Fascist Friday Wrap-Up: Back in the Saddle Again

For the Greatest of Justice.

For the Greatest of Justice, we ride.

It has been a couple weeks since I’ve done a Friday Wrap-Up.

As you probably are aware, the Daily Stormer was hacked.  Twice.

Getting hacked is a terrible hassle.

I’ve also been focusing my time there, as I think it is the most important thing I can be doing at this juncture.  I write multiple articles there daily, so if you are not a reader, you should be.

Anyway.  Today I am here, at Total Fascism, for another Fascist Friday Wrap-Up.


“Who wants to live, so he must  fight, and who does not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle does not deserve to live.”  Adolf Hitler - Mein Kampf

“Who wants to live, so he must fight, and who does not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle does not deserve to live.” Adolf Hitler – Mein Kampf


But this too shall pass.

But this too shall pass.





Coming Together

When I first became active in the White movement a couple of years ago, it seemed that everyone was constantly having some type of drama.

I believe the reason for this was that an image of a movement was still being formulated.  It was birth-pains, if you will, as most of us exited the womb of the various half-truth movements and were born anew as Total Fascists.

WE are brothers, brothers.

WE are brothers, brothers.

Now, it seems the ‘in-fighting’ has almost completely passed.

We are solidifying an idea, and have very little to disagree about.

My hope is that in the near future, the various factions can be brought together to function as a single unit, working toward our shared goals.

Next week, I will draw up a piece about what these goals are.  I think we already know, but it is important to have them written down and agreed upon.


Ophelia, Arthur Hacker***


The Golden Dawn Situation

And they shall live forever.

We shall meet you in Valhalla, brothers.

I have heard very little from Greece since the brothers were murdered on the first of this month, though what I have heard is very good.  The brutal killings showed the true face of the opposition, and those who lost faith in the party when the media barrage defamed them 24 hours a day for weeks after the bar fight stabbing have regained trust, and more and more Greeks are realizing what is happening.

The fact that no rogue members of the party have attempted retaliation yet means that such probably will not happen.  The young men are showing restraint, as they understand that once the party has power, all of the traitors will swing for their crimes.

I have seen many non-Greeks on the internet suggesting that ‘the party is over,’ and this is precisely the opposite of the actual situation.  Everything is going according to plan.  The Jews could not have played this any worse.  They have lost the battle for the hearts and minds of the Greek people.  It is now simply a matter of time.

Elections are imminent.


Be Proud.***

Gaston Bussiere (French, 1862-1929), “Brunhilds awakening"***

Keeping Al-Mufti El Bin Glenn and the rest of the Shills on the Run

The terrorist warlord Mark Glenn continues to break down psychologically, and it is important that we keep the pressure on at this most crucial of points in his ongoing personal meltdown.

"Allaaaaahhhhh Ackbaaaaarrrrr." -Mark Glenn

“Allaaaaahhhhh Ackbaaaaarrrrr.” -Mark Glenn

I don’t personally have the time to comb through his endless comments and find the attacks on Whites or open admissions of planned conquest of Europe, so I am hoping that others will carry out this task.

I was delighted to see a comrade, running a blog with probably the best-ever title, Elder of Zyklon, keeping track of Glenn’s most recent attacks.

In order to achieve total victory, we must utterly crush our enemies, and right now, the biggest enemies we have are those pretending to give the truth while selling lies to the people.

Other top enemies include Jeff Rense, Gordon Duff and the rest of the Veteran’s Today shills, Henry Makow, and others.

And, of course, our most bitter adversary, Alex Jones.

Jew fiend Adam Kokesh seems to have been totally destroyed after I bullied him over faking like he was going to attack Washington, driving him to commit insane actions, which led to his getting locked up.  He recently plead guilty to these Jewish terrorist activities, but when he finally gets out, no one will care about his next stunt, as he has already proved himself idiotic beyond words.

The anti-White Charles Giuliani seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth after I called him out for demanding that all White people adopt retarded black children.

Today I wrote an article on the emerging enemy shill, a friend of the Fatman, a friend of the Jews, Colin Flaherty:

Jew-Tool Colin Flaherty Defends the Oppressive Occupational Jews Against Brave Black Jew-Fighters

Hey Colin, whatchadoin???

You are all having an amazing effect with your commenting around the webs.  Keep it up.  We must keep the pressure on, as we continue to assert ourselves as the Wave of the Future.


To Victory***

Remember Paris***

Freikorps . Illustration from the book  Red Murder over Munich by Rudolf Schricker***

Rodney Martin is Back

The war continues.

The war continues.

Rodney was gone for a while, tending to his ill wife.  I got about 9,000 emails asking where he was.  He is now back.

Listen to his comeback show here.


Black wolf***

Savoyard Helmet (The Original Totenkopf Helmet–1600)***

Regarding Women

After publishing the contributor article on the Jewish nature of the degenerate marketing scam that is the ‘pick-up artist’ industry, I wrote a follow-up, and in the comments section someone actually went so far as to accuse me of being an Jewish plant for daring to doubt the validity of said weird Jewish scam.

Though it is to be expected that whiny bitches will whine like little bitches, this particular whiny bitch got me to thinking about the fact that many of the young and capable men who are involved in our movement are single, and need to be double, and producing children.

I am by no means a pick-up artist or lady’s man, I think it may be prudent to give just a couple of thoughts on genuine and true human mating practices, contrasted with the lies of the Jews on this topic.

I am personally appalled by the idea that a man should have the goal of having as much casual sex with as many loose women as possible.  Beyond moral questions, this behavior clearly represents obsessive neurosis and severe self-image problems.  The Jews are marketing this material to men with very low self-esteem, as if they had self-esteem they would already have girlfriends.  They are then encouraging them to use women as a means to achieve self-esteem.  If you depending on other human beings for affirmation of your existence, you are as weak as you could possibly be.

The goal for any man should be to secure a mate who has the traits desired, and produce children with her.

The first and most import thing is self-respect.  If you do not have self-respect, no one will ever respect you.  The only ways to achieve self-respect, if you don’t have it already, are to be productive in your work and to fight for what you believe in.

The Jews of the pick-up artist industry talk about ‘confidence’ and explain that you can fake this by pretending you are an asshole.  If you need to sink to this level, you are pathetic, lacking basic self-respect and any sort of personal integrity or honor.

There is a truth here that they are playing with, but the issue is not being ‘nice’ or being an ‘asshole.’  The problem is that emasculated western men will often present themselves to women as submissive, and women universally view this as pathetic and weak.  Speaking abusively to a woman on purpose is a cheap way to get around a submissive presentation.

Because modern mating is the exact same thing, on the psychological level, as prehistoric mating, a woman is subconsciously looking for a man who is capable of defending her and her children from physical threats, and thus beyond height and physical fitness, the first thing she is interested assertiveness and audacity, as these indicate an ability to control situations.  When evaluating the value of a man, a woman will repeatedly test him for these traits.

You will note that you, as a man, are also looking for the same things in a woman that a man 10 thousand or a million years ago was looking for in a woman, which is fertility and a caring and gentle disposition, which together indicate an ability to produce and nurture healthy children.  This is why you are attracted to women with shapely bodies, soft facial features and a presentation of innocence.

It is important to keep in mind that most women in the west are much too damaged to be of much use to you.  Given this, when you are meeting women, you should pay as little attention as possible to her physical beauty, and instead of worrying about whether or not she will like you, focus on whether or not she is good enough for you.  If you keep the mindset that your interactions with women have the purpose of finding out whether or not she is good enough for you, rather than the other way around, you will be much more respected by women, as they will instinctively recognize what is happening, and, if they are decent, drop the feminist aggressiveness and try to show you who they are and what they have to offer.

You should never be disrespectful to a woman, this is gross and dishonorable, and your ancestors will curse you for it.  The Jews and the savages treat women with contempt, it is of the White man to honor and cherish women.

The Jews tell you you should not compliment women or treat them with kindness.  However, if you truly believe you have everything a woman needs at your disposal, compliments and kindness will be interpreted as using your power as a means to make the woman comfortable, rather than as a pathetic, begging and dishonest attempt to gain her favor.

It is unlikely you will ever meet a woman with any of the traits you desire at a bar.  I do not really know about internet dating, but maybe that would work.  The best way, probably, is to just approach women on the street, or at work, or where they are working.  Do not start by talking about Nazism.  In fact, there is not really a reason you would ever need to talk about Nazism with a girl at all, until you are already somewhat serious with her.  That said, speaking in a more generally conservative manner is helpful, as you can then gauge her response and determine whether she is worth your time.  If she disagrees with giggles, she is not a serious liberal feminist.  If she aggressively disagrees, she is below you.  Also, if she has an obsession with having a career, you should disregard her.

Remember that you, as a proper traditionalist revolutionary, are objectively of more value than the vast majority of uneducated, weak, effeminate, materialistic Western male, and thus you deserve a woman of the highest caliber who is capable of producing strong Aryan children.

Although you of course need a woman who you find physically attractive, do not put over-much import on finding a woman who is beautiful.  Sexual attractiveness, in the long term, becomes less physical and more psychological, based on the strengthening of emotional bonds.  The difference between a girl you would rate as a 7 and one you would rate at 9 only matters for approximately three days into a relationship (unless you are concerned about showing off how hot your girlfriend is to other men, in which case you are vain and degenerate).  The more beautiful a woman is, the more likely she is to be self-obsessed.  This comes from a life time of receiving special treatment from men (this is of course not always true, it just tends to be true).

It is of the utmost importance that all of you marry and produce children.  If you meet a woman, you should be constantly evaluating the possibility that a relationship with her will result in marriage and children.  If you get to the point where you believe there is little or no chance this will happen with a particular woman, move on.

Readers are very welcome to give their own perspective on this utmost important of topics in the comments section below.  It would be especially interesting to hear from older male and from female readers.


Actress Jean Harlow poses with boxer Primo Carnera, 1938***



Clint Eastwood Isn’t Afraid of Anything.


Rudolf Maison***

Kaiser-Ebersdorf, Vienna, Vienna, Österreich***

Esther Ralston in Wolves of the North (1924)***

Renegades in America

The Renegade crew has put together an excellent three part documentary.  If you haven’t watched it, do so.

The only serious flaw with the film is that I am not in it.


The world's premiere Jewish vacation destination!

The world’s premiere Jewish vacation destination!


Arthur Kampf “Steinzeitliches Bauernleben”, 1936***

Learn Something***

"Odin drinks the magic mead" by Katharine Pyle (1863-1938)***

Daily Stormer Situation

We're Ready.

We’re Ready.

Right now, the site, having been hacked twice in two weeks, is in safety mode.  This means it doesn’t look as good as it should, regrettably.  But everything else works well, and it is safe.

The entire situation is explained in detail here.

Also, check out November’s monthly report here.


Eustache Le Sueur, Saint Paul Preaching at Ephesus, 1648-1649. National Gallery***

John Everett Millais 1870***

Nazi boy***

Some Recommended Articles From the Daily Stormer

Here are some recent articles, which I recommend.

Italy: 35 People’s Homes Raided on Suspicion That They Don’t Like Jews

Mussolini on the Jewish Role in Communism

Obama Says Those Who Lost Their Insurance Can Keep It, Even Though That is Impossible

23% of Swedish Women Will be Raped by Nonwhite Immigrants

Investigation Opened Into French Magazine That Called Black Minister a Monkey

Non-White Liberal Science Blogger Says Craig Cobb DNA Results are a Hoax

French Magazine Calls Black Minister a Monkey

Jews Flipping Out as Freedom of Speech Set to Return to Australia

Disgusting Report on Evil Boy-Raping Jews

Ireland’s Jew Alan Shatter Demands the Heads of Those Responsible for Antisemitic Posters

Satanic Gay-Loving Anti-Pope: ‘Jews are Our Big Brothers’

Albanians, the Balkans and Borders

Remembering Josue Estebanez de la Hija, Spanish Nationalist Crucified for Defending Himself Against Antifa Traitors

Houston: White Guy Wins Election by Pretending to be Black

Editing Photos to Distort Historical Reality

On Myth and Tradition

What Was The Holocaust? What Actually Happened?

Man Up, Kid: German Health Official Says It’s Better to Have a Beer than Visit a Psychotherapist

The Jewish Day Trading Swindle

Barbarian Horde Attacks Swedes in Stockholm

Unholy Alliance: Jew Porno Star Ron Jeremy and Hipster Christian Pastor Craig Gross

Jews Again Demand an End to Free Speech on the Internet

Jewish CEO of Oracle, Larry Ellison, Says NSA Spying is ‘Great’ and ‘Essential’



a future for white children***

hans joachim marseille1hans joachim marseille2 ***


Thanks to all who have given.

Thanks, friends.

Thanks, friends.

Please know that my appreciation is eternal, and you make possible the amount of time I am able to devote to this, Our Grand Endeavor.

For anyone else who is capable of giving a bit, you can do it here.

If you’re not capable, please don’t worry about it.


I'll tell you a secret Ada Martini sasha luss | vogue china october 2013 28. Ballet Dance Leni Riefensthal 1936 Vogue 1966 nadine Monique von Bertkowa Monique***

black sun***

Well, that’s all I’ve got today.  Feeling a bit under the weather.  I don’t get sick often; it is a strange, uncomfortable feeling.

Again, I’m going to try and be here on Friday from now on.  But you can always find me at DS.  And you can always email me, or look me up on Skype.  I’m not hard to find.

Hail Victory.


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45 Responses to Fascist Friday Wrap-Up: Back in the Saddle Again

  1. loyalwhitebriton says:

    Hi Andre. I’ve been following you for quite some time now and I enjoy your posts at Daily Stormer, which I think is an exceptionally well put together site. However, I’ve recently come across this comment on another site I frequent from time to time, and this Commander Goyim fella says that you used to run a Communist website, as well as saying you’re a white hating opportunist! From what I’ve read I certainly don’t get the impression that you’re a white hating commie. Anyway, just thought you’d like to know, and maybe respond? Peace brother.

    Commander Goyim And His Lost Sheeple Airmen says:
    January 6, 2014 at 3:53 pm
    I think anything would be be better than suffering Andre Anglin’s over inflated ego on The Daily Stormer and his personal vanity website TF. I rarely stop in; everytime i do I am agog at the utterances of this late 20s…something and his self-appointed place as the new spokesman of “our movement” irregardless of how well he thinks he writes and interprets history, NS morality and a never ending stream pontification. Yesterday a poster admonished him for using the term “Nazi” and Anglin was clueless as to why it was derogatory etc., and was totally ignorant on the subject…yet last summer ( last time I stopped in) he was in a lather with Scott Roberts trying to sell a BS premise that there is NO world-wid Jew conspiracy.

    Finally, I know AA has supporters; I am not an NS malcontent — just aghast at the bullshit emulating from this ill-informed white hating opportunist who formally ran a pro communist website…yes, you heard me right and I have that on good authority. If anyone cares to refute this I would be glad to hear it and apologise. Will it ameliorate the Andre Anglin EGO?

    I asked/ confronted Anglin yesterday in a post about this allegation and await his response.

    Read more http://www.destroyzionism.com/2014/01/05/new-site-national-socialism-com/

  2. Steven Rowlandson says:

    Here is a Christmas present for you all.
    Click on down load to down load mp4 video file

    Adolf Hitler – The greatest story Never told (Full 6 hours Documentary)


  3. Steven Rowlandson says:

    Andrew it has been a month since you posted anything new . Are you short on stuff to write about? I just posted the mantra at savethemales.ca and it wasn’t censored.

  4. Polynikes says:

    Looks like it’s over for GD. New leaked videos by the MSM blows the cover off the entire party. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G11zRtXo8uE

  5. Julian says:

    SO I checked out the ZCF page and boy of boy Andrew could not have called it better by saying he is full blown anti-fa. At first I heard ZCF’s position and thought, na, he’s not total anti-fa, Anglin’s wrong, but really, he is. Off the top of my head, he has an article equating Hitler to Zionism, and something an “honorable” Jew said, (that by itself is not really bad, but it’s like he’s intentionally focusing on the Jew aspect, like anything a Jew says has more weight than anyone else, it’s weird, he claims to be “above race” but then he highlights when he likes something a Jew or Rabbi says), and a long comment tirade about some redneck who criticized him.

    I’m writing this here because I want to criticize him but I don’t want to do it on his server, so I’m doing it here, because I really have nothing to say to him, I tried arguing with him on his site and it was unproductive, he changed so dramatically it’s hard to fathom. I was probably his top fan back when he was just ZCF, the fact that he probablly doesn’t know this or care shows he doesn’t really reach out to his supporters, unlike Andrew Anglin who had the decency to talk to me on the phone and meet with me in person. But ZCF has now become the opposite of what he was, instead of raging on Jews, he rages on “rednecks” and “Americans” and “Whites.” It’s just pathetic. Why? He claims he’s not a Jew, if he is that would be really something, I guess some people say he is which is really the only explanation, but wtf?

    Okay, so let’s say you have an epiphany, and you’re like, wow, maybe not every Jew is a bad guy. Okay, but then why turn this into “I should probably hate on rednecks and ‘Mericans.” I mean what ashames me is that ZCF got me hooked on the Hitler sensation. I had a blog called Hitler Truth because I am serious about what I feel is the truth (the blog’s been suspended by the way). And although I feel ashamed that I supported ZCF, I still very much believe what I believe. How can anyone read Mein Kampf and fully understand it, and then months later be like, “Yeah, he was a Zionist.” I mean it’s unfathomable, to me at least, and supposedly also Tia Tequila, but side issue, I just don’t get it.

    So, sorry for the long rant, but damn, it’s just gotten ridiculous, and I guess this is a lesson to be learned, that while everyone changes their mind and flip flops on occasion, we need to prevent ourselves from doing a complete 180 to the point where the people who know us don’t even recognize our beliefs. I mean I’m not alone, ZCF was one of the most popular writers concerning matters of Zionism, Jews, Hitler, I mean am I wrong? And now, he’s got like 3 followers. And it’s not because he “took a break,” it’s because he either sold out or so completely changed his beliefs that they are now unrecognizable. I just hope I don’t suffer anything similar to that. I believe what I believe because it means something to me, it’s my only weapon against this madness, I just can’t ever imagine myself going so completely sideways that I just start hating white people.

    I mean he tries to make himself seem like some kind of tolerant individual who doesn’t hate all Jews, but then he throws around the white trash insults left and right. He criticizes Americans because we “have the right to speak out,” and he criticizes those who are brave enough to use their real names because their “just Americans” and they have nothing to lose, which isn’t even true. So other countries are less free than America, so that’s bad. Doesn’t that sound like typical liberal bullshit?

    Okay I’m done.

    • DICARLO says:

      Certainly, his turn-around is very strange and very surprising to me. I posted in concert with him on some old 911 message board about 5 years ago and we had exchanged thoughts by email. He quickly came to understand it was jews behind 911 and posted a very popular thread with detailed information at the infounderground, “jews did 911″, which is either no longer there or has been “conveniently” deleted. Could it be he’s under duress, and the jews told him, in no uncertain terms, he would be prosecuted in Canadian Courts for his transgressions against them? You can read any of his articles, former to his falling out with Delaney, or listen to any of his archived radio programs with Spingola, and at that time, he understood the jews. You can’t go back let alone reverse your position about jews, once you know. Perhaps it’s not even him and some jew has assumed his identity.

  6. Dear Andre,
    Always love the propaganda and of course I mean that in the positive sense that Hitler, Goebbels, and the National Socialists did! Propaganda in the service of Truth! I tend to be a very visual person and I just love the images. Several you put here I have never seen before! Which is amazing considering how much I love the propaganda/art of the Third Reich!
    The only thing I will add is that it is rather pathetic that any man need be told how to be a man! It is just cowardice pure and simple. Why do brawny lugs get the girls often? Simple! Hard work and hard physical exercise, both aerobic and anaerobic raise testosterone. Der Fuhrer told Leon Degrelle that he is a Hellene and of course by this he meant he was a true Aryan of the ideals and values of our Aryan Hellenic forebearers. A sound mind in a sound body displayed in the celebratory temples, art and architecture, and philosophical, poetic, and dramatic works of that era.
    “A Sound Mind in a Sound Body!”
    The complete Fascist/National Socialist man must exercise and work his body to hardness and his mind in like manner must be flexed and strengthened and his thinking sharpened and refined and hammer as a good sword! Our men must be complete Gentlemen which means taking after the Knight, Chivalrous and also Cavalier! both relate to the original words for knighthood, das Sonnenritter!
    Fur unser Ein Volk, unser Ein Glaube, das Schwert fest in der hand, an den Sieg in jeder Schlact!
    Unser Wille zur Macht!
    Sieg Heil!

  7. endzog says:


  8. Cjmarxhatred says:

    Anyone noticed the onslaught of “feed the starving Africans” charity pledges advertised on Z.O.G TV? Me too! :)

  9. Radolf says:

    No more Friday wrap-up? I’m sure I’m not the only one who misses total fascism. Who else wants total fascism?

  10. endzog says:

    Staffordshire England. White child publically humiliated by headteacher for being ‘racist’

  11. Cjmarxhatred says:

    Anonymous Jew-Rat Marxist-Anarchist cowards defecate themselves at rise of Golden Dawn, call for Red Terror!

  12. Steven Rowlandson says:

    As a general rule I don’t pay much attention to blacks however if the following report is correct may be there really is no place for them in white societies.
    http://www.theroot.com/articles/culture/2013/11/teen_playing_knockout_game_gets_shot_by_victim.html?wpsrc=ob_july Perhaps deportation to Africa is a humane policy worth considering. Once they are in Africa they can do their crimes and play their games till their hearts content. No more white liberals to coddle them and make excuses for their bad behavior at the further expense of white people. If it works then perhaps it could be used with other troublesome minories like Jews.

  13. Cjmarxhatred says:

    Thanks for the mention Andrew comrade, keep up the awesome work exposing the Enemy Jew and their Shabbos Goy Shills! :)

  14. Steven Rowlandson says:

    On the Military Channel website the is a section where you can find out what kind of commander you are by answering some questions. It is a personality test.


    I took the test twice and got the same result. Vlad Tepes AKA Vlad Dracula.
    A dedicated nationalistic hyper law enforcer, defender of the faith and enemy of Islam , all traitors and real or imagined criminals. I wonder if he impaled jews and homos also?

    • Polynikes says:

      Funny sh@t man.
      The Qs had laughing.

      My Result:

      Douglas MacArthur
      You’re obdurate and have a perpetual look of “Why do I have to put up with this horsesh!t, I obviously have the answer and you don’t.” Being an unhesitating decision-maker has its virtues but don’t let it completely blind you to differing opinions. And please, ease up on the corncob pipe.

      • Steven Rowlandson says:

        The actual descriptive statement for my results was.

        Vlad Tepes :
        There is no questioning your loyalties and your sense of purpose. You’ll meet any problem head on, and then maybe stick it on a stake, or 20 thousand. Perhaps when celebrating your many accomplishments you shouldn’t sacrifice efficacy for theatricality.

        Speaking of meeting a problem head on. Today I noticed my computers power supply fan starting to slow down and break down so I shut down the computer and pulled out the power supply and lubricated the fan motor with axle grease. I then put everything back together and it works like it was brand new. Some times you just have to fix the problem right on the spot and not waste time and money.

  15. Steven Rowlandson says:

    I heard awhile back that one of the reasons why operation Citadel was a failure was that the USSR was fully informed of german military plans via the Lucy spy ring.

    Now imagine what could have been accomplished without traitors and spies telling the allies everything germany intended to do. Germany could have had a better chance at maintaining the initiative and the element of surprise. Bolshevism in all its forms could have been wiped out. In times of war and peace spies and traitors are the greatest threat and must be guarded against.

    • The spy ring was only part of it. The Soviets had superiority in terms of supplies, men, and, and fuel. By 1943, the Soviets were able, due to American Trucks (Studebaker) to keep their tanks fully supplied as well as make their artillery fully mobile whereas they had not previously been able to do so in 1941 early 42. If you want to name public enemy #1 for the salvation of the Evil Trinity – Stalin, the Soviet Union, and Communism, it FDR and the United States of America.

      • Steven Rowlandson says:

        Up to a point you are correct Rodney but without accurate intel reports the utilization of that material strength might never have been used properly. In war knowing your enemy is very important. One good spy is worth a million soldiers if his reports enable you to win battles and even avoid defeats.
        Russia before the war kept germany in a state of near total ignorance of soviet infrastructure and capabilities. The soviets looked like easy meat and the germans did not prepare for war in the east as they should have. The germans found out the hard way and lost because of poor logistical support and a poor understanding of the opposition and the nature of the territory of the soviet union. To deal with operation Thunder germany should have adopted a defensive strategy while it defeated the western allies in europe and incorperated all of europe into a germanic empire under german guardianship. The biggest factor contributing to the downfall of germany was strategic bombing based out of england. If england had been defeated and occuppied then german industry might have been able to deal with supplying the germans with the means of dealing with the soviet union. As always hind sight is 20/20.

        • Britain could have been defeated had the Luftwaffe’s main targets not been shifted in the BOB. The RAF was defeated, but the Luftwaffee did not know it. The focus on London gave the RAF the much needed reprieve they needed. Had the Luftwaffee not shifted targets, England would have sued for peace in another 90 days.

          • Dave M says:

            Ive heard two accounts on this- 1, a RAF plane accidentally bombed Berlin, so in reprisal Hitler ordered London to be bombed 2, Churchill deliberately sent the plane to bomb Berlin, guessing that Hitler would respond by shifting toward attacking London and would drop the just military targeting…

        • Also, the Soviets were prepared to leave the war in 1943.

          • Matt says:

            Maybe the Messerschmitt 109 was indeed superior to the Spitfire, it’s hard to tell but I think a defeat would have humbled those Jew-loving English.

            The Battle of Britain, and Stalingrad were the most tragic defeats of the White Race.

            Dum spiro spero

  16. Thank you Andre for the post Re: my return. Thank you also to all those “9000″ :) people who emailed you. Stay tuned, we have some very good things coming up. I simply had to take care of my wife. I am blessed to have spent half my wife with an Aryan Mate who shares my views and who has given me 5 children and who became seriously ill, thus I stood by her at hospital and at home.

  17. Julian says:

    I don’t know if you saw my comments, but ZCF is becoming an uber anti-fa, posting a new article every day on how some rabbi thinks Hitler was the God of Zionism. It’s pathetic…

    I want to share some of my thoughts on dating, but I want to keep it simple:

    1. Don’t talk about sex. Girls are taught that guys only want one thing: sex, and so if you advertise your sexual desires on your chest while talking to girls, it is 99.9% of the time a turnoff. So just ignore sex and everything about it and just talk about other things.

    2. Talk about what really interests you. If you want people to find you interesting, you have to be interested in what you are talking about. I would talk to girls about my spiritual beliefs, irregardless of how “kosher” that is at a bar, because it was what I was really interested in. This is why, despite most girls being turned off about Nazism, and I agree with Andrew’s advice not to bring this up, I will counter this by saying, if you really are interested in it, then wear it with pride. The point is not Nazism per se but whatever it is you are really interested in and that has some type of moral or social significance. I love cars, and I am interested in cars, but I just don’t know how interested a girl can get talking about horsepower and torque (unless she’s also a car buff). The upside of Nazism is, despite it not being ideal dinner conversation, it at least has social significance.

    3. Women have eyes and ears everywhere. If you sleep with one woman, about three other woman will find out. This is even more true with things like Facebook where people have some type of basic instinct to post their entire lives for the world to see, which unfortunately includes your private life. So be genuine and careful.

    Confidence is not “being an asshole.” Confidence means not being afraid to be yourself. (Some people are just assholes so I guess this is where the confusion comes from).

  18. DC says:

    On choosing a partner, aside from a woman who is attractive to you and fertile enough to give you healthy children, you want to find someone who is at a similar intellectual level. Not necessesserily a girl who has exactly the same interests when you first meet her, although shared common interests are good, but one that is compatible enough that you are on the same wavelenghth and can establish common ground over time.

    I would also pass on girls who have not grown up with a stable father figure in their lives.

    Although it might not be to everyone’s taste, I like the traditional Christian Patriarchy marriage model where the husband is the authority of the household and the wife submits to the leadership of her husband, while the Husband focuses his energy on serving God and his mission in life, but in the modern feminist world women are not groomed for this role by society and so will most likely not understand how a traditional marriage works.

    Some training and guidance and re-education may be needed on your part, but if you are a man of high vale with plenty to offer and can confidently project this and she likes you enough, she should willingly ditch her feminist programming and follow your lead.

    If she resists, then it might be a red flag or you might need more work on becoming that said man. She might need some time to come around to the idea too. A life time of societal programming cannot always be easily reversed.

    My 2c.

    • Tucker says:

      I’ll second that advice about women who did not have a stable father figure in their lives as a kid.

      My experiences with such women can be summarized thus:

      1. She’ll either be an artificially sweet sounding & behaving female, which you will often misinterpret as being feminine and appropriately submissive – but, in the long run, you will eventually discover that it was all just an act and that she was using those character traits to lull you to sleep so she could more easily manipulate you.

      2. Or, if not capable of adopting the manipulation template characteristics cited in #1, she’ll behave in a manner that will demonstrate to you very quickly that she has no concept of how to please or accommodate a man and she’ll routinely become a nit-picker and, no matter how much effort you put into showing her a good time – she’ll find something to whine or bitch about, and it will almost always be trivial. You’ll wind up regretting ever spending a dime of your hard earned money on her or wasting a minute of any time you spent trying to do her a good deed.

      Lessons learned, and the scars to prove it.

  19. endzog says:

    Stirring Irish White Nationalist Speech:


    Image: Flag Of The Irish National Socialistsn (english: “A Nation Once Again.”) :

  20. DaveMansfield says:

    I love the fascist friday wrap up. It’s essential. Even if you have nothing to say, and just write ‘nothing this week’, that would be good enough, we all need to reflect now and then.

    These scheduled checking in type articles are vital. I know you hammer out a bunch on DS every day, but this is very important to the soul I think. DS is great, TF has to have a FFWU though. Don’t give it up.

  21. Polynikes says:

    I’ve posted about Dugin before. If I recall, you don’t think highly of him. Be it as it may, he is in Putin’s inner circle (if not his top advisor on geopolitics) so it is almost certain what Dugin does Putin knows.
    Hope you feel better soon,
    Top Russian Advisor, Aleksandr Dugin, Communicating With N.G. Michaloliakos Via Letters

    For months, the General Secretary of Golden Dawn, Nikolaos Michaloliakos has been in contact with major international personalities. One of President Putin’s top advisors on geopolitics, Alexander Dugin is one of them.Regarding the correspondence between the leader of Golden Dawn and Alexander Dugin, defencenet wrote: “A letter by Russian scholar and writer Alexander Dugin, one of the closest advisors of Russian President Putin arrived in the prison cell of General-Secretary Michaloliako of the People’s Association-Golden Dawn a few days ago.”In the letter, Dugin spoke favorably of Golden Dawn’s geopolitical approaches and positions, and requested to open a channel of communication between the party and his think tank that is based in Moscow.   Professor Dugin, born in 1962, is one of best known political commentators and theorists of Russia’s ideas. He teaches at Moscow State University and is the modern formulator and leader of a movement called “Eurasianism”, i.e., the view that Russia is not in the West nor the East, but is actually a Eurasian country, which will require Land force (Land power) in order to counter-balance “naval forces” (Naval powers) . Dugin refers to the naval superpowers as “Atlantic”, and calls for Russia to balance and check Anglo-American incursions in the vast spaces of Eurasia.His ideal would be achieved via a union of the people’s of Eurasia, with Moscow as the center. This theory was the most influential with Vladimir Putin’s creation of a Eurasian Union. The Secretary General of the People’s Association of Golden Dawn, N. Michaloliakos, has spoken out clearly in favor of an alliance and cooperation with Russia, and away from the “naval forces” of the “Atlantic”. For Russia, Greece would be a valuable ally as a naval power, as Russia is oriented around being a “land force”.   It is safe to say, that the theory of “Eurasianism” is an academic- and not only- issue , which touches on issues of identity, culture, religion, sociology, anthropology, geopolitics, and history. Dugin’s political activism and writings have been extremely influential on Vladimir Putin’s foreign policy actions in the last decade, and his view’s continue to directly influence the diplomatic decisions of the Russian president today.The letter sent to N.G. Michaloliako is for sure not a random act.

    (Article from Defencenet Greece)

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      This is definitely interesting.

      I wouldn’t say I am against Dugin. Just not totally impressed. Except with his stated plan to annex the Ukraine. That impresses me.

      • Ukraine is complex. eastern Ukraine is essentially Russian in terms of language and custom, however western Ukraine is not. Interestingly, Ukraine first gained independence in the peace treaty the Reds (Trotsky) signed with the Germans in 1917 at Brest. the Western Allies voided this in 1918, thus handing over Ukraine to the Soviets and thus to Stalin, I thus hold the Western Allies in 1918 responsible for the Ukrainian Holocaust. In 1943, there was talks between Germany and the Soviets of Peace, via Sweden, whereby the German-Soviet war would end, the impass was over Ukraine. Germany wanted an independent Ukraine, Stalin said NO, the rest is history. The fallacy of German-Ukrainian relations in the early days of Barbarossa is misunderstood. Ukrainians supported the Germans until the end, the Russians, Partisans, and Red Army Troops who took off their uniforms and fought behind lines in the Ukraine and were shot along the River Bug were not representative of “Ukrainians”.

  22. Steven Rowlandson says:

    It is a little off topic but I found a link to Adolf Hitler – The greatest story Never told

    Jew tube shut down the account that made this documentary available to me and others. Fortunately this documentary is now available for now. Watch it while you can.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      Yeah, I don’t think it’s going away any time soon.

      • Jamie says:

        High Andrew it’s Jamie, did you get that in the mail? I think you would have by now can you let me no I’ll look latter have to fix computer, well my friend is I don’t know much about fixing computers actually nothing. To bad you were not in that Doc but I’m sure their will be others as we continue to grow and are people Europeans become aware of the evil that has ands continues to be done to us. And like they said we don’t need the masses MK talks about the masses and their ignorance or lake of knowledge. We need as many as we can get as long as they are brave, and not all have to be worriors as long as they stand with their people, like ALL OTHER RACES DO. Anyway internet was not working for 3 days now so have to look at things missed. Doing my computer takes about 3 hours but saving everything takes the night. Will get up to speed more tommorow.

      • Steven Rowlandson says:

        I hope you are right Andrew. I find the documentary puts a different spin on history especially the part leading up to the start of WW2. What Poland and its jews were doing to ethnic germans in 1939 really left germany no choice other than to intervene militarily in order to save germans , punish genocide and settle the dispute over the Danzig corridor the hard way.
        The jew run nations of the world wanted war at all costs.
        That is how I see it.

        I’ve had this song in my head all day.
        Here are the Lyrics.

        The Snow Fell lyrics

        He sat in a room
        In a square of the color of blood.
        He’d rule the whole world
        If there was a way that he could.
        He’d sit and he’d stare
        At the minerets on top of the towers.
        For he was a beast
        As he hatched his new plans to gain power.

        And the snow fell
        Covering the dreams and ideals.
        And the snow fell
        Freezing the blood and the wheels.
        And the snow fell
        They had to keep up for survival.
        And the snow fell
        And defeated the beast’s only rival.

        They took the old roads
        That Napoleon had taken before.
        They fought as a force of light
        Against the darkness in a holy war.
        One day they were looking around
        And the sun was shining on the cone flowers.
        The next day they were freezing to death
        In the snow and the ice cold showers.

        And the snow fell
        Covering the dreams and ideals.
        And the snow fell
        Freezing the blood and the wheels.
        And the snow fell
        They had to keep up for survival.
        And the snow fell
        And defeated the beast’s only rival.

        Then came the deadly roads
        Back from the steps of their retreat.
        The cold racked their bodies
        But worse was the pain of defeat.
        And people who had hailed them once
        Now turned and looked away.
        These people now knew
        That the beast was on it’s way.

        And the snow fell
        Covering the dreams and ideals.
        And the snow fell
        Freezing the blood and the wheels.
        And the snow fell
        They had to keep up for survival.
        And the snow fell
        And defeated the beast’s only rival.

        You finally came back
        To the borders of your fatherland.
        Now enemies came
        Traitors everywhere at hand.
        Many people had fought and died
        Knowing that they had to win.
        And still it sickens my heart
        To see the picture of the red flag in Berlin.

        And the snow fell
        Covering the dreams and ideals.
        And the snow fell
        Freezing the blood and the wheels.
        And the snow fell
        They had to keep up for survival.
        And the snow fell
        And defeated the beast’s only rival.

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