happy environment of ethnocentrism for every race to live in happiness and prosperity. Purely felt Zionism and Nationalism goes outrageously contradicting hand-in-hand. But it’s not Zionism, it’s not Askhenazis – It’s Jews. So drink the beetle juice.

            I’ve written a poem on the half-breed Jews:

            Perhaps, my enchanting beauty!
            Perhaps, my lovely sunrise!
            Do I dare to wish upon the tender flowers?
            The colors are so beautiful I dare not speak a word.
            Oh my Yahweh! My intensity felt deeply, I weep for thee.
            A colony is what thine foulness seek for thy half-breed?
            I fall down to my knees and weep so outrageously in passion.
            Yahweh sayeth with foul whispering:
            Siberia, Siberia – Africa, Africa.
            A colony.
            Piano outro….

            • Jamie says:

              Responding to J.L.’s comment. Laws are a must and ignorance expecially to laws that are common sence in a future WN type society in are lands, should be punnished harshly. As for people not knowing these fair just laws, they would be forced to learn them, and this could be as easy as a few programs on t.v., also for children it would be part of education and they would no them at young ages. People do need a chance to deprogram the heavy brainwashing that has been done to are people for close to if not longer than 100 years. No takers in this society the Folk come first, proper famillys is huge and a must in a real just, happy, and prductive societys. Again sorry about my grammer am starting my GED very soon and am going to consentrait hard on improvement. I comprehend this great and read hour every single day, for about 5 years now. Got ran over by a car and for a year I read all day every day, and was surprized how addictive knowledge is. Fiction is ok and I read it but most baised alot around real facts. I have a very small amount of books we would suggest as almost must reads, but living in Canada it’s almost impossible to get a book that tells the TRUTH about any TRUE subject WN would read. The ones I do have I had to get at Amazon and had to listen to Mien Kampf. Read alot on the net am almost finnished “The Controversy of Zion” I think it’s a must read for people that are already Jewise it goes back to the vcery start of these people and shows with evidence they are a disructive force and love to smash things races, countrys, ECT.

            • Van says:

              I enjoy your humor and candor. Yes, my Jewish ancestors were quite intelligent, and especially so my grandfather who renounced the tribe, but I was also referring to my Nordic ancestors, of Dutch and German descent.

        • Chris says:

          Much like the problems that have befallen Byzantium and every other nation that has allowed the Jew to leave. They invariably return a few hundred years later to reclaim what “is rightfully theirs “.

          When you dislodge a parasite do you release it again to go and find another host. You kill right there and then.

          Allowing them to leave is not an option.

          Q: How many 1/16,1/8, 1/4 & 1/2 Jew at the fore of their Cain & Esau agenda?

          A: Millions

          These bastards are exterminating us.

          What part of that do people not understand!

      • Galloglach says:

        It is a difficult question indeed… but like Andrew said, it would have to be dealt case by case, in an individual level examined under the lens. That’s your overall appeareance, your level of jewishness, your family members, etc. given those parameters will tell us if you may pass or not.

        • James says:

          A jew is a jew in the end of the day, Its ridiculous to accept these people as part of our race, If people truly do believe in Eugenics and National socialism, they should honor and preserve Racial PURITY, not throw it away because some “good jew” wants to be considered an aryan, and again Nowadays, Race is more than Outward Appearance, Race is really about Blood and Heritage. Accepting jews within us will only lead down to same problems our ancestors met over and over again.

      • DC says:

        But would it not be foolish to ignore the times throughout history when Jews “converted”, to Christianity say which got them off the hook, only to allow them to carry on acting like Jews?

        You would need a Jew watch task force or something to ensure those half Jews behaved and did not become “insiders” for the tribe. From a logistically perspective it is much easier to require that they live separately or in ghettos again. At least, there would, I would think, need to be some law preventing Jews from rising to positions of power in certain fields like Law and in the Universities, etc where they have historically caused a lot trouble.

        • Van says:

          I am primarily interested in our spiritual welfare, true religion, and in revitalizing higher civiization- philosophy, religion, the arts, true sociology, true (racial) anthropology, etc.
          I was not raised in the Jewish culture as my one Jewish grandparent renounced the tribe.

          • DC says:

            Jews have a long track record of persuading their Gentile host population that they want to fit in and be a part of society, when they secretly see themselves as quite different. I understand that not all Jews have a strong connection to the tribe, but I think the percentage of these kinds of Jews is incredibly low, so sorry if I had a say in the matter I’d have to personally deny your request. No hard feelings, but Whites have had the wool pulled over our eyes too many times in the past to take what you say at face value.

      • Van says:

        I am glad you have a relatively fair attitude of mind about this issue.

        I see there is an assault against true civilization. I am working to nourish the pockets of true civilization wherever they exist.

      • Kevin Sommers says:

        I am surprised that you would take that stance Andre, especially considering that we know the jewish problem to be a question of genetics. With the thorough eugenics the jewish people seem to have practiced throughout the ages, in an effort to ensure they can mix with their hosts without losing the jewish loyalty/traits I’d side far into the side of caution and exclude those with even 1/32 jewish ancestors.

        Basing things solely off of what Hitler did seems a poor move, the sciences have moved on since then. He is an inspirational figure no doubt, but there is much to critique in his policies.

        • James says:

          Exactly Hitler WASNT God, we should be learning from his mistakes, lets face it, even Hitler compromised on the Jewish issue, Just ask Himmler, and like karma, it eventually led to his downfall, you can’t Simply ignore a Genetic parasite by simply ignoring it and magically giving them the title or “aryan” because someone like Herman Goering said so. So simply if were gonna allow Jewish mongrels in our gene pool, than why not allow Heidi klums hybrid children as well, sense there already halfway into Becoming “Aryans”.

          The Jewish question will only be solved by strict Eugenics and Deportation (like the old times), They already have eyes on Israel, so why don’t they ALL just go there.

          • if there was a god…this is my prayer…GO THERE..please go…please go…Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo…

        • Andrew Anglin says:

          We have little else to go by other than Hitler when it comes to these matters. Before, Jews were kicked out of countries after having only been identified by religious custom. It was not until the 19th century that people had the basis to look at it scientifically.

          But yes, we do not have to do everything exactly as Hitler did. But the acceptance of partial Jews wad not something that ever backfired or caused a problem in the Third Reich. And what would you do with such people? They cannot be considered Jewish in the way that a quarter black can be considered black, because most of their genes are already European, they just happen to be the worst of our genes, or theoretically so.

          • Kevin Sommers says:

            I’d deport them anyway. Our priority is with the masses, and after thousands of years of this infestation, I think it’s about time that we learn to be more thorough and practical with our solutions.

            If DNA research furthers to the point where we can see exactly what traits someone has inherited and from whom, and how they affect the persons psychology than maybe we can do things differently.

            • Galloglach says:

              Me too, beacuse thinking it well, why we should try to include them even if they are quarter,etc? is not like is our problem. Deep inside something tells me, “no, we will not do this, I will not stumble over the same rock again” You are right Kevin.

              Europe for europeans only. Jews can look for a homeland elsewhere.

          • James says:

            “And what would you do with such people?”
            Simply have a strict policy 0f Eugenics, Deport all non-indeginous inhabitants, and have ONLY those of the same racial stock be citizens of that nation.
            BTW, would accept Whites mixing with Mongrels/Bastards just because the third reich did it with jews then?

            The acceptance of partial jews by the Third Reich may of not been fully felt during those years, but you have to wonder, if the Jews are a Genetic Parasite, (As we see over and over again throughout history) I highly would doubt that Hitler would of ever fulfilled his 1000 yr Reich.

      • Krsnik says:

        It’s a tricky issue, since many Jews would try to claim quarter Jew heritage or whatever and then use the opportunity to sabotage the movement. I think it could be possible to assimilate some of the more white mischlings, but there would have to be a many years long process so that their loyalty could be assured.

    • Jamie says:

      We can not make the same mistake made at least 108 times already NO WAY thats why we are in the situation we are in today, we did not learn from are mistakes and continuall let history repeat itself. For a person likew yourself at the very least you would have to live in a Getto. I am almost done the book the Controversy of Zion and these Gettos that Jews use against us to make us look evil and themselfs persecuted and victims, it’s a lie they chose and would not allow themselfs to live with us Gentils. This is fact TRUTH we can not lose we will turn things to 6the rightious side because we have the TRUTH on are side BIG TIME. Even Scott R shows from the Jews own words not biblicle Hebrews but people that live 1 of the biggest lies ever told in more than 1 case of the worlds biggest lies that they were always very wealthy and controlled so much witch to anyone with a brain can see that is not even logical. I am not racist more than half of my friends are of other races, but over the last few years I have learned that WN with at least Europe needs to get rid of all none Europeans to stop the genocide thats been taking place against the very race that forced the rest of the world to end slavery, something that took hundreds of years against the will of the the rest of the world.

  11. endzog says:



  12. J.L. says:

    Question from a Roman history nut;

    The eagle and swastika mosaic; it looks Byzantine almost (maybe a renaissance copy) but I’m not aware of swastika imagery going back that far, where did it come from?

  13. Polynikes says:

    God job on the “Wrap Up” once again.

    It’s always fun highlighting the rank stupidity of Glenn and his TUT-nut contributors. For me, what stands out about Glenn is how he is becoming more rabid as time goes by. I too sense a Mark Glenn mental breakdown is eminent.

    There was a time when he was able to engage in conversation without ranting and raving but now? Let’s just say he comes across as a person who would start and lose an argument with an inanimate object. Debating that poor diminishing fool would be tantamount to animal cruelty.

    What I find amusingly ironic is that for a man who founded the Crescent and the Cross organization (and its purported purpose), he has singlehandedly done more damage to Christian/Muslim relations, and to the Muslim cause overall, than almost any one blogger I can think of over the past 2 years.

    If there was ever a case to be made about the dangers of taking on a task far beyond one’s level of incompetency, Glenn has showcased it (the Peter Principle) in neon lights.

    What an utter failure.

    • Awesome Polynikes, Notice all the bold face black ink when whites respond to him? When I wasn’t ‘home’ at TF or DS or John-Friend and was the away team, I hardly saw so much ‘editorial comment’ at TUT.

      Although I didn’t know the score, what was clearly noticeable and concerning was how ‘unhinged’ the ‘responsible’ man who is concerned about ‘winning’ becomes when you point out the oh so hard to explain facts about how he is one way, all the time, everytime. His agenda, whatever that is, oh wait, we know, the Arab agenda, fuck off whites, except for when it serves the arab agenda.

      Another one bites the dust. You guys just keep stacking up the virtual interweb body count yeah high! Burying our enemies as Andrew would say! Next up? Whoever opens their fucking mouth who has not the facts and solutions we have!

      See below (videos). This is our power. Every one of us is the embodiment of the man below. They have done everything in their power to make us think that that is not who we are INSIDE AND OUT. That is our spirit. That is our destiny. We are awakened. Our enemies better watch out.

      We have only begun to stir. As our society crumbles, our members will grow. We don’t wish this. But push us to the edge, and we will charge…

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      This is the thing. I’m surprised that none of his Arab brethren have come out and admonished him for using vile profanity and name-calling as a means to try and convince people that Arabs have a right to colonize America and Europe. Or maybe they have and I just don’t know about it.

      I have repeatedly offered an open floor for any of Mark’s supporters who wish to defend his hate-filled speech and agenda here, and yet so far not a single one of them has tried to do so. I just cannot imagine that there are any White Christians who are moved by his message. He appeals only to the invading hordes themselves.

  14. Wow. I can’t say I ‘caught’ the ZCF MG letter. I did however tell the people here to bring the pitchforks and torches, as was the same scenario with ‘Storm Clouds Gathering’ guy, I heard the bell, and I told the posse to bring the pitchforks and torches. You guys deliver!

    I swear this is an all star team! Eleven comments so far and you guys shoot nothing but bullseyes! I am learning so much from you White Hate Mongering Crackers who want to kill people for no reason, especially ‘those we don’t speak of’ because you were all born to hate people, invent the wheal, civilize people, discover invention after invention, map the skies, land, water, name the species and animals, make laws that benefit all men, form societies, farm land, feed the people, build up the worthless human animals.

    You are all so full of hate! By the way, I hate getting bit by spiders or walking in there webs, somebody get me a ‘those we don’t speak’ psychiatrist to delve into why I so hate the poor helpless spiders! I confess, I have broken some webs before…In order to walk out my front door I have broken spider webs…I am a monster, I must be reformed…

    Keep it going guys, your spitting pure gold for those of us who are still learning about how great we are, and how these unhinged emotionals can’t debate you guys. WE WANT A DEBATE! No debate? WE WANT YOU TO GET LOST! No get lost? WE WANT YOU TO STOP PRETENDING YOU ARE FIGHTING ‘those we don’t speak of” AND JUST MOVE THE FUCK TO LEBANON ALREADY AND STOP PREYING ON DECENT AMERICANS LIKE PHIL TOURNEY WHO YOU CONFUSE INTO THINKING THAT ARABS ARE GOING TO SAVE US!

    The Ugly Truth is this…TUT is a Muslim Making Factory. We are whites, we like us just the way we are, and Mark Glenn is an IMAM.

    Those who have been in the fight with names attached, I bow to you. Fight on!

  15. Chris White says:

    “How can one actually argue that a recent white European immigrant to the U.S. has more of a right to be in the country than a Black person whose ancestors have inhabited the U.S. for hundreds of years, or an Amerindian whose ancestors have lived on this continent for thousands of years, or even a second generation Asian-American? That’s hypocrisy of the highest order, no different than a European or American Jew stipulating that he/she is more entitled to occupied Palestine than the exiled Arabs whose ancestors have lived there for hundreds of years.”

    Let me have a go.

    1. The Amerindian populations of The Americas are not the “first people” to inhabit these twin continents. Everyone who hasn’t been living in a cave for the past 10 years understands that the earliest archaeological evidence for human habitation in The Americas point to original settlement from the East over the ancient North Atlantic ice sheet, not from the West across the old land bridge under what is now the Bearing Straights, as we were once erroneously all taught in school.

    Moreover the archaeological evidence itself is supported by further genetic, phrenological, linguistic and cultural evidence, also strongly suggesting that the earliest human encroachments into North America occurred from about 20,000 to about 14,000 BC, which almost certainly emanated from what were at the time the Arctic tundras of Southern Europe and the lush temperate forests of the Sahara.

    Therefore IF the so called “indigenous” populations of The Americas are indeed representative of those groups which entered into The Americas at about 9,000 BC from Asia, they AT BEST have no more right to its national ownership that the Aryan-European peoples who reside there today and who have built America up into something that they never could have and AT WORST are the descendants of those who came and genocided the European derived peoples who were already living there and therefore have no real right to complain about all the payback they’ve been receiving since 1492.

    2. Yes, Amerindian populations inhabited The Americas for centuries before non-ancient Europeans colonized these lands through both trade and warfare, but then again we non-ancient Europeans have never pretended that the Redskins were our equals, either legally or morally.

    Spiritually some Europeans and European institutions may have embraced The Amerindian as a brother-in-Christ in the case of conversions to the Christian religion, but this is not the same thing as according savage cultures and states with no positive conventions or traditions on the prohibition of warfare against women, children, the elderly, the sick and non-combatants in general, with any kind of political, legal or moral respect on equal terms.

    From the outset the justified attitude of The White Man towards the Redskin has always been one of self-evident moral and legal superiority.

    How many people did Cortez’s Conquistadors torture to death, by cutting out their still beating hearts and then eating them in front of their very eyes as they died slowly of organ failure, blood loss and shock?

    How many Indian women and children did the British Army murder?

    Which side was it that started the custom of scalping and torturing to death POW’s, the Europeans or the Indians?

    These are things which civilized armies don’t do to each other which is why The Red Man was basically asking for it. – But this of course he could not help, because he is a savage, which just proves my point about why they don’t count when it comes to generous rules of engagement. One might as well argue for generous rules of engagement against a troop of rabid gorillas or a pack of starving sharks…

    3. At the time of the modern European discovery of The Americas for what they were (the late 14th Century / early 16th Century), those Amerindians which Europeans encountered had no established treaties or agreements with the government of any European state, or even with any state known to Western Civilization during that period.

    This is why one of the first things Columbus asked a few of the Arawak tribesmen he found in living in what we now today call ‘The Caribbean’, was “are you subjects of the Great Khan?” – If they had been subjects of the Mongol Empire or Christians, or even of any state known to Spanish Court at that time, then Columbus would have been legally obligated to deal with them on certain terms, but as it happened they were not and so possessed no legal rights under both Spanish and international law as it stood at the time.

    If we could somehow reverse Western Civilization out of the cloaca that it is in today, redirect the creative forces of Western Science towards the constructive goals of space exploration, thereby achieve regular, intergalactic space flight and commercial exploration as a realistic way of life for millions of people and then some people, or some Earth states just decided to claim mining rights on an ‘M’ class planets which just so happened to have a native population of a few million primitively civilized creatures, almost all of whom were living caves and/or reed huts, who would we be to say that that couldn’t happen?

    Why should The Americas with its tiny population of only a few million, mainly scattered Stone Age tribes have any substantial claim to these lands? Do logging companies today ask the permission of orangutans before destroying their habitats in Indonesia? – I for one am completely against destroying the general habitat of the orangutan, but that’s besides the point.

    The point is that permission is not legally required and is not usually sought after, because political treaties between the society of apes and the society of men, marking out national boundaries and establishing customs of interaction do not normally exist.

    4. The population of The Americas in 1492 is thought to have been almost 50 million but by 1650 that number is thought to have decreased to about 8 million. – But this was not primarily due to warfare, but almost exclusively as a result of the spread of European diseases, which the Europeans generally could not have prevented and were simply unable to predict.

    What are these idiots attempting to claim? That White people are collectively responsible for the behaviour of viruses, through some type of cellular telepathy? This is not any kind of argument at all, this is just insane gibbering nonsense in an inane and pathetic attempt to look fashionable before the self-hating, brainwashed Western masses.

    5. Contrary to Marxist myth the vast majority of European conquests of Indian land from 1492 onwards were as a result of conflicts that were initiated by the Red Man not the White Man.

    Manhattan Island is a prime example of where the lands of The Americas which Europeans largely settled under the authority of an established European state, were actually acquired peacefully through fair trade, not simply ripped from under the feet of any small local group stone age savages, which either did or did not have a legitimate claim to it.

    In the case of Manhattan Island the Dutch explorer Peter Minuit actually paid for it with $24 worth of goods in a transaction with the local Indian rulers, – ie the only people who were around when he got there. There was actually a physical contract! It was signed for on paper! How is this in any sense aggressive invasion? How is this in any sense anything like the ongoing Jewish occupation of Gaza?

    Are there any historical sources suggesting that having concluded the deal Peter Minuit then climbed into a 17th Century hot air balloon and then proceeded to drop primitive white phosphorus bombs on the Indians’ wigwams? No, of course not! The idea is idiotic and the deranged people who assert such idiotic ideas are IDIOTS plain and simple.

    In the case of Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire (probably the only native civilized area of The Americas outside of realm of the Incas at the time), the number of actual Europeans who were actually there was something like 400 or so. The vast bulk of the Spanish armies which crushed the Aztecs were actually made up of local Indian warriors, who all hated the Aztecs and their gruesome hegemony.

    Likewise in other areas of The Americas where European colonization took place, European colonists were often welcomed with open arms by local bigwigs, who were more than eager to exchange the regions furs and/or other commodities for contemporary Western goods such as beads, coins, trinkets, muskets, blades and black powder etcetera.

    In the French & Indian War for example there were literally whole armies of Indians fighting each other on the side of both the British and the French and of course one of the very reasons why the original Thirteen Colonies that initially formed the United States decided to rebel against Britain in the first place, was because the British Government wanted to prevent the American colonists from seizing, unused Indian lands (that were just lying idol), in retribution for the frequent Indian massacres against peaceful colonists. – Massacres which would often take place well within the established frontiers of the Thirteen Colonies, where there were no Indian claims or large Indian settlements whatsoever.

    In addition we also know from Indian sources themselves that more Amerindians have been massacred by other Amerindians throughout history, than by any other group including Europeans.

    One of the reasons why the Apache Indians for example lost what is now the Western United States far faster than they would have otherwise, was because so many other tribes hated them for their acts of aggressive and genocidal expansion into other Indian territories. This the Apache tribe called the “right of the strong”, so even if they did lose their lands to the White Man, how by their own cultural standards was this in any sense ‘unfair?’…

    Massacring other tribes under the excuse of natural law and then whining and complaining that all those resources you just wasted simply by sitting on top of them as a band of unwitting, primitive hunter-gatherers, have been likewise seized, this time by an advanced industrial civilization with the potential to bring humanity to the stars: – Now THAT’S what *I* call “hypocrisy”…

    The idea that the so called “natives” who the first non-ancient European colonists encountered in The Americas were somehow fighting tooth and nail to push every White man back into the Atlantic and were only doing this because of the White Man’s so called ‘violent nature’ and ‘racial bigotry’ is ridiculous, absurd and infantile.

    In a way one could argue that the Indians themselves; with their own naivety, their own ignorance, their own greed, their own disunity, their own lack of racial solidarity, their own collective shortsightedness and their own stupidity in at first both allowing and soliciting European settlement and then attacking and murdering European settlers, were the second biggest factor (after the inadvertent transmission of European diseases), which was to directly cause the general downfall of Amerindian cultural and political predominance in The Americas.

    6. With the current (but by no means everlasting) exception of United States, Canada, Argentina, Chile, The Guyanas and The Caribbean, those general populations which currently reside in The Americas are for the most part at least partly Amerindian and for a significant part include entirely homogeneous blocks of pure Amerindian peoples.

    Contrary to Political Correctness there is still even a sizable community of pure Aztecs who to this day reside in Southern Mexico, practicing a slightly christianized version of the same death cult which they preached more than 500 years ago.

    In fact per head there are more descendants in The Americas of Amerindian descent then there are descendants of non-Amerindian descent, so the idea that The Americas have been somehow ‘taken over’ by The White Man, is obviously absolute and utter drivel. – No such event has ever taken place.

    Furthermore it’s ironic that The Left always likes to attack the White European Male as the destroyer of ‘diverse cultures’ and as what their version of ‘diversity’ is meant to be fundamentally opposed to, when through the colonization of The Americas, The White Man has (perhaps somewhat foolishly), has in fact opened up these continents to every corner of globe.

    What are these Leftists smoking? Either they are for racial diversity, or they are not.

    If they are then why are they continuously moaning about the supposed European apocalypse of an almost entirely homogeneous third-of-the-Earth’s-land-mass, run by a mere scattering of very small Stone Age bands of closely interbred hunter-gatherers, who before the arrival of Western Civilization didn’t even have the capacity of the horse let alone transatlantic sailing ships?…

    7. In what sense does the Jewish plan to slowly absorb Palestine and eventually every land in between the Nile and the Euphrates into the State of Israel, have anything to do with the European colonization of The Americas?

    In what sense was the European colonization of The Americas a planned and centrally orchestrated scheme to create a homeland for Europeans, in the same way that the Jewish expansion of Israel is a planned and centrally orchestrated scheme to create a homeland for Jews?

    Israel depends upon its parasitical hold over other countries to keep the spread of its frontiers sufficiently well supplied, financed and politically endorsed.

    By contrast all of the European states which facilitated the colonization of The Americas did so for economic and strategic military purposes, not for the purposes of racial expansionism or global control.

    Moreover in colonizing The Americas European states (particularly Catholic states such as Spain and France), actually attempted to raise up vast sections of native populations they found there, to the same high standards of Christian civilization and values through conversion.

    Since when did anyone see armies of rabbis descending upon Muslim towns and villages in order to ‘bring them the good news’ of The Talmud?…

    The fundamental differences between the way in which Europe colonized The Americas and the way in which Israel is ethnically cleansing The Levant today, are that Europe ended up colonizing The Americas by default, whereas Jews from the beginning set out to remove the non-Jewish populations of The Levant and that whereas European settlers found themselves obliged to defend themselves against stone age hunter-gatherers, Jewish settlers in the West Bank today are today deliberately smashing up a semi-modern and relatively civilized, distinct people that has been building brick houses for millennia.

    8. White men who came as free men to colonize The Americas for their country were not “immigrants” they were colonists.

    When you go to live in someone else’s country you are an immigrant, but when you go to live in some uninhabited area which is already a part of your country, then you are a ‘colonist’, NOT an “immigrant”…

    The Europeans which followed the original White colonists of The Americas (Poles, Irish, Germans and so on), were indeed all immigrants, but these immigrants were not just any immigrants, they were colonial immigrants because they were related by both blood and close culture to those nations which originally settled the land, whereas most of the Third World immigrants who are arriving in The Americas today have absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with the culture of the original body of founding colonists, their society and traditions.

    That is why The White Man can never be an “immigrant” or a descendant of ‘immigrants’ in his own country, because as a European the territory in question was always apart of a European country.

    • Steven Rowlandson says:

      There is evidence that people from europe came to north america during the ice age and brought their double fluted spearpoint technology with them.
      Here are some videos that provide evidence.



      We may indeed have rights of first discovery and we may have been genocided or blended out of north america before.

    • Krsnik says:

      Hear hear!

      I don’t think many American white nationalists are about having the whole continent to ourselves anyway. Most I see also advocate a region for blacks to rule themselves and for Mexicans to be confined to Mexico and perhaps a portion of the southwest like New Mexico. Arabs obviously have no place here whatsoever, so Mark Glenn should find a way back to Saudi Arabia ASAP.

      • Jamie says:

        Even a part of the country were people of mixed race could live in a somewhat multiculteral area. I don’t kinow if Whites should be allowed as being only 8% of the worlds population we need all of us. To actually get this of the internet and on the sreets and in government we don’t need large numbers if the people are willing to go all the way and not pussy foot. Once this happens almost every Eroupean in the western world and Europe would vote for are leaders into power, remember here we are still the majority, and even other races would see we mean them no harm and would vote for us expecially after learning how evil the Tyrants they vote for today are. We would most likely be in are own lands and it would only be Whites voting but at the start we may not have tottal seperation. But the TRUTH is the TRUTH and we have that fully on are side with the proff. Just the fact that most people don’t know and are never told in anyway even schools that the White wesatern world ended slavery mostly by force against the will of all others excecially Africa and the Mid East. We are by far the least racist people on earth as a hole WN are not even racist we just love are people and we will die to make sure this genocide stops. I just don’t see Jews being safe if the world knows the things they have done all the while playing victims. If they are victims at all it’s their own people that do this to them. They have done to much to ever be forgiven to much death, wars, usery, lieing, terrorist attacks on us and almost every Arab country not kissing the Jews ass. Wild thing is we may need to protect them on whatever island they end up on as they need to have any military taken from them and only have weapons used to hunt or do things like that, they can’t have any way to harm anyone again.

  16. Cjmarxhatred says:

    Superb work Andrew as always comrade, glad to see the anti Whites collapse with their Jew allies, to hell with TUT and ZCF, assholes.

  17. Firstly, that was a GREAT show (with John). I’d highly recommend that everyone here take the time to listen to it.

    Secondly, in regards to Mark Glenn and the alias “Z.C.F.”, they wear their hypocrisy on their sleeves. In fact, they openly admit they will never debate any of us (they prefer one-sided attacks on their blogs, where they can censor any response we might otherwise give), while offering the same piss-poor-pathetic excuses for dodging us. Sure, they will spend most of their time talking about us (that seems to be all they do these days), but they will never, I repeat N-E-V-E-R engage us in a fair and balanced debate.

    “There really is no point in engaging these people” -ZCF

    The reasoning for it is obvious to us already, but they are making it obvious to everyone else as well (namely, those in their own audience). The “new” approach of these anti-White haters is to weasel out of debating us by claiming we are “not worth it” or that there is “really no point in it”. Well, it’s nothing new, but they are actually engaging in this lame damage control preemptively at this point. Typically, they save the excuses for when we corner them and force the issue. However, now they are bringing us up, oftentimes by name, while telling everyone in advance that we are “not worth the time” (go figure). That goes for trolls like ZCF and “StormCloudsGathering” to Araaaab’s like Mark Glenn, and every other anti-White goon in between.

    I mean, why not debate us? Why continue to talk ABOUT us, if you have no intention whatsoever to talk TO us? Who is afraid of who here? Who has no truth on their side, knows it, and therefor refuses to put themselves in a position where their lies will be (easily) exposed?

    Their refusal to debate us speaks volumes about them (as messengers and as men) and it lets us know that they are fully aware of the flaws in their own argument (“ignorance” is no longer a valid excuse). Otherwise, if they truly believed in the narrative they are pushing, they would be anxious to debate us, rather than being petrified of the prospect (as they decline our proposed debates preemptively).

    Seriously, either we are “not worth your time”, where you do not speak of us at all OR you admit that we are (a confession you already make with each new blog entry written about us) and you simply put your money where your mouths are. Debating issues you clearly consider to be important, with people who are offering a fair platform for doing so, should not be something an intellectually honest researcher/messenger ever looks to avoid. Yet it is clear that none of you are even willing to step to the plate and give it an honest “swing”.

    So once again, back to my comrades, I think our best approach is to openly challenge them to a debate and to ridicule them with “bold predictions” of their (predictable) excuses for declining our reasonable/respectable invitations. Anyone with 2 brain cells to rub together will recognize right away that these people are being dishonest and that they are afraid to debate us. The more calm and civilized we are, the less likely they are to engage us directly/openly. And if we ever forced their hand and compelled them to engage us in an open debate, we would quite easily dissect their anti-White rhetoric and expose them for what they are in the process. It truly is a win/win for us.

    But I digress, since it will simply never happen. They would rather save what little face they have left and come up with the most ridiculous of excuses than to allow us to remove all doubt and destroy them in a debate.

    The only “White Nationalists” they would debate would be one of their own, who is playing the role of a “mindlessly-violent-Nazi”, who they would then use to demonize the rest of us (based on false associations). It wouldn’t take a Nostradamus to predict their doing such a thing in advance. In fact, I have been expecting it for quite some time now. But to debate Andre, John, Mike, or some other known White Nationalist is something they will simply never do.

    PS – Notice that Mark Glenn immediately banned anyone who dared to call him out on anything, no matter how respectful they were in presenting their point.

    “Therefore this note is to tell you not to leave any more comments on this site as they will not be posted.” – mg


    Not only does Mark Glenn have an issue with White people, but he apparently has some anger issues to deal with as well.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      Thanks for the kind words and eloquent commentary, Scott.

      I didn’t even really think to mention a debate with ZCF or Glenn, as they have already been challenged so many times that it seems silly to even talk about it. However, you are correct in stating that if we continue to demand it, they continue to look more and more ridiculous.

      So, I hereby demand a debate with either or both of these fiends. We’ll see if they take me up on it. They clearly read my site obsessively. Glenn now spends the vast majority of his time attacking me/us. But as you say, he has no interest in talking to us. It is a bit like the way the Jew government deals with Iran and Assad.

      I don’t think anyone really takes Glenn seriously at this point. You are right that he has anger issues. Possibly some more serious psychological problems. If he was capable, he would simply stop talking about us altogether, as he must be able to perceive how bad it looks.

      I think he knows though that whatever he does, that Middle East donation money is going to keep coming in.

      Interesting that ZCF would choose to align himself with such a sinking ship. His new site is total crap. I don’t understand what he is even thinking. But it definitely really hurt his feelings when he got called out as an Arab or Mexican or whatever the hell he is. I have enough respect to not post the picture here, as he wants to remain an anonymous shadow person giving opinions as a faceless voice in the ether, but I saw it, and the guy is definitely not White.

      • John Smith says:

        Andre, I have been SCREAMING this very thing at people for awhile now. I see Europeans think the Jews are so evil they’ll ally themselves with their cousins the Arabs. What they seem not to get is whether it is Armenian, Arab, Lebanese, Syrian, Kurd, Chaldean, Assyrian, THEY ARE THE SAME SEMITE RACE. In California, Armenians run huge criminal networks, those Kardashian Whores are Armenians just google any early picture of them they are MIDDLE EASTERNERS. Persians are Aryan with a heavy Semite Admixture and in California the Persians are in the same scams as well. The point is this, whether its the Arabs running gas stations and liquor stores or the Jews running a Film Company in Los Angeles it all ends up in the same place. SEMITIC SLAVERY. This was one thing even HITLER did not understand, in a war for survival, there are NO ALLIES.

        • J.L. says:

          I disagree.

          The, actually semitic, Sephardic Jew is a rarity today and our problem has come from the Ashkenazi Jews, the so-called European Jewry who ran off before WW2 to run America and trouble us today and largely make up the mongrel population of israel, who haven’t got a drop of semitic blood in their veins.

          “Judaism is a race of the mind”, after all, so in a way this doesn’t really matter. But there is a difference, and it’s principally why a clear distinction exists between the people of the Middle East and present day Jews.

          • John Smith says:

            You must not realize it was those SEPHARDIC JEWS who traded white children to the Muslims as Slaves and funded the Caliphate in Spain. That is why Spain kicked out killed or forcibly converted thousands of them. The thing is the SEMITIC MINDSET is evil. Jew Arab Armenian Syrian etc all the same sleeze. The Ashkenazic Jews are just the most wealthy and educated.

          • James says:

            Your a fool JL, Sephardic Jews are as a big a problem like the Ashkenazi Mongrels, Don’t you know Much of Latin america also Contains Sephardic jewish bloodlines. For instance the Communist Castro, is an admitted Jew (A Converso), Sephardic jews themselves are involved much into south american and central american politics and finance as well like their brothers in Europe and north america.

  18. volklin says:

    There can be no non-white allies. We are in this alone, always have been and always will be. Anything else is unnatural and has always lead to strife.

  19. Eric says:

    These filth that repeat over and over again that “America is a nation of immigrants”, to justify white genocide, should be asked how they justify the ongoing white genocide in Europe, the ethnic home of white people.

  20. Dylan Grant says:

    I love this paragraph from this article: “A people whose men care only for the material pleasures of the world is a broken and weak people, merely waiting around to be destroyed by those who adhere to a stronger ideal (and yes, Islam is stronger than materialism – much stronger). By engaging in obsessive-neurotic sexual fixationism, a White man is not only betraying his own soul, but his race, and the future of his people. There is nothing lower than a creature which exists purely for physical stimulation – it is something lower than the animals, who know better, and plan for the well-being of their offspring”

    Pornography and all forms of sexual degeneracy are a direct attack by Jews on white men and white values. They target teenagers and then they become degenerate sex-addicts for the rest of their lives. Whoever wants to be in the front lines of the fight against Jewry must be a sexual restrainer.

    I know from personal experience that the sex energy is best retained through creative and spiritual pursuits (prayer, meditation, fasting, scriptural reading).

  21. Steven Rowlandson says:

    One damned thing is for sure Andrew we whites really have no allies among the semites. Mark Glenn proved that good and proper. When is Mark and his clan going home to Lebanon?

    • Kevin Sommers says:

      I really have to wonder about the mental health of whites who keep looking for allies in the other races. Especially those in a constant search for the ‘good jews.’

      Even if there are others in the other races who would ally with us, they certainly are not going to until we take power. Anyone who seeks an alliance with us before that day either plans to stab us in the back later or they are working for the enemy.

      The darker races only give respect to those that they fear, and we’d best not forget it. As for the Asians, I think they are far too unpredictable to be making friends with during times of war.

      • Steven Rowlandson says:

        Kevin , Mark Glenn is really upset with anything or anyone who points out the genetic and species relationship between arabs and jews. I got banned from his website for pointing that out.
        Mark and his gang might talk a great game when it comes to speaking out against jews but it is not enough. Their anti white stance and their religious heresies have disgraced them. No true christian could tolerate an alliance with or a blending of either islam or judaism with christianity as both islam and judaism deny the divinity of Jesus Christ.

        Resistance to Semitism either islamic or judaic must be more than an issue of to be or not to be for white people and christians. It has to be a holy crusade against the forces of evil. Jews and Muslims are antichrist and anti white. They got to go!

        • Kevin Sommers says:

          I personally don’t see Arabs in that same light. Whether it is a lack of intelligence or they just don’t have the same mindset, they don’t pose the same kind of threat to our people. The Jews have specifically bred the traits they desire for thousands of years, no matter how similar they are in blood to the Arabs this is a vital difference.

          After we come into power there may be some benefit in having a non-aggression pact with the Muslim/Arab nations(note that I don’t say alliance) as well as it could be possible for us to work together in some fields(they seem pretty competent in the sciences.) Certainly neither of us want to share our nations and this is of course just talk as it assumes that we have already overcome the Jewish threat.

          • Andrew Anglin says:

            Nothing can be compared to the Jew. We can say that the Arab is related to him, but so are we, technically, as he has used our genes. Though it is simple to call the Jew a race, he is not really a race in the normal sense, he is a mixture of the most horrible criminal elements of all races.

            Arabs are dangerous like falling rocks on a highway are dangerous. The same as the blacks, really, just violent savages. Well, a step up from the blacks. But still, animal like creatures functioning on a base instinct.

            • Hey Andrew, how many white people do you think have any Jewish genes or Jewish relatives? Would there be at least a couple million of those worldwide?

              • Andrew Anglin says:

                One would think at least that many. I think most quarter Jews do not identify as Jewish, and have no knowledge of or connection to that people. That doesn’t mean they wouldn’t still exhibit Jewish traits, though.

                • Damn. Hopefully that won’t reduce our numbers too much.

                  • Jamie says:

                    I want no Jews but we should accept people if they are like 1/8th if from the start like right now were fully with us and if able to fight were willing to give their lifes for White people witch these people think they are fully White. If thats isa the case and it may be sdome of are best WN may have a 1/8th persent of Jew in them. I am Irish,French,and I belive Scotish, have never done a familly history but will soon because I would like to know. Most important I’m White and VERY proud of it. Wild thing is and this may be a contradiction in terms but I listen to Rap music, but al;so grew up and still listen to Rock and some mettal even county as I built houses for years and my Moms husband had country on all day every day. I remember music word for word better than anyone I know. I do not act or look at all like a White nigger even though I do have friends that are Black, Arab, but these are people I’ve known my entire life and don’t talk that hate White shit because we would end up fighting right away. I don’t hide my veiws as they are all in me from knowing the TRUTH most don’t know. I did not know even 6 years ago. Thats were it started and it was with 9/11 that it started. I tell people to watch 9/11 missing links and look at sites Delany supports as a start unlike Alex Jones were many people start. I come here first every single day and love this site, I also like Scott Roberts and love that things are back to normal. Thanks for the TRUTH you people give it means the world to me and others and I belive is what will save us by telling the TRUTH are Jewish controlled country’s don’t want us to know.

          • Jamie says:

            Aside from immigration the Arabs are no longer a threat to Europe and could never invade us with their far weaker militarys. Germany being able to build a military would be as strong as any other White country also America, Canada, Russia, France, Britan and Italy and thats just naming the most powerfull. All the ones not named could protect Europe as for Greece we could gaurd that area with drones if anyone is stupid to try to invade. They would not be able as almost all Whites are easly noticed as Arabs. China is the strongest none White country and they are at least 20 years behind America, and thats if America was to stop spening more than the rewst of the world combined. America could cut spending more than in half and no one would ever be able to catch up. Spend money on up keep, and stop the illegal wars and that itself would be the money needed to keep a military advantage over anyone. These wars in Iraq and all others are still going on only so are governments look like good guys. If a real war to protect from a real threat even without Nukes we could win in a day. Trust me if anything was happening like did in would war 2 the country would not exist the very next day. But I don’t think any country would be that stupid and are leaders would not lie to start illegal wars for Israel and profit.

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