Total Fascism is on Hiatus, Come See Andrew Anglin at the Daily Stormer

Though I had intended to keep this site active, it has clearly proven to be impossible while I am so focused on my other site, the Daily Stormer.

Click it.

Click it.

I write there daily,  and am joined many other great and intelligent people.

I thank you all for supporting me, and I vow to reactivate this site as soon as it is viable for me to do so.

Hail Victory.
Andrew Anglin

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Andrew Anglin is a White Man

I get trolled a lot, by people who are either jealous or driven by other, darker motives, and one of these attacks has been that I am somehow “not White.”  I had never in my life thought about this being something that a person would question me over, given that I am about as White as it gets.

Originally, I felt these attacks were simply retarded, and that it would be below me to respond to them.  But some people who appear genuine have asked me about my family background, and I have decided that is fair enough.

On top of this, I am very proud of my family, and am happy to show them off.

My maternal grandparents.

My maternal grandparents.

My paternal grandparents, sitting opposite of one another at the back of the table.

My paternal grandparents, sitting opposite of one another at the back of the table.

I am human being, less than perfect, and some of the criticism of me may be valid.  But I am as White as it gets.

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Andrew Anglin Addresses the Attacks on His Person

“Until he reaches his thirtieth year or thereabouts a man’s mental development will mostly consist in acquiring and sifting such knowledge as is necessary for the groundwork of a general platform from which he can examine the different political problems that arise from day to day and be able to adopt a definite attitude towards each. A man must first acquire a fund of general ideas and fit them together so as to form an organic structure of personal thought or outlook on life – a Weltanschhauung. Then he will have that mental equipment without which he cannot form his own judgments on particular questions of the day, and he will have acquired those qualities that are necessary for consistency and steadfastness in the formation of political opinions.” -Adolf Hitler, Mein Kampf

Yeah, I lived in Asia.  It was awesome.  I wouldn't be who I am without those experiences.

Yeah, I lived in Asia, and I’m not going to apologize for it. It was awesome. I wouldn’t be who I am without those experiences.

I am yet again under personal attack by individuals claiming to be ideological opposition. As it appears that these persons have absolutely nothing going on in their personal or professional lives, and are thus free to devote dozens of hours per week voicing their deranged, unclear qualms over the internet, it is appropriate that I respond here, and be done with it.

I have tried, in both my personal life and my life here on the internet, to always be as straightforward and honest as possible, and I sincerely believe that my record attests to this. However, as there are individuals who may be unfamiliar with my previous work, it is fair enough that I should repeat that which I have already clearly stated.

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Fascist Friday Wrap-Up: Back in the Saddle Again

For the Greatest of Justice.

For the Greatest of Justice, we ride.

It has been a couple weeks since I’ve done a Friday Wrap-Up.

As you probably are aware, the Daily Stormer was hacked.  Twice.

Getting hacked is a terrible hassle.

I’ve also been focusing my time there, as I think it is the most important thing I can be doing at this juncture.  I write multiple articles there daily, so if you are not a reader, you should be.

Anyway.  Today I am here, at Total Fascism, for another Fascist Friday Wrap-Up.

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French Magazine Calls Black Minister a Monkey

"Taubira gets her banana back."

“Taubira gets her banana back.”

The ‘far right’ French magazine, Minute, today featured a cover featuring France’s black minister Christiane Taubira, with headlines reading ‘crafty as a monkey’ and ‘Taubira gets her banana back.’

Apparently, both of these are common French expressions. ‘Crafty as a monkey’ is similar to the English ‘sly as a fox,’ and ‘getting your banana back’ can be compared to ‘getting back in the groove.’ It is, however, quite clear that the magazine, which has a distribution of 40,000, was calling this black minister a banana-eating monkey.

Taubira is hated by conservative French not simply for representing the conquest of their nation by invading hordes of nonwhite savages, but also for her intensely liberal policy. She is personally credited with pushing through the gay marriage law, which the majority of French are opposed to (they put up more of a fight against homosexual civil union than any other Western country, including the US).

Christiane Taubira: She's into immigration, gay sex and bananas.

Christiane Taubira: She’s into immigration, gay sex and bananas.

In the last weeks, she has been repeatedly called a banana-eating monkey by French people.

At an anti-gay marriage demonstration last month, children were filmed chanting “monkey, eat your banana.”

Shortly before this, Anne-Sophie Leclere, a mayoral candidate running on the Front National ticket, posted on Facebook calling her a monkey and saying she would “rather see her in the trees than in the government.”

Front National candidate Anne Sophie Leclere posted pictures comparing the black minister to a monkey, including this one which shows Taubira "at 18 months" and "now."

Front National candidate Anne Sophie Leclere posted pictures comparing the black minister to a monkey, including this one which shows Taubira “at 18 months” and “now.”

Disgustingly, the traitorous Marine Le Pen suspended her from the party for these statements.

To Call Blacks Monkeys or Not to Call Blacks Monkeys

This monkey business brings up the oft-debated question of whether or not degrading racial stereotypes should be used as a weapon by traditionalist forces seeking to delegitimize the invading hordes by tearing down their protective wall of political correctness directly.

It is very important that we are able to successfully propagandize the masses to understand just how fundamentally idiotic and insane it is to treat black Africans, and other nonwhites, as equal to us, and worthy of participating in our society, and I believe that humor is of key importance in this operation.

Italy's black minister, Cecile Kyenge, is regularly called a monkey and often has bananas thrown at her by angry Italians who do not wish to be a colony of Africa.

Italy’s black minister, Cecile Kyenge, is regularly called a monkey and often has bananas thrown at her by angry Italians who do not wish to be a colony of Africa.

Though I am opposed to excessive use of the word ‘nigger,’ given that it tends to sound overly hateful, due to the political and cultural baggage attached to it, calling blacks monkeys as a way to make them look simply silly perhaps has more strategic worth.

It seems that it can work well with certain segments of the masses in Europe, and could have wider appeal if it was repeated enough. Clearly, when looking at blacks, the immediate and natural reaction is to note the striking similarity to simian mammals. This is intrinsically funny, on a very basic level, especially when you are talking about these people running governments or having sex with White women. If used correctly, especially in conjunction with comments about bananas and/or swinging from trees, it is too funny to come across as overtly hateful or bitter.

It has already been scientifically proven that Whites naturally associate the appearance of blacks with that of apes. Tapping into this, distasteful as it may seem to those intellectuals among us, may well serve our propaganda purposes. It seems that it is emerging naturally anyway, as the invading hordes become more hostile, and the White race increasingly resorts to instinctive psychological defense mechanisms.

What does the reader think?

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Memorial Held for Fallen Soldiers of the Golden Dawn

Rest in peace, brothers.  Europa shall not forget you.

Rest in peace, brothers. Europa shall not forget you.

Thousands of Greeks attended a memorial on Saturday, paying homage to George Fountouli and Manos Kapeloni, the two heroic men shot at point-blank range in a terrorist attack on the Golden Dawn.

The ceremony was held at the offices where the two young men were murdered. Lawmakers and party supporters, as well as Greeks who identified not as supporters, but simply outraged citizens, held candles and laid flowers for the fallen.

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Fascist Sunday Wrap-Up

Roll on.

Roll on.

I had this mostly done Friday.  But then the electricity went out, then something else happened, then a second and third thing happened.

Welcome to the wrap-up.

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‘Storm Clouds Gathering’ Launches Nonsensical War on Andrew Anglin of Total Fascism

Yesterday, a YouTube channel called “Storm Clouds Gathering” posted an attack video on me and my website entitled Economic Collapse & The Rise of Fascist & Racist Elements.  The highly produced video mimics the methods of the mainstream Jewish media as it goes through parts of my manifesto, and, without citing any form of data, or even formulating an argument of any type to counter my positions and analysis regarding how to establish a new society, attempts to claim that everything I am saying is wrong, and that I and those that think like me should be shunned.

A quick perusal of the other videos on this YouTube channel will show that this person is a libertarian conspiracy-mongering truther, in the vein of Alex Jones.  The video view counts indicate he is quite popular.

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Fascist Friday Wrap-Up: The Plan

Listen up: This is the plan.

Listen up: This is the plan.


Today we have White people’s art, White people’s music, White people’s ideas.

On with it then!

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Fascist Friday Wrap-Up: The Universe Beckons

It is.

It is.

Friday, here thou be.

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