Adolf Hitler: 39 Pictures of the Eternal, Mythic Avatar of Freedom, Truth and Justice

I found these pictures and wanted to share them.  The site I found them on said they were “previously unseen,” and this wouldn’t surprise me, given that it was very important for the allies to hide anything that showed the truth nature of the Great Leader, who was indeed a loving father to his entire nation.

For those of you who know the truth about who and what Adolf Hitler really was, I am sure you are going to get a tear in your eye looking over these.  I certainly did.


Adolf Hitler is bigger than the Beatles

Adolf Hitler is delighted by the singing of the beautiful German childrenAdolf Hitler in his car the people desire simply to touch his hand Adolf Hitler gives his blessing to a baby and the mother expresses her endless joy Adolf Hitler fought a war for the innocent children of Germany A toddler offers flowers to the German allfather Adolf Hitler Adolf Hitler acknowledging the achivements of the youth of Germany Adolf Hitler bonding with a lad Adolf Hitler celebrates the beauty of German youth Adolf Hitler did what he did for the beautiful children of Germany A small German girl gives her love to the father of her nation Adolf Hitler A small boy shaking the hand of the great leader Adolf Hitler Young boys show their gratitude to the hero who saved their nation Adolf Hitler Yet another child giving flowers to the eternal hero Adolf Hitler Three boys giving the eternal hero Adolf Hitler flowers Hitler Youth heil the great leader and avatar of truth and justice Adolf Hitler Many girls salute the eternal Avatar of Freedom and Justice Adolf Hitler More children giving flowers to the savior and father of the German people Adolf Hitler Oh but for a chance to gaze upon the eternal Avatar of truth and justice Adolf Hitler The happiest moment of this girls life was the time she spent with the great leader and avatar of justice Adolf Hitler Hitler and Goebbels with some beautiful German children Heroic Adolf Hitler loved all of the children of his nation Heroic Adolf Hitler and a fresh faced lad Hero Adolf Hitler loved all of the children of Germany Girls heiling the great leader Adolf Hitler Every living person in Germany desired only the chance to give a small token of their gratitude to the leader who saved their nation Adolf Hitler Every man woman and child desires simply to touch the hand of the greatest hero who ever lived Adolf Hitler Flowers for the eternal Avatar Adolf Hitler For the future of the German race Adolf Hitler defended his nation against international capitalism and Jewry Germany is Hitler because Hitler is Germany Even more flowers for the eternal Avatar Adolf Hitler Eternal Hero Adolf Hitler meeting and greeting school children Celebrity Hero Adolf Hitler Signs autographs for the people who love and admire him Adolf Hitler with smiling German girl in a field Adolf Hitler was a father to the entire German nation Adolf Hitler receiving Flowers Adolf Hitler receives more flowers Adolf Hitler poses with German boy Adolf Hitler loved all of the little children


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71 Responses to Adolf Hitler: 39 Pictures of the Eternal, Mythic Avatar of Freedom, Truth and Justice

  1. deg says:

    Love the pictures of Hitler. He truly loved children and these pictures show it. When I was in grade school and high school in the late 60′s and early 70′s there was no holocaust.In history class it was never mentioned.Then the 80′s came, and then the 90′s and all of sudden the JEWS create what seems like a lie….A financial industry for them.I ask how is it possible to exterminate 6 million jews in that short period of time.I’ve seen pictures of huge camps and I wonder why build them so big if the jews were being killed. It would take thousands of ovens to get rid of the bodies,but there are no pictures . I read each camp had one or two and they were used for cremation reasons if someone died. I also read that STALIN was a mass murderer ,but he is never mentioned. The native american population was quietly decimated in america over 200 years but I guess there’s no money in that either.

  2. Jesse Rey says:

    Andrew, who are these left-think assholes posting on Total Fascism anyway. Talking about the furor like that? Don’t they have anything better to do? Like post on their pro homo site, or participate in some culture destroying activity at their local synagogue? What gives brother?

    • deg says:

      Its simple,those left thinking assholes are democrats.Just the like ones in WISCONSIN that tried to recall our great governor SCOTT WALKER.

  3. R. Rud says:

    Thank you for the fantastic pictures !!

  4. HitlerFuckYourself says:

    The fact is that Hitler was an evil cunt who plotted for the eradication of a whole race and people. Just because you people see some pictures of a totalitarian Leader who banned homosexuality, killed vagrants and the mentally ill smile with some brainwashed ideally sick kids you all praise him.
    For what?
    Nearly destroying the whole of Europe?
    Providing racial tensions still visible today?

    He was a fanatic racist, who was responsible for millions of deaths.
    Learn that your fuckdd up idea of plain fact needs to change or you’ll not live honourably.

    He is hated by millions.
    Loved by hundreds. As all psychopaths are.

    As for those people claiming the holocaust is a lie and for some reason millions of Jews and “lesser people” suddenly disappeared you evidently have never been to concentration camps or seen actual witnesses speak of the holocaust and thus your insolent brash and typically childish attitude is almost pitiful.

    Fascism is wrong. All races are equal. Fuck all those who think Hitler had a good bone in his body.

    • Andrew Anglin says:

      Isn’t it interesting that you, apparently promoting peace, love and equality, behave like a raging madman, using all sorts of profanity and rude speech, while we “hateful racists” remain calm and collected, ready to openly discuss our ideas in a respectful and reasonable manner?

      In my life, I have never met a person so rude and profane, so ready to use force to push his ideas, as a rabid, hostile promoter of political correctness.

      Your own vile speech exposes the nature of your agenda against the White European people.

      • Hitler's a chimp says:

        You’re a fucked up racist pig shite! And a psychopath that is why u appear calm. That other guy is talking sense and u are a freak and a minority I’m glad to say, so when ur ready for therapy make sure ur therapists name is NOT Hannibal.

    • Wotan says:

      June 3, 2013 at 5:18 pm

      I haven`t been to a concentration camp, but your buddy David Cole was there.
      Did you know what he found out? And did you watch and listen to DC`s interview
      with the Auschwitz director, who was running the show at the time?

    • Stubbs says:

      Jew Mad?

    • Balrog says:

      LOL STFU you stupid ignorant idiot.

      University spawn of Hell.

    • 8 Ball Wizard says:

      The truth about the German leader is fast approaching popularity precisely because of people knowing something is very, very wrong with this world. In spite of all the money, media, government forbidding interest in him, people still find out the truth and share it with others. May we never forget he was a one of a kind leader, whose qualities we can all hope to have to make our world better. He loved his nation and his nation loved him back. Dictators do not get that kind of love from their people.

    • T Bone says:

      Based on your comment, my money says you are a homosexual.

      And it bothers you that laws were made to eradicate this sickness of talmudic-brainwashed societies.

      And you also seem to believe that Hitler killed millions of jews. Can you provide a census?

      I can.

      Long-short: Between 1930- 1950 (and even up until the present – for the most part) there has consistantly been approx. 16 million jews worldwide with almost no fluctuation per year. I’ll post proof if need be.

      Prove yourself if you think you are right. I will debate this and I will debunk you.

      Or are you here to post some lame, one-time, jew spew and run?

      (fags like to throw hissy fits and hide – they dont have the fortitude to stand up to truth unless less they have a jew-run, gay brigade behind them)

      • T Bone says:

        My above comment is directed @ HitlerFuckYourself.

      • deg says:

        Sometime after the end of the war I read that the INTERNATIONAL RED CROSS estimated that approx. 135,000 jews had died during the war.And mostly from disease and starvation. The germans were starving so naturally they were not able to feed the jews that were in the camps.

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  6. Ubermacht says:

    The greatest leader the world has seen. This makes me sad for what could have been. And angry at what was.

    Ich liebe dich mein Führer. Meine Ehre heißt Treue.

  7. pippi says:

    God bless the Fuhrer. His love for his people and the people’s love for him shines through in these wonderful photos. For me, Adolf the great embodied all the truly noble qualities of the white race.

    • Francesca says:

      You make me ashamed to be white. May the horrors of the Nazi regime haunt us so such barbarity and insanity may be avoided in the future.

      • Andrew Anglin says:

        Hi Francesca,

        Could you elaborate on this?

      • Stubbs says:

        A specter is haunting the West – the specter of Nazism!

        All the powers of Modernity have entered into an unholy alliance to exorcise this specter: Pope and President, Liberal and Conservative, Marxist Academics and Global Bankers.

        Where is the party in opposition that has not been decried as racist by its opponents in power? Where is the opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of fascism, against the more advanced opposition parties, as well as against its reactionary adversaries?

      • big stu says:

        Francesca, “white”? Have you never heard of Idi Amin or the numerous other black psychos who eliminated as many of their own people as possible?

  8. Rowmoney says:

    I have examined these pictures and the actual “character” displayed not appear to be same visual on all of them.
    I have the feeling there are at least three different individual modulus showing.

    • Andre says:

      I think you’ve been watching too much Dallas Goldbug.

      • Rowmoney says:

        Hitler’s Women
        Leni Riefenstahl, Hitler’s favourite film propagandist.
        Her mother’s father was Jewish Leni herself was part Jewish.
        Walter Lubovski was a young Jewish boy who was madly in love with her…

        • Morgenrot says:

          I don’t think that this is true. The Jews hate Leni Riefenstahl, that equals a certainty that she was not linkable to Jewish blood. Otherwise, they would claim her as their own. After all, she was the greatest female film artist yet, and the vainglorious Jew likes to bathe in the shine of his own greatness, so he wouldn’t leave someone like her out.

          • Dante Ardenz says:

            This is the ‘Hitler was a Jew’ syndrome.Or he was backed by them!If he were they would not of fought him!. The Fuhrer did have people of Jewish blood,as friends and supporters.163.000 served in the Whermacht,Luftwaffe,Kriegsmarine some with distinction,and his benevolence. Field Marshall Milch,Manstein,Admiral Rogge(see Atlantis,amazing story) Malita Stauffenburgh rest pilot. The idiots and Jews want people to think he was just hating everyone.Not true. Hitler was a kind and honorable man.The most lied about in history.Jews are good at slander and fooling the Goyen-Herd.SEE DAVID IRVING ACTION REPORT.David Irvings,HITLERS WAR.

      • Julie Mitchell says:

        LOL! I think it very likely IS Dallasgoldbug lmao. He uses MANY aliases.

      • Wotan says:

        Andre, I think Rowmoney just got confused by the fact that
        AH wore different clothing on different photos. Having thus confused himself
        he`s now dreaming that he`s the world`s leading photo-expert!

  9. TelefunkenSpeech says:

    Great pictures.

    Yeah, a total monster this Hitler, lol.

    There are two Hitlers.
    1) the real one, a national socialist
    2) the illusion, the Nazi (a projection of Ashkanazis onto their enemy).

    That’s why they have no limits throwing dirt at the illusion, they are talking about themselves and the goyim believe it.

    Awesome URL name.

    I am a Berliner. (I am a National Socialist.) Was that Kennedy’s code speech?

    Again, TotalFascism sounds bombastic.

  10. Atlee Yarrow says:

    “… and a future for White children.” We should never forget this and do everything in our power or ability to aid or assist not only our familia surname, but outside the front door of our own homes to our genetically linked children within our communities. This may present difficult and unique challenges; however, we cannot fail even if this is one more to the cause or one hundred more under this one roof.

  11. Sven says:

    “Apocalypse: The Rise of Hitler” has a lot of great remastered video footage of the German National Socialist regime. It is a anti-Hitler propaganda piece but a relatively informed mind can block out the b/s and enjoy the footage.

    • Dante Ardenz says:

      Plenty of great stuff on YOU TUBE!HITLER TRIBUTES !They are terrific.Plus one does not have to block anything out.

  12. Hitler Truth says:

    Down right beautiful children. May the beauty of the aryan race never leave this earth.

  13. Salman Hossain says:

    yea the holohoax is becoming a used one now – so the kikes a few years ago decided to come up with the theory that the Nazis have created trauma for jews for ALL eternity – so much so that yids three generations after the original Nazi movement was disbanded…are still suffering from psychological trauma and shock – oy vey we bitches got slapped so hard that our kids are now feeling the effects…of the Nazi Gestapo!

    …or maybe western govs are all running outta $$$ to funnel to them Yids – after all – all our govs are being destroyed and our $$$ swindled by the Old Testament kikes who are behind the Greater Israel project in the Middle East (Eretz Israel – Israel Al Kubra)

  14. GTRman says:

    In other words , please delete this one :

    and the others such as this which pertain to it . Thanks again

  15. GTRman says:

    Thanks for replying . I have a comment as a reply to ‘Siegfreid ‘ above which has been published . I copypasted it in the comment you just released . Could you please delete it and just leave a link to the vid ? The guy has contacted me personally – some people have many youtube accounts etc and dont necessarily want certain things to be linked back ‘to the source ‘ please understand. The guy does not live in the ‘ land of the free’ so has to be careful . Thanks in advance and delete this one too !!

  16. stan says:

    “they cut off the baby boys foreskin without anesthetic, then the mohel puts wine in his mouth and sucks on the babies penis”


  17. GTRman says:

    Any chance Andre that you could delete this post : “Brian Akira of the great site :

    Made a montage of these photos over a year ago :

    And just replace it with a link to the vid ? ie

    ‘These pictures and more in a video montage’ :

    It would be most appreciated , thanks. Delete as necessary . Thanks

  18. GTRman says:

    The Secret Twitter Account of Anne Frank ( Now in 3-D Hi Def )

    Anne Frank’s Diary app, review
    On Holocaust Memorial Day we examine a new iPad app based on The Diary of Anne Frank.

    To coincide with Holocaust Memorial Day, Penguin today launches an app of The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank. Sixty-five years after it was first published by Anne’s father Otto Frank, the diary has been transformed into what the publisher describes as “a fully immersive user experience”.
    The app has a wealth of embedded content: video footage of Frank’s only living relative Buddy Elias, audio extracts of the diary read by Helena Bonham Carter and translated facsimile pages from the original diary. There are also “Story Trails” with titles such as “Fear” and “Life in Hiding”.
    Thankfully there is a note alongside these advising the reader: “If you are unfamiliar with Anne’s story, you may want to finish reading the diary before starting these story trails.”
    All of this extra material is probably a boon to a young history student, but one wonders how old a budding historian should be if they are ready to read about the Holocaust yet need to be told who Gandhi is, as this app does. “Gandhi” is one of the distractingly underlined words in the text that can be clicked on for further information. “Greengrocer” is another.
    While some of the historical context provided by these links is useful, it seems to disrupt rather than enhance the experience of reading the diary. It is arguable whether Anne Frank’s words need enhancing at all. Reading Anne Frank’s Diary for the first time will be a visceral experience for many, as it was for me.

    Many of the traumas of female adolescence that Anne describes are common to young women worldwide – the fights with her mother; her developing sexuality; her desire to be a good daughter, while wanting to become an autonomous woman.
    It is Anne’s extraordinary talent as a writer – and reading this app at least reminded me what a brilliant writer she was – and her vivacity, which most readers will remember, not how close the annexe was to the greengrocers.

  19. GTRman says:


    Holocaust Memorial Day is not the right moment for a Left-wing publisher to kick-start a row about ‘the Holocaust industry’

    “Here’s a weird blink-and-you’d-miss-it type story. On Friday morning, the Left-wing press Verso (“the largest independent, radical publishing house in the English-speaking world”) published a blog post to mark the approach of Holocaust Memorial Day. The article was a list of recommended reading about the Holocaust and it included two rather colourful titles. One was The Holocaust Industry: Reflections on the Exploitation of Jewish Suffering and the other, The Invention of the Jewish People. A few hours later, Verso took the blog post down. Why?
    According to its blurb, in The Holocaust Industry author Norman Finkelstein explores how “America’s Jewish community … exploited the Holocaust to enhance [Israel’s] status.” On Finkelstein’s website, he writes that his book documents “the Holocaust industry’s blackmail of European governments in the name of ‘needy Holocaust victims’ and then the shakedown of Holocaust victims by the Jewish organisations that pocketed the ‘Holocaust compensation’ monies.” I should like to stress that all those inverted commas are Finkelstein’s – not mine.
    Meanwhile, The Invention of the Jewish People, by Shlomo Sand, challenges the traditional Diaspora story by arguing that Judaism spread by conversion rather than ethnic migration. The DNA debate on this issue is raging right now, but while the question of ethnicity is an empirical matter the moral implications are far more emotive. Sand told the Guardian that he wrote the book for a double purpose: “First, as an Israeli, to democratise the state; to make it a real republic. Second, I wrote the book against Jewish essentialism.” This challenge to the link between ethnicity and faith earned the book some notably scathing reviews. The New Republic called it “deplorable.”
    The books have their defenders as well as their detractors, with most of the praise coming from Marxist scholars (Chomsky apparently liked The Holocaust Industry and Hobsbawm went for The Invention of the Jewish People). What links the texts is that they attempt to debunk some part of the Israel story by discussing political myth making – and some would argue that they indirectly provide intellectual ammunition to its critics. If you doubt that, consider that both titles appeared on a 2012 reading list published by Verso titled “Explaining the Israel-Palestine Conflict” – a list that promoted participation in a demonstration against the bombing in Gaza. It’s not unreasonable to infer that Verso wanted to use Holocaust Memorial Day to encourage a similar debate about Zionism in 2013 by advertising Finkelstein and Sand’s books. Is that an appropriate thing to do on a day of remembrance? Obviously something plucked at the conscience of the folks at Verso, because after a journalist pointed out how strange a choice the titles are the page promoting them suddenly disappeared.
    Verso isn’t some CRAZY EXTREMIST press run out of a MAD MAN’S front room – its authors include Owen Jones, Slavoj Zizek, Terry Eagleton and Seumas Milne (although it also boasts about having Fidel Castro and Leon Trotsky on its books – I bet Castro is a tough negotiator on royalties). But Verso seems to have fallen victim to the militant tendency among some critics of Israel to think that Holocaust Memorial Day is an appropriate opportunity to start a political debate about Zionism. MP David Ward’s schoolboy observations about the machinations of “those Jews” is but one example – Toby Young provides plenty of others. Whether or not this is anti-Semitism is probably for the target of the criticism to decide rather than this Catholic third party. But it does seem like a gross collective failure of sensitivity. Someone needs to remind these people that politics isn’t everything and everything isn’t political. Holocaust Memorial Day is more SACRED than that.”


    Again , the comments reveal , at the very least , a sense of ‘holocaust fatigue ‘.

    People are waking up , and all the jews swords are becoming blunt with over-use ,
    ie , crying ” anti-semite” , and ” holocaust ” – now met with a tut and a rolling of the eyes .

    The boy who cried ” wolfowitz ” indeed.

  20. greg says:

    Thank you for sharing these fantastic pictures, sadly they will never be seen save for a very small number of racially aware aryans.

    Hitler Hatte Recht! 88

  21. Wotan says:

    A delightful, authentic and revealing photo collection of the man, who is increasingly
    seen as one of the last great freedom fighters in our occidental culture and history…

  22. GTRman says:

    These pictures above are obviously fake ! Read this and weep ! The monster Hitler forced this poor jewish lady to run a fruit shop in Brooklyn , retire to a second home in sunny Florida and have her life tragically cut short at the tender age of 90 !

    May you all get caaynsaah , etc :
    ( Caps are mine )

    ‘Let’s honour those who survived the Holocaust, as well as those who died’

    ” January 27th is UK Holocaust Memorial Day; the date was chosen because it was on January 27th 1945 that Auschwitz was liberated.
    This year, there is only one story I can tell to mark the occasion.
    Just before New Year, an American friend named Jamie Rosenfeld O’Shea sadly told me of the death of her grandmother, Shari Rosenfeld. Aged 90, relaxing at her Florida home, Shari Rosenfeld nodded forward in her chair.
    She looked as if she had fallen asleep.
    She had passed away.
    That Shari Rosenfeld came to be 90, with A HOME IN FLORIDA AND ANOTHER IN NEW YORK, with a grandson to give her great-grandchildren and a granddaughter to tell me about them all, is a MODERN DAY MIRACLE. After Shari’s funeral, Jamie sent me the eulogy her father Paul – Shari’s son – had written. Jamie asked me to proof it, so she could post it online as a tribute.
    I read it IN AWE .
    Shari Rosenfeld was born in Hungary in 1922. In 1944, she was sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau. In his eulogy Paul writes that as she was removed from the train on arrival “my mother… saw the covered body of an elderly woman being carried on a stretcher. She RECOGNISED THE SHOES : it was her mother, my grandmother, Peppe.”

    Shari and her younger sister, Joli, were sent to separate lines, one to the left and the other to the right. Shari was distraught and screamed for her sister to stay with her. The man in charge deliberated and then PERMITTED it. ( THE MONSTER!)
    Shari had saved her sister’s life: the line to which Joli was originally sent meant death. The other meant hard labour.
    The man to whom Shari had appealed was ( DRUM-ROLL…..) Josef Mengele.
    It’s a SCENE FROM A FILM . So much of Shari’s story is.
    Except, were Shari’s story told in a film, we would think the SCREENWRITER HAD OVERDONE IT, including TOO MANY TRAGEDIES too soon after each other and being too optimistic in his or her estimation of any one woman’s ability to overcome them.
    Shari SURVIVED Auschwitz. SO DOD HER sister. Back in Hungary, Shari married Deszo Rosenfeld, whose brother, lost to the Holocaust, had courted her before the war. Deszo, too, had survived the camps. He had been one of 50 local Jewish men marched to a work camp in the Ukraine. Two returned.
    There weren’t many Jewish people left in the area: the Rosenfelds became one of only two Jewish families in town. They worked in the fields and raised their son until, in 1950, a parcel arrived from Deszo’s sister in America.
    “Included in the package,” writes Paul, “was coffee, chocolate and used clothing. My aunt had also placed a $5 bill into the pocket of a jacket that she sent. A few days later, two men showed up at the house and arrested my father.” Under Hungary’s Communist government, “possession of American currency was a crime” and Deszo was sentenced to three years in another hard labour camp for committing it.
    After those three years, he rejoined the wife and son who had struggled on without him, and resumed his life labouring in the fields. And then, in 1956, an uprising headed by young Hungarians attempted to overthrow the Communists and Russians who ruled them. It failed and, with the absurd certainty that flows from only the most inexplicable prejudice, many of those who had rebelled blamed the Jews for the failure of their efforts.
    Little Paul was beaten by angry locals and a mob with flaming torches surrounded the Rosenfeld home chanting about their plans to drive out the “stinking Jews”. The Rosenfelds FLED to Austria, bribing smugglers to take them. But, again in an episode that would be UNBELEIVABLE on film, “things did not go as planned [and] we walked into a trap.”
    They were ambushed by border guards who opened fire with machine guns. Paul, who was nine years old at the time, “vividly remember[s] the tracer bullets flying toward us and flares lighting up the sky.”( TRACER BULLETS ? REALLY? )
    They ESCAPED and made it to Austria. AND THEN THEY MADE IT TO AMERICA , where Shari became Sara and Deszo became Dave. In the US they chased, and caught, the quintessential 20th-century American dream: arriving with ALMOST nothing, they worked menial jobs, and saved the little money they earned from them, until they could afford to open a fruit shop in Brooklyn. (“Because,” said Sara, “people will always need fruit.”) ( SO TRUE ..SO WISE ..SO ..JEWISH …SNIFF ..)
    SWELTERING in the summer and SHIVERING in the winter, they worked with uncommon industry to ensure the security of their family, driven no doubt by the dreadful uncertainty of their early years. ( WHAT ELSE ? )
    The stories of Sara’s later life are more commonplace than those of her youth. They are stories anyone might tell of an amusing grandma. Jamie often recounts the time she visited her grandmother after gaining a little weight and was greeted with an abrupt “How you get so fat?” ( HILARIOUS JEWISH HUMOUR )
    Before Jamie could reply, Sara, ever the welcoming hostess, had offered her a plate of cookies. Jamie likes to remember how Sara would surreptitiously hand her money even when they were alone in the room.
    And, in a tendency that seems to unite grandmothers from every country and culture, Sara had a habit of asking to be taken home from a place only moments after arriving. That these later stories are so ordinary is what makes them so remarkable.
    We remember the names of those who orchestrated the Holocaust. We remember the names of some of the SIX MILLION victims they slaughtered.

    But it is important, too, that we remember the names of those who – through a blessed combination of courage, determination and good fortune – withstood its EVIL and defied its legacy by building loving families and living lives of quiet dignity.
    This Holocaust Memorial Day, we should also remember the survivors like Sara Rosenfeld.”

    ( But seriously , some good stuff managed to get undeleted in the comments thread , though , worth a read )

    As balance , check this out :

    • casdiy says:

      may i say something? Look, I dont agree on what hitler did, and yes, i think he was a monster, but go into the shoes of a german man/women who lives in the 1930/40 and has lost everything and their only hope is this man. You might have followed him. And may i say something else, it was not just jews killed, gays, catholics, people who were disabled, etc were all killed. Your friends grandmother lived to be 90, and that was a life long lived. She was able to live and tell her story. But again, think about if you were homeless, trying to feed your kids, and there is no hope but ti follow this man, who says he will make everything better, who you take his hand?

      • Andrew Anglin says:

        I would have followed him, whether I was rich or poor, as I think all fully informed individuals with human souls would have.

        Can you please provide evidence, other than “eyewitness testimony,” that the NSDAP murdered Jews, gays or Catholics? Surely one cannot make such an insane allegation without some form of physical evidence?

      • Dante Ardenz says:

        Catholics?What stupid queer priest or nutty nun told you that?Hitler saved the Church from the Communist Jews,He signed a Concordet with the Vatican in 1933,and maintained an Ambassador there !Half his nation was Catholic and his greatest support was in the Catholic areas of not only Germany but all of Europe.He was Catholic,and his sister would go to Church and pray for him. The Communist Jews killed the Catholics,Hitlers enemies.The only one killing Catholics was them and the Jew run Allies firebombing the German Civilian population! As for the Holocaust.It would of taken the Germans 68 years to kill 6 million Jews!The regime only lasted 12!

  23. WaffenSS aka o1OpTiMuS1o says:

    Andre, please put share option plug-in on the site, it is very nice and people will spread the site more with a 1 click option as it will be under all your articles, also a feed icon for RSS, i had to manually type the site url/feed on my phone RssDemon to pull the RSS off site. These 2 things can and should help greatly in spreading your information.

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  25. Half-blood Polack says:

    Adolf Hitler: The Ultimate Avatar

  26. Siegfried says:

    Great job, Andre! I have to admit; I don’t think I’ve seen a single one of these pictures before. Thanks a lot for posting!

  27. o1OpTiMuS1o says:

    Obama: Hey Service get me a couple of cracker kids when i sign the bill, bring me a couple of Kenyans too so i can look cool!


    Obama: leave those kids with RABBI’s find me some other ones they are having play time!

  28. Erich M. says:

    Thank you for this. It’s a delight to see him looking so genuinely happy and benevolent. Pictures of Hitler so often focus on his lightning rather than his sun, so to speak.

    • Dante Ardenz says:

      Good analogy!SEVITRI DEVI wrote a wonderful book with that title! Adolf Hitler is my inspiration and spiritual father.The man was more incredible than words can express.

  29. Lonnie says:

    Yeah…… Looks like a tyrant and completely enslaved people to me….lol

    Clearly a man who truly understood Germany’s future rested with their children.

    What do our higher level “leaders” do with our children? Rape em. Doesn’t get any sicker.

    • Andre says:

      And the sickening Jews mutilate their children’s genitals and suck them.

      • M says:

        Everyone needs to know about the disgusting circumsism procedure preformed by mohels, first they cut off the baby boys foreskin without anesthetic, then the mohel puts wine in his mouth and sucks on the babies penis, some babies have even developed herpes from this procedure.

  30. o1OpTiMuS1o says:

    Mein Führer the stature of a God, the Greatest leader of all time.

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