Adolf Hitler’s Military Mistakes Prove He was a Secret Jew?

Hitler was a Jew?  Is that really the best you people can come up with?

Hitler was a Jew? Is that really the best you people can come up with?

In the comments section of my article on the Jew-defending, anti-Hitler shill Anthony Migchels, a commenter going by the name of RR posted a crucial response to one of the claims Migchels made in his attack piece, which was basically that the fact that Hitler did not win the war means that he was secretly working for the Jews.

I have reposted this response below, so as to make sure it is seen by as many people as possible.  The “if Hitler was the real deal, he would have won the war” line is, as I have explained, a key part of this last ditch effort being made by Jews such as Henry Makow and his lackeys to keep antisemites from embracing Hitlerian Fascism, so it is very important that we are clear on just how ridiculous this claim is.

Note: I have reformatted the comment to make it more presentable. 


Sutton made use of the Sidney Warburg myth to portray Hitler as being funded by Wall Street. Michael Collins Piper has dealt with this in his book “Those Who Reign Supreme”:

Who financed the NSDAP and Hitler has also been covered by Veronica Clark and Henry Ashby Turner:

The generals who wanted to get rid of Hitler were basically responsible for the deaths of many thousands of German soldiers. By acting the way that they did, they effectively harmed the German war effort. Their conspiracy began long before 1944. This has been dealt with here:

Basically, Churchill was the reason that Germany wasn’t able to enter into an alliance with Britain. It was definitely possible to do so and there were many people in parliament who wanted friendship with Germany. Churchill was paid by the Jewish pressure group “The Focus” to get Britain into war with Germany. You can read about this here (ignore the letter by Brüning, a known Hitler hater and “anti-Nazi”, as untrustworthy as Strasser):

Operation Barbarossa was ruined in part because of the Italian invasion of Greece etc, which stalled the German invasion of the Soviet Union and forced Germany to first come to Italy’s rescue.

On page 153 in his memoirs, Keitel writes:

Even if it was too much to ask of our good fortune that Italy should have stayed out of the war altogether as a benevolent neutral, just consider the difference if Hitler had been able to prevent their irresponsible attack on Greece. What would we not have saved by way of aid to Italy for her senseless Balkan war? In all probability there would not have been any uprising in Yugoslavia in an attempt to force her entry into the war on the side of the enemies of the Axis, just to oblige Britain and the Soviet Union. How differently things would then have looked in Russia in 1941. We would have been in a far stronger position, and above all we should not have lost those two months. Just imagine: we would not have frozen to a standstill in the snow and ice, with temperatures of minus forty-five degrees just twenty miles outside Moscow, a city hopelessly encircled from the north, west and south, at the end of that November. We should have had two clear months before that infernal cold weather closed in – and there was nothing like it in the winters that followed anyway!

Hitler himself said this about Moscow and the Ukraine:

Still more important was the thrust of Army Group South. The spreading out of the tank and rapid-unit forces into the distant space had to be executed twice. We had to obtain the harvest of the fertile Ukraine, the wheat and the oil from the giant sunflower fields, for our troops and the nation.

The second North-South thrust from Army Group South was aimed toward the raw materials—the coal, iron ore, chromium and manganese, and the important power plants at the Dnieper and Donez region all the way to Rostow and the Black Sea. There, right at the raw material sources, were also located the industrial centers, a concentration of the Russian armament industry and its economic power.

And he said:

Way back, a military personality once gave me the advice that, from an army general upwards obedience decreases and any order is subject to a personal critique. I often had the same experience.

Again and again I noticed that my generals, in their deliberations, completely disregarded the political, geo-political and economic matters. Mostly, they kept to a purely military viewpoint, and that turned out to be traumatic when directed towards Moscow in the Russian campaign.

As I found out later, my generals insinuated that I reflected a Napoleon-related Moscow shyness. Yet, by no means did I misjudge the military and political importance of taking Moscow; but first, the prerequisite for that were successful attacks toward the North and South, those two strategic pillars. Then, Moscow might be the last stage of the gigantic Russian undertaking.

The time favorable for mobile warfare ran out—the valuable time—it was always too little time and too much space in this war.

At the end of September, when I was healthy again, I could still push through one of the flank-and-encirclement thrusts toward the South. That operation I had to literally wrestle from my generals—yes, I had to enforce it by harsh orders. The result: four Russian armies were destroyed, and 650,000 prisoners taken. Even that success did not convince my generals of the only possible strategy within the vast Russian distances.

Against my inner conviction, they set up the frontal offensive against Moscow. Moscow was never in my mind, but they would or could not understand that.

To carry the great strategy through, it was, however, too late. The offensive toward Moscow met an increasingly stiffened Russian defense. Our divisions, tired and weakened by the month-long hard battles, had the target before their eyes and clashed against fresh Siberian forces continually moving in from the far regions.

The frontal offensive toward Moscow lost its momentum against the massive Russian defense. Soon afterward, the front froze in snow and icy cold; the winter equipment, ordered in time, never reached the troops.

Now my generals were for retreat, which meant a Napoleon-like end. The catastrophe.

You may criticize these aims and this strategy in hindsight, but to me it sounds legitimate.

That Hitler wouldn’t build the bomb stems from a false quote, as far as I know, in which he supposedly said that such a weapon would be too horrible and brutal. In reality, the Germans were simply not capable of developing the bomb at the time.

Was Hitler a dictator? He probably was, but maybe he wasn’t. I don’t really care. Read here for more:

I am not sure about Gibraltar. I would imagine that Hitler didn’t want to offend the Spanish by taking it, in part because the Germans hoped that Spain would enter into the war on their side, as repayment for helping to crush Jewish communism and Freemasonry (!) in the Spanish Civil War. Moreover, it is well known that the German Navy simply wasn’t able to compete with the British et al. after 1941.

I haven’t seen any credible sources which prove that Bormann was a spy. So, there is no proof for this; it is really just a theory based on belief.

As for Dunkirk:

German land forces might have pressed their attack on the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) and the Allies, especially having secured the ports of Calais and Boulogne. For years, it was assumed that Adolf Hitler ordered the German Army to stop the attack, favouring bombardment by the Luftwaffe. However, according to the Official War Diary of Army Group A, Generalfeldmarschall Gerd von Rundstedt – the Chief of the General Staff, disconcerted by the vulnerability of his flanks and supply to his forward troops, ordered the halt. Hitler merely validated the order several hours after the fact.


Hitler validated the order because he still hoped to achieve peace with Britain. He even had Hess fly to Britain for peace in 1941. The Germans knew though, that it would be difficult to achieve peace with Britain, as long as Churchill was in power.

Dunkirk was of course a mistake, but Hitler was only human after all. He definitely made some mistakes, and this was one of them. It would have been very strange if he made no mistakes, so I don’t think it’s logical to say that he must have been a puppet because he made mistakes.

If all of this is not enough to change your views, then you probably have some special interest in maintaining these myths about Hitler and National Socialism. That may sound like the typical “black-and-white Nazi thinking”. But really, I think this is a solid argument.

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22 Responses to Adolf Hitler’s Military Mistakes Prove He was a Secret Jew?

  1. Instead of Moscow in place of Stalingrad, there were oil fields in the Caucasus which he could’ve gotten to by way of Ukraine, and definitely more waiting in the Middle East. I always figured it was his ego and hubris that brought him down, because in addition that Stalingrad was important for its industry, there can be no doubt that Hitler wanted the symbolic victory of taking it for its name. That is what I wish he did, but Barbarossa was a brave and eternally heroic effort and in the context of Icebreaker, we should all be grateful. Also, considering Hitler admired Napolean, it seems more of a blunder to repeat him same mistake, but thats how it goes.

  2. 20 Responses to:”Adolf Hitler’s Military Mistakes Prove He Was A Secret Jew.”
    I will have the pleasure of making response 21.
    Viktor Surovov in his book:”Icebreaker” states quite candidly and correctly that Moscow was just a “show” city of no industrial or economic significance, and that if Moscow had been taken by the German Army, it would have been a trophy city.
    Of greater importance was Stalingrad and Leningrad because they were industrial centers for the Soviet war effort.
    As for the alleged criticism by Adolf Hitler of Mussolini for the Italian attack on Greece, I suggest you read Adolf Hitler’s speech supporting Mussolini’s decision to attack Greece. As for Germany losing the war, the reality is that Germany and her allies lost the battle but won the war in the context of destroying Stalin’s plans for the conquest of Western Europe which, if successful, would have led to a Bolshevik Communist World Order. As Viktor Surovov said in Icebreaker:”If Adolf Hitler had not launched a preemptive attack on Soviet Russia, the consequences for Western Europe would have been unimaginable.”
    I must congratulate you on a brilliant website together with your sister website:Justice for Germans. Now that more and more Americans are discovering the factual history of WW2 through websites like and, it is my sincere hope that the ideology of National Socialism will become more popular in America and that Americans will discover who the real enemies of America have been for over a century. Jomi

  3. John Sholtes says:

    I believed that Hitler never intended to use the atomic bomb. Although the Germns did have the technology to develope the bomb. Back in 1938 the global scientific community was shaken by the news of the discovery of the German physicists Otto Hahn and Fritz Strassmann who found that the core of uranium isotope 235U is in an unstable condition and under certain environmental conditions can be divided into two parts, which release massive amounts of energy. This means that the Germans were the pioneers in the field of nuclear energy.
    after the seizure of 1,200 Belgium tons of finished ore concentrate of uranium oxide produced in the country were at the disposal of the Germans. However, it seems that the Nazis never used it. According to the reports from the U.S. and Soviet military, nearly the same amount of material was diverted to the U.S. and the USSR after the defeat of Germany, and it was the same Belgian uranium.
    The quote that you said that you believed not to be true is this one.
    This is what Hitler said to colonel Skorzeny, the man who rescued Mussolini from Gran Sasso:
    “When Dr. Todt visited me I read that the energy set free by such a bomb could destroy an area as large as the state of Arizona or make as big a crater as the meteor had caused in Siberia. That means that all life within such an area would be destroyed, not only humans but all life, but animals and plants would not be able to live within a radius of 40 km for hundreds of years due to radiation. That would mean an Apocalypse. No land, no group of civilized people could bear the responsibility for such a slaughter. In battle after battle human beings would destroy themselves if such a bomb were used.”
    I agree with this quote and believe that Adolf Hitler being a man of Honor was more concerned with not bringing the conflict to the Apocalypse which the jews who brought the bomb to the United States envision. The Rosenberg’s proved that the jews didn’t invent the bomb to save the United states but invented it as the accomplishment of their end goal of Destruction of humanity.

    • Wotan says:

      @John Sholtes
      February 3, 2013 at 7:18 am

      There is some evidence that the bombs the Americans dropped in Japan
      were German bombs seized by the Americans and that project Manhattan
      was concluded a little while later. There are several books on this subject.
      The statement of Hitler, which you are quoting, would fall well in line with
      these claims.

      • John Sholtes says:

        Then why after all the bombing of all of Germany’s Industrial facilities was there no radioactive releases. Where is there any evidence that there was any nuclear facilities anywhere in Germany. The research was tabled because Hitler ordered it. He went on to pursue different weapons including the laser.

        • Wotan says:

          @John Sholtes
          February 4, 2013 at 12:08 am

          You can bomb towns and cities and kill as many people as possible, but you cannot bomb every mountain, every treee, every meadow etc. There wouldn`t be enough bombs. Here is an ISBN
          of a Book, which offers some of the evidence I was talking about: 978-3-938516-68-3. Regretfully, from your persepective, it is in German, but with the ISBN you might find some synopsis in English. Motto of the book: “History is the lie to which all agree”. Googling offers also extensive
          material on this matter, try i. a. >ALSOS<.
          And as for radioactive emissions? Practical nuclear experiments are not done in the inner
          cities of big towns! Therefore the bombing of city centres
          will not cause radioactive emissions. Once more: The quote you offered from Hitler would fit well to this line of thought.

  4. Wotan says:

    This report (thread) distinguishes itself through unideological objectivity. There
    is not a single word to fault. I would like to mention two aspects, which may not be so commonly known:

    to the following passage:

    “…our divisions, tired and weakened by the month-long hard battles, had the target before their eyes and clashed against fresh Siberian forces continually moving in from the far regions….

    Dr. Richard Sorge was a jewish inclined officer at the German embassy in Tokyo. When the German troops were engaged in their lethal battle in the surrounds of Moscow he decided to pass the message to Stalin that the Japanese were not going
    to attack Russia in the East. In expectation of this attack Stalin was forced to keep
    millions of Russian soldiers in the Far East, thousands upon thousands of tanks and
    aircraft, which he could now transfer to the Western front against the Germans. This
    is the background to the passage cited above. Not a mistake of Hitler, but high treason of a jew infected person in the German diplomatic service in Japan.

    Second point, I quote:

    “Churchill was paid by the Jewish pressure group “The Focus” to get Britain into war with Germany”.

    This does not reflect reality to the dot of the i. Churchill was totally in debt, the amount of which is said to have been 300 000.- pounds sterling. In the 70`s you
    could still by a lovely house in England for 8000.- pounds, this only to illustrate what
    300 000.- pounds must have been in the thirties. The Jewish Focus Group had cottoned on to this as well as to some other questionable characteristics of Churchill
    regarding his private life. With Churchill`s debts and knowledge about his private
    life they started to “process” him. Whilst before WW1 he enjoyed showing himself
    on military manouvres with the Kaiser and whilst still in the thirties he said “if
    England ever suffered a collapse like Germany I would hope she could produce a
    man like Adolf Hitler, to lead her out of such a disaster” (not quite verbatim), a little
    while later, when he faced bankruptcy and the Focus Group started to “process” him
    he turned into a German hater with pathological features. When a conservative member of British Parliament asked Churchill openly and publicly how he could
    reconcile it to assist the Comunist Regime in the Sowjet Union (whose deeds had been no secret in Europe at the time) in order to embark on a crusade against conservative Germany Churchill replied dryly: As far as the fight against the Germans is concerned I would even make a pact with the devil (not quite verbatim).
    If Churchill had not been motivated to act as he did by his screwed up ecnonomic
    situation and if he had not been concerned about embarrassing disclosures on his
    private life, he may have succumbed to Hitler`s overtures, which would have secured Europe`s position for a long time to come and which would have isolated
    the Jews in the JewSA. Were these corrupt Jewish acitivities, from Tokyo to London
    and Washington Hitler`s fault? Of course not, he didn`t have a crystal ball. He did
    his best to look after the interests of his German people and his military and technological achievements are unique in the history of the world. He knew how to
    attract the best, but he could never quite get a hold on some of the junker generals,
    who had other ideas. According to Irving some of them were even prepared to offer
    Germany to Britain as some kind of colony, but by that time Churchill had become
    so pathological in his outlook that all he could think off was how “to roast the Germans”, not realising that the UK was roasted at the same time. Just look what
    is left of the UK today!

    • Rowmoney says:

      Japanese were not going to attack Russia in the East
      In bigger picture:
      Moscow is geographically located in ASIA.
      Tribes “placed” in this geographic area are predominately of Asian, Oriental, Mongolian, Chinese breed passing-posing as “white” Europeans.
      Russia is is most in Asia.
      Stalin was forced to keep millions of Russian soldiers in the Far East.You mean Mongolian soldiers?

      • Wotan says:

        Do you think Siberians don`t regard themselves as Russians?
        Did you ever hear of Vladivostok? Does that sound Chinese to you? And do you think that Stalin
        would have entrusted Mongolians with defending Russia against
        an attack from the Japanese? And Moscow is Asia? Did you not
        learn at school that Asia begins at the Ural Mountains? And when you look at the POW`s the Germans took were they ever
        Chinese or Mongolian. And the area around Moscow is populated by Chinese tribes? I suspect you must be a pure
        American redneck from the Rockies. I recommend you better
        stick to cows and horses and steering your pick up through the
        woods instead of commenting on history and/ or international

  5. James2 says:

    I think we need a forum, with the same rules as the comment section.

    • Andre says:

      The problem with this is that based on the comments now, this would be way too much for me to manage. And if I don’t moderate it, people will no doubt say illegal things, and I’ll have to deal with it. If someone wants to run it for me, I would at least consider that. It is very easy to throw a phpBB forum up, I could do it in an hour.

      • James2 says:

        So it would have to be monitored 24/7 to ensure no illegal comments are posted, quite a commitment. I could certainly offer a few hours each day, I just don’t know anything about it.

        • Andre says:

          No, not 24/7. There would just have to be someone reading every posts. You can’t really get in trouble just because someone posts something, but you get in trouble if you let it sit there. But I can’t hardly even read all of these comments.

          The other thing is, I imagine that like this comments section, a forum would just be hopeless, endless bickering. I guess if I didn’t have to be directly involved in it I wouldn’t much care though.

  6. Quex says:

    Hitler fought practically alone against jew-controlled world. It was incredibly heroic task of one David against three Goliaths. But he still had to do it, it was about honour and dignity, things that modern people are unable to even grasp. But he lost and as masses are like cowardly jackals who follow the strong and always realy to tear appart those who lose the battle, no matter how unjust it may be.

    • Wotan says:

      February 2, 2013 at 11:39 am

      It took you just a few words to say the same as I did with my lengthy discourse a few posts below. Well spoken indeed!

  7. Franklin Ryckaert says:

    Hitler was no Jew nor did he secretly work for the Jews, but the fact of his fatal mistakes only stresses the point that you should not have your country run by one man only. There is no guarantee that your “Great Leader” always will act wisely, nor is there a guarantee that he always will act morally (think of “Great Helmsman” Mao Tse Tung who murdered 70 million of his own people).

    I must say that democracy isn’t a solution either. If it “works” it means that any gifted demagogue can fool the stupid masses , or if it doesn’t “work” properly it means it can be manipulated by vested interests (the present situation in the US).

    The ideal solution would be a combination of a right ideology (a kind of humane fascism), plus a group of leaders who are worthy to apply the ideology in key positions. “Worthy” here means having the right education, experience and character with no hidden vices which would make them susceptible to blackmail. Of course the requirement that only “worthy” men shall be selected for leadership positions will lead to the problem of a regressus ad infinitum : who will decide who are “worthy”? A committee of “worthy” men. But who will select the “worthy” members of that committe? Other “worthy” men and so on.

    No perfect solution is possible, but great improvements are definitely feasible.

    • Rowmoney says:

      Solution is simple: Supercomputer
      Forget about A committee of “worthy” men they newer existed and will newer will.
      Hi Andre again,
      I have always been following your writing. Great publishing as usual.


  8. Tommy Metzberg says:

    The reasons people may believe Hitler was a jew is because, the heebs are known to fund both sides of conflicts, the war was a fraticide that killed millions of whites on both sides, it gave the jews the free holocaust pass for unfettered imperialism, and set in stone israel, after hitler tried to put the filthy jews in madagascar and the jews whined and had to have palestine. They also found a boogeyman in nazism, to blame while they work their treachery from behind the scenes.Hitler was the best thing that ever happened to jews, so I can see why some may believe this. Do i personally believe he was jewish, FUCK NO

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