Charles Giuliani of Truth Hertz Allies Himself with the Eternal Jew Against the White Race

When not attacking the White race, Christ-hater Charles Giuliani enjoys studying Indian rocks.

When not attacking the White race, Christ-hater Charles Giuliani enjoys studying Indian rocks.

Yesterday, I received an audio clip of Charles Giuliani of the “Truth Hertz” radio show attacking White Nationalism, claiming that anyone who identifies as a White Nationalist or even simply a White separatist is either working for the Jews or is some type of idiot.

He says:

Just another point I gotta make … looking in the chat room earlier, people were asking “what’s going on?  There’s a big shakedown…”  Yeah, there is a big shakedown going on in the truth movement and, uh, you know, there’s some efforts by certain people to try to even out, you know, what’s going on, uh, come up with an amicable solution, you know, to round off some rough edges and try to unite the movement.

But let me say this – I’ve already indicated this, you know, to one individual working to do this, uhhhh, folks, you can’t be united with phony people, okay, the truth movement is loaded with phony people.  Some of them are obvious moles on the payroll of our little Jewish supremacist friends, but some of them are just absolute mindless dupes.  They might be sincere, but they’re sincerely stupid, bereft of any ability to think for themselves, they just blindly follow whatever their puppet masters tell them to do [unintelligible] Finck, you name it.

And, you know, you can’t unite with people like that.  You just can’t.  There’s no union with people like that.  Especially if they embrace a White supremicist – or “White separatist” – whatever the hell you want to call it – kind of philosophy.  Using the “n-word” every five minutes.  Jesus Christ almighty, if you can’t see that that is Jewish supremacist philosophy right there, there’s something wrong with you.  That’s exactly the kind of mentality they want you to have.  Do you understand that, goddamn it?  Do I have to explain this stuff?  They want you to come across as a mad, raving, prejudiced, uh uh, racist.

Racist in the sense of “I’m the best and everybody else sucks” – that’s a racist, okay?  That’s what the Jewish supremacists are, and they want to make you that, so that when you question them and their criminal activity, they can point at you, and your use of the “n-word” and legitimately label you as a racist, and therefore a nutbag, and therefore anything you say has no merit to it.  You’ve lost credibility, and rightly so – in the eyes of the outsiders looking in.  You have poisoned this truth movement with your bullshit, whether you’re a mindless ass following the leader or, or otherwise, it doesn’t matter.

This kind of philosophy cannot be a uniting factor, but is in fact, instead, a dividing factor.  So if you want to ally yourself with that, you go right ahead, but I’m not gonna do it.  Never is that gonna happen.  Our Jewish supremacist friends are behind that kind of philosophy, and they would love nothing more than to see the whole truth movement united with scum like that.  So if you like to use the “n-word” for blacks or any other racial derogatory term, uh, this isn’t the radio show for you.  I don’t want your kind listening to my show, I don’t want to be allied with you kind of people, okay?  Go to the ADL and fill out a fucking application.  Pardon my French.  I’m really sick and tired of this bullshit.

Do I recognize that White society is being waged war on on a grander scale than any other group right now by Jewish supremacists?  Absolutely.  And do we need to fight against this?  Absolutely.  But fight against it to the point where now we’re turning against all other people?  Speaking about them in derogatory terms – what the hell is the matter with you?  Well, I know what’s the matter with you – you’re either a Jew whore, or you’re a blind follower of a Jew whore.  Take your pick.  In either case, I will not unite with people like that.  Nor do I consider them truthers.  Okay?  Let’s just make that clear right off the top, because there’s all kinds of shit floating around out there and, uh, I wanna set the record straight.

The clip can be heard here.

Let me state that I do not personally use the “n-word” in my speech or writing, as I do not personally view this as helpful.  I am, however, a White Nationalist.  It is clear that what Giuliani is trying to do is not simply distance himself from a word which he views as offense, but from the entire movement away from the old, soft antisemitism of the last ten years of the “truth movement,” and into a hardcore White Nationalist paradigm.

The idea that he is primarily concerned about a word – “nigger” – which he believes might hurt some people’s feelings is ridiculous.  Giuliani, who’s key position is militant, emotional anti-Christianity, regularly refers to the God of our ancestors, Jesus Christ, as “a Jew on a stick” – it is hard to imagine that this is supposed to be somehow less offensive than the “n-word.”

No, he is simply using this word as a strawman to dismiss the entire drive to defend White society; it is apparent by his dismissal of White Nationalism as a movement that he sides with the Jew on the issue of multiculturalism (read: multiracialism).  I am not able to imagine anything else these statements could mean, given that at it’s core, White Nationalism is a response to the Jew-driven multicultural agenda; if it was not for the Jew, this nation would have remained racially homogenous, and thus there would be no need for a White Nationalist movement.  If someone is actively opposed to this defense mechanism, it only goes to follow that he is in support of the continued destruction of our genetic heritage by the Jew.

Given that Charles has repeatedly proven himself to be rather dull, I will not go as far as he did when attacking my movement and claim that I believe him to be “working for the other side.”  He was once a Christian scholar, before taking on a bizarre extremist position against Christianity.  He went from talking about the “New World Order” to “Zionism” to his present talk of “Jewish Supremacists.”  He went from believing the Condit theory that Hitler was a Jew to a position of being willing to entertain revisionist historical perspectives.  With as much as his positions change, even though he is well over the age of 40, it is very difficult to take anything he says very seriously.

I am hereby denouncing Charles Giuliani and his shillish, anti-White position, along with anyone who supports him.  Even if he does change his position on this issue – which is rather likely, given his track record – I will continue to view him as a race traitor, an enemy to my people.  There simply is no excuse for his hostility toward our race and if he holds this position he holds now, at such an age, it is unfathomable that he could ever truly understand what we are trying to do here.  If he does make the move to embrace emerging White Nationalist sentiment, it should be taken as mere opportunism, an attempt to profit from the passion and devotion of those fighting to defend our race.

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109 Responses to Charles Giuliani of Truth Hertz Allies Himself with the Eternal Jew Against the White Race

  1. George Rockwell says:

    I dont think Charles ever went to public school with blacks. He probably hasnt worked around them or had much real world exposure to them. I could see how that could have an effect on some people and make them have these sort of egalitarian views. As far as this site goes, you CI people are completely retarded. Knock this shit off. Stop pretending to be jews. Get your shit together and straighten up. The jews are having a tremendous laugh at this “we are the true jews” bullshit. You look like a bunch of doofuses, seriously.

  2. Scorpion says:

    I can’t believe all the fucking dumbass’ are slammin Charles so damm hard he the only person making real headway in this fucktard movement and be sure you stay on the race issue instead of staying focused on the matter at hand. P.s go ahead and slamm me to I don’t care you fucktards have say(why because dumbfucks are worth the time of day)

  3. Mr. Dithers says:

    I’ve long had my suspicions about Chuck Jewliani. He rails constantly against the “kikejew bastards” then freaks out when anyone says nigger. He practically had a coronary when a caller to his show said nigger and in a panicky, shrill tone responded “don’t say that word! don’t say that word!”

    He’s a idiot of the highest order if he thinks the average white person will be attracted to people who say “kikejew bastard” 50 times per show but repelled by those that say nigger. Either way all of the non-Jewish races are NOT in this struggle together and if Jewliani thinks we’re all inherently equal or can coexist together then he’s either a disiniformation agent or simply stupid.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      Personally, I think it is more of the latter than the former. He is pretty clearly struggling with some pretty serious personal emotional and addiction problems. On a one-to-one level, I feel pretty bad for the guy. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to let his lies go unquestioned.

  4. Wayne G says:

    I think you all are missing the point of the what Charles Guiliani was saying on the show. If you align yourselves with these groups that use the “N” word every 5 minutes you are putty in the hands of the “Jewish Supremacist”. You may have an understanding of what is going on, but that group is a vast minority amongst the many. If the brain washed public hears this speak your argument wont even be heard, even if it is factual. I see why he said not to align with these groups because it only makes sense if you actually want to purport change on a large scale rather than just a small community of like minded people.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      No, I’m not missing the point. What you just said was basically a verbatim quote, which he has repeatedly a thousand times in his anti-white rants. Charles doesn’t even believe that a movement is possible. He says constantly that there are no solutions. So why would he care what people say?

      He is an egalitarian to the core. He actually believes in all the Jew gibberish about how we are all the same. This is his worldview. I fundamentally disagree with this. We understand each other perfectly. This is not a matter of some semantic disagreement, it is a matter of a disagreement of core values.

  5. Inconsolable says:

    You ALL are useful idiots. Have you ever stood back and looked objectively?

  6. Jesus Christ says:

    Total Fascism has become another bible study class. John Friemd: ” ZCM got exactly what it deserved.” and they still list him on their links. White Jews must be the new thing.
    Christianity, regularly refers to the God of our ancestors, Jesus Christ,
    Then your ancesrors are Semites.
    Christianity exposed.
    Varg Vikernes on Christianity

    If you really want the full story about this jewish cult read this book

    I love this video

  7. Trapper says:

    quote: “Giuliani, who’s key position is militant, emotional anti-Christianity, regularly refers to the God of our ancestors, Jesus Christ, as “a Jew on a stick” ”

    What a laugh, if you think your “god” of “your ancestors” is Jesus then you seriously do not understand how you have been had by the Jew cult of Christianity.

    Jesus is a Jew from Judea. That is a far away place from Europe or America, from a long time ago. Jesus is the tool used by Jewry to gain control of the west, the Jews took the world by stepping on the rock of Christianity. Christians are owned, they are peoples who lost their heritage and identity to a Jewish cult, Christians are literally Judaised gentiles, they are indoctrinated to support Jews and their systems of usury and law and authority.

    Christians even name their children after characters in the Bible, they sing praises to Yahwey, a Jewish war god. If you make Jesus your god then you are owned by the Jew. Those that promote any form of Christianity are proxy Rabbis. Many Jews and Rabbis change their names and become Christian preachers because Christianity is the best way for the Jews to control the gentiles. There are thousands of Christian Evangelical missionaries fanning out across the world converting all peoples into whores of the Jew.

    There is no Jewish god, Yahwey is fiction. Judgement is fiction. There is no hell or devil, there is no need for a Jewish savior god. No one needs to be saved except to made aware that the Jews are liars and deceivers. Jesus is part of the great deception.

    • Lonnie says:

      Dead on Trapper.

      The entire thing was a jew mind-op from the get go.

      Peoples heads have been more twisted by this thing called religion than any other jew strategy.

      Works just so well today as it did 2000 years ago.

  8. henry says:

    There’s a middle ground between being soft on the non-whites for being Jew-pawns and pigeon holing ourselves by saying nigger all the time. Most whites are so brainwashed that they’ll shutdown when hearing that word, even if they know about the Jew. And isn’t that who we need to be recruiting, masses of whites? It’s the same concept as the fact that swastikas and goose-stepping aren’t going to get us anywhere, it hasn’t worked for 50 years in the US. It ain’t 1933 no more.

    • Randy says:

      Well, duh.

      Most of the minds of the confederacy were Jews as well, Benjamin P Judah for example (and the North was full of the f’ers as well).

      How convenient for them eh? All of those bills of sale which would have forever traced the American slave trade back the Jews were all destroyed or forgotten and instead all we remember is that ‘awful’ war, a war that did not need happen at all.

  9. Ken says:

    Regarding Christian Identity:

    Supposedly Jew Wise White Men claim to understand that Jews lie/deceive about history, medicine, science and everything else but they fall on their faces and believe what ever the Jew says about the Bible? ROFLMAO! Not to mention such laughable concepts as Jew Atomic Bombs hidden behind “National Security”. ROFLMAO! But but but but I believe goddammit! lol

    Whether or not one agrees with Christian Identity, how can a supposed Jew Wise White Man trust what a nasty Jew says about Biblical History?

    • Lonnie says:

      No frickin” kidding Ken. But as you know your talking to a brick wall.

      • Ken says:

        But at least I am not talking to a brick wall in Israel while bobbing my head back and forth, crossing my eyes, swinging a chicken around my neck and mutilating my baby boys penis. lol

        • Lonnie says:


          That’s hilarious Ken.

          Wait…… It’s true. Cancel that.

          • windswept says:

            Exactly, I don’t believe the jews even wrote the Bible, so we need to look at the Bible from a different perspective, perhaps even consider that our ancestors wrote the Bible and that it had a different meaning before the translators corrupted it.

            • Lonnie says:

              Your on the correct track. However you will finally discover it was either originally written by jews, and or re-written by jews.

              It also has nothing to do with religion, it all has to do with distorting / hiding history.

              To see this concentrate on the two over all stories of the bible.

              #1. A great physical catarosphy to the earth (yet they SPECIFICALLY do not tell you what caused it).

              #2. A group of psycho’s running around slaughtering people. (jews of the day yet most don’t see it, and they SPECIFICALLY don’t tell you why they behave this way).

              Cut out the mythical crap and focus on those two main points.
              You will discover the bible is nothing more than propaganda to hide our true history. That’s exactly why the mythical crap was inserted.

  10. Carmen says:

    Regardless, I still urge you all to study prof. Oliver’s important writings. His honesty best of all will astound some of you. Also, for those of Canada, nevermind about Zundel, search about a real leader and Fascist named Adrien Arcand. He did something worthwhile and real compared to the Zud.

    • James says:

      I think your denegration of Ernst Zundel is most unfair and uncalled for.

      I don’t know what your personal circumstances and contribution to the fight against the Jews and their evil is, but I do know Mr Zundel’s was immense, and he payed a very heavy price for it.

      I urge you to reconsider how you talk about a man that has lost many years of his life fighting for truth.

  11. windswept says:

    Could you imagine the jews offering their life for any cause, they are materialistic and fear death more than anyone.

    Whereas I feel like an a soldier, I am willing to die for the preservation of White values and White culture, I feel like an SS elite …you know the ones who hunted down the commissars.

    • James says:

      That’s all good, but we should try living for it first, before we worry about the martydom bit.

      • windswept says:

        You are right, I have been watching TruthWillout’s Hitler series.

        I admit, I cried many times during that series, Hitler was a great man.

        It’s got me a bit fiery atm, I only discovered the Truth about Hitler recently …so I am still coming to terms with it.

    • Lonnie says:


      A little clarification for you because you seem to need it.

      A REAL warrior never says he’s willing to die for his cause, he says he’s willing to kill for his cause. Very very big difference in understanding.

      And the root of this misguided perception……. The Bible.

      Have you ever had a soldier literally stick a loaded AK47 in your face? I have. My willingness to die didn’t solve the problem.

      There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

  12. James says:

    Idea for a Final Solutiuon:

    Quarantine Jews (as Andre rightly says) in Israel. deport all Jews out of Europe and the US, forcibly if necessary. Detain and try those we know are responsible for war crimes (along with the Shabboz Goy and Freemasonic agents) and punish justly according to Aryan values.

    Remove all Palestinians and resettle them in the middle east as part of a concerted effort to rebuild and repair the damage we have done on behalf of the Jews. Much of this can be funded from the ill gotten gains (actually as Salman Hossain said, and I had major problems with that dude) we confiscate from the criminal Jews.

    Impose sanctions upon the Jews that prevents them from acquiring and developing weapons of any kind. Also sanctions on transport and general trade.

    As part of the resettlement programme, allow the Jews to hold onto a portion of their media infrastructure, basically transporting Hollywood to Tel Aviv.

    Agree to establish trade with the Jews for media they produce which will have to meet stringent censorship and ethical guidelines. In return we will supply them with food. We will not give them fiat currency, gold or any other commodity other than food, which will sustain these agriculturally inept parasites. If the Jews are incapable of meeting these guidelines, then they will have to feed and support themselves, but the sanctions will remain.

    Financially incentivise none whites to leave the US and Europe, ending all anti-white descriminatory affirmative action policies and programmes. Deals could be struck with a number of countries that will rapatriate their racial kinsmen. This would allow western governments to help establish suitable living conditions for deportees in their ancesteral homelands. This would be part of an effort, that has a very definitive time frame and duration, to right wrongs and aid those who should never have been brought here.

    • Voulez says:

      & how will you disarm the nuclear arsenals on the Israeli Submarine fleets to achieve their total surrender James?
      It is a known fact that Germany has been providing new nuclear Submarines with ICBM launch capabilities for decades. PLus their population has to do mandatory Army service. Meaning they would wipe the floor with any nation or group or nations attempting forced repatriation of Jews to Israel.
      Somehow i think a little harsh language on the Internet isn’t going to make a blind bit of difference to the Jews. They continue to laugh at how we all are too busy arguing about ideals & philosophies virtually; instead of attempting to seize the attentions of the general public whose support we would need to actualize any of the ideas you put forward.
      As long as the Jew holds the reins of the Mainstream Media, no amount of angst & heartfelt belief will be able to persuade anyone that would be needed to bring about a true white nation in real-life.
      The Jews are happy in fact to keep you all here online & at each-others throats
      ;arguing about the minutiae of what it means to be multicultural. Or a white supremacist. Or a believer in any one of dozens of artificial hierarchical religions.
      As long as you’re here doing it, you are too busy to interfere with their real world plans or alter the path of human destiny as the Jews have planned it.
      The Internet is nothing more than a huge pressure cooker with an easily manipulated pressure release valve. To make a difference, you have to take your just war against the Jew Into Real-life. Until that happens, nothing will change.

  13. Drew says:

    Hi Andre

    I haven’t read all the comments in this thread so I may have missed something that would answer this question, but may I ask, what is your position on Christianity?

    When I say Christianity I don’t mean “Christian Zionism”, or other such deformations. I mean true, traditional, orthodox, Catholic Christianity. That is, the religion practised in Mussolini’s Italy, Franco’s Spain, and Salazar’s Portugal. The religion followed by Fr Charles Coughlin in the USA, and also by E Michael Jones of

    I would be really interested to read your thoughts on this! By the way I listened to your interview with Carolyn Yeager today and I really enjoyed it. I absolutely agree with everything I heard. I’m looking forward to exploring your website further and I hope you do more podcasts in the future!


    • Andre says:

      Drew, I will be posting an article with my views on Christianity in a few hours. You can read that and give any comments you might have after you know my base position.

  14. windswept says:

    CI is not Bristish Israel, BI still believed the jews were of Judah, which is untrue.

    It is arrogant for people to make assumptions about CI without ever going over the material, this goes for Dana and most of the Trooth Militia crew.

    CI is not supremacist, it is segregationist, as Christians always have been.

    Jesus was not a jew, CI is not BI, CI is not “jewish christianity”. If you understand that the Talmud refutes and nullifies the Torah, attacks Christianity and the NT; then you start to understand what “judaism” is; judaism is about sodomy, deceit and murder …the OPPOSITE to Christianity and CI. Infact CI is the most Anti-jewish form of Christianity as it reveals the jews for what they are.

    They h

    European mysticism has always contained stories of “love your brother” of death and rebirth, of struggle and triumph …judaism has none of these things …read the fckn talmud or shutup …you are wrong, CI has nothing to do with judaism, it is the most anti-jew form of Christianity in existence.

    It is not important whether Jesus existed or not …the teachings are important and they ARE European …CI reclaims our teachings for ourselves, the jews did not write the Bible. They corrupted it and push mistranslations and “churchianity”.

    It is arrogant and petty to make assumptions about CI without reading the material, you guys who denounce CI have no understanding of it, so much so that it is frustrating and annoying to keep correcting this garbage, get a clue or shutup… seriously.

    And for charles to call Jesus a “jew on a stick” when jesus was not a jew and died to redeem his people (either metaphorically or actually) sickening. Charles is one sick and stupid individual …and I can’t say much more for the young and unlearned Dana or most of the TM guys.
    What an arrogant POS Dana is, how many times has he been corrected, and still he blindly argues with the tired old mantras “CI is jewish”. Pathetic.

    • James says:


      I reckon everyone should read as much as they can fit in, to learn about other white nationalist’s oppinions. CI, Wotanism, Creativity, Vedic/Esoteric Hitlerism, whatever. The more we know about this stuff, the more we can respect each other and work together, and probably realise we have even more common ground.

      That’s why the people I mentioned would be good leaders, between them they have youth, experience, male, female, history, CI, Jewish issue, 9/11 and Conspiracies, None CI, National Socialism, radicalism, revolution, fascism and white nationalism covered. Everyone of them has something to offer. You could probably add Dianna Spingola and Dr Carly as well.

      Bonus: As I was writing this “The Great Tragedy” and”The Lehrplan” that I ordered from the Barnes Review just dropped on my doorstep. Sweet.
      Thanks for the reccomendation Total Fascism (Was that Bjorn?)

      CI isn’t Jewish, and even if you thought it was you would never convince a well versed CI scholar that it is, so we might as well just drop it and move on.

      Let’s be good to each other guys!

      • windswept says:

        I think this division will lead to integration, we are having intense battles at the moment as we refine our strategy, our ideals.

        TM had an article about the way males will combat eachother in-order to establish a working union, I think this is what is happening. Western (White) philosophers have always said that destruction only leads to higher levels of integration. Hitler said that death fertilises new movements.

        We’re in a death phase …about to give birth to a unified movement.

        This movement has me more passionate than anything has in a long time, I was stuck in the David Icke/Truther lies for a long time …I lost passion, I started to see the lies.

        People are getting passionate, this is a good thing. Disagreements mean little when you realise how important passion is in a struggle.

        That fire is the same fire that burned inside the Fuhrer, I feel like I will die trying, and that that would be something worth dying for.

        The jews are jokers, they make stupid jokes and act like degenerate fools, they have no such passion …unless you think an endless greed counts as a passion, which I don’t.

      • Carolyn says:

        >>>You could probably add Dianna Spingola and Dr Carly as well.

        The last I knew, when Rebecca Carly was on RBN, she was continually expressing anti-Nazi and anti-Hitler sentiments, in the Alex Jones manner. Describing things as “nazi” this and that. Has she changed on this? I kind of find it hard to believe, even if she’s toned it down. But maybe someone knows.

  15. James says:

    Ok, I keep hearing that the “Jews want us to be racist”, and that “white supremacists” are exactly what the Jews want. Really? Is this why the Jews invest so much time, energy and money into ensuring whites do not think in racial terms, unless that thinking pertains to how evil whitey is, and how we should let none-whites do just as they please in our ancesteral homelands?

    There is absoloutely no way they want whites to become racially conscious in any sense other than to be riddeled with guilt and self loathing.

    Jews spend alot of money demonising white “supremacists” in their media, and it isn’t helpful when people conform to the brain-dead stereotypes the Jews seek to perpetuate. However white people throughout history are the only people who have successfully (somewhat at least) resisted Jewish supremacy. The other races have never done this, and have in fact been willing servants of the Jews in their quest to destroy the white race.

    I don’t go around calling people “nigger” all the time, I accept that it’s uncouth and unbecoming of people who consider themself relatively intelligent. I do however use it against blacks who go on the offensive against me or my race, and why shouldn’t I?
    I don’t care about what these people think or how they feel, because I have been forced to adapt to the situation the white race now finds itself in, that being a global minority, hated and targeted by none-whites (primarily but not exclusively Jews) for anihilation.

    Harold Covington made a great point about the use of the word “nigger”; He said that George Orwell’s “1984″ illustrates how tyrannical regimes control language (citing “Newspeak” in the book) in order to control minds. If they can stop you from saying “nigger”, eventually they stop you thinking “nigger”. This is extremely important because you become trained via self and social censorship, to slowly reject the “otherness” of different races, by rejecting the terms that illustrate that otherness. This slowly erodes white people’s sense of racial consciousness all together and adds to the impact of the egalitarian cultural programming the Jews push.
    They are using operant conditioning, and I personally succumbed to it to an extreme degree thanks to the academic, media, social and political programming I was subjected to throughout my life, until my racial awakening. I used to get a kind of sick feeling in my stomach whenever I heard a white person use the “N-word”, and it’s the same operant conditioning they have used on people in their attack on the Swastika, linking it to violent Hollywood Skinheads (I’m not bashing real Skins, just the Jew portrayal of them).

    Blacks are violent people who are used to having everything their own way, but if you think nigger, say nigger and treat them like niggers, when confronted by them in a hostile fashion, they know you are one white man/woman that doesn’t buy into the Jew Hollywood garbage of the “big bad black man”, and that they can’t walk all over you. Blacks like easy targets, if you stand secure in your knowledge that as a white person you are better than them (and you really are), they are more likely to seek out a weaker target.

    We can’t afford to play by the Jews rules anymore, and I have absoloutely no idea where this idea that the Jews want us to be racist comes from. There have been instances (very few) where Jews have infiltrated and attempted to subvert the white racialist movement, but this is because they know that white racialism is their only serious opposition.

    As far as I’m concerned you have to be white and you have to be a racist if you want to be of any use at all to this movement.

    “Racist” is our “Nigger”, it’s time to take it back and redefine it in order to impede it’s impact when used against us. When you get called a racist, if you start stumbling and resisting the label, then you have gone onto the backfoot and done exactly what your enemy intended. Instead say, “Yes I am a racist. I know race to be a biological reality, I accept that the races are different, and I love and seek to preserve my own racial and cultural heritage”…See how that goes down.
    Remember, if you are white it really doesn’t matter what you think, if it suits none-whites at the time to call you a “Racist,” then you’re a racist, and nothing you can say will stop them from using it, because it is a tactic they use to get what they want. So embrace it and love being a racist, it’s very empowering.

    Ok, so basically this Jewliani dude is abit of a cock muncher, and has shown himself to be someone ill informed and ultimately useless. This is good though, the movement is refining itself and consolidating, if only we can get it off the frigging internet…

    • Andre says:

      Very well said.

      I am losing patience with the baby-whining that goes on. It always drowns out logic. Obviously if the Jews wanted us to be racist, they would be promoting racism through their unlimited outlets through which they are able to do this. The situation is the same as the claim that they want us to hate Jews. It is pure, baseless idiocy.

      I feel the same way about Giuliani. This is very much a “with us or against us” type situation, and he has shown he is not with us.

      • James says:

        Yeah man. It really is at that point, people either need to get on board or get out of the way.

        The funny thing is I was talking to my brother the other night and I told him that I could probably have a more interesting and meaningful conversation with black racial nationalists than I could with the average white person.

        I actually feel sorry for black nationalists. The war we are fighting is essentially a cultural one, which we as white people are more than adequately equipped to deal with if we get our shit together and drop the losers like Jewliani who still want to play by the Jew’s rule book. Black nationalists are fighting a war against their own biology, attempting to create something their people are incapble of achieving, by the nature of what they are.

        I did have some ideas about how we can get this thing of ours moving away from the internet, and I’d be really interested to see what you and the folks who comment on here think;

        The way I see it, Andre at TF, Mike Delaney at Prothink, ZionCrimeFactory, JewishProblem, Rich and Keith at Truth Militia, William Finck at Christogenea, Severus Niflson, Carolyn Yeager at The White Network, and the people who follow them and agree with them on the racial issues, constitutes THE “Truth Movement”.

        Obviously these people ineteract and help each other, but I believe they need to form a unified group.

        This group should have a name, a mission statement, stating their political beliefs and objectives (Like i’ve said I think the Cotswold Agreement of 1962 would be a good jumping off point or at least useful for inspiring a new group charter), and a symbol that can be used to identify them, that is prominent on all of their websites and propaganda (more on that later).
        I personally am quite fond of the pan-aryan flag Severus Niflson has displayed on his prefab republic article (I think he designed it, but I’m not sure).

        This group should have it’s own website in which all of the aforementioned parties can contribute works that have been mutually vetted and agreed upon before submission (it prevents infighting and encourages dialogue which will help form group consensus).

        At this point it is still internet. But these basic steps are the start of creating a unified movement that people can aspire to belong to, identify with and to serve.

        In order to move it away from the internet we need to think about how resources are used by this group.

        It could only work if these people are willing to pool finances and resources. This is where the taboo of asking for money from people needs to be broken. If people can see that things are taking shape, and the group specifys how much money they want to pull in each month, for what purposes and publishes the accounts, people who really believe in the cause shouldn’t have any problem with donating. It should also be made clear to people that if they are unwilling to give up abit of tobacco and beer money (two things none of us should be doing anyway really) every month, then they have demonstrated their lack of commitment and they will have to miss out on changing the world and sit on the sidelines.

        If this can be hammered out then we can get to the real world stuff;

        Propaganda is a must. Real world action that consists of CD, DVD and leaflet drops, charity activity for white people and white people only (it would probably be a good idea to pick one white cause, maybe a poor white family every month that is on someway helped by donations to the group and publicise this activity on the groups website with photos and interviews of willing charity recipients), group demonstrations (can be out in the real world, but an organised Blitzkreig on the Alex Jones phone lines or some other fake truth movement call in show could be just as effective, maybe even more so) and such like, all under the flag/symbol the group choses to adopt, should move things along nicely.

        The CD’s, DVD’s, and leaflets have to look professional. Again we get into the issue of money, and this is why financial contributions from all those who care about moving forward has to be emphasized. I have a stack of DVDs that i burned from Prothink. I have them in black cases and with no logos on, because i don’t have the money or the equipment to make them look how I want them to look. Now I’ll be honest, if I was to distribute these DVD’s I’m not sure where I stand legally here in Australia. However, I would be willing to risk it if I knew that there was a good chance that the aesthetics of the material I’m handing out and dropping anonymously is actually going to grab the recipients attention and not be thrown straight into the bin.

        I would suggest the first thing that the group invest in and specifys as a requirement to donors is a disk publisher. These are beyond what most lone activists can afford (in the region of 6000 dollars), but easily within reach of the group if they can convince their followers of the necessity of the equipment.
        This will allow the group to create relatively professional looking CD’s and DVDs cheaply which can then be sold on in bulk to people for distribution. We could do compilations of podcasts, William Pierce broadcasts, 9/11 Missing Links and ZCF videos, Mein Kampf audio books, whatever. Basically I’m talking like a One Dollar DVD Project equivalent focused on the racial/Jew angle.

        This all brings us to the issue of membership. If we don’t have members, we are not a movement.

        Membership is tricky, and can leave us exposed to our enemies to a certain extent. The best way I propose to do this is to have people apply to become regional representatives of the group. They would have to be vetted, interviewed (by skype if not in person) and the group panel would have to make a unanimous decision on the individual. The aspiring member would have to satisfy all requirements dictated by the panel, whether that be providing proof of identity or character references or what ever. If they were to be successful they would then have to sign a declaration disavowing all illegal activity and acknowledge that they and they alone are responsible for their actions and their own regional groups, and to ensure that they act within the confines of the law. The declaration would also explicitly absolve the group itself of all financial and legal liability should the members take it upon themselves to violate the law.
        The great thing about this is it insulates the core group, whilst giving white people a chance to do something all over the world. The fact that these guys have a global audience is a big plus, it would make it incredibly difficult to take the movement down through the efforts of any one, crooked, Jew lackey law enforcement agency, whilst making it economically unviable to try and engineer Edgar Steele style frame ups.

        I think these ideas are the start of a movement. Maybe it will work maybe it won’t. I understand that it’s ok for me to sit tapping on a keyboard and lay all this responsibility on people who have done so much for white people and their fight against the Jew already. I am also aware that their are contentions and disagreements on what seem to be peripheral issues between some of the people I advocate forming this group.

        The reality though, is by virtue of what these people have already contributed and achieved, from what I know of their work and character, and the way in which they have managed to raise their own profiles and racial awareness in the consciousness of our people, they are the most qualified and suitable candidates I can think of to lead this thing.

        I would help in anyway I could. I don’t have alot of money but I do donate to Prothink. I haven’t done video and sound editing in a few years, but I have pretty good equipment and would offer my services in helping to compile propaganda.

        My fellow keyboard commandos; It’s time to step it up.

        Let me know what you guys think.

        • John Friend says:

          This is exactly what I would like to do! We can totally do this guys.

        • Ken says:

          Just a factual correction…. Negroids have over 40 Nations of their own today. Black Nationalism is certainly a viable concept for them.

          • James says:

            Well that’s great that we can call a group of blacks on a land mass a “nation”. I just want them to go back to their “nations”, Ken, so I’ll accept the criticism and stand corrected.

        • Wolfenhords says:

          That right guys, stop with this stupid arguments and in-fighting about religion or spirituality. All this Christian or Pagan bashing is not getting people anywhere. To all the christian bashers, do you think is really wise to create more lines of divisions between them? What, so now your gonna wage war on both jews, muslims and christians and convert them to paganism? We have enough problems already in dealing with the talmudic jews and immigrant hordes that are invading our nations!

      • Randy says:

        So the Jew doesn’t want us at each other’s throats? Since when?

        Christ, Hitler even said it.

        “The eternal struggle between the people and the hatred amongst them is being nurtured by very specific interested parties. It is a small, rootless, international clique that is turning the people against each other that does not want them to have peace!” – Adolf Hitler.

        And we’re never going to have it if we keep letting the Jew play us like fiddles one off of the other forever.

        • Andre says:

          Okay, buddy. Go ahead and try and round up some Mexicans to help you fight the Jews and then report back.

          I honestly don’t really understand what this “debate” is about.

          • Randy says:

            I’m not even talking about Mexcians or Blacks Andre!

            We can’t even come together right now as Whites.
            We have White people locking up other White people for simply re-examining history.

            They have everyone at each other’s throats and that’s a fact.

            • Andre says:

              Yeah, see, a big part of the problem here is that it is so unclear what you people are even talking about. Dana keeps saying that the only way to achieve a White Nation is to ally with other races, including anti-White terrorist invaders such as the crypto-Muslim and probable welfare slurper Mark Glenn. I just assume he also wants to ally with Mexican invasion forces and Black savages.

              The only non-Whites I would ever even consider allying with are foreign nationalists living in their own countries or American Negro nationalists living here. The rest of these people simply need to be rounded up and deported as soon as possible.

              If you are just talking about uniting with White people, then okay. Whatever. Still don’t understand your complaint, or why you are supporting Dana’s totally unclear interracial resistance agenda.

              • Stuart says:

                The “alliance” you refer to is a recognition that our common enemy is the internationalist, the Jew. The destroyer. The Jews will use the race/hate card to divide and conquer the nationalist. It may be possible to form a “united front” against the destroyer of the nation, be it Mexico or others (which is why most of them moved here). This would reduce the Jewish power to the 2% or less of the population that they are and be overwhelmed. The goal of course is a segregated society promoting it own culture and history–for all. Meantime, the SHADOW OF THE RED TERROR APPROACHES,, especially the 6 &8 pm hours of Feb. 5.

  16. Michael says:

    I had high hopes as well. You can’t even conceptialize a Volksgemeinshaft if everyone is a ‘traitor’ for not following your peculiar way of thinking. The Volksgeist has to be cultivated…

    ‘Dana’ put it correctly; Veronica Clark puts it in similar terms, disregard her subtle ‘egalitarian’ views; Kevin Mcdonnal, Diana Spingola etc etc. Profesionalism, maturity, embolden by the core spirit of ‘revolution’ can achive plenty.

  17. GarbageMan says:

    Well said. Dana, you’re one of the rare voices of reason out here and I totally respect the way that you conduct yourself on your shows. Your patience and composure with the callers of an opposing POV is admirable and I will continue to follow your work. The all or nothing mentality is a recipe for failure. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

  18. Its all a complete waste – we have people making comments and saying something, then someone else replies and counters, and we have endless WN blogs and forums going round n’ round in circles as I’ve said before, with nothing real accomplished. We would be better off starting social clubs or something, giving speaches, tape them, and put those up on the internet, maybe organize concerts, idk, anything other than writing. Even the podcasts do not amount to much other than entertainment and for us to prove to ourselves that we are not alone, however small we are in number.

  19. Garbage Man, this is why we need to all get off the net and start doing things in person, and all the abstractions and mental divisiveness will disappear, because none of it matters in reality. If you work in person with someone and a disagreement comes up, you either work it out or drop it and move on, on the internet, however, we have endless time and nothing else to do but harp on each other because we are not actually getting anything done to begin with except blow off mental steam. Don’t get the wrong idea, I still like this site and it raises a lot of important issues; maybe we should try to use what we can from different people/groups if it helps us and ignore whatever we disagree with. I wish we could just be more realistic and separate fact from fiction, action from thought, practice from theory, and look at what we face. When you start off from the assumption that we have total control and power to implement these changes, you skipping over the insurmountable obstacles we have to first overcome, and declaring victory to be close at hand when we haven’t even started to organize yet is rather premature.

    • windswept says:

      Yes, lets just pretend there are no disagreements, let us dull the flame for the dull. That’ll surely lead to a -shaky- unification.

      On Truth Militia today there was an article about how males will battle it out to become friends …to unify, we are undergoing this process right now.

      We are establishing leaders
      , Dana get out-of the way, no-one can stand your whiney squeaky voice and I will not tolerate your slander against “religion”, I have a right to establish my voice and would rather die then be dictated to by the likes of any man such as you.

      I will not defeat the jews only to live under the bondage of a White idiot I don’t like.
      We need a Hitler, someone most Good White Men can respect. You aren’t it.

      I am not going to pretend I agree with you …that’ll lead nowhere, but to certain death. I will never submit to any “movement” I will fight to the end to have my voice heard …it is the only way.

      • Randy says:

        You my man, need some mental help and like soon.

        It’s politics bro, you’re acting as if we’re fighting against the fiery Legions of hell or something.


  20. GarbageMan says:

    Yeah this whole site and movement is becoming a real joke. All that’s going on is Salem witch trials-esque accusations and paranoid baby name calling. I had high hopes for this site and the movement in general, but it has devolved into an ugly, petty, nitpicking, bitchy hatefest. I’m checking out. This just doesn’t feel right and I’m gonna go with my gut. Peace.

      • James says:

        Stick with it Garbageman. If you quit now, then you’ve already been beaten. You gonna let the Jews beat you?

        It seems like we are beating ourselves, but we are just going through a process. The real truth movement is exploding and these little quarrels are just teething troubles.

        Good things will come out of it.

      • windswept says:

        I wouldn’t worry about him, he is useless (garbage you might say).

        “Intuition” simply mean giving into fear/laziness, not bothering to read or learn anything and looking for some-other movement that is easier to follow.

        We need passion, we need fire. Even between eachother, it will hone our edge, make us ruthless and strong. Let’s keep battling it out, let’s keep struggling for unification …then let us turn the fire on our enemies and crush them swifty.

        Devoid of any real inspiration …the jew will quickly fall.

        • James says:

          I like it. Great post.

          But I think we should try to support each other and not give up on each other so easily. We need every good white person we can get.

  21. John, I know you’re a good guy and you try to present opposing views – my problem with it is the disingenuous approach of Finck. I will listen to the last show and see what I missed, but I can assure you it will be filled with “information” that is not true. Anybody can define something their own way, which ends up being something totally knew and completely at odds with the original. There is Judaism, which is a tribal/racial religion for Jews (even though they are a totally mixed up group, thats beside the point, its what they believe that matters here), and there is Christianity, which is a universalist religion that does not see race at all. There are many forms of “Judeo-Christianity,” what I mean by that is the stressing of the Old Testament over the New, not liberal/universalist Christianity, the latter of which is actually closer to the actual message of Jesus. Conservatives always scream about why Christians are so liberal/left sometimes – well, has anyone read the words Jesus actually preached? This is why the whole thing is a problem for our race – the left/socially liberal and cultural marxist direction Christianity can take as a result of its preaching, and on the other side, the literal worship of Jews in the case of Christian Zionism, or in CI, the claim that we ourselves are Israelites/Jews. What many folks do not understand is there are these competing versions, but which are “true to form” and which are not. CI is using the OT to justify racialism, because Americans simply can’t let go of the Judaic roots of Christianity, its typical. Turning that around and justifying it by interpreting history by using non-sense and saying the Israelites are Europeans and therefore it is just a case of mistaken identity, is so far in left field i don’t even know where to start. Why on earth do white racialists need the Bible to justify their own struggle? I don’t understand it – like the previous commentator who referred to Oliver, this is the direction I would push. he know it, Klassen knew it, Pierce knew it, MacDonald knows it, etc.

    • John Friend says:

      With all due respect Dana, you do not understand what CI is and what it’s core philosophy is. But that’s fine.

      Bill basically said on my show last night that real Christianity is loving your racial brethren, sacrificing for your family, community and race (in that order), being an honest, decent man, and honoring God, the creator of the Natural Ordering of the world. Again, I ask you, what is wrong with that philosophy? Even if you think CI’s interpretation of the Bible and ancient history is TOTALLY bogus, what is wrong with that basic philosophy I just described above? Why would be bash anyone that believes in this sort of philosophy?

  22. Saxon says:

    I like Charlie and I like this website, Andre are you asking me to choose?

    Are you telling me that the NSDAP didn’t have opposing points of views?

    Yea lets attack everyone, thats how Hitler came to power. This whole jewther movement is becoming a big fuckin joke..

    Don’t worry no one is going to infiltrate us, cause you are infiltrating yourselves..

    • Ed says:

      I agree with this comment. Also, I don’t find fault with anything Charles said. I took it as saying nigger this and nigger that isn’t going to do anything to help our cause. These race and religious issues become a lot easier to work out once the jew is out of our media that corrupts all of our thoughts and seeks to have us always fighting with each other instead of being united against them.

    • Andre says:

      No, I’m not asking you to choose. Charlie is. He says if you believe in White Nationalism, he wants you to stop listening to his show. It isn’t my business what anyone who reads this site believes.

  23. Govhater says:

    I prefer to think of Giuliani similar to the way I think of Jarrod Taylor. Jarrod Taylor talks about Race without pointing out the Jew, and Giuliani points out the Jew without talking about race. These type of people can help newcomers reach the real truth. From my research, Christianity hasn’t been around for very long when looking at humanity through a Macro lens. When you think of it in that way it makes it easier to think of Christianity (and other Abrahamic religions) being just another Jew scam. Something to think about. Fairy Tales can give us great life lessons and should be treasured, but, to base your life around them and worship them isn’t my cup of Tea. 14x’S
    P.S. I don’t trust Finck

  24. I would agree that Guliani is a little all over the map when it comes to ideology, and he made a mistake by dismissing all of White nationalism, but I don’t think he did that – if you listen to the whole interview he says he is white and proud and wants whites to preserve themselves. John Friend pushes Christian Identity – or I should say he gives a lot of time to them in interviews, which is Judaism for Gentiles, an adoption of the Old Testament Torah as a history book for the white race, with the assumption that the Israelite/Judahite people of the Bible have nothing to do with today’s Jews, which is kind of a shady area. I believe there is genetic continuity but it is heavily diluted over time through all the intermarriage and conversion. I’ll have to go back and find Andre’s response to a previous comment I made about CI. Notwithstanding, many whites are their own worst enemy because of there ignorance on multiple subjects that pertain to the struggle against Jewry, as well as their myopic understanding of tactical and strategic attempts to obtain a future liberation for their people.

    Again, I feel as if this is jumping to a conclusion prematurely. What Guliani is saying is that the Jews have set up a Hegelian dialectic trap for us that many Whites fall right into. When it comes to the public relations game and presenting our message to the outside world, we fail time and time again, and the Jew manages to isolate us further and further into obscurity and marginalization. the Jew creates the language to control the dialogue, calls all nationalists supremacists to begin with which is a falsehoold – but on the other hand, many in the movement are not careful to make a distinction. It is very easy for them to find real supremacists who use this type of language, and what they end up doing is validating the Jewish incrimination of us as supremacists. Its getting to the point now in the struggle when soon none of this will even matter and it will be out and out war between different groups, so we won’t have to even deal with all these psychological mind games. Until that time comes though we should be smart about it.

    On the subject of Christianity – yes, the Jews attack it in hollywood and hate Christ – but Christianity was an outgrowth of Judaism, however heretical, and ultimately today I believe it is holding our people hostage and contributing to their mental paralysis. What many do not understand is that modern day liberalism in many ways is just a secularization of Christian Egalitarian thinking, which again, is Jewish. It makes them stupid and unwilling to fight, except for the Christian Zionists, who have adopted full blown Judaism and want to fight for Israel.

    • John Friend says:

      I’ll explain this one more time here for everyone, just to clear up all these misconceptions. A few readers of my blog emailed me back in December or late November, saying no one would have Eli James on to talk about Christianity, the Bible, etc. I said OK, I’ll invite him on and hear him out. I scheduled Charlie the very next week, so that way he could provide us with his perspective, which is basically 100% opposite of Eli’s. Then, more people emailed me asking to set up a debate with Eli and Charlie, which I did. Let’s debate this stuff, talk about it, hear alternative perspectives – not fight about it or dismiss it.

      Bill Finck is, in my view, one of the most knowledgeable individuals in this entire movement. You may disagree with his views on the Bible, but I invited him on originally to discuss Mein Kampf and Adolf Hitler, then again last night to discuss the origins of the European peoples. Of course Christianity is going to be brought up, but why do people have to get all upset and bothered by that? Even if you disagree with Bill’s views on the Bible, why reject all his info and knowledge without first hearing it?

      Dana you write:

      “John Friend pushes Christian Identity – or I should say he gives a lot of time to them in interviews, which is Judaism for Gentiles…”

      The thing is though, CI is NOT “Judaism for Gentiles”. It’s just not man, why is it so hard for people to understand this? I asked Bill what his basic understanding of Christianity was, and he said roughly this: loving your racial brethren, sacrificing for your family, community and race (in that order), being an honest, decent man, and honoring God, the creator of the Natural Ordering of the world. What is wrong with that philosophy? That’s basically how I live my life, at least the way I strive to live my life. I don’t know if Bill is right about all the Biblical stuff, he may be, he may not be. But this basic philosophy is 100% in line with my thinking, and probably most read this here.

      As far as Charlie’s comments are concerned, I was a bit disappointed hearing them, but he’s said similar things in the past. I don’t use the word “nigger” ever, and think it is counterproductive to use it. But, I don’t see it as that big of a deal really, I know certain guys have to express themselves and let off some steam, I just don’t think it’s very professional or mature, quite frankly.

      Being concerned primarily about the White race because one is White is NOT supremacism. Wanting to preserve and protect your race is NOT supremacism. I hope Charlie understands this.

      • James says:

        Supremacism is a funny word – it implies that you believe your race is objectively superior. I PREFER my race, its culture, and the fruit of its achievements. While I have only recently admitted this to myself, looking back on my life this was always clearly the case. Perhaps White Preferentialism is a more accurate term?

      • Ahmad says:

        John Friend,

        I don’t think Christianity is just about loving your “racial brethren” . That seems to be the CI-spin on it, but that is basically what Judaism preaches so where is the distinction?

        Is CI gonna only abolish interest against other whites, but charge it to the ‘goyim’?

        Besides, if race-mixing is a cause for destruction from YAHWEH, who is going to determine who is fully white? Is the blonde-haired blue-eyed man with 1/8th Cherokee in him slated for destruction?

        There isn’t even a universally agreed-upon criteria to determine who is white so who is eligible for YAHWEH’s wrath?

        What does Mr. Fink think about the ‘Parable of the Good Samaritan’? The Samaritans may as well have been ‘niggers’ in the Jews’ book, why did Jesus mention them (to the shock of the Jews) when he spoke about loving your neighbor?

    • Carmen says:

      This CI formerly called British Israelism is nothing new. Why would Aryans want to keep insisting to be true jews just does not make sense. Why is not prof. Revilo Oliver ever talked about with any of you. He was a true scholar of the classics and an Aryan champion. Our very own here in America.

    • Mike Snooker says:

      To Dana’s point to the public relations game, can we all please stop the JewThink phrase of multiculturalism?

      Multiculturalism implies multiply cultures being represented. That’s not what we have at present. It’s a Monoculture – Jewish Monoculturalism – with a little ethnic and racial flavoring to keep the plebs in line.

      Psy the South Korean Rapper? Yeah. That’s traditional Korean Culture…

      Most, regardless of race or ethnicity, when presented with the facts would strive to preserve their heritage. The real problem for America though is the JewThink poison runs deep. Real deep.

  25. “They want you to come across as a mad, raving, prejudiced, uh uh, racist.” I somehow agree with this, if you go around saying nigger this and nigger that you play into the hand of jewliani and his jewish friends that run the media. Ze Jooish media has portrayed crazy skinheads, neo nazis and the KKK as unhip, inbred, wearing their robes backwards and shouting ‘chank chank chank, nigger nigger nigger’ all day long. Jewliani sounds like a jewish rabbi, no big surpise he is a chosenite. He knows the bible backwards and forwards because his own brethren tribe wrote it. I also believe Yaegerbergstein to be a shill the way she wants the young men in the movement to throw on the swastika armbands, goosestep, shout heil hitler, and be a holocaust denier in public. Its all about the sheckles.

    • Carolyn says:

      I’m not going to allow nonsense like this from a coward hiding behind a phony, joke-ster name. When have I ever said or indicated that I wanted “the young men in the movement to throw on the swastika armbands, goosestep, shout heil hitler?” Never. You’re an fraud and a liar. Yes, I think people who know that the holohoax is a lie should be willing to say so; it would bring the hoax down quicker.

      If you would ever come out from under your cowardly cover and face those you denigrate, I would like to discuss or debate these questions with you. It’s doubtful you are White, but if you are, it’s smart-ass types like you that cause women to distrust White-man rule.

      • Lonnie says:

        What is with all the Carolyn bashing?

        She’s on our side (exposing jews , WW2 lies, whites recognising their racial identity ).

        I’m not 100% on board with every single thing she says but the majority of it.

        She’s obviously a strong woman, no issue with that. Look what she’s confronting.

        What’s the deal?

      • James says:

        Forget him Carolyn, he’s just a jew troll who thinks expressing pride in NS is somehow “acting like a Shill”. Great show with andre BTW!

  26. Bob says:

    I think Rabbi Jewliani is finally showing his true colors…Well what else can you expect from a guy who spouts Christ-hate all day (like your local Rabbi who just saw the “The Passion of the Christ”) and promotes a multi-racial front against the jew. Good luck trying to persuade a bunch of mexicans and welfare saps on uniting with the white-man against the jew. LOL!

  27. a8879 says:

    I guess White people are just sooooo much more important, eh?

    • Andre says:

      They’re more important to me, yeah. As a White person, why would White people not be more important to you that non-white people? This follows the fact that my family is more important to me than some random person off the street.

  28. Ben says:

    This may be taken out of context. Maybe he’ll elaborate on it. The fact that he named Finck makes me hope that when he said “separatist” sarcastically he’s referring to people like Finck who label themselves that but are really hardcore supremacist. I don’t see why he would have a problem with separatism and if he feels that “nigger” will turn people away I’d say that’s a valid opinion.

    As far as changes his views, didn’t yours change alot over the years as you learned also?

    • Andre says:

      I’m not even thirty years old yet. But yeah, my views have changed. This is why Hitler said that a person shouldn’t enter politics until about thirty, because it is natural for views to change before this age. But I don’t necessarily fault him for this, it just shows that he is not someone who should really be taken entirely seriously, as his views are constantly changing.

      He says he’s talked to one person in the movement about the wrongness of White Nationalism, and we can probably assume this was John Friend. If he wants to clear this up, fine, I’ll put a correction on the article, but it seems to me to be absolutely clear that this is a direct attack on the very concept of White Nationalism. I just don’t see any other way of looking at it, as it stands. If there is something he wants to add, or feels it is taken out of context, he can go ahead.

  29. a8879 says:

    I think that the International Jews are laughing at us in the West. People post about the violent tendencies of other races and just stir up animosity for White people in our multicultural societies. To me, this is misdirected anger because most non-White people come to the Western countries because of poor economic conditions, famine, and war created by International Jewry, and International Jewry allows these non-Whites into the White countries. All of our focus must be directed to the International Jew, because they are the nation-wreckers who have created all the problems that we have in our world. I also think that trying to wake up Christian Zionists is wasted energy. These Christian Zionists have a Stockholm Syndrome relationship with Jews, and nothing you say about them will change their mind about them. You explain to them that the tribe of Judah are not the Children of Israel, and it would not even matter. I tried with these people and I just got labeled an anti-Semite. What we must understand is what is happening in Gaza and to the Palestinians is the blueprint for how the world will be when International Jewry has a total grip on the world.

    • Carolyn says:

      What you must understand is that what is happening to the Palestinians already happened to the Ukrainians and the Russians, then the Germans, and then the Poles, Czechs, Hungarians etc. So this is our blueprint already. The Pals had their own fight going at that time and didn’t spare much attention for us. We also have our own fight going and need to put all our attention on it.

      • a8879 says:

        Yeah, so? This isn’t just about White people, duh! Proved my point.

        • Carolyn says:

          The Ukrainians, Russians, Germans, Poles, Czechs, Hungarians are not all White people?

          • TelefunkenSpeech says:

            hungarians are part German part Mongol.


            • Carolyn says:

              You don’t know what Hungarians are. Go look in my Heretics’ Hour podcast archives for 2011 with guest Andreas Wesserle, a scholar in this business. He discussed it. You will learn something. Hungarians are White today.

              • Telefunken Speech says:

                will do. I’m just saying from observation and history. Hungarians are clearly European but you can also see that most have Asiatic influences. Black hair, black eyes. Their language is also from the Northern Asian part of Russia, just like the Finnish language.

                I really liked the show with you and Andre.

              • Telefunken Speech says:


                I listened to your show:
                The Heretics’ Hour: Slavs and non-Slavs in Eastern Europe
                November 22, 2010

                Mr Wesserle says the same about the Hungarians as I did.

                Huns are Central Northern Asians, Magyarians are Persian-Germanic people. Those two tribes merged and live in Hungary now.

                Furthermore, they intermarried with the German-Austrians over the time in their common empire. The Urgu-Finno language is widely spread all over Northern Russia even today.

                I really don’t know why you got mad at me.

                • Half-blood Prussian says:

                  Persia was in Asia.

                  • Telefunken Speech says:

                    And still is. Iran means Aryan. White Germanic people are a large group of the Iranians and you find White blonde, blue-eyed tribes all over Persia and into Afghanistan.

                  • Half-blood Prussian says:

                    Yes I know, but you said that the huns were from Asia, I was joking around.

                  • Telefunken Speech says:

                    I really don’t know what the big deal is. Huns are from Asia.

                    Hungarians are great people. Always pro-German, Anti-Jewish. 1956 riots against the Soviets, the first to open the borders in the late 1980′s, and today they have a rising Fascist party like the Golden Dawn (forget their name).

                • Carolyn says:

                  I didn’t get mad. I just think it’s wrong to indicate, as I thought you did, that Hungarians are not White because they have some way-back intermixing with “Huns.” Finns are also great people, and White, even though they are not 100% Aryan. Russians have a lot of Asian intermixing. All kinds of White people have bits of dna from here and there.
                  Hungarians don’t all have black hair and eyes, either. I have known several who do not.
                  But thanks for going and listening to the program. I should too, but I don’t have time right now. LOL. I’m going to feature Wesserle’s shows in my “Oldies but Goodies” series after I finish going through the programs with Wilhelm Kriessmann.

                  • TelefunkenSpeech says:

                    No problem, Carolyn.

                    I have been going through a lot of your material lately and listened to another of your shows yesterday, the one about Hitler’s political testament. It seems his prophecy comes true earlier than he though.

  30. Timothy says:

    I am with Andre. Multiracialism and Multiculturalism are not acceptable concepts in our Creedo. The Communist ideal of Multiculturalism is absolutely evil and no Fascist in their right mind would support such ideals. All the Muslims and the likes of Charles Giuliani are doing is forming a multiracial front against Jewish people. People like him and the Muslims never realize, or have foresight into solution after they are dealt with. In their minds, we live all multiracial, multicultural without Jews. Sorry, that’s not Fascism. That’s Communism. Any white person supporting a Multicultural based plan against our opposition, is 100% in opposition to Fascist ideals. Muslims and the likes of Giuliani have no place to be dictating Fascist policies.

    Quite frankly, Anyone outside the white race has no influence on our movement, or Fascist doctrine. Your opinions and values are not our values. If that’s offensive, I don’t care. Go form a Multicultural based Communism front.

    • TelefunkenSpeech says:

      Wait a minute,

      Mark Weber has addressed the fundamental difference between fascism and national socialism in his podcast on fascism.

      While NS is strongly based on race, fascism is statism. Italy had large colonies in Africa and the people there where part of Fascist Italy.

    • Stuart says:

      One must recognize that due to the influx of too many non-whites, in particular Mexicans and other Latin Americans, as well as American Blacks, this is good ammo for our enemies to use against us in a civil war where only the Jews come out on top, as they watch us slaughter ourselves. This may be unavoidable, but I think what might be useful is the slogan of a united front against the enemies of the nation state; against the destroyers of all ethnic groups and their culture; which is to say a united front against the internationalist Jewish elite. Not that the goal is to live together after victory, but recognizing the right of each ethnic group to control it’s own affairs, dare I say, to have the right of segregating itself in defense of it’s own culture on it’s own territory; that we Whites only want for ourselves what we recognize as a right of all races/nations with mutual respect. There’s no need throw around words like nigger and spic. To me that is low-class and fails to recognize that all groups produce respectable people, though among some, very few.

  31. HebrewSwastika says:

    Its pretty obvious youre attacking him to make amends to delaneys crumbling credibily due to his jew god affiliations and behavior. Calling him a shill so people dont discuss delaney being a shill for his recent actions, its not hard to see through. Guiliani has a good point aboutusing derogatory terms against anyone except the kike. Thiswhite movement is honestly going to get no where using terms like that, youd realize that of you understood at all what the average person is trained to think like. It isnt 1933 anymore, and frankly it never will be unless the masses are baby stepped through our propaganda against the eternal common enemy jew.

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