Fascist Friday Wrap-Up: The Universe Beckons

It is.

It is.

Friday, here thou be.


Carin and Hermann Göring.***

cat and fox 6 cat and fox 5 cat and fox 4 cat and fox 3 cat and fox 2 cat and fox 1***

Magda Goebbels.***

The Situation on the Ground

So, I’m going to be a bit busy for the next couple of weeks.  On the road in Europa.  Because of this, I am going to attempt to continue my in-depth work here, but be focusing most of my time on the Daily Stormer, as this is a project which needs constant attention, and I think is the most important thing I’ve got going on right now.

Everyday the numbers are going up, and I get constant emails from former Jonestown cultists who have found the real truth.  We truly are taking over the Truth Movement – not my website alone, but our entire emerging movement – and this is something to be proud of.


Flowers for the boys***


Waffen SS***

The Truth, from the Mouth of the Man Himself

Perhaps Devi was right, and some day he shall return as a Warrior God King to cleanse us of this wrenched filth which has infested our very souls, to crush that most satanic of forces which has brought us to a level below the beasts in their never-ending struggle against all that is good and pure.


Jewish Hoax***

Friedrich Nietzsche***

Greg Palast is an Idiot and a Horrible Writer

Dork: Greg Palast thinks he is Mike Hammer.

Dork: Greg Palast thinks he is Mike Hammer.

Greg Palast, a leftist associate of the Fat Man, recently wrote a terrible article about the Golden Dawn.  Though silly and poorly written, it is perhaps worth a read, as it shows that even the most hardcore leftist talkers are against the illegal police state crackdown on the Golden Dawn.

Here it is.

His summation of the events which have thrown Greece into a state of unrest are pretty accurate, and it is good to see he condemns the traitorous Syriza.  It is also interesting he, being associated with the Jonestown mega-machine, dared touch the issue of Golden Dawn.


Rebecca Guay (check her out, she's awesome).

Rebecca Guay (check her out, she’s awesome).



The Witch’s Daughter, Oil by Carl Larsson (1853-1919, Sweden)***

Sickening Bolshevik Jew Kokesh Still in Federal Custody

Jewish Revolutionary Adam Kokesh.

Jewish Revolutionary Adam Kokesh.  This picture is photoshopped.

Just an update on the Jewish rat Adam Kokesh, whose supposed attempt to overthrow the government I’ve been covering – he is still being held awaiting trial.

I guess I underestimated him.  I didn’t think he was willing to actually do this kind of time.  Perhaps, he deserves some slight degree of respect for this.  I imagine the pressure I put on him, writing those articles which went viral on Facebook, played a large role in his decision to launch a one-man assault on the capital after canceling his planned ‘armed revolution.’

So, we’ll see what happens with that.  He seems to have milked all the publicity out of himself, as now none of the mainstream news sources he was pandering seem to care.  Virtually no one reported on his pre-trial appearance this week.  I guess he is going to try and make some type of spectacle in the court room to draw further attention to himself.  He could maybe take a cue from AJ and dress up like the Joker for his court appearances.

I’m sure his Jew lawyers will get him out soon enough.

The problem he has is that he is so lacking in intelligence and personality that even the most spectacular media whoring cannot seem to get him any traction.


Country Home***


Swedish Wedding Ring***


Second PayPal Email for Donations

I have added a second email address to my PayPal account: andrewanglin84@gmail.com.  The button on your right (below the picture of me and my grandma’s dog) leads that way now.

You can also click this:


As I understand it, some people who were wanting to donate didn’t want the words “Total Fascism” showing up on their bank statements.  Thus, the new address.  If you can, please assist.  The more donations coming in, the more content is going to be on the site.

Infinite thank yous to those who have already donated.


Fairy Tale Krzystof Wyzynsk Marilyn Three Graces***

Well, that’s all I’ve got this week.  Forgive the shortness.  Might have an esoteric piece on the ideological underpinnings of traditionalism up next week, might not.  Either way, I will definitely be continuing the fight over at the Daily Stormer.  The comments sections have gotten a lot more lively as of late, and I’ve been trying to participate.  If you are not a regular over there, you should be.

Hail Victory.


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25 Responses to Fascist Friday Wrap-Up: The Universe Beckons

  1. Marat Kyra says:

    Can anybody help me out with this? I need more background on the involvement of Greece in WWII. What role did she play that necessitated the Axis going in there? I can research this on my own but there are so many great “2″geeks out there who can tell me about it. I ask because this is some kind of anniversary today or yesterday or whatever that Greece honors the fact that she “held off” Hitler. I need more on this. Thanks.

  2. Sebastian says:

    Hey Andrew!

    You’re famous in YouTube, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeSz3lT4mqs

    Of course, Mr. StormCloudsGathering blurred out the title of the blog so as not to “sent traffic this way”. I guess he is scared of the effects all the “nasty nazi voodoo” over here will have on the frail minds of his subscribers.

    But that didn’t prevent him from quoting select passages of your manifesto. Priceless! Ha ha ha! XD

    • Sebastian says:

      Oh and he is *really* scared of people fetting in touch with the message. He deleted my comment there giving the blog’s title plus recommending a few other sites, and he’s blocked me from commenting on his vids…just minutes after I did it.

      • Chris says:

        I just came on here to post the same thing. As with most Leftists, he didn’t actually point out where Andrew was wrong, he simply tried to make him appear as some sort of deranged sociopath. As the Left usually does.

      • Clark Kaufman says:

        Right on. I spammed his page with the TF and DS address.

    • saj says:

      Whoever that guy was speaks at 100mph. Needs to slow down. Stay off the amphetamine or something.

    • I suggest everybody head on over to Storm Clouds Gathering and see the comments. That dude was bombarded with people who don’t play his commie BS. Fuck uniting with all the races, fuck it all, its obvious. TotalFascism and DailyStormer, John-Friend and others are turning the tide. Just wait until the rest of us start to contribute! This pseudo intellectual thought he could pull a fast one, screaming of future censorship while committing censorship himself within the first minute of his video. Done, finished, this guy is done! You don’t even need to add a comment, people barraged these either UNINFORMED, YOUNG, OR UNINITIATED (some of us were there once) into the f-ing ground. He’s burried underneath simple truth, and under his Jewish covering up. Good news for us. And good news for TF and DS. Hail the eternal AVATARS, Jesus and Adolf. And soon to be all of us, individually united under their spirit acting towards grace, honor, and victory!

  3. Dear Andre,
    Thank you for you tireless work sir!
    Thankful you have continued these updates here! In all honesty I never tire seeing the photos of beautiful Aryan women! I am glad that my Russian, Greek, Hungarian, and Ukrainian Aryan brothers have some balls and actually fight. It makes me a bad disheartened at times to be of German and Nordic and find out about yet again more of our ladies being raped and mutilated and murdered and never being caught or being given light sentences. Any real man would have blood boiling over and seeing red. But I should at least give the NordFront, NPD, and Swedish Resistance some credit though! I am most sorry to be an American though! For obvious reasons.
    Andre, not to go too off topic, but hopefully somebody here benefits from this and can add it to their arsenal library of knowledge. Colin Jordan years ago in “National Socialism: Vanguard of the Future” debunked Douglas Reed’s lauding of Otto Strasser and dissemination of the “Hitler was funded by big banks and big business/Wall Street” garbage which Jim Condit is still running with and culled from “Prisoner of Ottawa”. In one chapter he destroyed these lies and exposed Strasser’s treachery teaming up with Jews while still in Europe against Der Fuhrer.
    Please keep going and don’t ever think you’re not appreciated! Thanks for Daily Stormer! Keep pounding these Jews every day!

  4. volklin says:

    Can you give us an update on the Golden Dawn? I’m not hearing much good news lately…

  5. Julian says:

    Jew Eric Cantor is only person who can prevent gov shutdown (and because he’s a republican the liberals will blame the “tea party”).

    I think it’s good the government is shutdown, as the Jews are overplaying their hand, but it’s worth noting that as usual a Jew is behind the mess.


  6. DC says:

    Here’s a good one for MG. Lebs paying up to $80,000 each try and invade Australia pretending they’re Syrian war refugees (before their boat tragically sunk).

    Lebanese boat people pretending to be Syrians die off Indonesia, blame placed on Australia

  7. stevieb says:

    A bit much to denigrate other races with pictures with silly captions. Loving your own people/nation does not preclude denigrating one’s self and people by ridiculing others, IMO. It isn’t necessary for me to carry animosity for a people who are as much victims -or more -of Jewish globalism as our own people. We need to be a bit smarter than that, I think. This does not exclude the majority of that community that openly side and collaborate with our enemy, but we know it isn’t necessarily skin color that indicates whether people are working for the traitorous scum. We also have indigenous populations(N.America)that are suffering under the same scum -and who, at the end of the day, should be part of our nations when we reclaim them…

    I do, however, understand the sentiments..

  8. Dan says:

    Hey man, just a quick comment to say keep up the good work! I guarantee that your blog and others like it, which consistently produce informative and insightful posts on the issues that TRULY threaten our people (unlike, as you have said, the issues the Libertarian false opposition are desperate to have us all obsessed with whilst our race perishes) are making more of a difference than even you could probably imagine. Our past movements have only ever been MINORITY movements, the best of the nation rising up against the intolerable conditions imposed upon them and reimposing normalcy and culture. You are waking up MANY of this ‘fascist minority’ and your efforts will, in the long term, yield results exponentially greater than simply the people who regularly read as THEY will go on to take action and talk to others, spreading the truths and ideas of your site and others. Anyway keep up the good work brother! NS!

  9. DC says:

    This, I am told was a popular Russian joke during the 1990s “reformer” period when Russia got raped by the West just after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Maybe a similar joke will be popular in the West in the post-SHTF era? You could replace “Stalin” with “Putin” and it would work.

    A new teacher comes into the class:

    - My name is Abram Davidovich, I’m a liberal. And now all stand up and introduce yourself like I did …
    - My name is Masha I liberal …
    - My name is Petia, I’m a liberal …
    - My Little Johnny, I’m a Stalinist.
    - Little Johnny, why are you a Stalinist? !
    - My mom is a Stalinist, my dad is a Stalinist, my friends are Stalinists and I too am a Stalinist.
    - Little Johnny, and if your mother was a whore, your father – a drug addict, your friends – homos, what would you be then in that case? !
    - Then I would be a liberal.

  10. Clark Kaufman says:

    I wouldn’t give Rabbi Kokesh too much credit. In fact, I wouldn’t give him any. He’s simply violated bond with some serious charges. I violated bond myself by being rearrested about 4 years ago and my lawyer told me I was damn lucky to get a second due to the nature of the charge, as well as those pending. Kike-esh wasn’t about to get reissued bond considering the initial charge was federal and the later charges included schedule 1 drugs and firearms. Not to mention the guy has demonstrated himself to be completely insane. Who the hell smokes a joint on the south lawn of the WH?

  11. saj says:

    Just well we have those all loving Jews to act as our collective moral anchor when it comes to matters of HATE and RACISM. Europe dares mention the issue of genital mutilation and we’re more or less “firing up the ovens” in their demented brain. It can’t just be that this practice is abhorrent to us and has no place here in 2013. No. No way can it be that, so we are as good killing Anne Frank all over again in essence.

    Their works of charity do not end there, no siree bob!

    The World Jew congress took time out from their business schedule of money laundering, to meet with Greek President Samaras to discuss what to do when the democratic system starts not to work in favour of Jews. Thankfully, the answer was soon provided when Greece just decided to do what Jews usually do, ride roughshod over the law and throw men into Gulags.

    They have better things to do than go around helping in such ways, but that’s the Jews – a light onto the World, as they claim. Always putting others first.


    One of the Jews that loved us most of all died this week, aged 1,349.

    As a mark of respect, one MILLION Jews (around 20% of them) turned out for his funeral.

    Now – this is a MAN that knows a thing or two about “combating racism”….

    • saj says:

      One million Jewish supremacists turned out to “honour” him. He is not “fringe” as they always try to make out. He was like the Rabbi of Rabbi’s there, his teachings are their teachings. It is actually beyond belief that they can get away with this huge and global hypocrisy.

  12. Wittmann says:

    I hope you pay us a visit in Germany some day! :o)

    But don’t go to the Oktoberfest, too many negroes there.

    - Hail And Victory

  13. Sebastian says:

    “As I understand it, some people who were wanting to donate didn’t want the words “Total Fascism” showing up on their bank statements.”

    LoL! Ah, the intricacies of modern life…

    Have a good one in Europe Andrew.

    • Lachdenan says:

      LOL, I will have to donate.

      The real tipping point for any System is where regular people stop giving a fuck. Fuck the Jews–they don’t have the right to dictate what in the hell we believe and how we live our lives.

      I regularly make fun of their bullshit in public. It’s not that hard. Just point out how everything “PC” is totally retarded, all the time.

      I would be honored to have “Total Fascism” on MY bank statement. Too bad it’s not Bank of Jewmerica anymore. That ought to show them a thing or two.

      Now, I just need to make a PayPal account…

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