Burying the Austrian School Jew Doctrine of Libertarianism

This is the hard truth, boys.

This is the hard truth, boys.

“The time has come to stop the Alex Jones 1776 Jew Talk.”  –Rodney Martin

In the comments section of my recent piece exposing Anarcho-Capitalism as yet another Jewish scam, a commenter called “Larix” spammed up the place.  Though some of it is bizarre, and seems to indicate he is unclear about his own political doctrine, attempting to combine nationalist sentiment with the fundamentally internationalist Jewish doctrine of Anarcho-Capitalism/Libertarianism, I will go ahead and go through it, as he indeed makes some points that will continue to come up if they are not addressed and fully dismissed.

As part of the argument of this confused commenter is that racialism and the establishment of a racial state are somehow compatible with the Jew doctrine of Austrian School Libertarianism, let’s first take a second to look at a few quotes from the father of the Austrian School, Ludwig von Mises:

Nation and race do not coincide; there is no nation of pure blood. All peoples have arisen from a mixture of races.

--Ludwig von Mises, Nation, State, and Economy, page 10

The fundamental discrepancies in worldview and patterns of behavior do not correspond to differences in race, nationality or class affiliation.

Ludwig von Mises, Human Action, page 87

It is neither natural nor necessary that the members of the same race or the inhabitants of the same country cooperate with one another more closely than with members of other races or inhabitants of other countries. The ideas of race solidarity and racial hatred are no less ideas than any other ideas, and only where they are accepted by the individuals do they result in corresponding action.

Ludwig von Mises, The Ultimate Foundation of Economic Science, page 81

So, we can see from the outset that even if we do decide that the only way we are going to establish an independent White nation is by following some or other Jew economic theorist, these particular Jews, even at first glace, probably do not have the ideology that we are looking for.

Now, on to the refutation.

His words are in bold.


Hey I like your passion and all, but you’re simply wrong and lack a non-superficial understanding of free-market economics and American history. The problem is not solely one of government or one of capital. It’s the combination of both in excess which make us miserable.

The problem is surely one of capital and government, though this is a result of the plain reality that government dictates only policy which is designed to promote the private interests of capital.

The reason why capital has so much influence is due to the foundation of central banking (backed by the force of govt) for the last 100 years in the US, and most of the world since then. This allows dark forces to control EVERYTHING including media, academia, politicians, banking, et al.

The issue isn’t some vague “central banking,” it is international Jewish banking.  There is nothing wrong with a central bank, if it is administered by a gentile government seeking autarky; in fact, a central bank is a must for any planned economy, and a planned economy is the only just economy.

Do you really think we have been living in an unrestrained environment in the last few decades? C’mon, everything has been regulated to the hilt to produce this kind of diabolical result. These massive imbalances could not be sustained in a true free market, where choice, competition and innovation will always prevail over giganticism and force.

As it was the existing forces of high finance that pushed for the establishment of a Jewish bank, and then sustained it after it was created, the point is moot.  You appear to be implying that the American system was somehow fair and humane before the establishment of the Federal Reserve, which is objectively false.  The history of pre-WWI America is a history of brutal oppression of the working classes by a ruling financial elite.

The only place where this was not the case was in the agrarian sector, where people grew their own food and participated in the extremely localized economies – the apprenticeship system, which was made obsolete by the Industrial Revolution, was also a huge part of these local economies.  Local economies, however, were only possible in an age before mass transportation and mass production became so efficient.  Once large-scale movement of of cheaply produced goods became possible through the technology which emerged from the industrial revolution, local economies died forever, because there was no attempt to set up regulations to prohibit the corporate vulturism which absolutely crushed this old system.  The reason that such regulations were not put in place was the laissez-faire principles which were continually reenforced by the state, due to our parliamentary system which allows such massive levels of influence-peddling.

When a strong central government exists, it is an irresistible target for bad people, who exist in spades even in our white race. The existence of so many shabbaz goy demonstrates that. Thus it is only a matter of time before this supposedly strong and pure government is corrupted, acquired, and redirected for dangerous and evil purposes for the benefit of very few elite. That is what happened in the US when the people stopped diligently guarding and monitoring the supposed limited government after many decades of peace and rising prosperity.

Yes, I have listened to the Alex Jones show before.  But this is simply wrong.  It was not the centralization of our government which allowed for this situation to emerge, it was, as I have said, the industrial revolution which changed every single aspect of the economic order.  Centralization happened because it was possible, and because our system of democracy allows absolutely unlimited corruption, and has no mechanism through which to place responsibility on individuals.

The rising prosperity was due to the localized economies I have already mentioned, and it was not nearly as great as it is made out to be.  Throughout your posts, you actually seem to be denying the relevance of the Industrial Revolution, as you are not mentioning it, and instead blaming changes on abstractions.  This makes all of what you are saying seem ridiculous, as we will see.

As far as there having been “peace,” that is a completely idiotic and untrue statement.

When was this peace, buddy?

Capital has no power if it not married to the guns of the govt. I don’t remember being forced to report my income to General Electric, forced to show my passport at McDonald’s, or threatened by a Coca-cola drone. I have no love for these corporate monstrosities, and I know they can only exist in a big-govt NON-COMPETITIVE environment. But none of them force me to buy a product or service. But I AM forced to subscribe to the US govt where the price keeps going up and the quality keeps going down.

You are just repeating abstract gibberish that is purposefully designed by Jews to cause confusion.  Mega-corporations are successful in the free market because they are able to provide products at a cheaper rate because of their size.  People go to McDonald’s, rather than a locally owned diner, because standardization and mass production allow them to charge a third of the price a local shop would charge for similar food.

This is not complicated.  It isn’t a mystery.  It is just a simple, obvious fact.

You might do well to read the story of how Ray Kroc made McDonald’s into what it is, simply using the mechanisms of the free market.  It is a rather instructive example of the way this works.  The only thing the government did for him was refuse to fulfill their natural duty and restrict him from doing what he did.  McDonald’s took over the market because this is what happens in post-industrial capitalism.

The other issue of capital dictating government policy is huge, and allows them to conquer and centralize everything at a more rapid pace, but they are really only ensuring regulations serve them, and they are doing so because they have all the resources, and thus the capacity to do so.

If you do not have rules, people will do whatever they are capable of doing.

America was founded on principles of limited government and COMMERCE. What is wrong with that? What was wrong with American values and culture until the 20th century, when at long last capital and government combined to inflict misery on the world?

Today’s world is characterized by STATE CAPITALISM, and it could not exist without massive government power behind the money supply, rigged markets, rigged trade regulations, etc. This is not commerce or free-market capitalism.

You are again assuming so much, without actually addressing any real issues.  The industrial revolution was not relevant, and the only thing that mattered was central banking and the emergence of “big government”?  If it wasn’t for these two issues, we would still all be living like the Amish?  How can changes in the economic order be separated from the biggest changes that the human species has ever undergone?  How on earth can we talk about these things in a vacuum?

Oh, wait.  I know how.  We simply parrot circular arguments formulated by Jews.

You simply must not group Mises/Rothbard and Friedman together unless you want to demonstrate your ignorance of free-market economics. Friedman was a statist to the core, he is just offered as a kosher alternative to the ultra-statist Keynes.

There is extremely little overlap between Friedman and the Austrian school. Stop conflating them.

Well, I know one thing these three men have in common.  But apparently that doesn’t matter, the Jews who you are emotionally attached to are “good Jews.”  Though I think most readers of this site are astute enough to look at the Austrian School and see that nearly every single person involved is a Jew, and then use basic logic to see how what they are promoting only benefits their tribe, as you seem to be incapable of this, we’ll just go with the assumption that all of these men are really “good Jews” who just want to help mankind by pushing international stateless free market capitalism.

The difference between Friedman the elder and the Austrian Jews is only anything more than superficial if you believe in the Jew hoax of Libertarianism.  As I don’t believe in it, the distinction you are making means absolutely nothing to me, given that both parties have the same agenda of removing the state from the economic order for the purpose of forwarding unrestricted Jew capitalism.  In real terms, they have the same goal every Jew has – using whatever they can come up with to subvert, destabilize and suck dry their host societies.

But returning to your “not all Jews are bad” fantasy reality: Friedman took a more pragmatic approach, advocating something that was more possible, while your Hebrew hero Rothbard pushed idealism as a way to inject a portion of his ideas into the mainstream.  Obviously in real life, the government isn’t simply going to stop existing.  Both have an identical ideology, simply take different approaches toward realizing their goals.

Worth nothing, for people who aren’t totally brainwashed, is that both Friedman’s son and grandson are of the purist Rothbardian school.

As far as liberal social policy, austro-libertarians value quality and productivity so there is usually no tolerance for most of today’s filth, which could be cleaned up quickly in non-forceful ways:

1. end central banking and thus monopoly control of the media’s message (“it’s great to be a tatooted freak/slut”) and heavily-funded feminist/marxist indoctrination in the schools

How would ending central banking end monopoly control of the media’s message?  Seriously, how and why would that happen?  This is simply magical thinking, inserted into your vulnerable brain by this Jew gibberish you hold as holy scripture.  Presently, media is a monopoly not because of some obscure and vague “government regulations,” but because of the natural workings of the capitalist system, which constantly push for efficiency in profitability, and thus centralization.  The only way you would decentralize media would be by using the state to break up monopolies which already exist, or forcing large media companies to give representation to minority ideas and values.

The other obvious problem is that sex does sell.  People like to buy it.  When you have no restrictions on anything, of course all society degrades to the lowest common denominator.  In tribal societies, sex was regulated by a dowry system, where if you cheat on or otherwise decided to leave your spouse, it cost you money.  People simply cannot live without rules, it is against basic nature, and only a child, idiot or Jew would think otherwise.

The government needs to heavily regulate the entertainment media, forcing it to support certain moral standards, or everything goes gross.  The liberal push by your Jew heroes to deregulate obscenity in this country under the banner of this new religious value of “individual freedom” has been a vicious tragedy.

Again, it is simply incredible that these things are not obvious to you, and this is yet more proof of what a Jew is capable of doing to you once you surrender to him control of your thoughts.

The schools would still be lobbied by private interests to indoctrinate children in a certain way in your free market paradise, so I don’t see the relevance of that point.  Of course your argument would be that “people would have a choice,” but this is based on a complete fallacy about human nature – this idea that every individual in society is capable of assessing complex situations and drawing logical determinations is a creation of the Jew doctrine of individualism.

2. dismantle the notoriously inefficient and corrupt federal and state govts and their associated tax burdens, and increase local autonomy

Yes, and replace everything with Wal-Mart and McDonald’s style private industry.  Oh no, I forgot, it will all be independent small businesses that run everything, because they are way more efficient than scientifically standardized corporate systems backed up by full automation in centralized production facilities for some reason!  It makes total sense!

3. …which leads to a return to fair work and commerce, healthy local economies, and a revitalization of now-dead communities

Yes, a return to the fair work we had during the height of the true Jew free market – the Industrial Revolution, when people in the cities lived to be about 25, working themselves to death to avoid starvation.  Oh but you must mean the real, pre-industrial America.  And of course we can go straight back to that, we simply have to all move back to farms, blow up our cars, disconnect our electricity and burn any bridges that would allow multinationals to bring in cheap goods from China on semi-trucks.

All you are doing is repeating ridiculous nonsense someone told you, you have not thought any of this through logically.  I am doing it for you now.  Some day, you might thank me.

4. ….which leads to improved morals and family life and well-adjusted children

Yes.  Just like magic.

5. and social shaming and ostracization need to come back in a big way (“oh you have four kids by three men and you are fat and lazy, you’re not welcome in my home”)

I guess that last one is just a general statement you aren’t attempting to link that back to your religious adherence to Jew free market capitalism.


Repeat that 10x so you don’t forget it. Local rule will take care of the bigness problem. And your fascism solution certainly has a bigness problem.

Modern civilization has a bigness problem, period.  Though it might ultimately be the best option for us all to return to an historical age, before factories, televisions, cars, airplanes, computers, cellphones and the internet, this simply is not a pragmatic option, and we must thus figure out a way to deal with where we are.  And we certainly are not going to do that by following a Jew doctrine that outright refuses – as you have here, in reciting this Jew doctrine – to acknowledge that the Industrial Revolution caused fundamental changes within the entirety of human organizational constructs.

The type of localization you are talking about would require a massive centralized control mechanism to bring it about forcefully through regulation.  The free market does not, in any way, lead to localization – this idea is such pure idiocy that I am absolutely shocked that I am having to type these words right now.

Again, this is what a Jew is capable of doing to your mind.  Let all those reading this take note.

I totally agree with you on this: Race First. Honest work, trade, and self-discipline are the natural traits of whites, not so much others, and these qualities are what creates prosperous, safe, harmonious, and clean communities. If short-term fascistic solutions a la NSDAP are what it takes to install emergency reform measures in order get to that condition, I’m down with that. But, upon stability, then these programs need to be phased out rather quickly. Americans are too independent-minded to trust and accept fascism and besides the American nation, counting only those of European heritage, is far too large, culturally distinct, and geographically distant to have a single common government. I think 5-10 regional ethnostates would work. You can have your fascistic one, maybe that will work on the eastern seaboard. I’ll take my decentralized, commerce-based one on the model of traditional Switzerland.

I don’t really understand much of what you are talking about here, there is no such thing as an “independent-minded” people.  The fact that the majority of people in this country support Democrats or Republicans is alone representative of a complete lack of “independent-minded” thinking.  Human beings are intrinsically, biologically collectivist in orientation.  It is a fundamental part of our basic nature.

In summary, the tandem of big govt and big capital is terrible. Both must be kept in check and only a decentralized govt with vigilant (white) citizens can do so. Your big govt will spin out of control eventually (quickly?) and then the massive govt apparatus will be co-opted and redirected to you as the target. Let’s start with a small decentralized one and keep it that way. Much easier to control that one than the one you propose.

If it is so easy to control, why is there no control over it at all?  Corruption is necessarily native to parliamentary democracy.  Even if a decentralized government were to be achieved, the economy would still be centralized, unless every decentralized unit put up tariffs, which would force everything to be produced locally.  The state must absolutely be capable of dealing with the economy as a whole.

AH was a great man who understood the problem in front of him and took the necessary measures. But that was another time and place and can’t be copied here, nor should it.


We know that what Hitler did worked, we know that what the founding fathers did failed.  It seems we should go with the model that worked.

1. Race first
2. Decentralization/smallness

Race first?  Have you ever even read any of the literature of these Jews that you are pushing here?

As far as decentralization and smallness – we’ve already been through that.


“Larix” then posted a follow-up:

I could have been more clear regarding “capitalism”.

Communism and capitalism are opposite sides of a Jewish pincer movement. They are played off against each other (just like the right-left spectrum) to divide people and simultaneously advance Jewish interests via the back-and-forth Hegelian dialectic.

Austro-libertarians do NOT favor this version of capitalism(or whatever label it is given), and recognize there is a 3rd way, the traditional American way, of honest, mutually beneficial exchange (i.e. commerce).

Yes, leave it to a bunch of blood-sucking Jews to come up with a traditional system of honesty and mutual benefit.  They are experts at this, aren’t they?

Truly, we must look to a bunch of multi-millionaire Jew economists, rather than gentile revolutionaries, if we genuinely desire to find a way to free ourselves of the yolk of Jewish domination over our society.

Though you would probably classify Ayn Rand with Friedman, rather than you hero Rothbard, based on the superficial differences, you would (I would hope) have to admit that the core doctrine is the same.  You should go read Atlas Shrugged if you want to get an idea about the honest and benevolent motives of Libertarian Jews.  Seriously.  It’s a somewhat entertaining way (she was indeed a good writer) to get to an understanding of the core ethical structure of this Jew cult.

Race is indeed a blind spot for libertarians and this is where you have a point because it can be the Achilles heel. Most sensible libertarians (should) eventually realize these ideas only appeal to a very small subset of people, even a subset of Europeans (northwestern). So it makes no sense to expect the world to adopt these views and open our precious nation to them. Let them figure out the best social and economic solutions for their homelands.

Race is not a “blind spot” for Libertarians, the denial of both race and nation are fundamental concepts of the core doctrine itself.

This is rooted in their belief in individualism.  If we are all individuals, race and nation are absolutely irrelevant.  There is no way around this; you would just have to use Jewish word games to distort it.  The concept of race is simply incompatible with an individualist worldview, as a belief in the importance of race, and the preservation of race, implicitly implies a belief in the value of the collective.

The core concept of Libertarianism is that individuals, seeking their individual interests, will somehow cause order to emerge from chaos.  There is no room for even nation in such a paradigm, let alone race.

If you get rid of the social doctrine of individualism, the economic concepts associated with Jewish Libertarianism become utterly pointless, as the collective benefit becomes the goal, and thus organizing economic structures which allow a maximization of cooperation become ideal, and so you arrive at a planned economy, such as that of Mussolini’s Italy, Hitler’s Germany and modern China, as it is just so much more productive and socially beneficial.

Americans who want a judenfrei ethnostate following traditional American principles of limited govt (i.e. ordered freedom and personal responsibility) should be able to separate from other white Americans who want modern-day big govt socialism, like you.

Yes, my big government socialism will surely make sure victims of Jewish brainwashing such as yourself are separated, one way or another.

So please don’t fall for this caricature of Austro-libertarians liking open borders, monster corporations, unlimited social decadence. It’s not accurate. Please remember that there was plenty of social cohesion and community spirit in a 90% white America when our founding principles were still strong, until sometime in the last 50-100 years when it was hijacked by YKW.

The fanatical support of open-borders is not part of some caricature of your Jew heroes in the Austrian school, it is a decided core policy, and always has been; Rothbard only edited his position in the 90s, saying that the reason we couldn’t allow Mexicans to flood the whole entire country was because the government was giving them welfare benefits. Friedman held the same position – as soon as we dissolve all of these social safety nets, we will let the third world hordes pour in.

How can you possibly be promoting this doctrine without understanding its core principles? Do you not feel shame?

There cannot be the slightest doubt that migration barriers diminish the productivity of human labor.

Ludwig von Mises, Liberalism, page 139

The closed-door policy is one of the root causes of our wars.

Ludwig von Mises, Omnipotent Government, page 263

The extraordinarily high rate of immigration, legal and illegal, into the United States is an indication that our country is doing something right. The United States, while far from boasting a pure free market, clearly offers enough economic liberty to attract the migration of peoples from all over the world. Currently, half the world’s immigrants come to the United States.

Libertarians have generally welcomed immigration, and on very simple grounds. According to the “non-aggression axiom,” it is wrong to aggress against the person or property of anyone who has not himself committed such aggression. To restrict the free movement of peoples across borders is thus to engage in unjustified aggression, and is therefore anathema.

Tom Woods, Liberty and Immigration

We call for the elimination of all restrictions on immigration, the abolition of the Immigration and Naturalization Service and the Border Patrol, and a declaration of full amnesty for all people who have entered the country illegally.

Official Libertarian Political Platform, 2004 election cycle

You appear to have not researched this topic beyond YouTube.

As far as “monster corporations,” I don’t know if Libertarians openly promote that, but as we have seen, an unrestricted capitalist system can only lead there, and it is only this purposefully confusing “theoretical” Jew gibberish you are pushing that leads people to believe otherwise.

Obviously unlimited social decadence is encouraged by simply making it legal.  The outbreak of pornography, abortion, homosexuality and all other forms of degeneracy over the last few years was, more than anything else, the result of these things having been legalized.

Societies without rules simply do not work.  It is childish and idiotic.


In response to Larix’ comment above, another commenter mentioned the fact that Libertarianism is fundamentally opposed to ethnic nationalism, and Larix put together another goofy response.

Alas, it is true that most libertarians are not seeing the race issue, due to the egalitarian brainwashing inflicted on all people these days.

This is simply false.  The doctrine doesn’t “not see the race issue,” it flat-out denies it as a relevant factor in society, as in a world of “individuals” race cannot exist.  I’ve already been through all of this above.

In fact, I progressed past this “naive libertarian” phase when the issue of 3rd world immigration to the US and Europe could no longer be ignored these last few years. After much time involved in WN reading, I’m totally for a strong, healthy, clean white ethnostate. But I can’t get past my feeling that the values of the traditional American republic gave people the freedom and INCENTIVE to build this nation into something great (including a strong and healthy white culture into the 1960s) and it is the best economic and political arrangement for a revitalized USA. American families and communities were very strong up until about 50 years ago, so it’s not reasonable to blame traditional American values for the problems we have today.

It is not reasonable to  blame “traditional American values,” but it is absolutely essential to blame the American political and economic system, which was incapable of adapting to a changed world and so was taken over by predatory Jews and their destructive ideologies.  American families and communities remained strong up until the 1960s, because until then, most of this “freedom” promoted by Jew Libertarians was still illegal – divorce was almost impossible, so people made it work.  The problem was that the system allowed, due to the Liberal policies of the founders, for the entire form of the nation to be reshaped.

Anyway, State socialism just doesn’t work over an appreciable period of time. It burns wealth rather than creating it, egalitizes and demotivates people, and replaces the essential family structure with the almighty state. Not to mention it appears to dramatically lower the birthrate as people no longer view having a family as a retirement plan when the state pension will suffice. Doesn’t seem healthy or wise to me.

The Fascist states of the last century, those that the Jews had not a single ounce of input in the creation of, and were solely responsible for the destruction of, did not in any way burn wealth rather than creating it, nor did they demotivate the people.  That is abject nonsense – simply a lie.  The essential family structure, which was collapsing across Europe, due to the Liberal influence of the Jews, was not replaced by the authoritarian state, but resurrected by it.  These are plain facts, which cannot be debated.

Claiming that the birthrate was lowered in Hitler’s Germany – if that is what you are actually claiming – would also be nothing other than an outright falsehood.  In 1900 the birthrate in Germany was 3.3 per 1000, and by 1939, that number had risen to 20.4 per 1000.

I’m confident that a judenfrei industrialized society with tight race-based immigration and a limited, republican form of government (where the best white men preserve and protect it) can be sustainable and prosperous. 

These “best white men” will be chosen through the system of parliamentary democracy, no doubt.  That seems to be working well.

Where does this idea of an ethnic state, which is also somehow based on the Jew doctrine of individualist Libertarianism, originate?  Is there a book someone has written, explaining how this ideology, which is fundamentally against all forms of nationalism, can be reconciled with racial nationalist ideals? I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that no, there is no such book.  You have just invented this all in your own mind, as you have tried to deal with the obvious problems of race within the framework of your Jewish brainwashing into the nonsense doctrine of liberal capitalism.  None of it makes sense.  The American capitalist liberal system has failed us entirely, and it must be abolished completely.  There is simply no other option.


Though “Larix” will surely respond in the comments section, I probably won’t be replying to him in any detail.  He has made himself clear, and this exchange is now over, though as with every other person who has had their consciousness infected with one or other Jewish mind-virus, he will just keep looping around to come up with new ways to distort and confuse the discussion with more vague terminology and allusions to undefined concepts, and I have no time for such nonsense.  However, if some other Libertarian/Anarcho-Capitalist wishes to make some new argument in support of their Jew cult doctrine, I will likely go ahead and take the time to address it, as it is important to bury this stuff completely, on the record, so we can all put it behind us and move forward, collectively, with our authoritarian socialist agenda.

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98 Responses to Burying the Austrian School Jew Doctrine of Libertarianism

  1. john thames says:

    America is not Germany and National Socialism will never sell in the U.S. Forget it. What will sell is a white nationalist society based on capitalist economics. You’re correspondent is correct; you are wrong.

  2. Bis says:

    Ha.. Hit’ler was Christian and vegetarian, Lenin was probably Atheist. No one is blaming them on their figure. And if you learn the life of Mises, how hard was it for him to work in USA with his free market anti-corporatism ideas. Its the idea we are discussing. Idea my friend, idea of controlling vs idea of exposing. Rational ideas like: If A=B, B=C then A=C simple. Complain about ideas its fair. You are doing nothing good to anyone. I can just see your hatred which was probably inflected during childhood days.

    • Mingtian says:

      “Hit’ler was Christian”

      Ha…nope. He was at first (early in life) but eventually grew to dislike it (he also had people in his ranks who disliked it such as Heinrich Himmler).

      You’re an idiot.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Man this whole article is like reliving the ass kicking I took on stormfront with similar arguments as Larix. Yet once I found out Jews are at the core of this failed ideology I saw it for what it is. do you really wanna be put in the same category as people like Penn Jillette.

    Leaving present day America to there own devices would result in catastrophic failure as most people are already degenerate and to far gone to be independent.

    As embarrassing as it was at the time the ass kicking I received was well deserved and life changing here is the threat.


    Noam Chomsky explains some faults, I dont agree with everything he says obviously but at least he has done his homework.


    As a side note regarding anarchy as many point out it is essentially impossible to be an anarchist and not be an atheist.

    Another side note is this notion of evolving a better society by not using any force. Much of this is backed by the poisonous so called research and studies done in psychology. Which has obviously been a tainted and bias tool for the Jews since the days of Freud. Here is a small example.


    The last episode of The Ultimate Fighter showcased a fighter who was raised with the non aggression principle and non violence and what does he want to do for a living. He wants to knock people out because of the capital he will gain from it.

    Also the middle east used to be a place where there was hardly any centralization or oversight by any state. Then it got absolutely tooken over by the prophet Muhammad and his gang. Because it was a weak state susceptible to invasion and bribery by capital. how would you even win a war simply without centralized military and government and don’t give us the whole rife behind every blade of grass crap.

    • Jesse Wells says:

      A poster on Stormfront in a debate about National Socialism made a comment that I thought was very telling of the Libertarian state of mind. He said that “Libertarians fear the State”, which I think is the root of their ideology. Fear of the opposing point of view rather than courage in their own beliefs. Libertarianism, anarcho/libertarianism, whichever name you choose to call it is Jewish in origin, therefore, can only serve the Jew. I’m beginning to get the impression that pro white libertarians fear pro white National Socialist more than Jews or the multi-cultural horde! They certainly put up a much fiercer fight!

      • Andrew Anglin says:

        It is truly sickening to see. This “well they were good Jews” business is utterly pathetic.

        Though in defense of the WN community, it is only now that we are beginning to make a noise over this. I am aware of few who have broached the topic. I hope that others will follow what I’m doing here on their own sites, and get the message out: Libertarianism is absolutely as Jewish as Communism.

        • Jesse Wells says:

          Oh I don’t mean to disparage the WN community. On the contrary I’m willing to work with those of differing faith, and ideology. I get the impression from time to time though that others are not. As long as we agree on a common enemy, and a common goal, we can debate the details later.

      • Wotan says:

        @Jesse Wells
        February 28, 2013 at 8:39 pm

        In the fifties they tried it with Comunism. McCarthy stopped
        that. Some say he paid for this with his life like Kennedy. When
        the Jew realized he cannot earn a dime with Comunism he tried it with Lberitarianism and Immigration. This turned
        America into a heap of rabble. Prominent Jews are openly
        discussing among each other whether it was pornography,
        grass music or Immigration, which contributed best to the break-down of traditional American society. And the American sheeple are continuing to sleep their hundred year sleep from
        the fairy tale (1913 FED goes into Jewish possession). When will they wake up? All I know is this: Once they wake up I wouldn`t want to be a Jew!

        • Jesse Wells says:

          The wake is coming! It’s going to be painful for most, and probably won’t happen at all for some. But this was not built to last and more and more people are realizing that at least. Even if they can’t see the source of it all just yet.

  4. Wotan says:

    February 28, 2013 at 2:30 pm

    If you say “life doesn`t go backward” you better accept Jewish supremacy. I won`t!

  5. Wotan says:

    Those who say supply and demand is market economy and market economy is ultima ratio
    don`t know how crafty and cunning the Jews are, who, by advertising and brainwashing methods,
    produce useless things at high margins, which nobody needs, but which, on account of
    brainwashing, can still be sold as mass articles. I call that predator capitalism, some call
    it anarcho-capitalism. What
    is needed is capitalism in its classical form.This can, however, only work in proper
    nation states. In order to ensure that classical capitalism and proper nation states can never
    flourish again the Jew is trying to turn historically grown single race nations into mulitcultural
    units, which he hopes to suck and steer from Israel.
    In a classic nation state classic capitalism functions like this: All essential utiliteis are run
    by the state so that no alien infiltrators can lay their hands on them: This covers electricity
    works, water works, the country-wide rail system, the military, the public road system, the
    prsions and so on . You may note that under the Jewsih form of Government all these utilities
    are in private jewish hands (Blackwater`) Next to the Government run sector of the economy, which must
    be run by the Government because of national self interest there is the private sector of the
    economy. Well, I should interject here that if any nation wants to fight future wars in Jewish
    interest only then it wouldn`t matter if said public utilities are in Jewish hands, because the
    Government is also in Jewish hands.As for the private sector the Government must not plan
    the economy, but it must lay down the framework, within which private entrepreneurs can do
    their work. If you have a national Government it will lay down rules, which will benefit the
    entire population. If you have a Jewish Government it will lay down rules, which benefit the
    Jewish population and drive other sections of society into misery and poverty. And Andre,
    even if you have been in China (so have I by the way) I think you are wrong. China is persuing a national socialist
    policy and I think it will not be long until they have overtaken everybody – just as Hitler and
    the Germans did when they persued national socialist policy. The real problem of the US
    is that they have a mixed population, white, latino and black, whose interests cannot be
    easily reconciled. This was promoted by the Jew and the more people stream into the USA
    the more difficult it will be to heal the patient!. But even Hitler in the thirties of the last
    century realised already that because of technological advances in communication,
    increasing travel of populations and trans-national economic activities it will be very
    difficult to maintain pure-race nation states, that`s why he wanted to shape up Germany very
    well in this respect and that`s why Germany was destroyed. It didn`t fit into the universal
    Jewish concept. In some instances it may be necessary to substitute the concept of the
    one race nation state with the concept of a united people of the same frame of mind!!!!!
    If I would have the choice of neighbours between a satanic child-prick sucking Jew or
    the black teacher from LA, who lost her job over heavily attacking the Jews you may guess
    what my answer would be.

  6. ken says:

    Was Hitler’s economic miracle any different than Bush Jr’s economic miracle?

    • There was NO Bush JR economic miracle. Hitler and the National Socialists did not mortgage their children’s future.

      • Ken says:

        Fiat Currency, low interest rates and printing presses.

        • Stubbs says:

          Fiat currency is superior at achieving the ends of the state. That’s why every state with enough power and stability to do so uses it. You might as well point out that they both used electricity and highways.

          • Ken says:

            Just saying that people like to romanticize and wrap their flags tightly as they kneel before their cult leader.

            The NS economic policies did not last longer than the few years we know about Jesus life. Claiming either was sinfree/holy over the long term is impossible to know.

            Only something new, exciting and moral/spiritual can succeed. We are far more creative than limited by the past.

            • Andrew Anglin says:


              What are you even talking about, man?

            • Ken:
              I understand the point you are making, however your point lacks depth and historical perspective. The economic foundations of National Socialism never failed. In fact Germany obtained full employment while the USA was still deep in depression. The new economic system ushered in under National Socialism was growing, and Germany’s foreign trade caused the Kikes in London and New York to puch the political levers. As to Fiat Currency, you have got to be joking………. I suggest you look at the current State of the American Economy.

              • Stubbs says:

                Are you implying there’s a good-faith effort to fix the American economy in place by our leadership, but that fiat currency has stood in their path? Surely not.

                The people who oppose fiat currency are – in every instance I’ve seen – people who distrust the goals of the state and are seeking to impose limitations on it. It seems like a futile effort, since you have to slay your dragon before you get to use your lance.

              • Ken says:

                German fiat currency is no better than any other fiat currency.

                When Hitler overthrew the original National Socialist Party, Hitler sided with big German businesses, the same businesses that the original National Socialists were against.

                Where are these big American businesses that American NS can side with? The only big American businesses are all INTERNATIONAL Corporations. Sounds like American NS will have to destroy big American businesses.

                • Wotan says:

                  February 28, 2013 at 7:59 am

                  I don`t want to comment on your confused economic statements, because I believe there are as may economic theories in this world as there are people. But when you say Hitler overthrew the National Socialist Party I would like to draw to your attention that even according to Jewish google he joined the party when it had 54 members. Some might
                  conclude from this fact
                  that he shaped (!) the party. So when exactly was it that he “overthrew” it?

                • Wotan says:

                  February 28, 2013 at 7:59 am
                  You say:
                  “…sounds like American NS will have to destroy big American businesses…”

                  Dear Ken, read the story
                  of Putin and Chodorkowski, then you
                  will know it is not a question of destroying American businesses, but taking them out of
                  jewish claws!

  7. the government (ZOG) bails out those who already have all the money (jews) so what good are they

  8. Jarl Hyperborea says:

    I don’t know where people get these ideas. The only time this worked was in the agrarian days as the author states or post-industrial revolution frontier which was open enough that creating a land monopoly was impossible. Once “the west was won” the resources quickly fell into the hands of a few people who were able to leverage this against others. Wealth is power, and unrestrained wealth disparity is unrestrained power disparity. It’s that simple. A state built on the fallacy of economic man has never and will never work.

    The kings of Europe never had as much relative power over the people as megacorps like Monsanto do today.

  9. John Sholtes says:

    I agree that Libertarianism is just another jewish philosophy started by a jew Ayn Rand.
    Dr. Pierce Takes Dim View of the Libertarian Movement
    But what is happening to Zion Crime Factory? It has been going down all the time. It cme back a few days ago but is down again.

  10. Karl Young says:

    Andrew, are you aware of the difference between Fascism and National Socialism? Obviously you do not understand the meaning of the Black Sun because if you did you would not be using the symbol in conjunction with ‘Fascism’.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      I’m not particularly concerned with esoteria, to be frank.

      • Karl Young says:

        I can see that. Then you should use a more appropriate symbol and not the Black Sun, obviously. The Black Sun is the symbol of Esoteric Hitlerism…

      • Alan Watt says:

        Oh would that you WERE a bit more concerned with esoterica, Andrew, you might have an easier time of things and not be so prone to mucking up.

        I fear to guess what sorts of spooky things are headed straight your way now that you’ve fiddled with that Black Sun symbol. This stuff isn’t to be played with, and the demons you unlock are not so easily warded off. Hell is hot and hungry; they love the blood of an Englishman, and they’ll be licking their chops right now, thinking of what a tasty treat you’ll be.

        As far as everything else you’ve said, all I can say is that there are a lot more secret reasons and shadowy groups that you’ve yet to even begin to understand. “Jew” is just code for the “Wee-Jee” board and what comes from there. That’s where that coding comes in.

        • Half-blood Prussian says:

          I have already summoned demons, and they are not as bad as all of you guys say. The voices go away after you do the home ritual.

  11. weisser wolf says:


    Oh how I wish I could use my real name, however I am in the military full time. If I were to reveal my real name I would be booted for “extremist” activities and have no way to provide for my family. Sometimes I wonder if I am already on a list due to emails I have sent to others that have been taken down by the modern-day Cheka, such as Edgar Steele.

    It burns my ass every day to be in the military and put up with the Jew puppet/Bolshevik Obongo but I also couldn’t stand Bush or anyone else.
    I became racially/Jewish aware many years ago when I started doing my own research into W.W. II and I read a book titled “None Dare Call it Treason” by John Stormer. It was all she wrote from there as they say…Fed Reserve, Income tax, (I tried not paying and the govt. started stealing it from my paycheck); I learned about history I had never heard of and why things NEVER change in this country, no matter who is elected.

    I believe NS is the only antidote to our situation now; it may not be perfect but no system is. Looking at the historical evidence, facts, and data, we can see what a success Hitler’s Germany was compared to the Jew-infested economic system that Roosevelt the traitor was running here. Look at Germany’s GDP, employment, etc for the 12 years Hitler was in power and it is no contest, NS wins hands down. This is why Jews hate it so much because it cuts them and their parasitic profits out of the equation.

    I apologize for not using my real name but you have my word as a patriot and a soldier that if the SHTF, I will be beside you.

    • ewkeane says:

      Weisser Wolf,
      Please do stay in what ever organization you are currently in as long as you can, and do discreetly preach the gospel to your comrades.
      I can see how the discipline and leadership trainning provided gratis by the military will be the fundimental skills set of a party elite, the inner board room of a political machine that fills ballot boxes with Nationalist votes.
      And give Starship Troopers by Heinlein a read. I endorse the idea of military vets running the show, and civilians towing the line in domestic affairs.
      my alma mater; http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=MdDFsyR5KjM&feature=endscreen

    • Phil says:

      weisser wolf says:

      “If I were to reveal my real name I would be booted for “extremist” activities and have no way to provide for my family.”

      The truth or dissenting point of view is ‘extreme’ now that the Jews are in control. Back in the 1960s when they weren’t, these marxist subversives were encouraging everyone to question authority and to revolt against the system. God damn über hypocrites.

      Don’t worry about using your real name. Just stay under JOG’s (Jewish Occupied Government) radar and continue to do the right thing.

      All the best,


  12. Stubbs says:

    Capitalism is a direct result of such a centralization of state power as to give individuals “property rights” extending far beyong their actual ability to personally control their assets. The idea that capitalism can possibly be “anti-state” is absurd, the wealthy would soon find out the state is very much the source of their “ownership” when the bulk of the population refuses to pay their rent. That (ancap) corporations could hire Blackwater-type “security” armies to enforce whatever they feel their “rights” should be does nothing to alleviate the problem, nor am I interested in a “minarchist” system that replaces legislature with a gigantic, sprawling judicial system ruling ad hoc from The Fountainhead on every possible economic conflict.

    And yes, the condition of the industrial proletariat was terrible, to such a degree that even the derranged Marxists found plenty of support. Working 12 hours a day on an assembly line to live in a dirty tenament was the norm, and state violence against worker revolts was an intrinsic part of business. The high points of the American experience were the times when the government made land (a means of production) available to its citizens at very little cost (frontier culture) and the times when the government was willing to tax the wealthy a great deal in order to sustain a middle class (cold-war culture).

  13. Hans Bricobrac says:

    “The reason Corporations love Third World labor is Third Worlders will do what Corporatuions used to require White Workers to do”

    Rodney Martin, who is “White”? For example, where would a mulatto, an octoroon, or an Ashkenazi Jew fit in? What about an Italian, a Pole, or an Iranian?

    • Jesse Wells says:

      Italians and Poles are white. Jews and Mulattoes are not. Go to Stormfront, they have a whole thread about this.

      • Jesse Wells says:

        Oh, sorry, forgot one. Semitic Arabs destroyed ancient Persia during the Muslim conquest! Little to no Aryan blood left there.

    • Anyone who posts on this site who does NOT know who is and who is NOT White is beyond help, however with regard to “mulatto, an octoroon, or an Ashkenazi Jew”, NONE of these are White, regardless of how well they may speak or act. This has been a very troublesome discussion in White Nationalism of late, the concept that half-breeds are or can become White.

    • Wolfenhords says:

      Are kidding me, half breeds are White???
      Ashkenazi’s are a bastardized race pretty much like modern persians who no longer are predominately aryan, but an admix of Semitic/asiatic peoples.

    • Phil says:

      Hans Bricobrac says:
      February 25, 2013 at 5:37 pm
      “The reason Corporations love Third World labor is Third Worlders will do what Corporatuions used to require White Workers to do”

      “Rodney Martin, who is “White”? For example, where would a mulatto, an octoroon, or an Ashkenazi Jew fit in? What about an Italian, a Pole, or an Iranian?”

      This a-hole is just trying to be funny or trying to disrupt the flow of the thread. That is a very common Jewish hasbaRat tactic. The best tactic is NOT to respond to these turds.


  14. Hans Bricobrac says:

    “As far as “monster corporations,” I don’t know if Libertarians openly promote that, but as we have seen, an unrestricted capitalist system can only lead there”

    “Monster corporations” will face economic problems similar to those identified by von Mises for a socialist economy: an inability to assign accurate prices to internally exchanged goods and services and thus a worsening ability to act rationally.

    E.g. read this: “Rothbard developed the economic calculation argument in just this way. He argued that the further removed the internal transfer pricing of a corporation became from real market prices, the more internal allocation of resources was characterized by calculational chaos.” – http://www.fee.org/the_freeman/detail/economic-calculation-in-the-corporate-commonwealth#ixzz2LvumTKaC

  15. “Larix”, thinks we are all “20 somethings living in mommy’s basement”, I have kids that age and the basement of the home I own has NO one living in it.
    Please, cease the silly name calling and use your name if you are going to be taken seriously, if not, be gone with you. Your argument Re: “Corporations being able to be undone by small competition”, is simple fantasy. Wal Mart, the worlds largest Corporation, loves decentralization, they go into State and Local Governments, divide , conquor, and bribe and often obtain subsidies, then crush that “highly motivated competition” and within 8 months White people who had been employers have become employees and the slave of the international plutocratic corporation.
    What is neeeded is a fundemental restructuring of the existing System, “Larix” says a System that proved highly successful in Germany in the 1930′s and never had the “hills and valleys” and never left its people on the bottom, like the American system has always had, cannot work in today’s times, but he wants to go back to a system of say 1776, or 1826, or 1886, which was even worse than today. In those days, the Corporations were called Trusts and were able to deploy machine guns and Army troops vs. its White Workers, Workers had to purchase all their goods from “Company Stores” and there was no such thing as pensions or worker protections. The reason Corporations love Third World labor is Third Worlders will do what Corporatuions used to require White Workers to do. In “Larix’s” economic system, YES, the Third World Labor will go, but White Workers will have to work in Third World Conditions because the System he envisions wll revert to that of 1886, when White Workers had to work in those type of conditions. This is the essence of “Libertarian Freedom” , it is just as Orwellian as Marxist Socialism. I do NOT want that for MY people, nor did the National Socialist Economic System.

    • Phil says:

      Rodney Martin says:

      “Larix”, thinks we are all “20 somethings living in mommy’s basement”, I have kids that age and the basement of the home I own has NO one living in it.

      Ditto, Rodney! That’s the sterotype the so-called ‘experts’ on “hate” and professional liars and defamers from the so-called ‘Anti’-Defamation League (“by their works ye shall know them”) and other anti-White scum who parrot it want to portray us as. Reality ninety percent of the time is the exact opposite of what are enemies and media tell us it is.


  16. Quex says:

    One of the most disturbing things in so called white nationalist movement is that they concider to be proud who they are per se, not WHAT THEY DO.

    How can you be proud of yourself, if you let these jewish scoundreds to rule you, while they are only tiny fraction group of people in every country?

    And what is exactly Israel? It is nothing more then fly dirt on Earth’s Atlas. Don’t even tell me about how they control money and media, money itself is worthless, only HARD WORK that has any real value. Government can seize banks at every moment, mobilize emergency work brigades from jobless masses and print it’s own currency.

    Jewish power is totally imaginary. Even Israeli military arsenal, including atomic weapons they possess has no match to any major superpower.

    For protection of life on Earth, Israel can be blasted into atomic desert just in few minutes in pre-emptive strike. All major TV channels can be overtaken easily as well and still white people do nothing about it, because they think that everything is just fine?

    No i am ashamed of being white and i dont wanna be even part of humanity, because they’re all the same apathetic masses. And still, what can one do?

    You are born as worthlees worm. You can do whatever you can, in God’s eyes you’re still a sinner. This is absolutely true. Humanity itself does not have any value, life is all about improving yourself, this is only and only thing what matters.

    That’s why humanism is criminal ideology.

    • “Quex”, your opening statement Re: White Nationalism is a false assumption. You make a broad value judgement without a basis. You should read my Essay, “What White Nationalism must do to Break Out”.

      Let me ask you the following, if a interest group has power and influence on all the levers of power in a Nation, i.e. political, legal, cultural, economic and education, is that not real? You seem to think that is imaginary.
      I understand what you are saying Re: people being apathetic and doing noting, BUT my reply to you is look in the mirror, you are here posting and complaining about White Nationalists anomously. As long as White men keep hiding, terrified of this 2% of the population, so scared to even exercise their 1st Amendment Rights openly, then I dare say, we are in real trouble. One can only imagine what our Grandparents would think, not to mention what our Grandchildren will hink.

    • Phil says:

      “How can you be proud of yourself, if you let these jewish scoundreds to rule you, while they are only tiny fraction group of people in every country?

      And what is exactly Israel? It is nothing more then fly dirt on Earth’s Atlas. Don’t even tell me about how they control money and media, money itself is worthless, only HARD WORK that has any real value. Government can seize banks at every moment, mobilize emergency work brigades from jobless masses and print it’s own currency.”

      YOU are either a sneaky little Jew or a very pathetic, über ignoramus. Make that super, duper, very pathetic, über ignoramus. Whatever the case, you are unworthy of any further response.


  17. Thomas says:

    Typo: I found your post fascinating and it’s another reminder of why you can’t trust anyone.

    Sorry about that.

  18. Thomas says:

    Here’s another post, where he explains the Chicago School form of methodology and shits all over bad Austrian School doctrine and nonsense. Other than that, I found this post fascinating and it’s another reminder of why you can’t trust anyone.


  19. Thomas says:

    For all its worth, David Friedman doesn’t even agree with Rothbard’s version of “anarcho-capitalism” and there are many libertarians that are neither Randroids, Austrian school economists or Rothbardians and are critical of all three forms of libertarianism and are even seen as cults in some of their eyes. He’s a consequentialist of the Chicago School variety. See these posts.


    Didn’t Rothbard try reaching out to white nationalists back in the 1980s and 1990s BTW? Nothing wrong with your post, but I wanted to point some of these things out. Some people view the state as the ultimate source of how the kike tyrants get their power and have their monopoly over everything, which are a lot of those anti-statist white nationalists I mentioned previously.

  20. Dan says:

    apparently the site edits stuff out

    who (continuation) :

    “from the earliest times… have loved freedom and self-government, and they limited to the utmost the authority of their kings”

    that’s ~2500 years ago, no jew involved.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      Yes, you caught me. I have a special app on here that is designed to randomly edit out parts of people’s posts. It was designed by scientists. It’s the first of its kind, still in prototype phase.

  21. Dan says:

    i abandoned Libertarianism not because it couldn’t work, but because it couldn’t work NOW.

    regarding what you claim is a jewish invention, let me quote you a passage:

    “When Pausanias visited Argos in the 2nd century CE, he related the succession of Danaus to the throne, judged by the Argives (citizens of Argos), who

    limited government is not jewish and it does work, you just have to keep the jews and non-desirables out. Just because some of the more prominent “libertarians” said you must allow 3rd world hordes move unrestricted doesn’t mean i (or anyone else) have to agree with them. stop making strawmen.

    we need Fascism for cleansing, only then can we discuss other options.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      It is a fundamental aspect of the modern libertarian theory, which is presumably why they, up until recently, used it as a primary platform. So even if you personally disagree with it, it is absolutely in no way a “straw man.” You and others have apparently invented a new form of “White Nationalist Libertarianism” here in the comments section of my website, as save for on some forums, I have never seen any of this stuff you are promoting in any publication. As existing Libertarianism is so fundamentally Jewish and anti-ethnic nationalism, maybe you people need to call yourselves something different. You might also want to consider writing some type of a book, or at least setting up a website. And even if you personally worship the Rat Jew Rothbard, and all the other Jews who’s philosophy you are following, you might want to stop mentioning them.

      Just some thoughts.

  22. Juston says:

    Fyi, there is a trove of info on industrial capital vs speculative high finance jew capital in the great Henry Ford’s The International Jew: The World’s Foremost Problem. Wish I had it in front of me to quote from but dont have it at the moment. It’s a fantastic text. A virtual one stop shop on everything Jew dating up until the early 20′s when it was written. Literally 100′s of texts relevant to our struggle can be found at wwwthegreatwhitedesert.com. I believe many National Socialists credited TIJ as being a great educational foundation, as well as Mussolini & Co.’s work.
    Yours truly,
    Adoring Fanboy

    ps-Hey Larix
    Only lesser men would look to the almighty shekel/dollar/gold for their salvation, sustenance, and security rather than within the blood of their own people. Now get lost hedonistic jew worshipper. I think Lew Rockwell needs you to shine his shoes.

    • Larix says:

      I’ll stand my ground right here, nancyboy.

      I said race first. That mean’s Judenfrei, and whites only. No international jew finance, nor jew central banking. Can you grasp that? Can you follow from there or have I lost you already?

      And does that still mean I worship jews if I want them to disappear from my life and my country?

      I like AH for what he said and what he did in a different time and place, I know about the Holohoax, and I can’t stand jews and their filthy culture.

      Does that still mean I worship jews?

      Is it possible that a single Jew in the course of history has had an objectively correct thought? Or is every single word from every single Jew in history simply pure garbage and part of the plot?

      Funny how you hate jews but sound link a bunch of marxists whining about industrialization, alienation, and corporate oppression.

      Have you ever worked for a corporation? Do you know how inept, inefficient, and disorganized they are? Do you know how vulnerable they are to small, motivated, and innovative competition from below? That is, unless they see a big bureaucratic govt sitting there waiting to be co-opted and regulate their competition out of existence. Do you realize that corporations LOVE regulation (and the big govt that goes with it) because they are the ones who normally write/influence it to their decided advantage?

      Do you realize that most regulations are not meant to help normal people and small businesses but to protect the interests of influential people and corporations who have commandeered the govt? So why do you want lots of regulation?

      If corporations are full of bad, greedy people who just want to exploit people, well then why would you have a large and strong govt apparatus sitting there for the taking? Why try to make and sell a product when you can just work in the govt and tax people to death and bail out your buddies with newly created billions? Oh let me guess, you will ensure that only the good guys are in the govt. SUUURREEE little Johnny, that’s how it works in your fantasy world.

      Five years! You guys think 1930s Germany was going to rise forever at that rate. No, anytime an economy can become judenfrei, it will immediately shoot to the moon out of sheer pent-up energy. The same spectacular rise would happen with the US right now with any kind of judenfrei system, whether vanilla socialism or true free commerce (which disappeared from the US about 1850).

      The difference, when things settle down past the short-term, is that socialism produces a different kind of person. Dependent, dull, demotivated, and conformist. Alas, most white people today. Also, the economic system becomes very inefficient due to the folly and impossibility of central planning. Soviet Union 5-year plan ring a bell? Only a fool with no real business or life experience (e.g. ersatzfuhrer Andre and his minions) thinks a massive industrial or even a simple agrarian economy can be planned. Eventually, a type of general rot and malaise sets in even if the strong central govt can somehow remain free of the bad people who want to use it’s leverage for bad purposes.

      Whereas, the normal white men of America, unlike the weak fanboys here, don’t want or need this type of system once they can wake up from their Jew-induced coma. Left to our own devices, we will work, create, build, and sustain healthy FAMILIES and COMMUNITIES because it is our instinct and we can take care of our own business. There are millions of homeschooled kids, so their families know what it takes to raise kids properly. Of course, we know there is value in good relations with others and forming mutually beneficial groups. You guys hear the world “individual” and go into spasms. Yeah, like we all just want to be solitary mountain men. Good analysis, bro!

      I don’t want to stand next to a dork like you, or others who want to dictate my life, at a gigantic pep rally in order to make me feel good about myself.

      Take your paternalistic shit and smoke it.

      I’ll check back on this site in 2-3 years. If it is still online, I guarantee it will still be a bunch of twenty-something losers in their mommy’s basement having no idea about real life nor any respectable accomplishments.

      • Stuart says:

        But Larix aern’t you saying that the only motivation for production will remain Profit? Aren’t there things that need being produced yet are not as profitable as, say, potato chips, so that capital won’t go for long-term, more critical needs? Which is all to say, can’t the gov’t play a role in directing production in a certain direction, while recognizing the genius of private production?

      • Jesse Wells says:

        When you say normal American white men, are you referring to the fat, misshapen, alcoholic losers glued to the Jew tube to catch the latest negro sports contest? Those tend to be the ones who whine the loudest about ‘murrica. Just so you know, those who interpret Libertarianism like you are incredibly marginal. The bulk of Libertarians is made up of pot heads, hippies, and faggots!

      • Andrew Anglin says:

        Though I almost feel guilty at this point, I can’t help but respond to this bit.

        Only a fool with no real business or life experience (e.g. ersatzfuhrer Andre and his minions) thinks a massive industrial or even a simple agrarian economy can be planned.

        Though I would never be so self-righteous as to assume to have had more life experience than a anonymous internet poster who claims to have had more life experience than me, part of the life experience I’ve had was working living and working in a country called “China,” which you are apparently unfamiliar with. China is a country in Asia, which has a completely planned economy, and is presently the most successful economy on the planet. This “planned economies can’t work” Jew talk simply cannot be pushed any longer as an “abstract fact,” because we have a very real example of a planned economy working better than any Jew free market system ever could. And this is a people – the “Chinese,” which is what you call people from this country called “China” – are nowhere near as creative an ingenuous as Whites.

        In China, all you ever see is small business, because the government puts the tax burden on the large businesses, and generally dictates policy to them, so as to allow those from the lower classes to work their way up to an independent livelihood through a system that encourages financial independence via heavy regulation on large scale financial enterprise.

        This exists, and its existence can’t be denied. Meaning your Jew gibberish about unlimited free markets, which you used to be able to sell to the goy as some theoretical abstraction, is now obsolete (one would have thought Mussolini and Hitler had already made it obsolete, but you pull the “it wasn’t long enough” nonsense), as we have a very real example of a long term planned economy which has shot up like a rocket, and by all appearances, will continue to rise indefinitely – unless of course they fall into the trap laid out by your Jew heroes and capitulate to accepting multi-party parliamentary democracy.

      • Juston says:

        In all seriousness, if you truly mean what you say about race first, then I see little point in all of us getting worked up over the best economic theory. Aspects of capitalism are acceptable, but only AFTER we’re out of the woods. However, the Austrian school offers us nothing in terms of a solution for our current circumstances. Fascism & NS do offer us practically EVERY answer to any situation we face today. I dont see western govts attempting to ban libertarian-minded political parties but they do everything in their power to stifle and ban fascist parties simply bc they do in all reality pose a threat to the Jewish status quo. Look at the EU and Germany’s efforts to shut down the NPD or the EU and Greece throwing every roadblock, smear, and molotov cocktail at Golden Dawn. Therein lies our salvation, sustenance, and security rather than individualistic, profit-motive, Ron Paul gibberish. There’s more to life than personal health, wealth, and happiness. The very survival of our people is at stake and I for one am willing to endure any hardship and sacrifice life and limb for what I believe. Ive yet to see the same level of determination from any adherents of the ancap crowd. Its been said that theyre mostly stoners, queers, and jews. Id have to agree with that accusation.

        Larix, I dont believe we’re that far apart on this. Certainly we’re closer to one another than either camp (libertarian/fascist) is to our true foe and their shabas goy. I hope you dont wait 2-3 yrs to return to this site. There’s much work to be done and I feel that if youre sincere, then by all means, speak your peace.

  23. Chris says:

    i think larix is alex jones

  24. Stuart says:

    The American economic system worked until industrial capital lost it’s dominance to Finance capital at the turn of the last century. At that point Jewish international bankers took control of the economy through their control of capital. Finance capital became international and thus, fratricidal European wars were financed to destroy independent Nation states and make them dependant on INTERNATIONAL finance capital; tariffs were removed for the same reason; non-White immigration was encouraged for the same reason, as well as, maximum profits; and industry was financed to “emigrate”. Everyone was seen as just interchangeable economic units. We need a state directed economic plan, with accompanying loan and tax incentives, while encouraging private enterprise–as Fascism understood and as proven by the economic “miracle” of the German economy under Hitler.

  25. REACTION says:

    My issue with this blame capitalism game is: how did society get this way? Why did we get capitalists producing degeneracy instead of wholesome values? Why do they promote this horseshit? If we were a nation of ideological fascists, would those fat piggish capitalists be able to make ONE CENT peddling their Jew garbage?

    Statists look at this country’s sickness and capitalists look like they’re responsible (because they’re “supplying” it). But capitalists are just soulless cash whores, aren’t they? Supply simply responds to demand. Without demand, there ain’t no supply. Where did the demand for this multicultist bullshit come from? I humbly venture that it arose from the expansion of government.

    “In any case, what should be clear by now is that most if not all of the moral degeneration and cultural decline—the signs of decivilization—all around us are the inescapable and unavoidable results of the welfare state and its core institutions. Classical, old-style conservatives knew this, and they vigorously opposed public education and social security. They knew that states everywhere were intent upon breaking down and ultimately destroying families and the institutions and layers and hierarchies of authority that are the natural outgrowth of family based communities in order to increase and strengthen their own power. They knew that in order to do so states would have to take advantage of the natural rebellion of the adolescent (juvenile) against parental authority. And they knew that socialized education and socialized responsibility were the means of bringing about this goal.”

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      I would have to disagree.

      “Supply and demand” is in no way the end-all, be-all of human existence in the way that the Libertarians claim, but that is probably a separate point. I don’t see any demand at all for multiculturalism – save for the Jews, who wish a instable society in order to make themselves safer, and the company men who want cheap labor, everyone seems to hate this influx of immigrants. We would of course exclude brainwashed middle class twenty-somethings, but their demand for it is based on their Jewish education.

      The demand for general degeneracy, however, has nothing to do with the government, at least not directly, it has to do with human nature and the way the Jew is able to exploit it through the media. Clearly, if a normal person is given the option of unlimited sexual degeneracy, told there are no consequences for his actions, and on top of this is under constant psychological attack by a media which tells him it is perfectly normal and healthy, we cannot expect him to resist it. Through unrestricted media, unrestricted by government regulations, the Jews have been able to create an entirely new culture and society, within which they are capable of using scientific psychological technique to tell people what it is they want.

      The welfare state is certainly not ideal, but blaming moral decline on it is just rather silly. I grew up in a relatively affluent situation, where there was no one at all I knew receiving any sort of social welfare, and the culture I was raised in was absolutely degenerate – in high school, everyone’s parents were divorced, everyone was on drugs, everyone was having sex with one another, giving each other STDs, girls were getting pregnant and having abortions every few months – this had absolutely zero to do with social security. Putting the blame for the decline of culture on “the size of government” requires extremely intellectual acrobatics of the sort only Jews are capable of.

      • REACTION says:

        Supply and demand = the market economy in three words. If we’re talking about markets, we’re basically talking about supply and demand.

        But if the culture is rigidly conservative, why would people buy that stuff? Yes, people have lower/base desires, but they are also capable of restraining these desires, especially when restraint has been ingrained into them. Is there any evidence of that being the cause of sexual degeneracy in the real world (e.g., the sexual revolution)?

        Why not just ban pornography and sexually suggestive ads/products, then? You don’t need to abolish the entire industrial system. It’s unclear to me how this indites the market system.

        • Andrew Anglin says:

          I’m not trying to abolish the industrial system, that would clearly not be possible. I am trying to regulate it by ending international Jewish capitalism.

          As to the rest, it seems I already responded to these points. The Jews launched a campaign to destroy the social fabric, and the sexual revolution was a part of this. But a larger issue here is that the capacity to produce the kind of media that is capable of deforming people’s capacity to control their own thoughts in a scientifically efficient manner is relatively new, and even now the threat of it is not considered. The degrading, obscene culture has asserted itself through gradualism, and the death of religion.

          I do want to ban porn and the sex culture. All electronic and written media should be subject to a strict state censor. Obviously Libertarians would disagree with me on this.

          • REACTION says:

            The point about gradual desensitization is a good one. I’ll have to think about that.

            Well, Austrianism isn’t actually libertarianism. It’s value free. Austrianism just describes the effects of certain policies. It can’t say anything about whether or not people should adopt a certain policy.

            And I don’t think Austrianism even deals with social issues. I guess my point is that even if libertarianism is incompatible with a healthy social order, this doesn’t necessarily indict the whole of Austrian economics.

            • Andrew Anglin says:

              Austrian economics necessarily implies a social order, as they are so anti-state. In the modern world, with the capacity of extremely seductive media to shape people’s thoughts, a very specific type of social will necessarily emerge.

              I guess I just don’t understand what the purpose of any of this would be, really. White innovation is in no way tied to a specific economic or political system, it is a genetic capacity of our race. Look up the number of patents Hitler’s Germany developed.

              Planned economies work better and they are more just. What would be the point of taking the chance on this Jew free market system, simply because it could theoretically do something good? Why allow massive corporations to operate at all, simply because you have a theoretical idea that if you set the exactly right conditions, they would somehow naturally collapse themselves?

              • REACTION says:

                Ludwig Von Mises said that Austrianism is value free. It does imply a social order, but my point was that it can say nothing about whether a certain form of advertising should or should not be banned.

                Come on, are you saying environment and incentives have no impact on what people do? Look at whites today. They’re pathetic. They’re morally bankrupt. They’re vile. Hell, the fact that Jews have been able to make whites this way reveals that environment matters very much.

                The purpose would be to make our country wealthier. Where maximization of wealth doesn’t get in the way of higher values (e.g. race, family, nation, spirituality), I’d argue that it matters.

                Planned economies work better? How so? “Just” is a really arbitrary term. Libertarians would say using physical violence to confiscate people’s property is unjust.

                What’s the problem with corporations? That Jews will take them over? If you have a fear that Jews will take over massive corporations, why do you think they’ll be incapable of taking over the government?

                • Andrew Anglin says:

                  Yes, Whites are pathetic and morally bankrupt because of the influence of the Jew. Suggesting that this somehow relates to the size of government entitlement programs is nonsensical.

                  Free market capitalism only serves to make corporations wealthier. The proof that planned economies work better, if you wish to deny the existence of Mussolini’s Italy and Hitler’s Germany, is in modern China. This is the most drastic long-term rise in individual and collective wealth in the history of the world, and it is based on a 100% planned economy. This simply is no arguing with this, it is an objective fact. Our unplanned economy is sending us all into austerity.

                  The problem of corporations is that they destroy small businesses. Look at Walmart. Jews are not the only problem here, there are problems endemic in the system itself (which has been largely built by Jews). The way I will avoid having Jews take over the government will be by mass deportations of all Jews from these United States.

                  • REACTION says:

                    Whatever the cause, my point was that genetics alone are not enough.

                    Free markets exist to benefit everyone. Free markets = voluntary exchange, end of story. They benefit consumers, workers, and capitalists.

                    China is not a 100 percent command economy at all, its growth is due to the fact that it has transitioned to a more market economy. It’s still economically inferior to the US, which definitely is not free market in the first place.


                    What’s the problem with destroying small businesses if large corporations are more economically efficient and provide cheaper products? This means more wealth, so if you’re concerned about the well-being of our people why would you be against Wal-Mart?

                    Well then, that’s how I’d deal with Jews taking over finance – mass deportation. Boom. Problem solved. No need for economic central planning.

  26. no! dont take away my crony capitalism!

  27. Juston says:

    Great site Andrew. Long time lurker, first time poster. It sickens and saddens me to see so many of our would-be brothers and sisters unable to cleanse their minds of a lifetime of lies they’ve been told about how great and free the western way of life supposedly is. As AH said, the people wouldnt know what to do with their ‘freedom.’ But many Jews certainly know how to abuse this ‘freedom’ Latrix cares so deeply for. The more hopeless of our people cant even admit to the Jewish problem even if presented with all the facts. Latrix at least recognizes the racial aspect, somewhat. We have but one way out of this mess, Brutal Fascism. ’10 hearts! 1 beat! 100 hearts! 1 beat! 150 million hearts! 1 beat!’ No retreat No surrender The future is ours Victory Forever!

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      Hey Juston, glad you get it. It is sad to see our brothers lost in the wilderness of Jew garbage, but I must deal with them harshly. They need admonished. But they also need to know they are welcome to come home whenever they wish.

  28. R. Waters says:

    Ouch! You slaughtered his argument and he got aggressive. I would see no value in this site if I myself did not have Fascist tendencies. I like reading your stuff Andre because it forces me to think. I listened to an academic speak glowingly of Franco the other night. He said Spain had the ninth largest economy in the world during the mid-twentieth century under the General. I was taking my Sunday nap on the sofa and heard one of those idiotic home improvement shows say the standard Franco was a tyrant line. We must keep our values despite the innocent sounding “Ye olde Americans”.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      Yes, it is somewhat easier for academic types to talk about Franco and Mussolini – especially their economic miracles – than it is for them to talk about Hitler. You just aren’t allowed to say anything positive about the guy at all. Though I’ve said that the best thing you can push is his repeated calls for mutual disarmament, and this necessarily clears his name, and there is no disputing it.

      Glad you like the site.

  29. Andre, “Larix” has exposed himself,

    His opening sentence contains an insult, his second sentence is an emotionally charged over simplification, his third is historical inaccuracy, NO the American system has not been the best system, nor worked, the American system he speaks of has been one of corporate plutocracy, crashes, and bail outs, i.e. Big Business or Trusts, or Corporations, all through U.S. history have privatized profit, but “socialized” losses and thus in some form or another working class Whites have paid the price for the benifit of Judeo-Capitalists. His 4th sentence is false, Libertarism is nothing more than Capitalism on steroids and is a Jew creation as well and he again adds more insults as he does in his 5th sentence, HOWEVER, his last sentence gives him away, the person is a JEW, his last sentence contain all the Jew-Speak and Jew code words, heaven forbid should anyone challenge the Judeo-Capitalist-Marxist System, for if they should do so, their “name is taken down” and as Larix says “I (the Jew) will be keeping you in my sights as a (the Jew declares you a) potentially dangerous individual”.

    Recent exchanges on Blogs, clearly demonstrate that all posts on serious Policy matters should come from persons with the courage to own their thoughts and words and no longer from Anonymous Ministers of Dis-Information whose courage comes from the shadows of the closet of unaccoutability and who pride themselves on what they don’t know they don’t know.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      He could just have wounded pride, after getting destroyed like this. The thinly veiled threat did sound suspicious, but anonymous Internet posters threaten people constantly.

      I don’t know about the anonymity issue. After I posted that piece saying that people should use their real names, the comments obviously dropped off dramatically. Though that did coincide with some bannings of harassment-prone individuals. I don’t think that every person commenting on a blog should necessarily feel required to use their full name. But people who are promoting an ideology absolutely should be compelled to. It is like if door-to-door evangelists wore ski masks, “hi my name is Larix and I’m here to inform you about the fate of your eternal soul – may I come in?”

      • Larix says:

        Yeah, destroyed by a guy who thinks we live in a parliamentary democracy and spouts other rabid incoherencies.

        A guy so clueless that he thinks NAZI-style socialism will work on the large and stubborn American population. You’ll have to kill us all first to get there, pal. Which I’m sure you’d be OK with.

        I’m not threatening you, you’re the one who is a threat to peaceful people who don’t need or want big govt daddy like you.

        You’re really impressed by yourself, aren’t you? Your 7 fanboys do adore you and hang on your every word, that’s true.

        I think you just want to play dress up at a Nuremberg rally, for reasons all too clear.

        Only lesser men would look to the state for their salvation, sustenance, and security.

        • Andrew Anglin says:

          Yes, the anglo-Jew capitalists are the peaceful ones, they were only defending themselves when they declared a massive war against Fascist Germany. After all, what was Hitler’s plan for mutual disarmament, if not threatening to peace?

          Again, the distinction between a “constitutional republic” administered by a parliamentary democracy and a parliamentary democracy is only meaningful to someone who is taken in by this Alex Jones 1776 Jew garbage. One time I was in the car with a friend and asked him to change the radio station, because I don’t like techno music, and he said “it’s not techno, it’s jungle.” That’s you, buddy.

          • Jimmy says:

            I love dance music, and this is still hilarious. There really actually is more difference between tech & jungle than a “constitutional republic” administered by a parliamentary democracy and a parliamentary democracy. They’re both an affront to true freedom.

            You got owned mate, deal with it. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more thorough ass-kicking on the internets. I’m suprised you’re still trying.

  30. Karl Young says:

    No need to make something simple into something complicated. It easy to understand; ‘Gemeinnutz geht vor Eigennutz’ which means “the community comes before the individual”, and that is the basis for Third Reich economics and that is why it is engraved on the rims of Third Reich 2 and 5 Reichsmark silver coins – and the maxim for the basis of that standard was ‘ad pondus omnium’ which means – ‘considering everything’s weight’ and why, because ‘gravity does not lie’ whereas humans lie.

  31. Larix says:

    You’re a frothing idiot.

    Folks, this is why one should fear an authoritarian government. If a little wannabe tyrant like this ever gained power, it’s Stalin part II.

    I said race first, fool. Thereafter, the best system for white people in America is the one that already worked for a long time. Oh, the one you hate even though you utilize it every day, this website on the internet being a simple example.

    Libertarianism is classical liberalism, which came from greater minds than yours long before any Jew wrote a book on economics in the 1900s. You’re so psychologically deranged you can’t even get past a mere label or critically assess an idea if it came from a Jew.

    Move back to the jungle where you belong, savage little punk.

    I know your name, and I will be keeping you in my sights as a potentially dangerous individual.

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