Fascist Friday Wrap-Up: The Plan

Listen up: This is the plan.

Listen up: This is the plan.


Today we have White people’s art, White people’s music, White people’s ideas.

On with it then!





To Start Off on Another Positive Note…

An (apparently) major YouTube truther, who pushes the old tired lies of Alex Jones, has attacked me in a video that got thirty thousand views in 12 hours.

I am going to write an article on this tomorrow (I hope), need to go through and transcribe some of his speech, as there is (apparently) no transcript available.

But this is too fantastic not to mention now.

Witness, as I am attacked, while no explanation is given for why my ideas are wrong:

As I predicted, dear brothers, the old guard of the lying truth movement is going into freakout mode, as we are capturing the narrative through the decided upper-hand we possess: the Truth.  More and more of the unsuspecting individuals who were sucked into the idiot liberal truth movement are switching over to our side every day, as it becomes ever more obvious that the old guard has no solutions, and can’t even properly identify an enemy beyond vague talk of banks and secret planners (though the supposed secret planners live in the shadows, I guess, the bankers have names, but they aren’t usually listed by the circle-talkers, as it would give the game away – they are all Jewish names).

The video maker, who I believe is Chris White, laments the fact that we have bombarded comments sections all over the internet with “racism” and “antisemitism.”  His final conclusion is that the only way to deal with our thought crime is to attack us in some way or other – it isn’t clear, but he might be calling for my murder.

Deviously, he refused to put my name or the name of my sites in the video, but people are finding it anyway.  He has started a fight which he will not win.  Just look at the comments section on YouTube.  People who aren’t even White Nationalists are calling him out for pushing multiculturalism and trying attack people based solely on ideas, offering the solution as trying to silence them through some sort of attack.

Though I will make it a bit more formal in my article on this idiotic content-free attack on our movement, I am hereby demanding a neutrally moderated debate with this individual.  If he agrees, I will demonstrate that he is a liar and a fraud, covering up the Jewish problem, defending degeneracy which cannot ever lead to anything good in society, apparently even defending the hordes of subhuman murdering rapist welfare recipients flooding our nations – if he refuses, he himself proves that he is a liar and a fraud, as surely he would not spend a week putting together an over-produced attack video about me, and then not have an hour to defend his attack – he will look ridiculous and pathetic in front of his confused followers.

I beseech ye, brothers, flood the man (make sure his followers see it) with demands of a debate.  I want all of his believers to understand that I am willing to defend my ideology – to lay everything out alongside his liberal gibberish, and let the people decide.

We are winning left and right here, brothers.  We are winning all over the internet.  The Golden Dawn is winning on the streets.  Jobbik is forcing the establishment to put communist Jews on trial and taking over the government.  Craig Cobb is winning all over the television.

As I have said, liberalism has reached its saturation point.  Everything now is going right.  Liberalism is not edgy, it is not interesting, it is not spiritual, it is hollow and it has failed entirely and anyone with any type of basic sense is already on the verge of recognizing this reality.

Everywhere we see the same thing demonstrated in this video: reckless panic.

The Jews are losing their grip.

This time, we are going to win.

The future is ours.


You Know Who***



'Heart of Snow' by Edward Robert Hughes. Scott E. Bartner (1960, American). Blonde girl portrait. Gustav Sykora (1889 – 1966, Czech) Blonde nude on the sofa.Friedrich August von Kaulbach : une jeune femme en costume historique, vers 1885.La somnambule - Edouard Rosset-Granger - 1887***

This picture basically sums up my travels.


As above, so below***

Personal Scenario of Archfascist Andre

    This picture basically sums up my travels.

As I mentioned last week, I have been traveling.  This has made things difficult to keep up with, and I regret that this week, the Daily Stormer has suffered a bit.  It should now stabilize (stress on the word ‘should’).

Thank god for Ben Garland.  Also, Brett Light is a hero.  We need more Aryan men of this caliber to step forward.

I am, for the time being, in a former communist country.  I won’t name it, as the Jews are on my ass these days with their typical harassment campaigns, contacting authorities in countries and claiming I am some sort of threat to the peace – the type of thing you expect – and, of course, the big Jews would have no problem finding out where I am, but the big Jews have big problems, and don’t likely care where I am or what I am doing – the problem is the little Jews, who have time to prowl my website, send threatening emails, and try to have me harassed by local authorities because of my beliefs.  It is the democratic thing to do, of course – in democracy, anyone who thinks differently from the establishment is a threat to society (just ask the producer of the above attack video).

Once I get back to Greece, it won’t matter.  I will explain about all of this traveling when I get back to Hellas.

I left Greece, as I mentioned, because of a visa thing.  I am in the process of dealing with this, of course, but you would be shocked at what it entails.  I myself am totally shocked.  Anyway, the maximum amount of time they can keep me out is three months.

I am obviously no longer working, so money has been a bit tight.  I have not yet found a place to stay which fits into my budget and also has reliable internet.

I am, most assuredly, learning a lot from the trip.  One thing that has struck me quite profoundly in interacting with the various European peoples is the differences between them.  I also learned a lot about this working at the hotel in Athens.  I will write about this in detail in the future, but right now I would just like to note, for the Americans in the audience who have little understanding of this (I surely did not understand it), that pan-Aryan nationalism is not logical or desirable.  Though some movement between the various White nations, some intermarriage, and so on should not be considered a problem, the goal needs to be to preserve each folk.

Of course, some version of an economic union is desirable, but the level of central authority that the EU presently possesses is ridiculous and could not ever make sense when you are dealing with peoples so varied.

Even the free movement pacts between the east and west of Europa have been a complete disaster, and should never have been employed against the interests of the more affluent nations; they are also against the interests of the less affluent – that is, former communist – nations, as they give them an easy fix, without ever teaching them how to repair their own economies.

Having a large population of a variant ethnicity in a country causes problems, even when both are White.  The only way this is solved is by interbreeding, and this is sometimes not desired by the different groups, and may not be generally desirable.

Our struggle is the same: we stand against the Jews, their savage hordes and the ideological forces of modernism and internationalism.  But we are different peoples, and must understand that it is ethnic nationalism, based on particular culture and specific blood, which will save us.

This all creates difficulty for the American race, as we are a new race – very few of us can trace our lineage back to a single spot in Europa, and so a new ethnic identity must be solidified, and this process, coming along well before the Second World War, was violently interrupted, and our immense energy began to be used for evil – I believe this is very close to the root of our problems as a nation, and the world as a whole.

Still, I believe it possible that we are the greatest of the White races, as we are a combination of the strongest blood, which came across the great water to fight the savages and build a New World.  Though this audacity in our blood has been misdirected into the corrosive Americanism that we see now, this cultural and ideological virus infecting the entire planet, the sheer power within this should be indicative of the strength of our blood.  The plan is to turn it around, the brutal boldness of the American race, to use it for the purposes of realizing freedom, truth and justice for our people and the entirety of the European race.

So, though it is depressing to be outside of Greece as the happenings are happening, this has been deeply beneficial to my own personal development as well as the development of my understanding of the struggle of our race.


Donations go a long way.  There is a button at the top right of this site.  Paypal address is both totalfascism@gmail.com and andrewanglin84@gmail.com.




Himmler and His Boys***

Writers Still Wanted

We still, of course, need writers on DS.  Though for the last couple of weeks, I have been bad about responding to interested individuals.  I guess everyone already knows about this need, so there isn’t any reason to keep mentioning it.  I am thinking of putting something in the sidebar on DS.

Still, it would be difficult for DS to be doing any better than it is right now.  The ranking continues to rise, as it is assuming the position of centrality it was intended to have.

If you know of any good bloggers who could be possible contributors, let me know.  You could also lobby Clement to start posting again.



This is the monsterIt is untrue that I or anyone else in Germany wanted war in 1939. It was wanted and provoked solely by international statesmen either of Jewish origin or working for Jewish interests. I have made too many offers for the limitation and control of armaments, which posterity will not be cowardly enough always to disregard, for responsibility for the outbreak of this war to be placed on me. Nor have I ever wished that, after the appalling First World War, there would ever be a second against either England or America. Centuries will go by, but from the ruins of our towns and monuments the hatred of those ultimately responsible will always grow anew against the people whom we have to thank for all this: international Jewry and its henchmen.

–Adolf Hitler, Berlin, 29 April, 1945, 4 a.m.





I am a Conservative

Looking at the bizarre Marxist rhetoric in the propaganda video against me led me to thinking about the nature of conservatism.  Sickeningly, the “libertarian” types very often have the chutzpah to refer to themselves as “conservatives,” even as they demand tolerance for sexual deviants and drug dealers, preaching “total freedom” (read: total slavery to psychological manipulation of base desires by elite social engineers and their Advertisement Industrial Complex), even going as far as to actually condemn someone who wants to conserve the very core of our society: our DNA.

Everything that they promote will inevitably alter the society; some things will alter it in foreseeable ways, such as the sexual degeneracy they wish to allow (and to allow the promotion of to children), but much of the possible effects are completely unforeseeable.

They base their claim to conservatism on the relatively new American conception of finance capitalism representing a conservative economic structure.  In fact, this economic system is classically considered to be quite liberal, it is simply that it became associated with conservative social policy and thus was eventually dubbed ‘conservative,’ for no other logical reason.

Libertarians view the right to do anything you want, both in the economic and the social realm, as an ends in itself.  They have no ideal beyond this to uphold, and when we view it, it is empty rhetoric shrouded in vague, feel-good language.  It is poorly thought-through.  Or, perhaps, brilliantly thought-through by the Jews who invented this ideology to sell to the goy.

We have something worth conserving – our ancient heritage, our identity, our racial soul – the very blood which flows through our veins.  I know this, you know this, and others are finding it out.  Every aspect of Libertarianism leads logically to an erosion, if not an outright massacre, of everything we care about.  We have seen this.  How are we going to fix the problems caused by liberal policy with a more liberal policy?  It is outright lunacy.  It is virtually unbelievable that anyone believes it.

As conservatives, our end goal is to conserve, and we must find the best means of achieving this.  A social order which puts the transcendental over the material, and the collective over the individual, morality over a ‘right’ to degenerate behaviors, along with an economic policy that flows from this social design, is the only way of conserving the sacred principles of our people.


St Maximinus in Toby de Silva’s Beautiful Photographs of the Skeletons of Martyred Saints***

Okay, so since I started writing this, I’ve been following the comments on the propaganda video.  This can only be described as absolute decimation: almost all of his followers are attacking him and siding with me.  He is apparently engaging in heavy censorship,

Here are the present top two comments:

Chris White Decimated by Own Fans 1And here are two comments I just saw on his Facebook – the only two I’ve looked at:

Chris White Facebook commentsAt time of writing, there are 4,883 comments on YouTube.  Many of them are from him, as he is having to sit there and censor people, apparently mainly to keep my name and the name of my site unknown to the people – he is doing this because of freedom.

Virtually all of them are in the vein of those above.

Just checked it again, and saw this new message:

Victory Over Chris WhiteThis is spectacular.  There is no way he is going to debate me.  More than likely, he is going to delete the video, and pretend he never made it.  Oh, but it is much too late for that.  He started a fight, and I am going to finish it (unless one of his commie followers carries out the vague call for my murder, lol).

We march forward.



Wolf Among Wolves Women should be women Whtie Diana Dors c. 1950s Fire Viking Blonde NatureFlowers and her hair***

Okay, that’s it for today.

I’ll be back here tomorrow.  And I am at Daily Stormer all week.

Hail Victory.

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48 Responses to Fascist Friday Wrap-Up: The Plan

  1. MarkV says:

    There is a need to have some cute girls doing these kind of shots and poses:


  2. David says:

    Hey Andre, I hope you are well. I’m wondering if you are coming back to Ohio or are you going to stay in Europe? Was the shift long in coming or sudden? I loved being in Europe but that was a long time ago. Now, there are more immigrant nasties….

    A pan-Aryan union is not feasible. But I do support union among same language nations, if in close proximity. Example: Germany and Austria, plus Switzerland, could unite, but the US and Australia, no. Too far apart, too different. However, all white nations should form a co-operative association , a strong treaty but not a political union. But we are getting ahead of ourselves, aren’t we?

    The most immediate threat to white people is amnesty for the illegal aliens. This we must fight tooth and nail. Also, radiation from the crippled nuke plant in Fukushima is enveloping the north hemisphere, so that is a concern too.

  3. Steven Rowlandson says:

    It seems government is trying to find a cure for people like us. They wish to use technological means to change our minds and turn us all into politically correct jew and homo loving anti christ zombies. The fiends!


    • Falla says:

      This is exactly what I’m talking about! The Jews are killing us and everyday they’re trying harder. So that’s why EVERYONE MUST HELP!
      Even if your biggest gift in life is eating ice cream (like me).
      Everyone needs to understand they have incredible potential inside of them and not just give their stupid opinions in the comment field or bash blacks.

      I’m just a teen from Sweden and yet I’m the only one who tries to agitate people to do basically anything (not violence). So if you just read this and just think “what a stupid asshole” I would say you’re right. I am. But I don’t care. We can’t be afraid of the dark like little children. EVERYONE MUST HELP! If you’re so much better than me, why are you not doing anything, you worthless piece of shit!!!!

      Every second counts to save us…. The meteor is coming an we’re the dinosaurs… So please, for the love of God, don’t place all the responsibility on the skilled writers. Even you and me could do something, even if it’s just telling everyone you know about it.

      Just makes me sick to my stomach to see all the wasted potential. I STRONGLY disagree you have to be the next Shakespeare or Kafka (lol) to contribute. Come on, make me proud and tell all your friends about it! Otherwise SWEDEN WILL DIE!!!!!!

  4. Kevin Sommers says:

    I have to disagree with you Andre about it being best not to have a pan-Aryan government. I think it necessary to have an international government that holds power over all white governments. If only to organize the military, research, and media. And if only to keep the different nations from fighting amongst each other.(let’s be honest here, we love to fight, and there are a lot of old feuds between nations that are never going to go away.)

    I of course don’t believe in mixing the whole white race together like some do, but I also don’t think there needs to be any protection against it. It’s funny really, whilst race-mixing is at an all time high; there is still very little culture/sub-race mixing.(out of the states at least.) Just goes to show how people would act naturally without all the propaganda targeting them.

  5. Radolf says:

    Good luck Andrew. I hope you get to go back in Greece.

  6. Wittmann says:

    By the way, i disagree with the notion of there being a some kind of new “american race”, at least not in an actual biological context. Maybe a spiritual thing a lá Evola, but not more.

    Adolf Hitler also was a staunch critic of the prevailing “culturelessness” in American society, a topic which is still valid today of course.

    In my opinion the Confederate States were the better America, a better representation of a white north american ethnostate based on blood and belief – And i say that as a paganist, not a christian!

    That being said, i also disagree with the notion of native americans being “savages” in any way. The nazis considered people like the Sioux to be honorary aryans, and rightly so. Among the first humans on north american soil were the solutreans who traveled there from the Bering strait. These white people then mixed with what was populating the american content besides them (mainly asian elements) and this became known as the native american racial cluster. Not really an “inferior” or savage mix of blood if you ask me… In a sense we slaughtered and genocided our own distant racial cousins.

    • John Smith says:

      I strongly disagree with you on the Confederacy. The Confederacy was not PRO WHITE, it was PRO-MAKING MONEY. In fact, the Southern Army had Black Auxillary Soldiers enrolled from State Militia units in 1861 and there were many mixed-race Creoles serving from Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana not to mention Mexicans among the Texas Army. In fact PRE 1860 Alabama Mississippi and Louisiana had no enforced ban on Interracial Marriage and it was common usually among Whites and Creoles. Their bans came following the Civil War. This was the problem SLAVERY and the SOUTHERN LIFE was unsustainable in the long run. As the DEEP SOUTH became Majority Black and LA and SC were then, there would have eventually been a Haiti-style situation as before 1860 it was ILLEGAL for a poor white to kill a slave, if you did you had to pay their slave price or you were hanged. HOW IS THAT DIFFERENT THAN NOW? The problem was that Slavery was rotting the nations moral and destroying us slowly but surely but the common sense people were shut up by both the radical Boston Negrophiles who were JEW FUNDED and the Hotspur morons in the Deep South who also JEW FUNDED BECAUSE JEWS MADE MONEY ON SLAVES thought they could keep Slavery going for eternity. Had a group of men from the THIRD WAY got into power, ie COLONIALIZATION ABROAD we would be fine today. The unfortunate part was the JEWS money made common sense impossible to win. They fund the worst of both sides and pit them against the Middle. Judaism 101

  7. endzog says:

    Re: Sternkikesgather video.

    I’m all for ‘Kraut psychology’ if that was what he was saying.

    that video was predicted in the Kai Murros film:
    ‘Smash Democracy’

  8. JamesUK says:

    I can see this really blowing up in SCG’s face. He has not only exposed his whole audience to the racial aspect of the “conspiracy” and made it clear that it is gaining momentum, he has readily provided white racialists with distortions and spurious arguments that are easily refuted when expounded upon (like the false “Zionist not Jewish” premise of the “conspiracy”). Not to mention his hypocritical and unjustifiable censorship. His censorship is far worse than the censporship mechanisms of a fascist state that Andre advocates. SCG is attempting to stifle debate (and truth) where as Andre’s censorship policies are a sensible and natural antidote to the perverse cultural posion the Jew has injected into the consciousness of the masses through its control of the media and academic institutions.

    “The only way to stop this kind of ignorance from spreading within a group is to aggressively call these types out, to shame them publicly….” – As a faceless keyboard commando myself I’m probably not the best person to comment on this, but doesn’t this seem outrageously audacious coming from someone who uses a pseudonym and doesn’t show his face, when attacking someone who has put a photo of themselves holding their driver’s license on the internet so the whole world can see who they are?

    I think a whole lot of Jonesteiners are about to see the light thanks to the cretin SCG’s attempt at keeping them in darkness. At least, the ones that matter will.

    As for the issue of Pan Aryanism, I think that may be something that can evolve naturally once the dust has settled, the Jew has been dealt with, and Europeans can learn the truth about how these fratricidal wars have mostly been fermented by Jews. But, in the meantime, we have a big enough task trying to deal with the problems we have whilst trying to save some vestige of our own individual European ethnic and national identities. Unfortunately the Imperium will have to wait.

    I think if we are going to do the Pan Aryan thing anywhere in Europe we should nominate Sweden for a mass White nationalist invasion. It seems our Swedish brothers really do need a helping hand (and no disrespect to them, but what right thinking man doesn’t have an eternal appreciation for the beauty of their women, a beauty which we must preserve).

    Good luck with the Visa issues Andre. I hope you are proud of what you have achieved with The Dailystormer and Total Fascism. You know you are doing something right when arseholes like SCG are reduced to putting out garbage like that.

    Hail Victory 14/88 !

    • JamesUK says:

      I’m sorry folks, I just wanted to correct a mistake I made. I mentioned that SCG discusses Zionism in his video which is incorrect. I mixed up what he said in his video with what he said in the YT comments section. He doesn’t touch Zionism at all in his video. He only adresses it when forced to by people who can clearly see there is at least some Jewish aspect to the NWO.

      After watching it through again, I did wonder what his solution would be for those of us who believe we have a right to live in peace with our own kind, in our own ancesteral lands, preserving our own traditions and customs, seeing has he made it clear we are not to be tolerated?

  9. Steven Rowlandson says:

    “One does not go from being a normal, open minded member of society to being a fan of Adolph Hitler and Heinrich Himmler overnight. ”

    Who said open minded people are normal?
    If any thing they are seriously decieved and out of touch. Easy meat for the Jews and their fellow travellers. Fortunately this problem has a solution.
    It is called moral and political re-education in favor of respect for race, natural and divine law.

    • Dimos says:

      Open minded means willing to explore new ideas. It has nothing to do with being liberal.

      So, in modern society, someone that is not just denouncing national socialism but is willing to do some research and learn the truth about WWII despite all the propaganda is basically an open minded person.

      The one that replies holocaust, six million etc when you mention Hitler or NS is really the close minded one. You have no chance of winning such a person to your cause.

      • Falla says:

        I would disagree with that. You can win over those who say Holocaust, etc etc. It’s like learning how to eat sushi. If you poured a bottle of soya sauce down their throat with saying “Hitler was right”. Then you’re right. Then you’ve lost them. Doesn’t mean they are close-minded. Just not used to the strong taste. After all they’ve been eating different kind of food all their life.

        But if you slowly and gradually let them taste. Then there’s a big chance they would digest it.

        Another thing, this site and DS are great and all. But it’s too extreme for the masses who quietly thinks for themselves at an instinctive level “I think we’re becoming extinct if this continues”…. The pictures, rhetoric etc… It’s scary for them. Taste is too strong.

        • Falla says:

          “One does not go from being a normal, open minded member of society to being a fan of Adolph Hitler and Heinrich Himmler overnight. ”

          Lol. No, you don’t. “You have to fall out of the dance to beat the trance”.

          Hitler talked to a people who suffered. I think most of us have at one point in our life have met some sort of obstacle that made us feel “Fuck everything”. And it’s in that moment of truth we’ve become wise. Cause’ you have to feel pain and distress in order to increase your wisdom. Fact of life.

          • Amalek says:

            Good point. This is why I have always thought it would be good to have a tiered blog system that gradually introduces people to the truths that are too hard to swallow at first. They could go from someone like Pat Buchanan to something like the dailystormer in a few steps.

            • Kevin Sommers says:

              My idea is more to run non-political sites that are clearly written by openly fascist writers. Kinda like how Jones is partnered with that ‘naturalnews’ site.

              We need health blogs, entertainment blogs, science blogs, etc.

              Get people comfortable with the idea that fascists can be right with less controversial topics and go from there. Plus it shows that we actually do care about peoples’ well-being(the health sites at least) rather than just getting ourselves and our ideas into power. The majority of people don’t care one bit for politics, we’re currently only appealing to a niche group of people in a niche topic.

              We’d need a lot of writers to pull this off, but I think the DS(as large as it is) can be part of something even bigger. Plus, it should be less difficult to pull in writers when they can write about pretty much whatever they want.

        • Dimos says:

          Maybe my phrasing was misleading. I didn’t mean everyone that believes the anti-NS propaganda is close minded. There are also some open minded people that as you said haven’t tasted the truth yet.

          I was one of them. I simply learned what the school offers and always thought holocaust really happened. I had no reason to question it. But when I came across information that proves otherwise I didn’t stick to what I learned in school. I was willing to read more and finally changed my opninion.

          I agree that we can’t just say to someone Hitler was right and expect them to accept it. We need to provide facts. But I believe only the open minded people will listen, think and research.

          • Falla says:

            In the beginning yes… But the reason why the message is so strong in taste is because it’s the truth. And that’s what’s so incredible about this. We have the truth. We have the eternal truth! It’s really fantastic when you think about it.

            We hold the solution to save our people

            I like both the idea of tiered blogs and non-political sites. The first to appeal to the political interested and the other for those who aren’t. Basically every measure we can make reality is good. And if we’re not jerks-offs we would start. Because we really do have the solution to save our people.

            Kinda funny to think about what we would write about in a Fascist entertainment blog today though… The newest Jew movie or video game?
            Additionally. One point you argued. About the current message only reaching the “intellectuals” and not the average family man and all those who just try to get by basically. And now arguing this being a niche etc.

            When I said what I said initially I was thinking about a “toned down” version of this site. The exact same presentation of the solutions, but “sheep”-friendly rhetoric and pictures. I think this site to be pure genius and I think if toned down it could awaken those who are open to the ideas, but afraid to get confronted with Hitler. And let me tell you, they are a very very very numerous bunch….

            Because whether they like to admit it or not, we’re all sensing instinctively we’re headed for the graveyard. And we can bet on some poor girl being raped in Sweden this weekend. So this is too valuable to be “just” a niche to preach to the choir…….

        • Bob in DC says:

          Many of our folks will initially view these sites and take the line of less resistance, going back to others; however, a significant number will eventually return — for good!

          RESIST !!!

      • Steven Rowlandson says:

        I generally associate open mindedness as being liberal. The typical liberal demands that one should be open minded and is almost always intended to break down resistance to what is un natural and ungodly. It is a demand that one become a liberal and accept all the bad things associated with liberalism.
        It is an insistance on political correctness and that is evil.
        In this sense open mindedness is not really about satifying curiosity or learning new things and liberalism is not really about personal or economic freedom. Instead it is about safe guarding and enforcing evil. As an example the Berlin of the 1920s during the weimar republic was liberal and an open minded community. It was a total whore house that should have been bombed into a pile of rubble. Allied air forces did their work 20 years too late. Instead the NSDAP had to purge the city of evil doers . Berlin the sin city was cleaned up and this is something the jews,perverts and liberals could not tolerate. It is something they can not tolerate to this very day. Europe and North America to day is like Berlin of the 1920s. It needs to be bombed flat or purged of criminals and perverts.
        Fascists are hated because they are good and stand against politically correct evil doers.

  10. Sorry to hear that the Jews are trying to get you in trouble with the authorities.
    I hope all is going well.

  11. you knew this guy was going to go there, his videos have been circulating the web and his most popular video is the police state/fema camp one. The nazis are coming!

  12. Raoul Deutscher says:

    It’s funny right, as he himself is a jew. He is defending his jewish race as he states in other video’s like his views on Zionism. So to be clear: Stormcloudsgathering = JEW aka juden

    • Wittmann says:

      Hah, i remember when this crypto-jewish shabbos goy blocked me for advocating national socialism in his comment section. This was roughly half a year ago. That’s when i realized on what side he and most other libertardians/crypto-anarchists are on.

      Same goes for Truthnevertold (the guy trying to sell his silver via jootube) and most of the other phony truthers (mainly the christian zionist ones babbling about the “nazi-controlled Illuminati” and stuff like that).

      Censorship is a necessity for jews and their minions. Also means we’re on the right path.

  13. Amalek says:

    The half-truth movement is at it again. It will be interesting to see if he accepts the debate, though I really doubt he will. If he responds at all he will probably say something like “acknowledging these ideas with a debate will only lend legitimacy to their position.”

    It’s funny to see how these libertarians only care about freedom when it means the freedom to act like degenerate scum. Freedom to live among your own, not be forced to live in a society indoctrinated with Jew media, freedom from debt slavery, etc is not allowed. As long as you keep your mind chained to the PC paradigm, you have the freedom to engage in any hedonism and meet any desires created for you by advertising agencies.

    • Amalek says:

      It’s also funny that his reasoning here actually undermines his own position. He admits that tensions between different ethnic groups is inevitable and that when times are tough people will tribalize very quickly. This itself makes one of the strongest arguments for segregation and ethnic nationalism. If he admits that people are never going to be able to get along and trust other ethnic groups, then why are we allowing them to enter our countries and planting the seeds of this inevitable racial quarrelling?

      He has thoroughly destroyed himself, so not much need for debate unless he’s a masochist.

  14. Walmartian says:

    Oh sorry I didn’t even realize that you already addressed the piece in question within this post. As soon as I saw it I came to the site and commented on the newest post in order to bring it to your attention.

    Whenever someone on the internet makes material attacking our people/movement we need to respond swiftly. In this way we will already have our response ready for the average guy. The way the MSM works is that they tell their pre fabricated narrative that they ram down everyone’s throats for a week on end. The eventual truth comes out except the problem is that most are left with the first impression and that is what they know and retain. This is why we must respond swiftly so that our retorts are right in the viewers face and forever sub consciously linked with their first impression. Though the attention span of the anti establishment types are higher than average we shouldn’t overestimate them. More than likely most who viewed that video now understand fascism as the way the content creator presented it. This is the media equivalent of a sucker punch. They attack us unexpectedly and we aren’t able to fight back until it’s too late.

  15. Kevin Sommers says:

    Notice the echo he gives his voice in his videos, very subtle tactic that gives his voice more ‘authority.’ It’s the same thing the schools do with their holocaust survivors, they never talk without a microphone or out of the auditorium. This is deliberate. This guy has a background in psychology much like that Morris type. These guys have experience with public-speaking beyond just preaching on the internet. You think someone with that kind of background would understand that from our perspective ‘any news is good news’. Even just cherry-picking your site apart, he’s going to be bringing a lot of people to our side. They’ve been doing this with other people in the movement too, giving their sites attention. From their point of view, this is just stupid and reckless. Unless they want more people on our side, and want fascism to go public(an excuse for martial law? nah, too risky. They’re in panic mode now.) they are just shooting themselves in the foot.

    Let’s be blunt here, Capitalism/Anarchism is the weapon the Jews are going to focus on from now on. Libertarianism is Anarchism. Why? Because with Anarchism you have no government, no organization, and a ton of infighting. Essentially, a state in chaos just waiting for someone to take it over. And once that happens, USSR 2.0 . While the Jews are still using Marxist tactics, Communist has a tendency to backfire on them and result in nationalistic states, plus it’s easier to transition from Communism to Fascism than it is to re-instate a government over ‘free’ capitalists.

    And I’d forgotten about that manifesto, good stuff in there. Anyway, I’ll try and get back to you sometime next week Andre. Have had a lot of things going on, and I figure you probably have more important things to do than exchange emails with me anyway.

    • Walmartian says:

      I have always felt the same way about the ultra libertarian types and the anarchist scum. In essence all that will happen is a total restart of the system with feudalist politics taking the place of the established order. In other words with the total polarization of america across racial, political, and ethnic lines this will lead us into chaos. However unlike feudalism there will already be an established power: ZOG hovering over the chaos like a vulture waiting for the right government oriented populist movement to hijack.

    • chelsey says:

      I was wondering while watching the video if the producer was also the narrator, because he did seem to be quite the speaker.

  16. Walmartian says:

    sorry for the double post I didn’t think the first one went through due to the time it took then I backtracked and then corrected a grammar mistake. Delete the first post.

    You will notice the note that he wrote at the beginning of his video. He criticizes us for “censorship” then engages in extreme censorship. He then goes on to preach tolerance and then advocates a form of reeducation and total censorship of all who hold fascistic values. Here we see the total hypocrisy of the democratic concept and the ideology itself on full parade.

    Then he continues his lecture compelling others to speak out whilst racial discrimination and intolerance occur…… Isn’t that exactly what we are doing whilst faced with a program aimed at eliminating our people? He actually believes the ultra liberal PC ideology in which whites are always the oppressor class and never the victim class. Yea he really completely ignores the fact that massive immigration and ethnic displacement is an ultimate form of intolerance towards white European people yet simultaneously is condemning those who are doing all they can to avoid their eventual annihilation at the hands of their racial enemies.

    The video appears to be an ANTIFA indoctrination film designed to indoctrinate the anti MSM and “conspiracy theorist” movement. He is practically doing exactly what you criticize Jones for. This guy is acting as a gate keeper for those who are seeking answers and then steering them away using the exact same rhetoric and arguments that the non credible MSM uses. Essentially these anti establishment types are unwittingly funneled into a movement that is almost identical in ideological values to the current establishment that they protest.

  17. Also, maybe DailyStormer.com needs a section called…’If you are new here” or “welcome, here’s whats going on”, here are some simple links as an example…

    Six stages of Awakening…

    If it’s not the jews…

    Don’t mention the jews…

    In a nutshell…

    • Kevin Sommers says:

      He has the ‘required reading’ section over on the side. Maybe it would be more effective as a tab up top?

      • I was talking about dailystormer, it does not have the required reading section that totalfascism has. Not a criticism just an idea to float out there, since I am sure that many new people will be coming as attacks like ‘storm clouds gathering’ are exposed.

  18. Here is the transcript Andrew…

    The purpose of this video is to draw attention to a dangerous undercurrent of racism, anti-semitism and outright fascism which has been growing within our ranks in recent years. We’re going to point to where this could end up if we allow it to continue, and to we’re going to explain how to confront it effectively.

    During periods of severe economic hardship, war, and social instability people have the tendency to look for someone to blame. Historically, the groups that are singled out as scapegoats are not chosen based on facts and evidence, they are chosen according to the prejudices and hatreds of that era. Race, religion, ethnic background and immigrant status are obvious and convenient starting points, but as these sentiments gather political power the list of enemies expands to include anyone and everyone who disagrees on any topic of significance, and the punishment for being different rapidly moves from insults to violence. Genocides and ethnic cleansings are expressions of this dark current.

    It would be a grave error to assume that humans have evolved out of this pattern or that the conditions which give rise to such tendencies will never be in play again. The reality of the matter is that the global economic downturn we’re experiencing right now is already providing a breeding ground for fascist, racists and outright neo-nazi groups, and the internet has given them a vector to spread their ideologies.

    Unfortunately many of these types have infiltrated libertarian, conservative, and conspiracy oriented circles. All you have to do to verify this is to visit the comment section of virtually any article or video which talks about the banking and monetary system or government coverups and corruption. Even more unfortunate is the fact that there are certain media figures, and we won’t mention names here, which are taking advantage of those racist and xenophobic sentiments and helping them grow.

    Like any social phenomenon, racism operates on a spectrum, with soft core insults about the intelligence of certain ethnic groups on one end and hard core neo-nazi rhetoric on the other. These are not, however, separate and distinct phenomena. One does not go from being a normal, open minded member of society to being a fan of Adolph Hitler and Heinrich Himmler overnight. There’s a transition. People become acclimated to racism gradually. Once they have become comfortable with the softer versions more extreme ideologies then seem reasonable.

    So what exactly are we talking about here when we refer to the more extreme end of racism? Well rather than discuss it in an abstract sense, let’s look at a real example. This is a page from a website that someone who was in my friends list on Facebook shared this past week. We’ve blurred out the name of the website and the name of the author to avoid sending traffic their way. The article that this particular person shared was contained I would categorize as low level anti-semitism, however upon exploring the site for a few minutes I found their manifesto and that’s what we’re looking at here.

    This manifesto starts by explaining how they believe they will rise to power and thereby be in a position to implement their politics. They don’t call for the violent overthrow of the U.S. government but rather advocate taking advantage of its fall to gain power through legal avenues. Essentially it’s the same strategy that Hitler used.

    Once in power they state that they will “immediately enact decisive measures to the end of establishing White racial homogeneity in these United States. ” US armed forces will be deployed within the United States to deal with non-white immigrants” and those immigrants will “be rounded up and interned in concentration camps until they can be shipped back to wherever they are from.”

    Now the rounding up of non-whites wouldn’t be limited to first generation immigrants. The African-American population of the U.S. will “have the option of repatriation to Africa, or movement to a geographical area within the United States that is allocated to them”. So basically reservations like the native Americans were herded into.

    The manifesto goes on to say that “Blacks will not be permitted to possess firearms or deadly weapons of any kind until which point they are transferred to their own lands, as they have proven that peaceful existence is incompatible with their genetic nature.”

    And not surprisingly they have plans for the Jews as well. “All Jews will be forced to wear identifying markers, so as they are no longer capable of their methods of deceit. Many of them will be interned in concentration camps until a colony, which is to be regulated by an international body, can be established for them. The end goal will be to have all Jews removed from the North America, as well as the nations of our brothers in Europe and elsewhere.”

    These guys aren’t joking here. They want to make this into a reality. They want hardcore fascism in America and in Europe and they understand that the political and economic instability that is headed our way will provide them a window of opportunity.

    This line of thinking doesn’t just apply to issues of race and immigration. They call for complete and total state control over media. “All broadcast systems will be nationalized immediately, and the television will only be allowed to show nature documentaries, anything else which does not present a value system or value judgments and was not produced by Jews, along with state authorized news. Radio stations will play classical music, along with gospel and folk music which was not produced by Jews.

    A Council on Positive Media will be formed to make decisions about what can and cannot be consumed by the public at large.” So basically, complete and total censorship. And this goes for the internet as well. “Entertainment media on the internet will have a moratorium placed on it, until we can come to a consensus on a way to regulate it. The internet service providers, which will have been nationalized, will be used to block significant amounts of content, while not infringing on the communication capacity of individuals.” That sounds great!

    How about religion? Here’s what they say: “Though destructive forms of religion – those devised and advocated by the Jews – will be crushed entirely, traditional religious practices will be encouraged by the state, with Churches again taking a lead role in the organization of communities and the formation of community values. Churches which meet the doctrinal requirements of the state will be directly subsidized.” So basically the state will dictate which belief systems are proper, and any belief or religion which does not conform to their doctrine will be wiped out. Furthermore the entire population will have to fund the state approved religion via taxes. Nice.

    What about crime? Well these guys have an answer for that too: “Anyone over the age of 25 caught manufacturing or distributing drugs will be executed. Anyone caught using drugs will be enrolled in a rehabilitation program, before being sentenced to a minimum of 1 year in a concentration camp.” So if you get caught selling pot, that’s a death sentence. If you get caught smoking a joint, one year in a concentration camp. You can’t make this stuff up.

    Hate gays? Well they’ve got the solution to that too. “Homosexuality will once again be outlawed, and depending on circumstance, be viewed as either a criminal offense, to be punished with incarceration or death, or a mental illness, to be treated by mental health professionals.”

    Now you could say that this website is an extreme example, a lunatic fringe that has no chance of getting traction, and that might be true if it were not for the wide spectrum of hateful politics that leads up to this extreme. Historically the mistake that reasonable people make in the early stages of fascistic movements is to ignore them or to tolerate the less extreme elements in their ranks. Tolerating soft core racism within a social group gives it the opportunity to become established in the culture, and this provides a support structure for more extreme elements to move in. Once the extreme elements are established and start reaching for political power the danger becomes apparent, but at that point it’s too late.

    Fortunately this time around we have a chance to learn from the lessons of history and prevent it from repeating. However to accomplish this is going to require an understanding of group psychology. A common mistake that many people make when facing destructive social trends like racism is to use a gentle approach, attempting to reason with them and win them over. This doesn’t work when dealing with crowds. Crowd psychology is fundamentally different than individual psychology. The only way to stop this kind of ignorance from spreading within a group is to aggressively call these types out, to shame them publicly and to exclude them from your circle. Give them no quarter, make no compromises, show no tolerance, and be absolute and ruthless in your condemnation of them. Sound extreme? Yes it’s extreme, but that’s what works.

    If for a moment you hesitate to unload on these characters consider how they will treat you if they rise to power. We don’t even have speculate on that topic. Some of these people come right out and tell us how it will be under their rule. For example on this same site we were just looking at they have a section regarding members of the truth movement that they consider shills due to their refusal to demonize the Jewish people. Among them are Luke Rudkowski, Jason Bermas, Mike Rivero and Webster Tarpley. For the crime of expressing opinions that this fascist disagrees with, he proclaims that they should be “subject to criminal prosecution, and, depending on the rulings of a fair and just court, either executed for treason or interned in a concentration camp.”

    Let that sink in for a moment. These people would literally kill you or throw you in a concentration camp for saying something they don’t like. That’s where this ignorant, xenophobic crap leads, and every time you stand silent while someone targets an ethnic group, another race, or religion in your midst you are facilitating their rise. It’s up to each and every one of us to make it clear that this is not ok, that this will not be tolerated in our circle, that anyone who makes the mistake of attempting to spread these hateful ideologies will be shunned and ostracized by their peers.

    We don’t need to accommodate racists. We don’t need the ignorant fringe. We can afford to push them away and in fact we must, because if we don’t then we will be lumped together with them, and that is a recipe for disaster.

  19. Walmartian says:

    Hey Andrew this confused youtuber is taking your comedic material about conspiracy theorists out of context and trying to misrepresent the ideology of fascism. It’s just the typical jew nuthugger conspiracy theorist.

    Notice that he has never said a word about the obvious heavy handed jewish strongarm controlling our media and financial institutions. Obvious PC patriot is obvious. The PC patriot is probably more inherently dangerous to the white movement then any other group. They take the built up dissatisfaction with the cultural marxist/jewish elite and hijack then misdirect it at the wrong targets. Whenever a movement arises in America/Europe with a clear implicit pro white sentiment there are always PC patriots who refuse to believe that there could be a single fault with their paradigm of human morality(the oh so benevolent Jews)

    The Owner of the material blocks any dissenting opinion(including mine) that make attempts at debunking this bullshit and inconvenient facts about jews.

  20. chris james says:

    hail victory, the great time is upon us

  21. Can’t wait for your rebuttal. To me, the whole scenario is similar to how the NSDAP wanted these Marxists to confront them, how GLR wanted the jews to see him with his armband and uniform, when you stand up to them they lose their minds, and everybody sees it. The only replies I got to my comments on his youtube page, were objections to calling the guy a Communist, whether he knew it or not, he’s a commie. They don’t know what that means (neither did I) until I read MK.

  22. Firebellinthenight says:

    Funny how he tries to mock your ideas. I rather think though that his audience will be rather drawn to your site. Liberals have no solutions.

  23. AllForMyNation says:

    Not only is this video maker clown a liar and a fraud, he is also an Anti-White that approves of White Genocide.

  24. Elie Wiesel will admit he doesn’t have a tattoo before that idiot debates you.

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