Andrew Anglin Addresses the Attacks on His Person

“Until he reaches his thirtieth year or thereabouts a man’s mental development will mostly consist in acquiring and sifting such knowledge as is necessary for the groundwork of a general platform from which he can examine the different political problems that arise from day to day and be able to adopt a definite attitude towards each. A man must first acquire a fund of general ideas and fit them together so as to form an organic structure of personal thought or outlook on life – a Weltanschhauung. Then he will have that mental equipment without which he cannot form his own judgments on particular questions of the day, and he will have acquired those qualities that are necessary for consistency and steadfastness in the formation of political opinions.” -Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Yeah, I lived in Asia.  It was awesome.  I wouldn't be who I am without those experiences.

Yeah, I lived in Asia, and I’m not going to apologize for it. It was awesome. I wouldn’t be who I am without those experiences.

I am yet again under personal attack by individuals claiming to be ideological opposition. As it appears that these persons have absolutely nothing going on in their personal or professional lives, and are thus free to devote dozens of hours per week voicing their deranged, unclear qualms over the internet, it is appropriate that I respond here, and be done with it.

I have tried, in both my personal life and my life here on the internet, to always be as straightforward and honest as possible, and I sincerely believe that my record attests to this. However, as there are individuals who may be unfamiliar with my previous work, it is fair enough that I should repeat that which I have already clearly stated.

My Life and Struggle

From a very young age, I felt that there was nothing right about the modern American social order. In my teenage years, I began to seriously question the causes behind these problems.

During the entire time I have myself been searching, I have been vocal in sharing my views with individuals on the internet, and people I know in real life.

If you would have told me I would end up as a follower of Adolf Hitler, I never would have believed you. It just so happens that following the truth, and being honest with myself, this is where I ended up. If you believe that I should have been born understanding all that I write on my sites now, and would fault me for not having been born understanding it, then please, do not read my sites anymore. However, if you too have been on a personal journey to find the truth, and that led you to the White movement, then I believe you will sympathize with my own journey.

In my late teen years – more than ten years ago now – I got into Alex Jones and the various other “truth movement” figures of that period. During this period I became heavily interested in various conspiracies, as well as religious spirituals ideas, and read quite a bit. I examined the various religions, including Buddhism, Islam and the New Age, and it is my reading into the Christian doctrine during this period that would eventually lead me back to Christ at later period in my life. I also spent a good deal of time traveling the United States, and sleeping in my car.

At this time I was running, along with the Outlaw Forum. I would continue to run these until I started Total Fascism, when I made the decision to shut them down.

As I became more involved in conspiracies, I began to feel more and more alienated, and at 23, left America to go live in Asia, where I worked teaching English and observed the culture. During this period, I developed an affinity for the Asian races, which is still with me now. I believe that they are a civilized, non-aggressive and industrious people.

During my mid-twenties, while still residing in Asia (and thus having easy access to cheap book-printing), I became an adherent of Jacques Ellul, Jean Baudrillard and Julius Evola, among other traditionalist, anti-modernist and transcendentalist philosophical thinkers, and began to explore the idea of “primitivism” – that is, the idea that a much simpler mode of living better served the human being, spiritually and socially. At this point, I went to spend time with various primitive tribes in the lesser-developed nations of Southeast Asia.



The offending materials from my past which are presently being spammed across Facebook and YouTube are from this period in my life.

Funnily enough, I am being accused of being a “cultural Marxist,” when that is the furthest possible thing from the truth.  Throughout my own personal transformation, one thing was always clear to me: the life of a human being is meant to be based on relationships with other human beings, and must be founded in the traditional family unit. It was the destruction of the family which led to the breakdown of society and the eventual total alienation of the individual.  At the time, I felt as though that was to be found among the more primitive societies.  And it was.  It simply turned out that I didn’t belong there.

After having spent more than a year among stone age types of people, I became discouraged, as it was clear to me that I would never be able to develop a meaningful relationship with these people, given that their minds were as primitive as their mode of living. I realized that the romantic philosophies I had indulged in regarding the simple life were simply romantic fantasy. The intellectualism that was necessary to imagine such things was never going to be present in the primitive world, and thus the reality of living in the jungle, picking fruit and hunting wild boar, could never match the idealization of this life.

While living in the jungle, I began drinking too much of a strong coconut wine brewed by the locals, began to feel deeply depressed and alone, and eventually left that life behind, forever. It was only among my own kind – those of the European race – that I would ever be able to share true kinship, as it is only they who share my blood, and can understand my soul.

I began to realize the importance of blood, due to this experience, and reflect on racialist material I had previously been exposed to. I realized that just as I would always have a closer connection, and a more complete understanding, with my father or my brother than a stranger down the street, I would always have a deeper connection with another European than with an Asian or person of any other race.

By the Grace of God, I found Adolf Hitler.

By the Grace of God, I found Adolf Hitler.

At this point, I returned to China, where I began delving back into literature. What I found was Mussolini, and then Adolf Hitler. In these two men, and the material that reading them led me to, I discovered that the ideas of traditionalism could be achieved within the modern structure, if one could defeat the forces of modernity and realize them.

This, then, became my goal.

Please note that this change in thinking took place flawlessly, as my previous worldview led, for me, directly into an understanding of what it was Hitler and National Socialism stood for.

It was not long after having completed a good deal of reading, and coming to these conclusions, that I began to become active on this internet, with this understanding in mind. Before starting my own website, I looked for others who shared my positions, and found very little. Though I located, and became enthralled with, William Luther Pierce, it seemed that at present, there was no one in America effectively presenting a comprehensive worldview of Euro-centric traditionalism.

After a couple of months, I launched Total Fascism, and began to promote the worldview I had developed. During my time writing this site, and researching, I became more and more sure of myself, and the ideas which I was promoting.



You know the story from there.

The Attackers and the Attacks

I am very comfortable with combating attacks on my ideas, and I am very good at it. Because of this, most who disagree with me appear to be afraid to directly attack my ideas, and instead look to attack me as a person. Because I have been so public with my life for so long, and because I now stand against miscegenation, it has proven very lucrative for those who wish to attack me to do so by posting material which I myself posted on the internet earlier in my life.

The attacks on my person started just after I launched Total Fascism, and have thus far not changed at all. The same videos and audio recordings are repeatedly spammed, mostly by a person with the fake names of Lewka Peel/Noah Peel/Yusuf Shakur, and several Negro friends of his (thus far, no person with a real, public identity has attacked me, which says quite a bit).

Lewka Peel/Noah Peel.

Lewka Peel/Noah Peel.

Before Lewka Peel became Yusuf Shakur, I used to talk to him on the phone, during a period, three years ago now, where I was making videos on YouTube about my experiences with tribal people. I would discuss my ideas with him, and he would listen and ask me questions, and I enjoyed it. Despite having an obsession with black American culture, which seemed to imply a lack of a personal identity, he was a fun person to talk to.

After I returned to China to work and study, Lewka and I lost contact. Later, after I started Total Fascism, I shared the site with him in an email. At this time I learned that Noah/Lewka Peel had become Yusuf Shakur. He had become a Muslim, and changed his fake name. Please note that he took his fake last time after his hero, Tupac (2 Pac) Shakur (I think this is really neat, lol).

Yusuf Shakur.

Yusuf Shakur.


For those of you promoting this stuff, please know that this is the guy you are following, as you attack the man who runs the world’s number one NS news website because he wasn’t born knowing everything.

Sometime after that, he decided to launch an attack on me, calling me a pedophile and a drug addict, and claiming that I was some sort of secret undercover agent working for – you guessed it – the United Nations.

He compiled a “dossier” on me, after having requested that people send him personal information about me to an email address he had set up. In this he includes some quotes from my old websites, along with some fake quotes, as well as some screenshots which have been faked (they don’t look to have been photoshopped, but rather a result of someone making a fake account with my name) to make it look like I said some things which fit into his narrative (these were probably sent to him by Jews, as I don’t think he is clever enough to have put that together).

Within this “dossier” he posted the names, phone numbers, Facebook pages and addresses of several of my family members which he had found on Facebook. Shocking as it is, he is apparently attempting to have acts of physical violence committed against not simply me, but my family as well.  Without ever having said what his issue was.

This clearly, is serial killer behavior. And it gets worse.

From about this time last year, Yusuf Shakur became obsessively fixated on me, and particularly on my personal sex life, which he invented a bizarre and sick fantasy about, and tried to convince others to indulge in.

Having found a copy of a video that I myself uploaded, he decided that the girl I was in the video with, a Philippine girl (who was at the time second year college, so either 19 or 20), was a “child” and that I must have been having sex with her or I wouldn’t be in a video with her, and that this meant I was a “pedophile.” He then spread this around the internet, sending it to me in emails over and over again, posting on my site even though he knows it is going to be deleted, sending me rambling, threatening emails, and when he realizes he is blocked, creating new email addresses to harass me with. He contacted every friend on my Facebook page individually, spammed YouTube videos that had nothing to do with me, sent repeated emails to people he thought I maybe knew – and so on.

By my estimate, he was, at the time, spending between 25 and 35 hours per week talking about me on the internet.  He now appears to be doing this again, without having come up with anything new.

I want to state clearly here that even now, a year later, after he has spent literally thousands of hours of his life attacking me as a person, he has yet to state a single qualm with any one of my ideas. Not one issue has been brought up. The entirety of his attack has been based on trying to defame me as a person, indulging an obsession over a fantasy he’s created about my sex life, and trying to have acts of violence committed against me and my family.

I have no idea what makes a person behave this way, but from what I have read about serial killers who develop psychotic obsessions, these things are usually sexual in nature. Though I cannot accuse him of this, and wouldn’t do so, in my own perception, Lewka Peel/Yusuf Shakur quite clearly has a psychotic homosexual obsession with me.

It appears to me that he is deeply jealous of the girl in the video, and thus has, in his sick psyche, created a reason why it is “wrong” for me to be hanging out with her – thus he accuses me of “pedophilia” for hanging out with a woman who is clearly an adult.  Oh, and remember he is a Muslim, and so follows a Prophet who married a girl who was six, whose virginity he took when she was nine (and he used to take baths and masturbate with her before he decided nine was old enough to penetrate her) – so he clearly can’t care too deeply about sexual deviancy.  This is something deeply personal, and deeply twisted.

We might also note that he is an anonymous internet person, who I believe works in fast food. His greatest life achievement is a failed attempt at a career in rap music.

It is possible that he is simply a loser who has accomplished nothing in his life, professionally or personally, living with family members in the town he was born in, and thus is deeply jealous that I have lived a life of intrigue, never afraid to pursue my dreams and live life to the fullest.  Though that really doesn’t go very far to explain the obsession with my sex life, or the sheer amount of time he’s put into stalking me across the internet. I am literally the focus of his entire life.

Last year, he also called my father and asked him if he was “aware that his son is a pedophile.” My father, being the cheeky old boy he is, said “yeah, I know that, but that’s okay because I am too.” Obviously, this was sarcasm (who would say that otherwise?), but Shakur ran with it, editing the recording to make it seem more plausible.

Along with this, he has spammed an audio recording of me, recorded when I was drunk and unaware that I was being recorded, on which he, myself and a black guy named Paul Ironshore had a goofy, profanity-laden discussion. He has taken pieces of the discussion out of context, and attempted to make them appear to be serious statements.

Among these statements was something to the effect that the White race should be “bred out.” Of course, at the time it was recorded, I was very frustrated with the White race, given that I had for so long felt alienated within my own society, this was not something which I ever believed.

And again, I did not know then what I know now.

Putting Things in Perspective

If it was not for the journey I have gone on personally, I would not understand what I understand now. It required going through everything I went through to reach my present conclusions.

In many ways, the fact that I have actually lived for years among non-Whites, and still developed my present ideology, is a very good thing for propaganda. Repeatedly, those who believe as we do are accused of being “inbred hilljacks who believe what our parents taught us” – but my parents were terminally liberal, and raised me to be the same, and it took me years of personal struggle to work through all of the emotional, psychological and intellectual baggage attached to that to get to this place.

I do not, personally, believe that it is possible for an educated person born in the age I was born in to reach the conclusions I have reached without having gone on this type of personal and intellectual quest for the truth. There was literally no one to explain this to me. I had to find it myself. Now, I am in a position to explain it to others who grow up in this system, with an ability to understand where they are coming from.

Please also note that our goal is to appeal to the masses. Do you think that most Americans would be angered by the fact that I, as a “Neo-Nazi White Supremacist,” lived in Asia and dated Asian women? It seems to me that this serves to in fact make me much less offensive.

And I would ask you – what effect is this supposed to have on what I am doing now? Are those attacking me really suggesting that I should have been born knowing what I know? I cannot think of anything else that could possibly be implied by saying I am “exposed” by pointing out the fact, which I mentioned on one of my first posts on this site, that I have dated non-White women, before I was aware of the racial nature of human existence.

Then I would ask – would any hardcore and active nationalist care about the fact I had once lived in Asia and dated Asian women? I can tell you a definitive answer to that question, because I lived in Greece with the Golden Dawn for three months last year, and was very open about my life and personal history (because that’s my style): no, they don’t care. If you came at them with this goofy crap, they would tell you to go back to the laptop in your mom’s basement.

A party member actually saw the stuff about me that Lewka had posted (he probably sent it to them in his defamation campaign) and all that turned into was a joke when we were going out at night: “hey, if you see any chinks at the bar, tell em to watch out for this kid.”

No one other than a totally psychopathic weirdo, a Jew or an internet troll would make the idiotic claim that a person who changes their views is not to be trusted because their views have changed.

If I was a government plant, why would I first live in Asia and film myself there, then become a Nationalist?  It makes zero sense.

If You Don’t Like It, Then Move Along

I have done a lot in the last year and a half. I have played a major role in formulating what is to become the new American Euro-centric traditionalist movement which I set out to help create. I am proud of what I have done, and I know for a fact that my work resonates with many, many people.

I do not expect anyone to accept the fact that I was not born understanding Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, or understanding the deep, sacred importance of the blood we carry in our veins. If you are not comfortable with the fact that it took me a process of personal development to reach the conclusions I have reached, then please, do not read my site. Go start your own site. But do not call me a “shill” or a “fraud” and claim that you have “exposed” me, as it simply makes you look like a pathetic, bitter individual who, being incapable of achieving anything on your own, must instead attack and try to tear down those who are achieving something.

I do not regret anything I have done, and I will not apologize for it.

If you take issue with any of my ideas, I am open to debating them whenever it is convenient for you.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin
January 14, 2014

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42 Responses to Andrew Anglin Addresses the Attacks on His Person

  1. mnm says:

    the message you spread is hate. and that is never the right answer.

    sad to see that travel meant to dilute borders has turned you instead
    into a self entitled human that thinks theres good in your haste.
    do you know that all modern humans physically came from Africa? (as a biologist with an evolutionary background, you cant tell me otherwise)
    the evolution of different races and cultures is a beautiful and dynamic thing,
    to be celebrated, whether you partake in their customs or not.

    you have devoted yourself to a dark place, for what? violent propaganda.
    the strengthening of a community that survives off of and redistributes more hate and worse?
    how can this be honorable and a life worth living?

    all the comments support your propoganda, but that is not truth. truth is not one sided.

    i would venture to guess you have never meditated, but you only have one life
    and if you filter the bullshit traffic that thoughts bring, that bullshit darkness and ego will not remain.
    if you want to simplify, you dont need to go to the jungle.

    • Dennis Bekeros says:

      Mnm you can take your diploma in biology and use it for toilet paper, your a brain dead idiot.

    • Ausvegan says:

      You couldn’t have provided us with a more stereotypical, liberal response, the kind of garbage we routinely satirise at the DS.

      Why do we satirise it? Because none of it remotely makes sense. You say defending the white identity is hate, as if having our populations and our homelands replaced with non-whites is not hate.

      And then you give us the usual diarrhoea about how “evolution of different races and cultures is a beautiful thing to be celebrated”, as if this is an excuse to flood our already struggling nations with hordes of non-whites. Different races and cultures may be a beautiful thing; so then why insist that mass immigration should be tolerated at the expense of the white race? These foreign races have their own homelands.

      You are right about one thing, however. Travelling abroad has made many of us a racist. Why? Not only do we see how third-worlders live, but we LEARN our racism from other peoples. That’s right. 3 years living in Korea trained me to think as a Korean. Koreans do not separate their national identity from their ethnic identity, and neither should whites.

  2. Annonymous says:

    Andrew please email your mailing address and I want to mail you a check as soon as I am able to. (If there is a delay know that it will come). I don’t use any credit cards and have none in my possession and that’s why I need to send a check.

  3. Harriet says:

    Anyone who stood up against the tyranny of Jews has been demonized and this applies even today as Andrew has experienced.

    Adolf Hitler: The Greatest Story Never Told

  4. 99% of the world says:

    To begin, I don’t have any wishes to hurt you as you claim about everyone who speaks out against you. Although I know for a fact that most of your statements against minorities are false, I am for peace, not persecution and war; so even though I don’t accept your opinions, I recognize the right that you have to speak your beliefs. However, I am incensed at the fact that you are filtering the comments on your webpages so that only the pro-Nazi comments are posted. It isn’t right to only show the opinions that you want to show. I have a voice too.

  5. Find out what Burger King he’s working at, and let everyone know he’s spitting in their food.

    Hail Victory!

  6. BDL1983 says:

    Brilliantly written Andre!

    I ‘ve had a few cases of some arsehole trying to post that so-called ‘dossier’ using your name over at Expel The Parasite… That’s why I’ve just put all comments on the ‘manually moderate’ setting because these lowly pieces of shit don’t deserve a chance to spread their lies…..

    “If you would have told me I would end up as a follower of Adolf Hitler, I never would have believed you. It just so happens that following the truth, and being honest with myself, this is where I ended up.”
    - I second that motion!

    By the way, I will be doing some of my own writing in the future when I get some time….. Too busy with other shit lately. I haven’t forgotten about the Daily Stormer….
    DS is clearly the best site out there in my opinion!

    Your efforts have been absolutely superb Andre – Keep up the good fight Kamerad! 102!

  7. AusVegan says:

    Just be mindful that Christ did not begin his ministry until his early 30s. Even for the Son of God, a maturity period was required before he could preach the real truth. The maturity period for all of us requires both knowledge AND experience. I am not even the same person I was 1 year ago, let alone 10 years ago.

    I was in Korea for 3 years with the same job, spent 1 month in 3 other nations, including Mexico and China, and visited 4 other countries on top of that. Although I probably overstretched it a bit in Korea, I don’t regret living abroad one bit. David Duke encourages white people to travel to enlighten themselves to racial consciousness. I think the experience which profoundly altered his state of mind was his visit to India. He wrote about that country extensively in his autobiography.

    Strangely enough, I felt the same resentment to white society as you did before I commenced my travels. It was only after EXPERIENCING the true isolation, the homesickness in some weird, racialist, xenophobic place like Korea, did I feel a bonding to my own white kinsmen.

    And yes, I also dated Asian women. I wouldn’t do it again; but if I dated non-white women in the past, I am grateful they were East Asians, and not any of the other races. East Asians on the outside seem bloody weird, yet on the inside, they’re strangely similar to us.

  8. Eisenblatt says:

    Heil Andrew :)

    First of all excuse my bad english…

    but I wanna thank you for your site. People like you keep the spirit long after our forfather are gone.

    Here in the (occupuyed) German Empire is everything destroyed, and everyone Brainwashed. The Rest of the population is changed into a Turkish/Nigger Population.

    …but some of us are still here. ;)

    this ist my Grandfahter:

    sometimes when i think that we are standing against an invincible enemy, I look back to what our forfathers did… and than i Knew, that we cant win!
    They hab to suffer much more than we did, and they survive.

    I hope you understand what i wanna say.

    all the best from germany


  9. Sid says:

    Andrew, without knowing your background i saw those videos and things you referred to and for a day or two, i was pretty outspoken about it in the little radio community i come from.

    I for one, am sorry. You are truly my comrade and brother, and never shall a false word be uttered from my mouth again.

    Thank you for all that you do and i know you are willing to forgive those of us who may have slandered you without knowing the full story and having context for what we were being shown. I was misled, and once again truly i am sorry.

  10. Wotan says:

    Dear Andre, Horst Mahler was part of the comunist anarchist German RAF underground movement before he realised what was the truth. Having undergone
    his transformation he fought for his new convictions with such fervour that he
    was eventually imprisoned in Germany for 13 years and for all I know he is still
    in jail. This goes to prove that people can change their mind in a life-time and
    they can change it so honestly and radically that they will even have their lives
    destroyed for it or face death. When jewish rats or trolls are coming near you and
    are trying to insult you do not feel the need to be overly apologetic over your
    adventurous life, since adventurers and travellers through time and space are
    as important to a complete society as those salt of the earth people, who live, work and die in one place over periods of 60 years or longer. When the rats and trolls
    are crossing your way just think of Horst Mahler, the great German philosopher
    and freedom fighter and feel the stronger for it!

    • First, good blog by Andrew. I have been defamed myself, so I feel for you, Andrew. Your words seem very candid, humble and real.

      As for Horst Mahler, Wotan, you are actually somewhat mistaken, but that is understandable.

      I know Horst personally (I speak fluent German, and interviewed him and Sylvia Stolz in 2006 in Mannheim during the Ernst Zündel trial). In fact, I spoke to him by phone three days before he got a an eight and then a five year sentence (for a total of 13 years).

      Actually, his parents were both hard-core National Socialists and NSDAP party member, as he he told me, and they both committed suicide in 1945, he told me, because they, like many others, did not want to live in a judaized postwar Germany. (Others made the same decision.)

      I asked Horst why he joined a quasi-bolshevik group like the Baader-Meinhof.

      He said: “40 years ago there were very few Turks in Germany, unlike today, and thgen as now you cannot criticize the Jews. I understood that American Wal Street capitalism was destroying Germany, so the only way to atack this Jewish America was through communiust rhetoric and in this way, be heard by someone at least.”

      So Horst and his parents both were National Socialists from the beginning.

      John de Nugent

      new blog:

  11. Dynavolt says:

    When you speak the Truth you must expect attacks andrew.
    You have done a great service by enlightening members of our race to the Lies of the Jews, we as a race are overwhelmed by the constant barrage of Anti-White propaganda thrown at us from every angle 24 hours a day 7 days a week, but websites such as yours help break the spell the Jewish media have over a great many number of our race.
    We live in times of universal deceit. Truth is under attack but it will never be silenced, more and more people are waking upto the massive corruption, lies and evil that we call the 21st Century.
    Knowledge and Truth will free our race from the mental chains the jews have made. The Jews who run everything are afraid they might wake the giant, they know once enough of our race wakes upto the conjuring tricks and the spell is broken then they are done for, and history will once again repeat itself on them and this next time will be their last!

  12. Antiochus says:

    just press forward – ignore all detractors/adversaries, its not worth the time or effort addressing each and every idiotic concern, whether from real enemies or people in the struggle who love to in-fight.

  13. HdP says:

    Andre has also exhibited an ethos that often gets neglected in WN circles – the fact that many White men are natural explorers/adventurers at heart. How this can be used against him is quite strange.

    In fact, any White man that doesn’t have some impulse to ‘journey to the badlands’, experience foreign cultures, etc doesn’t seem like a man to me.* Of course that’s different to having our homelands invaded by foreign tribes and what not.

    Still, it’s disappointing that some of these attacks are coming from other WN’s, not just that Shakur dude.

  14. Andrew,

    All of us in the under (and around) 30 crowd have similar experiences. We weren’t born with our boots on. Plus, there is truly nothing immoral about going out and experiencing life.

    Real fascists aren’t so fucking doctrinaire to worry about what you did in the bedroom in the past. Fascism and freedom can coexist to some extent as well.

    Bitterness is incredibly unattractive and the exact opposite of life-affirming which is what a true movement should be.

    Fuck the geezers. Don’t even stoop to acknowledge them.

  15. Don says:

    Well said, Andrew.

    You are a great voice in a great cause.

  16. CSR says:

    Well said! From a Mid-Western man who spent five years in Asia, often times with Asian women, searching as well and realized the “White Race” must be saved even the “unaware” parts of it as “Truth”. Like Lightening Bolts, it is realization and truth at the moment! God Bless…

    Hail Victory!

    The birth of the notion of bushido is interesting in this connection. Recent scholarship has shown that Japanese samurai of the classical period did not know such a code of conduct existed. Nor was it concocted buy Japanese officialdom. It was codified and published by agricultural economist, Nitobe Inazo (1862-1933), in 1900, in response to a question posed by his host in Belgium about how the Japanese provided moral education to the young. Nitobe stated in the first chapter of this work that it was not something written by anyone, nor was it based on the life of any individual leader. It was more like the British constitution– a conglomeration of tradition, convention, and custom. Since it was intended to satisfy the curiosity of foreign readers, Nitobe wrote an idealized version of the samurai, rather than a description of how the actually behaved. Nitobe incidentally was born the son of a samurai but had never been a samurai himself. In fact, Cameron Hurst, who researched the origins of the bushido, noted that “Nitobe was the least qualified Japanese man of his age to inform anyone up to Japan’s history and culture.” More of Hurst’s commentary follows:

    Here was a man [Nitobe] far more familiar with the themes and metaphors of classical Western literature than those of his native Japan, far more certain of the dates and events in Western than in Japanese history, who nonetheless set out to present to the West a view of the ethics of pre-modern Japan that has been accepted rather uncritically ever since.

    But Nitobe’s work soon caught the attention of Japanese rulers, who found his synthesis of the ways of the Samurai valuable . Nitobe’s attempt at explaining the content of Japanese moral education thus became a guidebook for generations of the Japanese, including cadets at the military academy. The irony is that Nitobe joined the Society of Friends (the Quakers) in the 1880′s in the United States in Philadelphia and became a pacifist. But his work became a primer for Japanese warriors.

    Some additional knowledge about Nitobe’s work is essential to understanding Park Chung-Hee because bushido, at least Nitobe’s version, taught not only how to die, but how to live. Nitobe’s Bushido table of contents illustrates this point. If we exclude the introductory chapters (the first and the second, including chapters fifteen to seventeen) we have the following chapter titles:

    Rectitude or Justice
    The Feelings of Distress
    Veracity and Sincerity
    The Duty of Loyalty
    The Education and training of a Samurai
    The Institutions of Suicide and Redress
    The Sword, the Soul of the Samurai
    The training and position of women


    Keep Fighting!!!!

  17. Cjmarxhatred says:

    Btw Andrew have covered this issue in my latest post!
    With a bit of humour, dunno who made it, but its funny as feck lol!

  18. Andrew:
    I have been a follower of yours and I’m sorry you’ve been upset by foolishness. I takes alot of guts to do what you’re doing. Thank you.

  19. Joe Northpal says:

    Andre, c’mon man, move on from these detractors.
    It’s deeds that count, it’s what you do, not what you say.
    I heard all this shit before about you and others, as if you are somehow tied to your first words spoken out of the womb.
    All I ever see is inexperienced boys influenced by their immediate environment, the important thing I look for is the ability to develop.
    We all develop from some kosher influenced environment, that is the infiltration that must be destroyed.
    You either move ahead or get left behind.
    But you must admit, you do have a hard head.

  20. You’ll have to write in more detail about your experience living with primitive peoples. I’m sure it would be fascinating.

  21. Cjmarxhatred says:

    P.s This should all make you sick but give you a good chuckle too, filthy commie Jew MSM trying to normalize piss drinking in UK!

  22. Matt C. says:

    You have nothing to be ashamed of, I never came to anything remotely resembling the truth till I was in my late 30′s. Just be glad you worked it out so young. I wish I was as wise as you at your age.

  23. Wittmann says:

    Don’t ever stop doing what you’re doing Mr. Anglin, in spite of all the lowlife trolls and hasbarats out there getting paid to waste their time away trolling redpilled people on the net.

    Your work, our work, is righteous and has a divine purpose, not only for our race but for the whole world. Hail and victory will grace nationalist movements all across white countries quite soon.

    Best regards from europe.

  24. 30.06 says:

    Thank you for writing this article Andre !
    Those who only seek to find the worst in people are the ones I always try to avoid .
    There is definitely something lacking in their outlook and inner character .
    A movement capable of positive accomplishment cannot be built with such weak characters .
    You have found your way , due only , to your own determination to finding the right path .
    That is an inspiration , but the weak ones recoil from inspiration , as they only want to feed their own negativity .
    As such , they can only contribute negativity , an element which will negate any positive efforts of dedicated members , thus rendering the entire effort null and void .
    Whether they are on the jews payroll or they are just unbalanced personalities makes no difference to the effect of their activities .
    This is why such types must be excluded from any participation in serious efforts .
    The White Race today needs fighters for a new dawn , not elements of putrefaction from the rotting corpse of the present Judaised Culture .

    And thank you Andre for making Daily Stormer such a wonderful site !

  25. Thank you very much for this thoughtful article, Mr. Anglin.

    I am really very pleased to have had the opportunity to read this as it fills in a lot of background information not previously known to me – it places most if not all of the random criticism I have seen posted about you into an agreeable context. As I have said before – and will no doubt say again – I enjoy and support your websites because they are a rare source of important information regarding the extreme, constant attacks we face as members of the White Race – a Folk which has been openly marked for termination by the Jew and his proxy-mob minions.

    In the recent past, I have on occasion posted quotes from your articles and essays only to have people respond with attacks on you as a person, though – now that you mention it – no one has ever actually attacked the issues being expounded upon in the quotes themselves. Not knowing anything about your personal life and history, I took it with a grain of salt when someone, just for instance, piped up and declared that, “Andrew Anglin has a Filipino girlfriend and his father works for the U.N.” This was in fact the funniest ‘denouncement’ I can ever recall seeing dished up against anyone’s person. Since then I have mentioned it more than once when responding to other bizarre slanders and libels being bandied about against any number of Souls whom I personally find to be philosophically agreeable and otherwise laudable.

    The Internet has been an absolute public relations catastrophe for the Jew. Decades of lies, white-washes, media blackouts and propaganda all undone in a few short years. Writers and thinkers like you have helped to make that happen; faceless attackers lurking in the shadows simply come with the territory. When they stop lying to you and start lying about you, the Jews show their hand. Take it as a good sign – and then kick their fucking teeth out (metaphorically speaking, of course….)


    Christopher Hayden,
    Soviet Republic of Vermont

  26. Pingback: Andrew Anglin Addresses the Attacks on His Person | ElderofZyklon's Blog!

  27. Brien James says:

    Your ideas and platform seem to have come about through a very sincere and organic process. Your past is irrelevant. Do what you think is right and no matter what happens you will go to bed feeling like a man. Take this advice from someone who has been in the spotlight of this movement all of his adult life…

    These attacks will continue. Don’t feel obligated to respond to them each time and more importantly don’t take them to heart. They won’t stop. They will come from people very close to you at times. The will get worse the higher you raise your profile. It is a sign of success.

  28. estwingman says:

    Yes you are doing really well Andrew ( Are you from Scottish Anscestry ? Just the name.) Even NS sites here in Britain have done articles praising your work. A great person like yourself is always going to be under attack from the scummy reds who always attack the person and not the argument. ” NAZI SCUM OFF OUR STREETS.”I’m sick of hearing it, just for having an opinion. As for all that shit about your past maybe being a bit of a lefty or something, I was very brainwashed to and didn’t get my wakeup call till 5-6 years ago I’m 40 now by the way ( I honestly can’t believe how shamefully ignorant I was.) and I know in my heart this is the only way forward for us and our children. My children will betold why they have blue eyes and blonde hair and God willing their children the same. Please keep up the good work, your sites are excelent and give me many hours pleasure in my small bondaged life.

  29. Sven Longshanks says:

    Coming to a different understanding of the nature of the world from the one you previously had, and being able to competently argue the veracity of that view, just proves that you are not indoctrinated and have come to these conclusions yourself.

    The detractors are incapable of seeing that, and never will, so long as they continue to ignore what you write and just have reflex responses to what they see as ‘racism’. Many of these people probably have a lot invested in their multi-cultural world view, as you yourself once did. However you had the courage to realign that view with the truth, once you realised your previous understanding was false. These people lack the courage to do that, and they resent you for being able to. They would rather not read what you write, because deep down they know it to be true, they want to continue believing that what they have been doing is correct, they want to continue being popular and patted on the back for their views. They want to continue feeling proud of themselves and their past anti-White actions. The last thing they want to do is admit that they were wrong.

    You put your ego to the side and spoke the truth and they are not secure enough in their own characters to do that. They are not the sort of people that will thank you for correcting them, but the sort that will attack you. I think that is what is at the heart of this.

  30. Silver Destroyer says:

    Keep fighting Andrew for we are the builders of our destinies and for the future of our children, we have a plan and solution unlike Jonestein or Ickenwits do and they and all the others who appose us are not going to keep us down much longer, Hail Victory!

  31. ENDSIEG14/88 says:

    A great riposte! That comment about still being stuck in his parents house in his home town , ouch that’s got to hurt lol! Good luck in Greece when you go back, I wish GD all the best.

    To all Facebook users, don’t just believe what people tell you! That’s how the jews divide and conquer us with lies!!!!!!

  32. Julian Lee says:

    Your evolution and the story of your awakening have a lot of similarities to my own story, Andrew. We all have had journeys. I was actually a multiculturalist activist (a member of the freaking race-mixing Baha’i Faith no less!) in my 20′s and I did not truly snap out of the Jew media programming until in my 40′s. Now I’m trying to make up for lost time and errors made in ignorance!

    Anybody doing so much to protect and awaken Whites will be attacked. Especially the rare ones who do it in their own face and nanme. (And these attract the most jealousy from the smallers.) The attackers will tend to fall into four classes: 1) Jews, 2) Jews posing as WNs, 3) Fractious or unwise pro-Whites, often of a lower type, or 4) Miscellaneous nuts.

    It’s always sad when Category 3 does much of the work of categories 1 and 2, as is often the case. The White tendency to attack one another is a deep problem that the wiser Whites need to root out more and more.

    Category 4 is more rare and this seems to be a case.

    In Craig Cobb’s fresh fiasco in North Dakota — or so I read yesterday — it turned out to be other pro-Whites he’d been working with who were his main problem. The report said other “pro-Whites” went nuts when the black lady scammed Cobb on TV that he was ‘part black.’ It was they, apparently, who did things (like painting things on Cobb’s house) that incited Cobb to stomp around town with guns. Too typical!

    Higher types will avoid infighting, have insight (such as the fact that the TV ambush was rubbish), and will weigh the good a person is doing against whatever “liabilities.” And the past is the past. All of us have had a journey. Most will see these attacks are non-attacks and simply bone-headed.

    Gonna look up how to make a donation to your work.

  33. Marcus says:

    Hi Andrew
    Greetings from Ireland. Congratulations on a very well put together defense of your legitimate beliefs. Heaven forbid they actually challenge you to a real debate instead of resorting to cowardly underhanded tactics, they would lose and they know it. This peel cretin is obviously the result of a chemical spillage at a germ warfare factory. Having the courage to speak the truth is an admiral quality whatever road you took to come to enlightenment, your websites are testament to that. Thank you.
    Hail Victory

  34. rdub says:

    Don’t let the bastards grind you down! Keep up the good work.

  35. Reconquista aut Requiem says:

    Wish you the best of all Andrew!

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