Confronting Anti-Hitler Fanatics: Incoherent Shill Anthony Migchels

Anthony Migchels gave up a lucrative career in male modeling to defend Jews on the internet.

Anthony Migchels gave up a lucrative career in male modeling to defend Jews on the internet.

Earlier today, I received a ping-back from a rather insignificant blog, with a post titled Gordon Duff, Nazis and the unmistakably macho allure of ‘Anti-Semitism’.  The person who wrote this, Anthony Migchels, is of no particular concern to me, but I believe the overall “argument” he makes against our movement is going to keep coming up, as we move forward with our radical agenda, so I will go ahead and address the points he presents.

Let’s begin by putting the psychological state of the individual making this argument in perspective.   This is someone who focuses on economics, and from what I gather, is advocating a zero-interest fiat currency, which is, coincidentally, the system that Adolf Hitler used to perform the German economic miracle (yet in attacking Hitler, he fails to give nod to his economic miracle).  He appears to be anti-Jew, but takes the “it isn’t all Jews” line we have heard so many times from Jews and weak-minded goyim who have been brainwashed into the “race doesn’t exist” cultural Marxist paradigm.

He shows his complete cognitive disconnect when he starts out by saying that he knows Hitler wasn’t the monster he’s been made out to be by war propaganda, and that he really didn’t want war, before going on to say that the fact that he lost the war means that he was a secret agent working for the Jews.  Surely, both things cannot be true.

I will note that I don’t know if this Migchels person is a Jew, obviously his fanatical anti-Hitler position, backed up with psychotic, incoherent ramblings, as well as his facial features make one suspicious, but because I am unable to confirm this, for the purposes of this article, we will just assume he isn’t.

According to Enemy Jew Henry Makow is the only reliable source on Hitler information on the planet.

According to Anthony Migchels, Enemy Jew Henry Makow is the only reliable source on Hitler information we have.  He is also the only true source on ninja assassins threatening David Rockefeller, and though he isn’t the only source of information on the planetary alignment and the rise of the Antichrist on December 22, 2012, he is by far the best.

Incapacity to Distinguish Between Reality and Fantasy

The really telling part, with regards to Anthony Migchels’ unhinged psychological state, is who he believes to be credible sources of information (whenever you are confused about who you can or cannot trust, it is important to look at those that the individual follows).  This blogger cites Henry Makow, the Jewish promoter of a whole lot of “mystery Illuminati Satan-worshiper” gibberish, as well as 2012 apocalypse conspiracies and Benjamen Fulford’s secret ninja assassins theory.  This weird Jew’s “theory” that Hitler was a homosexual prostitute communist Jew working for the British to establish the state of Israel really fits right in with the rest of what he is saying.  Anyone who takes this man seriously is clearly incapable of distinguishing between reality and fantasy.

Possibly even more insane than Makow is this person Jim Stone who Migchels cites.  The essay he links to in his post attacking “Nazis” is an absolutely ridiculous faked account of an infiltration of Canadian synagogs.  It almost brings one to tears that a human being could take this seriously.  Jim claims that he spent three years on this espionage project, under the ruse of desiring to convert to Judaism.  When he finally did convert, he was allowed into a meeting that was only for the serious Jews, and the doors were shut and the Rabbi began openly talking about secret Jewish conspiracies.

From the essay:

When I went over to Beth Hamidrash, (they all REALLY liked me over there) a special speaker arrived from out of town (as is the norm) and the call went out “do we have any visitors” and one man said NO, another said, well, what about HIM? – pointing to me, and another said No, he is not a visitor, he is one of US. And another man said, Yes, he is one of us, and the speaker said are you SURE? and they all chimed in and said YES, HE IS ONE OF US. And then, I got to see a REAL Jewish service.

The speaker cautiously proceeded.

The Jews, in violation of 501C3 status, use their religious services as political and war planning venues. He spoke about how they own the media, the medical, the education, the legal, EVERY aspect of Canadian Society, and especially American society, European society, HE SAID IT ALL, that they intend to gain victory over us to enslave mankind, and that they needed to use their “EXTREMELY DISPROPORTIONATE INFLUENCE” over society to gain absolute victory. “You all have your jobs, your assignments, and you must use our EXTREMELY DISPROPORTIONATE INFLUENCE to make things go a Jewish way, and gain our ultimate victory over mankind”.

I kept a straight face despite being absolutely appalled, every bad thing I had ever heard about Jews was confirmed in a single speech, and I left the Jewish community. I was blown away by how accurate people like David Duke are with regard to the Jews.

They did not leave well enough alone. Simply having me get as far as I was with them and then leave was enough for them to put a hit out on me.

Believe it or not, it gets even more cartoonishly insane, with Stone claiming that after escaping the synagog, he was poisoned by a sneaky Jewess at a dinner party with a slow acting poison that he had to cure by huffing ammonia-based cleaning products, before being run off the road by a Jewish semi-truck driver.

The last paragraph reads:

And there is more, much more. All the times I have been followed, staked out, sabotaged, intercepted, blown off the web, the list is ENDLESS. I need protection. I have GOT TO find a new place with a new identity. It’s the only way I will survive.

What people like Henry Makow and Jim Stone do is play up the reality disconnect that has occurred in the last 50 years, as people have been so inundated with the false realities presented in entertainment media that they are no longer capable of determining what is real and what isn’t.  The story on Jim Stone’s site appears to be logical to someone who has had more experience in the false reality that is created by television and movies than the real world.  Though it is a widespread psychological illness, and Anthony Migchels surely is not in the minority, it is relevant to bring this up when looking at the argument that he is making, given that his unquestioning acceptance of this type of fantasy makes it painfully clear that he is in no state to be telling anyone what is true and what isn’t.

Attacks on Mike Delaney and Me

Anthony Migchels’ article starts addressing the recent Gordon Duff drama.  He recounts the situation, admitting that Duff had no evidence for his claim that this site was run by the ADL, and saying that Duff is probably a shill.  Thereafter, he launches into a feeble and purposefully confusing argument that though, yes, the Jews are the enemy, we must stay away from “Nazism.”  This, you will note, is the same argument that the shill Jew Gordon Duff is making.

First, he psychoanalyzes us, claiming that he understands that it feels good to be honest, then makes the claim that because people other than Jews are involved in this capitalist system, blaming the Jews is not intellectually sound, and thus we must instead direct blame toward a less-than-definite ideological problem.  To quote him:

they go overboard, saying the problem is exclusively Jewish. That all real culprits are Jews and that all Jews are culprits.

However, in the real world everything is decided by numbers: a gentile billionaire is more valuable than a poor Jew. If he plays along, that is.

The obvious answer to this infantile critique is that blaming the race traitors who have sold themselves to the Jewish system for the problems that have been masterminded by Jews is like blaming drug-addled infantrymen for the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.  The Jew created the financial system, as well as the modern entertainment industry, the pornography industry, the feminist movement, communism and on and on.  The fact that White people have sold out their race to take part in the plunder does not somehow remove the ultimate responsibility for these problems from the Eternal Jew.

As a coherent argument is clearly not on Anthony’s agenda, he jumps directly from here to some random British Israel religious dogma:

there is the issue that many believe that the 10 lost tribes of Israel are in fact the English speaking world. People like Elizabeth II seem to believe this. Implying they consider themselves Israelites: the ‘real’ Jews. The fact is: we don’t even really know who ‘the Jews’ are…..The British, the Khazars, the Palestinians, you tell me.

How do the origins of this race relate to the fact that they presently exist, and are presently controlling all of Western civilization?  What do the beliefs of a fringe sect of Christianity have to do with anything at all?  Saying that we need to know the the historical origins and specific ancestry of this race before we condemn it, and thus should make sure to spend time considering various pseudo-historical theories, is utterly nonsensical.  Why this was included, I cannot say, but either he himself is completely incapable of formulating a logical argument, or he believes his audience to be incapable of recognizing one.

He then babbles on for a bit about how the Jews really are innocent victims of some larger and much more vague ideological problem which has no origin or clear definition, before finally saying something that isn’t just gibbering pretense posing as an argument:

Foulmouthing Jewish Supremacism and its lackeys, however pleasant and even necessary, is in itself not enough to have much of an impact, other than divisiveness. The problem is real, but analysis never solved anything: it’s action that counts, based on a solid program.

Oh, but of course the program can’t be “Nazism!”  That is a horrible bad evil, we all learned about it in school, and continue to hear about it nigh daily in our adult lives.  And even if Hitler didn’t really kill six million Jews, even if he didn’t want the war, even if he did everything that any human being could possibly be expected to do to end it before things got too hot, it doesn’t matter!  There are still reasons why the man who we all learned was the most evil man who ever existed must have really been the most evil man who ever existed, even if all the reasons we were given for this premise were lies – oh I know!  He must have been secretly working for the Jew:

However, while Hitler was just another dictator, not more demonic than Churchill, Roosevelt or Stalin, he was also working for the same people that brought us most other tyrants. Makow is one of those who have done much to expose this fact. For which he is much maligned by our Nazi friends.

Yes, after tearing down 70 years of lies, we come to the one man who really has the whole truth: Jew Henry Makow.   Because if anyone is able to provide us with secret information indicating why we shouldn’t endorse an ideology which identifies the Jew as the eternal racial enemy of our race, it would be a genetic Jew.


He goes on to attribute an article I wrote to Mike Delaney, quoting this passage:

those of us in the real truth movement are promoting a working people’s Fascist movement – populist, collectivist socialism which places the state as the core power of society, rather than promoting inhuman industrial forces to this position – as an obvious means to bring justice to our society

He then attacks socialism as a collectivist ideology, claiming that what we really need is individualism, because… well, just because.  Though the statements are very vague, he also appears to make the claim that National Socialism is a form of Marxism, and thus Jewish; regrettably, I am incapable of even formulating a response to that.

He concludes with a pathetic attempt at backing his lack of substantial content up with some unclear philosophical musings about these some vague ideological abstractions, which he again asserts are the real problem we are dealing with, saying that if we want to fix the society we are going to have to fix ourselves.  Because after all, it is irrelevant that we are biologically designed to exist within a community, and that every aspect of our psychology is geared toward collectivism, the real thing that matter is some unintelligible romantic gibberish about individuality and transcendentalism.

Burying the Enemy

This is a war we are fighting, and the enemy is getting desperate.  Though I don’t know the motivations of this particular person – he may simply be feeble minded and mentally ill, or he may be a racial Jew fulfilling his genetic programming, it doesn’t make much of a difference – the supposed “arguments” he presents here are going to keep coming up, because these people don’t have anything else.  They will keep trying to distort reality in order to defend the Eternal Jew and defame our Spiritual Avatar, Adolf Hitler.  They will continue to define the enemy as something ideological, something always out of grasp.  They will continue to push the Jewish doctrine of individualism, making the absurd claim that in order to change society, every single person must somehow figure out some vague spiritual way to change themselves.

I cannot possibly take the time to respond to the masses of shills, idiots and Jews who will come at us in the very near future.  I shall do my part, but you too must do yours.

You are now an army.  It is your duty to your race to fight these people, wherever you find them.  To spread the truth.  Because we have the truth on our side, the ultimate outcome of the war is already known – it cannot result in anything other than our absolute victory over the forces of darkness and evil.  But the fight has just begun, and it is going to be anything but easy.

Rise with me, brothers, for the honor of your ancestors is at stake.

Hail Victory.

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  1. Mathew says:

    Hi All. What a great read. Thanks for that. And please keep up the great work. Bookmarking domain. See you all. Mat

  2. Dick Eastman says:

    Leadership simply requires that the leader not show fear. Showing no fear is always a gamble. Always a show. Caesar knew it. Hitler knew it. And so may sociologists and even the authors of the Protocols. Migchels argument for affinity between the leadership of Hitler and the envisioned regime of the Protocols is thin. Hitler attacked Russia, murdered his loyal SA and more or less turned his back on the economic designs of Gottfried Feder (as Feder himself wrote in a letter to Hitler). As a populist I wonder, What would Huey Long have done?

  3. paul maleski says:

    Reference to Carolyn—Hitler was an economic pragmatist; in that, he saw no contradiction in being a wealthy German National Socialist, and being a decent Capitalist boss. Fairness was the name of the game. The rich paid higher taxes on productive wealth creation and the workers enjoyed the fruits of its equitable distribution. Everybody in the workplace was a winner! Honest Commonsense Economics boosted the quantity and quality of output–no end.

  4. countryman says:


    How can ‘love your neighbour’ mean anything other than ‘love your fellow countryman’?If it meant ‘the brotherhood of man’,then what does the bible mean by ‘stranger’?

    Neither Hitler,or Mussolini were industrialists or capitalists,you would do well to actually learn what their motivations and ideas were,from their own mouths and actions,not from the jewish press.

    I wish Goebbels sons all the best in the world,hearing they own BMW shows there is still some justice in the world.

    Veronica Clarks article linked to above,makes Thyssens involvement clear.

  5. Timothy says:

    I’m not a coward like ALEX. I’ll tell the truth about them. I’ll call it how it is without fear of being evicted from YouTube or wherever they want to whine about antisemitism. We’ve fought these vagabonds and leaches before. They’re no comparison to us in body or soul.

  6. Timothy says:

    This article is absolutely spot on. I am so sick of the morons who support ALEX JONES and all of his multicultural LIES. He’s a liberal humanist, a new ager with wacky ideas about life and reality. He’s going to get a lot of people hurt and rightfully so. Every time I people like Alex Jones go on about Hitler I feel sickness to my stomach. How can he sit there and lie. How can he go on about prozac and fluoride when immigrants are spreading diseases and shooting everyone up with their gang type persona. I abhor when people use their power to misguide people off into bizarre insane ideas about the Jesuits and the NWO. He also refuses to admit that Bilderbergers, Rothschilds, Federal Reserve, CFR and other organizations he goes on about ARE ALL JEWISH INSTITUTIONS. THE LEAGUE OF NATIONS, Which founded the CFR = 100% A KOSHER INVENTION!! Anyone’s, saying for ranting on, but ALEX and others who sponsor the ANTI-FASCIST, ANTI-HITLER view are doing so because they’re Zionists themselves or afraid of Jewish power.

  7. RR says:

    I wrote this comment in response to him on his site. We’ll see if it appears on there tomorrow, but anyway here it is:

    Sutton made use of the Sidney Warburg myth to portray Hitler as being funded by Wall Street. Michael Collins Piper has dealt with this in his book “Those Who Reign Supreme”:

    Who financed the NSDAP and Hitler has also been covered by Veronica Clark and Henry Ashby Turner:

    The generals who wanted to get rid of Hitler were basically responsible for the deaths of many thousands of German soldiers. By acting the way that they did, they effectively harmed the German war effort. Their conspiracy began long before 1944. This has been dealt with here:

    Basically, Churchill was the reason that Germany wasn’t able to enter into an alliance with Britain. It was definitely possible to do so and there were many people in parliament who wanted friendship with Germany. Churchill was paid by the Jewish pressure group “The Focus” to get Britain into war with Germany. You can read about this here (ignore the letter by Brüning, a known Hitler hater and “anti-Nazi”, as untrustworthy as Strasser):

    Operation Barbarossa was ruined in part because of the Italian invasion of Greece etc, which stalled the German invasion of the Soviet Union and forced Germany to first come to Italy’s rescue.

    On page 153 in his memoirs, Keitel writes:
    “Even if it was too much to ask of our good fortune that Italy should have stayed out of the war altogether as a benevolent neutral, just consider the difference if Hitler had been able to prevent their irresponsible attack on Greece. What would we not have saved by way of aid to Italy for her senseless Balkan war? In all probability there would not have been any uprising in Yugoslavia in an attempt to force her entry into the war on the side of the enemies of the Axis, just to oblige Britain and the Soviet Union. How differently things would then have looked in Russia in 1941. We would have been in a far stronger position, and above all we should not have lost those two months. Just imagine: we would not have frozen to a standstill in the snow and ice, with temperatures of minus forty-five degrees just twenty miles outside Moscow, a city hopelessly encircled from the north, west and south, at the end of that November. We should have had two clear months before that infernal cold weather closed in – and there was nothing like it in the winters that followed anyway!”

    Hitler himself said this about Moscow and the Ukraine:
    “Still more important was the thrust of Army Group South. The spreading out of the tank and rapid-unit forces into the distant space had to be executed twice. We had to obtain the harvest of the fertile Ukraine, the wheat and the oil from the giant sunflower fields, for our troops and the nation.

    The second North-South thrust from Army Group South was aimed toward the raw materials—the coal, iron ore, chromium and manganese, and the important power plants at the Dnieper and Donez region all the way to Rostow and the Black Sea. There, right at the raw material sources, were also located the industrial centers, a concentration of the Russian armament industry and its economic power.”

    And he said:
    “Way back, a military personality once gave me the advice that, from an army general upwards obedience decreases and any order is subject to a personal critique. I often had the same experience.

    Again and again I noticed that my generals, in their deliberations, completely disregarded the political, geo-political and economic matters. Mostly, they kept to a purely military viewpoint, and that turned out to be traumatic when directed towards Moscow in the Russian campaign.

    As I found out later, my generals insinuated that I reflected a Napoleon-related Moscow shyness. Yet, by no means did I misjudge the military and political importance of taking Moscow; but first, the prerequisite for that were successful attacks toward the North and South, those two strategic pillars. Then, Moscow might be the last stage of the gigantic Russian undertaking.

    The time favorable for mobile warfare ran out—the valuable time—it was always too little time and too much space in this war.

    At the end of September, when I was healthy again, I could still push through one of the flank-and-encirclement thrusts toward the South. That operation I had to literally wrestle from my generals—yes, I had to enforce it by harsh orders. The result: four Russian armies were destroyed, and 650,000 prisoners taken. Even that success did not convince my generals of the only possible strategy within the vast Russian distances.

    Against my inner conviction, they set up the frontal offensive against Moscow. Moscow was never in my mind, but they would or could not understand that.

    To carry the great strategy through, it was, however, too late. The offensive toward Moscow met an increasingly stiffened Russian defense. Our divisions, tired and weakened by the month-long hard battles, had the target before their eyes and clashed against fresh Siberian forces continually moving in from the far regions.

    The frontal offensive toward Moscow lost its momentum against the massive Russian defense. Soon afterward, the front froze in snow and icy cold; the winter equipment, ordered in time, never reached the troops.

    Now my generals were for retreat, which meant a Napoleon-like end. The catastrophe.”


    You may criticize these aims and this strategy in hindsight, but to me it sounds legitimate.

    That Hitler wouldn’t build the bomb stems from a false quote, as far as I know, in which he supposedly said that such a weapon would be too horrible and brutal. In reality, the Germans were simply not capable of developing the bomb at the time.

    Was Hitler a dictator? He probably was, but maybe he wasn’t. I don’t really care. Read here for more:

    I am not sure about Gibraltar. I would imagine that Hitler didn’t want to offend the Spanish by taking it, in part because the Germans hoped that Spain would enter into the war on their side, as repayment for helping to crush Jewish communism and Freemasonry (!) in the Spanish Civil War. Moreover, it is well known that the German Navy simply wasn’t able to compete with the British et al. after 1941.

    I haven’t seen any credible sources which prove that Bormann was a spy. So, there is no proof for this; it is really just a theory based on belief.

    As for Dunkirk: “German land forces might have pressed their attack on the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) and the Allies, especially having secured the ports of Calais and Boulogne. For years, it was assumed that Adolf Hitler ordered the German Army to stop the attack, favouring bombardment by the Luftwaffe. However, according to the Official War Diary of Army Group A, Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt – the Chief of the General Staff, disconcerted by the vulnerability of his flanks and supply to his forward troops, ordered the halt. Hitler merely validated the order several hours after the fact.”

    Hitler validated the order because he still hoped to achieve peace with Britain. He even had Hess fly to Britain for peace in 1941. The Germans knew though, that it would be difficult to achieve peace with Britain, as long as Churchill was in power.

    Dunkirk was of course a mistake, but Hitler was only human after all. He definitely made some mistakes, and this was one of them. It would have been very strange if he made no mistakes, so I don’t think it’s logical to say that he must have been a puppet because he made mistakes.

    If all of this is not enough to change your views, then you probably have some special interest in maintaining these myths about Hitler and National Socialism. That may sound like the typical “black-and-white Nazi thinking”. But really, I think this is a solid argument.

    • Kees says:

      I think the reason Hitler didn’t want to involve the Spanish was that one Southern European ally, the Italians, were already causing more trouble than Germany could affort.
      Without the Italians, Germany might have won the war.
      btw, I’m not trying to insult Southern Europeans here.

      • RR says:

        I’m not so sure about that. Hitler wanted to involve the Spanish, but Franco would only send one Spanish division. Spain wouldn’t outrightly join the war on Germany’s side.

        This is from Table Talk:

        “To troops, the Spaniards are a crew of ragamuffins. They
        regard a rifle as an instrument that should not be cleaned under
        any pretext. Their sentries exist only in principle. They don’t
        take up their posts, or, if they do take them up, they do so in
        their sleep. When the Russians arrive, the natives have to
        wake them up. But the Spaniards have never yielded an inch
        of ground. One can’t imagine more fearless fellows. They
        scarcely take cover. They flout death. I know, in any case,
        that our men are always glad to have Spaniards as neighbours
        in their sector.”

    • Andre says:

      Really good stuff, RR. I think I’ll post this on the main page.

  8. Lonnie says:

    Did he just say NS goals of state are the same goals of state from the protocols…………… in The Protocols of Zion?

    Did I read that correctly?

    Don’t want to put words in his mouth so that’s why I’m asking.

    If so that’s certainly a stretch to compare the overall governing body idea behind each one.

    Also, if that is what he meant that’s an incredibly inappropriate example for extremely obvious reasons. Certainly meant to provoke. Can’t be any other intention behind that statement if I’m reading correctly.

    • You read correctly.

      The Protocols promote a State oriented society built on the authority of their Messiah, their King, easily morphing into a Fuehrer.

      It’s not to provoke anything else but critical scrutiny. Studying the Protocols and NS cannot lead to another conclusion than that they both promote the Omnipotent State as the center and source of society.

      • Lonnie says:

        I have studied the protocols.

        Trouble is you shouldn’t take them in isolation (even though they are bad enough in their own right).

        The protocols also come with the baggage of the Talmud, the torah, the tenoch, etc.

        For example I don’t recall anything in NS doctrine regarding the rules for raping a child.

        How do you square that circle Anthony?

        • Lonnie says:

          The other clear difference of the State as the center is intention.

          One is clearly an organizational force for the well being of its people as the ultimate focus of the state.

          The other is clearly about complete destruction of all people’s for the survival of one group.

        • Andre says:

          Don’t engage him. What he is saying is insane, and it is explained in the second article. He knows he’s been beat, now he is just trolling.

          Here is the analogy:

          “Whether you drink water or strychnine, you’re going to have liquid in your stomach.”

          • Lonnie says:

            Oh I get it Andre.

            Was just hoping he was going to say something incredibly stupid like NS doctrine would undoubtedly lead to raping children.

            But he obviously knows the GAME he’s playing.

      • Carmen says:

        The protocols are very clear as to promotion of a jewish Super State. They and they alone felt they were meant to rule the world. This is and has been a wet dream and never really based on reality. Jews are not fit to rule period. The prototype to jewish world rule in modern times has been the Soviet Union. That was a disaster. Jews cannot adhere to Western Civilization. They are not the Western man no matter how White skin they can appear. It is really to be or not to be. The State of being as is a true Nation State. Life is biology. Hitler was a leader, a Fuehrer of the Aryans of Germany not a leader of jews.

  9. countryman says:

    Anthony,the nations were divinely ordained by God in the bible,when they are listed as descending from noah’s sons.They are also likened to specific types of tree,each producing its own fruit.

    ‘Love your neighbour’ means love your fellow countryman,in the language it was written in and the commandment to honour your father and mother leads to honouring your ancestors.Ethnic ties are physical and spiritual,civic ties just exist on paper.

    Please read ‘mein kampf’ to get an understanding of how different National Socialism is from capitalism or marxism.The main difference was that the state was not motivated by profit,but by the spiritual,physical and mental improvement of the nation.

    Mussolinis ‘doctrine of fascism’ explains all about the spiritual roots of the fascist state here:

    Even the meaning of corporation was different to the one we have now,they werent about profits,but enabling the best in their field to direct that particular discipline.More akin to a guild,in fact.

    I like Makow,but he does publish known falsehoods about Hitler and the holocaust.That is just to be expected really.

    • Randy says:

      The bible? Yeah, and I’ll plan my state on the fictional characters and ideologies of Dora the Explorer.

    • As is clear from what I write, I respect Nation. However, to say ‘love thy neighbor’ means your tribesmen is wrong: that’s what the Jews think. Christ is about the brotherhood of mankind and this is not the same as a degeneration to one mongrel race.

      Industrialists and other capitalists are always apt at explaining how they serve the greater good. However, the bottom line remains the bottom line.

      Or do you believe it is a coincidence that Goebbel’s step children all of the sudden transpire to be billionaire owners of BMW 70 years later?

      Do you believe Franz Thyssen was into Hitler because of spiritual values, or because he made him the richest man in Germany?

      Better not to be too enthusiastic about the philanthropy of ‘national’ industrialists.

  10. I got banned from truth militia for bringup up kikeasian persuasion and then questioning yaegerbergs motive behind trashing the TMR website and Total Fascism. She could be a jew infiltrating the movment, she looks like one of those older jewesses who needs to be in control, and she didnt like that you guys distanced yourself from swastikas and goosestepping. Now the message can reach the masses who have an idea the jews might be behind all this, and yaegerberg is in a frenzy

    • Andre says:

      I like Carolyn. She just speaks her mind. And it is not something anyone should really get offended by, unless they are overly self-conscious. If she was a Jew attempting to infiltrate, pissing everyone off would not be a very good method of doing so. Nor would she be offering the hardcore type of information she is offering.

      I can understand why people dislike her, but honestly it seems to have more to do with them than it does with her. She is a lot older than all of us, and I think we should all at least listen to what she has to say. She probably is ultimately a bit too critical, but this is hardly a problem. She isn’t trying to make friends or be popular, and that leaves room for total honesty.

      I don’t know why TM would ban you for attacking her though. They were pretty pissed off. Maybe she was too hard on them – at least they are good, honest guys – but there is certainly room to criticize their approach, and I don’t think they needed to get super worked up about it.

      But whatever. I’m sick of the drama.

    • Phil says:

      “She could be a jew infiltrating the movment, she looks like one of those older jewesses who needs to be in control”

      LOL…your Jew-meter is way out of whack. Carolyn’s nothing of the sort.


  11. James2 says:

    Hello Andre (you don’t have to respond, obviously, I still like your work :).

    But I have to say; many people before this modern-era were very individualistic and had great difficulty integrating into society; Tesla, many Philosophers (I think it was Schopenhauer who lived away from society in old-age), many scientist are the same (John Nash had difficulty communicating with others in many context). I think this even goes back to ancient times; with the philosophers and mathematicians of the past.

    It seems there are people who have different ways of thinking and that these people actually have something to offer society. Some people can’t even hold a conventional job, but are able to create a solitary business to live. You have said something like ‘not everyone can think critically and it would be a disaster if everyone could’ meaning that it is natural for different minds to exists.

    Some people may not be able to offer anything in certain roles or as part of a group, and be written-off; yet can work in a solitary environment very well.

    • Andre says:

      Yes, I agree.

      Though I have not said that it would be a disaster if everyone could think critically, I have said that it is a disaster to expect everyone to be able to think critically. If everyone was capable of this, then we wouldn’t have any problems, because people would very easily reach agreements about how society should be run. But again, this is a biological thing. Most people are not born with brains wired for this type of thought, and it isn’t something that you can learn if you don’t have the genetics to back it up. This is simply an objective fact.

      The power of individual people is what drives a society. It is simply that these people need to engage the masses and direct them according to a definite set of values that are in line with the natural order and agreed upon by the larger whole of society.

      And yes, some men are more sociable than others. I don’t know if there is any direct connection between sociability and genius. But I tend to doubt it.

      • James2 says:

        Thanks for your reply …seems that Fascism will have a place for all hardworking individuals then.

        I think you’re right about there being no connection between socialbility and genius, it is just a matter of preferrence, some people just want to work alone …the quiet life, and keep few friends (family and a good wife).

        Thanks again, I think this goes someways to dismissing Migchels “NS is anti-freedom” rhetoric.

  12. Wow! I really seem to have hit a nerve, haha, and mind you, I was trying to be polite and avoid the usual Nazi bashing, hahaha.

    Let me clear up a few things about my positions I feel are misrepresented here.

    1. I have dealt with Hitlernomics on my site, but not extensively. However, I’ve consistently pointed at Hitler’s interest free economics, making the 3d Reich ready for the Big One in less than a decade.

    2. I think it’s fair to say that there is no outlet on the Internet that has done more to dispel Libertarianism (and Ron Paul) as a total hoax of the enemy than Real Currencies. You can read all about it in my ‘Faux Economic’ Page. Hell, I’ve even got one called: ‘Austrian Economics still is Jewish Economics’.

    3. Why you guys must focus on Zagami and Fulford (Fulford has not featured on Henry’s site for a long time) when dealing with Makow I don’t know. Makow is pretty clear about Jewish Supremacism. The one thing we don’t agree on is the Holocaust: Henry buys that, I don’t.

    4. Nazism is Socialism. There is a basic dialectic run by the Money Power that is about ‘Hyper Collectivism (Marxism)’ vs ‘Hyper Individualism (anarcho capitalism)’. This dialectic is centuries old.
    My basic critique is fair: The Protocols aim for one massive State as the center of society and dominating the individual. This also the goal and basic philosophy of Nazism. Something to keep in mind. If you look at Hitler and study the Protocols, especially the later chapters where they describe what they are going to do when they have won, you’ll see that the protocols actually are a blue print of his reign.
    A good example is how he moved in public: no body guards, open cars, and many people around him as an entourage. The Protocols describe this verbatim. They say their ‘King’ cannot be guarded, because it would give the impression he has enemies and people don’t agree with him. They propose having an entourage around him, so a murderer cannot close in. Go check it out, it’s interesting, I think this is in Protocol 22 or so.

    5. We need to balance the individual with the Common Wealth, that’s what I propose. I vociferously resist ‘individualism’. However, power must be decentralized as much as possible. Simply, because human nature does not allow mental health combined with accumulation of too much power: absolute power corrupts absolutely. The central Government must be small, with limited tasks. Most of the day to day power should be in the hands of community leaders.

    Of course we are supposed to live in community! Especially the women and the children need that.

    6. You may have worked for 70 years to dispel the lies of Hitler as the Big Bad Yeti, but you have done nothing to dispel the basic problems brought forward by those who have accepted revisionism (like myself), only to wonder then how Hitler could have blundered his way through the war in such a horrific way as I shortlisted in the article. I’m sorry to say this is a really painful issue, if you want to believe in Hitler the Christ.

    7. It’s interesting what you have to say about Jim Stone. To be honest: I don’t take it at face value. I gave it as an example of what I know to be true: that ‘the Plan’ is openly discussed in ‘elitist’ Jewish get-togethers.

    8. Of course you are right to say something to the effect of ‘when the goy goes along, it’s still to the tune of his Jewish master’. On the other hand: the Jews themselves are led by the piper too, that’s the whole issue. I like the New Testament and one of the things that is so clear about that narrative, is how the Rabbinical class manipulates and rules over the sheeple. When dealing with the Pharisees, Jesus is attacking them, because they are holding the Kingdom from those they are supposed to lead towards it.

    In that respect, the predicament of the common Jew, rotting away in his ghetto (although today their getthos often are in affluent suburbs) is not much different from the Gentile’s fate. One could even say the common Jew faces the same challenge as we all do. That’s closer to what I’m saying.

    Look at this way: when dealing with a narcissist, and Jewry’s psychology is really very closely related to narcissism, do you attack them as devils, or do you accept that they suffer from arrested development because of socially induced emotional trauma in the early years?

    9. You cannot look at the Jews exclusively as a race, that’s one of the problems and that’s why I brought up the British Israelites thing. We all know most of them are Khazars, not really Palestinians. Jewry can only be somewhat understood by looking at it as a race/nation/religion. Basically it’s a pretty cosmopolitan bunch without much to bind them. That’s why they invented ‘anti-semitism’, as a glue to keep the diaspora together.

    10. Of course you’re right about feminism, sexism, pornography, the press, and let’s not forget how their doctors and pharmaceuticals kill millions each year.
    The problem is: it takes two to tango. A snakeoil salesman needs gullibility. We love the porn and easy sex, that’s an undeniable part of the problem.

    • TheEndOfZion says:

      “The Protocols are a blue print of Hitler’s reign”


      Jim Stone claims that his magic potion antidote that cured him just happened to disappear from the internet right after he used it. So much for that fairy tale.

      I think you need to try and practice a little more discernment, if you’re not deliberately twisting facts.

      And I don’t want to sound like a “Nazi” but how can someone that promotes the Holohoax(Makow) be taken serious as a source for truth?

      • The second part of the protocols are about what they are planning for during their own reign. So when the conspiracy is complete and all the mayhem is no longer necessary, they have an ultra rational mode of governance that they describe in detail.

        I know it sounds strange, but it’s really not difficult to recognize National Socialism in it in many respects. The way their ‘King’ must be in public, the State as the center of everything, The King (Fuehrer) as the center of the State, interest free economics, the works.

        • Carmen says:

          If I recall correctly, Christopher John Berjernes implied the same “King (Fuehrer) theory as he described Hitler and the Protocols. This idea could only live in a jewish mindset. History does show that the jewish conspiracy to rule has been and really still is a wet dream. Jews cannot reign over the world. Everything they create like the example of the Soviet Union comes to a complete disaster. It is always just around the corner as we read in the Old Testament, New Testament and the Protocols. They cannot govern, build etc etc. History and now the ongoing chaos in economics and race relations proves this. Jews can only destroy originality. They are forever chasing their tales. They have tried to rule the US and now the US is being destroyed. It really is up to all of us to pick up the pieces and show the world, that rule is not for jews. The reality of Nation States was the creation of the Western man and the jews have done everthing to destroy this creation.

      • You may be right about Stone, I don’t know too much about him, I just liked his work on Fukushima and came across this story too.

        Makow: I agree with him on just about everything and I really admire his staunch anti feminist- anti homo/l/b/t – pro family – pro masculinity stance. He’s one of the very few and that is also a very politically incorrect issue. I avoid it myself, because I need to focus on the monetary and I’d lose almost every woman and many males if I started about that. Also, the breadth of his appreciation is quite admirable, he discusses just about anything worth discussing.

        I’ve never met anybody I fully agreed with. That’s not the point. You support if it’s helping towards the right direction and I really believe there are very few out there helping more than Henry.

    • Quex says:

      What are you complaining about then? Our current paradigm promotes individialism on every level and people are more disconnected from each other then ever before. Culture can be florishing only when there are same values for all people.

      In world of “special snowflakes” nobody cares really about nothing, but satifying their own egos. Perfect ideology for consumerist capitalism.

      • True, but the answer to that predicament is not found in Nation and most definitely not in the State.

        Both have a place at the table and their role to play. But they are only parts of the picture and when they become too big, they get really annoying and we have seen the consequences of that throughout history.

        The answer is in God. But not in religion. I hope you get the difference.

        I don’t think God digs big states. He wants to rule our hearts Himself. He most definitely wants us to follow Him over either the Government or the Nation, although He wants us to respect both. If they command respect. Which they seldom do.

        God cherishes the individual, family, community, and the brotherhood of both race and mankind.

        We’ll have to balance them all to get ahead.

        • Half-blood says:

          Your god is not my god apparently, because he has chosen to fuck us all. Maybe he can snap his fingers and…

          • Hey! This is the typically Jewish ‘where was G-D?’

            The classic and correct answer is: God does not want all this, but He allows it to happen. We are in a ‘free will’ zone. Planet Earth and our predicaments exist to learn what happens if we do it our way.

            That’s the essence of self-crucifixion.

    • Carmen says:

      Hitler might have lost a physical war which by the way it took 52 countries to fight these great German warriors. The world is now realizing that he was right like he predicted. We can all learn from whatever mistakes he made and not repeat them. His spririt of human determination lives on. He was really fighting the jew world order and almost won. Now, This Time the World.

  13. Salman Hossain says:

    Alex Jones will come after you Andre – don’t forget to take your gloves and meet him in the Big Apple…

  14. John Friend says:

    Great critique of this clown Migchels, these Hitler bashers are such idiots. All of them fail to even understand the true nature of National Socialism; Makow, Condit, etc. all posit NS is Marxist, when in reality it is THE EXACT OPPOSITE, literally.

    National Socialism/Fascism are the only ideologies that protect the nation culturally, economically, and politically from the Jew and his perversions. Communism and capitalism are two sides of the same Talmudic coin – is it really that hard to recognize?

  15. John Sholtes says:

    I’m glad to hear that we are an army and there are too little of us fighting this misinformation spreading throughout the internet. The hardest part is having to read watch and listen to all of their dribble to make our points. Prison planet just put this out today. Nazi Gun Control Laws: a Familiar Road to Citizen Disarmament?

    There is now only 7 responses but when giving my response there were around 25. He had to delete most of them because people finally are getting it. We have to destroy this man.

    • Half-blood says:

      Whenever I point out that Hitler removed the ammunition purchase limit and lowered the required age to purchase they just call you delusional and “uneducated” lol. They are a lost cause.

      • Randy says:

        “A Google search using the search term “Obama Hitler Gun Control” delivers nearly six million results.”

        Psycho-linguistics at it’s best right there.

    • Andre says:

      Well, there are so many different blogs on the internet reposting Jones’ shit. That is probably where I would focus the attack.

      For instance, if you Google the title of that article, you get a few pages of reposts:

      Someone could easily go through and post the same comment, with links to some relevant sites, on all of those and most of those people would probably hold true to the “free speech” policy that Alex espouses but doesn’t practice and let them ride.

      I have been meaning to make a post about different techniques like this. Might try to get to it tomorrow.

      • Andre says:

        Haha, I just read the article. From it:

        “A Google search using the search term “Obama Hitler Gun Control” delivers nearly six million results.”

        I hate Alex Jones.

        I wish he would just divorce his evil Jew wife and disown his little half-breed rats and start pushing Hitler.

  16. Ben G. says:

    Your assertion that the enemy is being forced on to the defensive is becoming more and more apparent every day. Pathetic!


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